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What Is The Best Bible App For Android

And Bible Best Bible App For Study – Best Audio Bible for Android – App Review

And bible can be one of the best bible apps for users who want to gain in-depth knowledge. The app equips you with handy features that help you have a sound understanding of the bible. You can use the split view mode to compare translations and refer to different commentary. The app allows you to conduct a flexible search of various commentary and references.

The app contains 1500+ documents related to the bible ranging across 700+ languages. You can check the linked-cross reference of any verse of the bible in one click. You can also use custom-colored bookmarks to save relevant points. To become habitual of reading, you can set reading goals.

Advantages Of Having A Bible App On Your Phone

  • It draws you closer to God.
  • You learn more word of God.
  • You are always with Gods armor every time to fight the devil and his agents.
  • As a Christian, you become more prayerful.
  • You can have different translations and versions of the Bible installed in your phone for easy understanding.
  • You dont need the internet to use or read offline Bibles .
  • Its easier to locate Bible quotations with a Bible app than with the traditional hard copy Bible book.
  • You can share selected bible portions directly on social media with a tap.
  • You can also share Bible quotes with friends, family and colleagues.
  • Bible apps are relatively small in size unlike gaming apps that comes with huge files and OBB Data files.
  • Bible apps makes you look classy especially when using it on a tablet or iPad.
  • Above all, these apps are free to use.

Amplified Holy Bible Amp

Developer Holy Bible

The Amplified Bible version is famous for using simpler English terms and at such appreciated by the aged.

The Amplified Bible of 2015 includes more amplification in the Old Testament and refined amplification in the New Testament. Additionally, the Bible text has been improved to read smoothly with or without amplifications, so that the text may be read either way.


  • Offers a fantastic user experience.
  • Finding a verse is fast and easy.
  • Jump from a cross-reference or footnote back to your passage with seamless fluidity.
  • Read and Scroll through the entire Bible in landscape or full screen modes
  • Enlarge or shrink font sizes to fit your needs.

In Summary:

These 7 Bible applications are one of the best Bible apps in Google play store. They feature offline functions and works flawlessly on low-end devices.

There other great Offline Bible and Bible study applications such as MySword Bible that features many versions in one as well as Bible study functions, concordance and commentaries.

We will be covering that in future articles but would like you to suggest other good Bible apps you have had a wonderful experience with.

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Top 10 Best Bible Apps For Android Devices

If you have been looking for the best Bible apps for Android, then this is the right place for you. Gone are the days when people took their traditional bible to church every Sunday or used it for devotionals and personal study. People may have the need for the Bible in any location and it is quite strenuous to take the bible everywhere. With technology, such a problem has been eliminated because there are many Bible apps available for smartphones. Here are 10 of the best Bible apps for Android devices right now.

Holy Bible King James + Audio Free With In

10 Best Bible Apps for Android and iPhone Devices [20

This is a free talking KJV Android Bible app. A very cool and fast app designed to streamline Bible study, KJV Bible is popular for its quick navigation, easy note taking and a host of other classic features. The simple but powerful design is also something worth noting, which allows you to easily read the word off-line, search, highlight verses and more so make margin notes.


  • Integrated Social Media
  • Auto-Scroll

Additional bible translations such as The Message, New Living Translation, NASB or NIV can also be affordably purchased via in-app purchase. With a host of cool features, including landscape/portrait mode, ability to view your reading history, a powerful folder system and more so night mode for low light reading, this classic Android Bible app is definitely worth a try.

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How Bible Study Apps Add To Our Worship

Daily Bible reading is a challenge for many Christians. It takes time and focusâboth of which your church members may feel they use up in their daily living.

Bible study apps make it easy to spend more time in the life-giving Word of God by brushing up on Bible verses. Highlighting and note-taking are also simple with Bible appsâJust tap, copy, paste, and get back to reading.

Overall, Bible apps make it easy to worship daily by immersing in Godâs narrative.

As you prepare to study the Bible with an app or a printed version, here’s a list of Bible study topics you can explore.

Youversion Bible App Best Audio Bible Apps For Android With Social Networking

If you only downloaded one Bible app on your phone or tablet, it likely came from brags millions of downloads and often shows up in the list of top apps on iOS and Android.

The church created the Bible app years ago and keeps developing it and improving it. The app excels as a basic Bible reader app with an elegant user interface. It primarily serves as a Bible reading app but adds audio Bible listening and does it well.

I include it here because of its great social networking features. Share Bible verses in a visual way. If your friends post pretty photos with Bible verses imposed over the top of them, the share likely came from the Bible app.

To use the audio Bible features, open in the Bib reader and youll see a small audio icon in the top toolbar second from the right. Tap it to show the Bible reader pop up as seen in the left screenshot above. You can play from the current location in the Bible shown in the reader window. The fast forward and rewind buttons go forward or back by a chapter.

The settings at the bottom of the pop-up window control the speed and set a timer for how long the app will read the Bible. Theres also a button to hide the controls. If you do, then youll see the screen on the right which shows you smaller rewind, play, and forward buttons. They function the same way as the larger pop-up window.

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Nkjv Bible By Olive Tree

NKJV Bible by Olive Tree is a free app that allows you to read and study the Bible offline. It has many tools that make it easier for people to get the answers they need and stop skimming scriptures. Furthermore, you can access the Bible in audio form even without the internet.

The NKJV Bible By Olive Tree has free and paid resources for users to help them go deeper into God’s word. You will get reading plans, devotionals, Bible maps, study Bibles, commentaries, eBooks, audiobooks, Greek and Hebrew tools, and more. In addition, users can download the Holy Bible app for Android and iOS devices.

Best Bible Apps For Android And Fire Tablets For 2021

5 Best Bible Apps for Android in 2021 with Olive Tree, Logos, and Accordance

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet or maybe an Amazon Fire Tablet, then weve got the 5 best Bible apps for Android. This list usually stays the same each year. So what has changed for 2021?

I tested these apps on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. I used to own the Tab S7 but handed it down to my son, an Android first guy. Most of the time, I use the iPad, but Android works great too. So, heres my list for 2021!

Whats your favorite Bible app on Android or Amazon Fire Tablet. Comment below or head over to the YouTube video above and comment there.

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Bible Trivia Quiz Free

This is an app to test your knowledge. It bases its questions on different stories and events in the bible. There are different lengths of questions ranging from 10 questions to 20 and 50 questions.

It is expected that correct answers should be provided for the questions. Bible passages are provided if a provided answer is wrong.


Best Bible Apps For Android And Fire Tablets For 2021 Summary

Which of the 5 apps included in our roundup of the 5 Best Bible Apps for Android should you download? Why not download all of them? Of course, you should start with the app from the company you already use on a computer, if you own one. Im a Logos Bible Software user on my Macs, so I primarily use Logos, even though I like Olive Tree better on mobile.

UPDATE: If you use an Amazon Fire Tablet, you cant download the Olive Tree app since its no longer supported. For a fifth Bible app on a Fire Tablet, look at Laridians Pocket Bible. Its also terrific.

Update: You can also install the Google Play Store on an Amazon Fire Tablet. Its complicated, but if you think you can handle it, fire up the Silk browser on your Fire and head over to the helpful how-to article at Android Police.

If you must make me recommend one over another, then Im going with Olive Tree first. Its got the cleanest and simplest interface. It has enough features for most users. People who need more advanced tools will likely not work on a tablet or smartphone very long. Theyre using a computer-level Bible study suite from either Logos or Accordance. However, dont end your search with Olive Tree. You can try out all of them for free and settle on one with the best features for your needs.

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Bible Apps Anyone Can Use For Free

When you are in a rush and dont have time to grab your Bible, or simply forgot it, Bible apps are a great way to connect with Gods word. It can be hard sometimes to always have a Bible on you, but that does not mean you have to forfeit the benefit of being able to learn from Gods word straight from your phone.

Whats the best Bible app? The best Bible app is YouVerison. It offers the Bible in many translations along with devotionals and audio recordings of Scripture. Its also free and you can read the Bible without an internet connection.

Having a Bible app on your phone can help you as you study your Bible by bringing more resources to the table.

Best Bible Apps For The Android

5 Best Bible Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire

With smartphone technology, you have access to thousands upon thousands of apps that can make your life convenient on your Android phone. You can download apps to tell you where the cheapest gas is around you. You can download apps to play games to pass the time away. You can download the code scanner app to scan those square bar codes that give you information on products and services. There are apps for almost anything you can think of. This includes apps that give you access to Biblical principles and values. Some of these apps come in the form of games. Some come in the form of Bibles. There are many great Bible apps for your Android and I hope this article gives you an outlet to discover some you may not have already. Here are my 7 favorite apps out there for the Android phone. Quick note: for those apps that do not require internet access, I have offline in parenthesis.

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The Best Free Bible Study Apps For Busy Women

We may earn money from the products/companies mentioned in this post. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information, read our Terms & Disclosures.

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Here is an overview of the 10 best Bible study apps available for Android & iPhone in 2021. These Bible apps and tools will provide you with a way to nurture your faith both easily and effectively.

The days of being able to sit down and pour over books or listen to teachings to help grow your understanding of the Bible are long gone. Instead you have a house to clean, kids to care for, a marriage to tend to, and sanity to cling to.

Thankfully, there are some truly fantastic free Bible study apps available for women who are on the move and still want to dive deep in the truths of Scripture.

In fact, there are hundreds to choose from, so how do you choose the right app for your Bible time?

The 11 Best Bible Apps For Ios And Android

The right Bible apps can make it easy to get your daily dose of Scripture on the go. From readings to your favorite verses, enjoy the Word of God anywhere!

There are so many translations and commentaries available to supplement a daily Bible reading, and now you can access a wealth of information with the click of an app.

There are plenty of Bible apps that offer verses, readings, and translations for everyone from the youngest readers to Biblical scholars. Whether youre going to work or on a solitary walk, you can use your smartphone for meditation and prayer from anywhere. Be sure to share the verses you love on your favorite family app with other users!

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Logos Bible Study Tools

While finding God is not the easiest task in the world, Logos Bible Study Tools, one of the best free Bible download for Android without internet, can quickly find you in almost any sermon thats ever been said in his grace. With this free Bible app for Android and iPhone devices, you can browse not just the worlds largest library of sermons from thousands of different speakers, but also your favorite churches or the one near you to hear God’s word in person.

The UI of this free Bible app is especially impressive as it categorizes your search by topics like Family, Marriage, Contentment, Weddings, Funerals, foreign languages, and many more. As mentioned earlier, the free Bible app also lets users browse Churches by name, location, and denomination

Benefits Of Bible Study

Best Bible App For iPhone or Android

If your members are looking for reasons to read the Bible daily, here are three:

It cleanses the soul

Spending time in Godâs Word helps us detox from the things that foster a sense of hopelessness in our lives. God uses His Word to wash our minds, emotions, and will, so that we can think clearly and find freedom from enslaving habits.

It stretches our thinking

A good, basic understanding of Scripture provides encouragement to explore unfamiliar and seemingly difficult passages. Although challenging at first, it can lead to new perspectives that improve and empower our lives.

It leads us to the truth

âThe Bible contains the entire truth necessary for living a righteous life. Like a flashlight on a dark road, its teachings keep us on track through the journey of life.

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Benefits Of The Best Bible Apps

Read different versions: Bible is available in multiple versions. With the help of these best bible apps, you can read different versions in one place. You can read the King James version, Protestant Bible, and so on. You can read the different versions without buying any hard copy.

You can understand and grasp the meaning of any book with the interpretation of experts. With the best bible apps, you have the privilege of reading the expert comments, views, and explanations of each verse.

Youversion Bible App + Audio

Youversion Bible, developed by Life.Church is one good bible for Android you should try out today because it features different bible versions with more than 1000+ languages you can switch. These versions includes King James Version , New International Version , New King James Version New Living Translation , Revised Standard Version , New Revised Standard Version , English Standard Version , NASB, The Message, Reina Valera, Filipino, Chinese and Hindi.

So regardless of the language you speak, there is a version for you. This bible also has support for audio bibles, however, you will need Internet connection for this to work. Also another thing I dislike about this app is that its difficult to use compared to other apps on this list. Although it has over 100Million Downloads on Google Play Store.

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Youversion The Bible App Free

YouVersion is as simple as it gets.

It is, by far, the best bible app that we can recommend. We like the YouVersion Bible App because of its readability. It comes with the perfect font and size which is ideal for reading, even on a moving vehicle.

YouVersion features more than 1,400 Bible versions in over 40 different languages. Although not all versions are available offline, you can download them while youre connected and use it offline.

Additionally, if you dont feel like reading but still want to have a daily dose of Gods word, YouVersion is also a free audio Bible app.

This Bible app will also notify you with a Verse of the Day and comes with Reading Plans.

Youversion Bible App Best Bible App

Best Bible app for Android [Updated List]

YouVersion Bible App is a highly rated app that is available in more than 40 languages. The app has all the Bible versions users want to read. You can read the King James Version, New International Version, English Standard Version, and New Revised Standard Version. You can use the verse of the day widget to stay focused and updated every day.

You get more than 1400 Bible versions across 100 languages on the YouVersion Bible app. The app has an audio bible feature, where you can listen to each verse. The highly customizable nature of the app makes it one of the best bible apps. You can adjust the text size, font color, and brightness according to your suitability.

Besides this, you can share your favorite verses with your friends via social media platforms. The app helps you cloud sync your bible so you can read it on any device.

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