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What Is The Best Bible Study App For Android

The Best Free Bible Study Apps For Iphone And Android

Best Bible App For iPhone or Android

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As life goes on, we find that our lives are busier. As a mom, I find that I have less time to sit down and study the Bible.

This doesnt mean I neglect my time with God, it just means that sometimes I have to take my Bible study time to go.

Taking my kids to worship practice or other activities gives me the opportunity to study the Bible right in my car.

Bible study apps make it possible for me to do that. Sure, I can pick my Bible up and do my own Bible study but I really enjoy following a Bible study app to take my study even deeper.

The good news is there are amazing free Bible study apps available now. When the Bible apps starting surfacing there were only a select few. Now we have more options to expand our Bible study right on our phones.

Bible time is precious so choosing the best Bible study app is important. With hundreds of Bible apps available, you may have a hard time finding the best Bible app for you.

So the question ishow will you find the right Bible study app for you?

Best Bible Study Apps #4 The Beginners Bible By Zondervan

The children in your life can study the bible on their tablet and have fun for hours doing it. This version of the study bible is specifically designed to engage children.

The Beginners Bible app is based on the bestselling Bible storybook, which has sold more than 6 million copies worldwide. This app includes enhanced audio with narration, music and sound effects that help bring the 94 Bible stories to life. Your children will really enjoy learning these bible stories on the tablet or iPhone.

Read Scripture Bible Study App

The Bible Project website and the accompanying app, Read Scripture, provide wonderful overviews of books and themes in the Bible through engaging artistic videos!

The app also gives reading plans that incorporate Bible Project videos. These are wonderful because they make scripture approachable in a new way for visual learners.

They are continually creating and adding new videos that cover topics such as the law, Proverbs, and The Gospels.

Many books of the Bible already have their own overview video! They also just launched a new feature called Classroom that provides access to seminary-style Bible classes.

This is a resource you should definitely be utilizing. Click this Read Scripture link to check it out.

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Best Bible Study Apps #3 Enhanced Bible Reading With Bible Gateway is the worlds most popular online bible resource. The BibleGateway app is an excellent Bible study resource for everyone, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. Bible Gateway makes almost 200 versions and translations of the Bible easy to search, read, and study. Its huge library of devotions, reference works, and Bible study tools will help you deepen your connection to Scripture, whether youre completely new to the Bible, a pastor preparing a sermon, or anywhere in between. An award-winning mobile Bible app rounds out the Bible Gateway experience, making it easy to bring Gods Word with you, wherever life takes you.

Logos Bible Study Tools: Best Bible Study App For Advanced Users

Top 10 Best Bible apps and Bible study apps for Android users

If youre serious about diving in and studying the Bible, Logos is a name you need to know. The Logos Bible Study app has SO many resources designed to help you study the Bible far more in-depth than you ever could on your own.

In this incredibly useful and comprehensive app, youll find quite a few popular Bible translations, audio Bibles, commentaries and reading plans all for free.

Whats really need about this app is that its made for studying. Not only can you do the typical highlighting and note-taking, but it even supports tabbed browsing AND split screen, so you can open as many resources as you want side by side for comparison.

Do a comprehensive word study with available dictionaries, lexicons and cross references, or check out one of their passage guides for a quick road-map to additional resources for each verse. You can even search and share.

So much more than just a simple reading guide, this app will help you better uncover and explain all the nuances of Scripture for a more complete, accurate understanding of both the text and the times.

The Logos Bible Study App is available on both and the Itunes app store.

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Best Bible Study App #: Globible

The gloBIBLE is one of the coolest Bible study apps Ive found.

Its a fabulous Bible study tool for both iPhone and Android users, and Im personally really excited about it because the teens and young adults in my life enjoy using it.

This Bible study app lets you click on a verse and access HD videos, pictures, sermons, commentaries, maps, virtual tours, and more that have been contributed by various ministries, churches, publishers, and pastors.

If youve got kids, put this on your iPad and let them watch some of the videos, explore Biblical geography with the maps and tours, and really get engaged in their learning!

Check it out here.

Logos Bible Study Tools

While finding God is not the easiest task in the world, Logos Bible Study Tools, one of the best free Bible download for Android without internet, can quickly find you in almost any sermon thats ever been said in his grace. With this free Bible app for Android and iPhone devices, you can browse not just the worlds largest library of sermons from thousands of different speakers, but also your favorite churches or the one near you to hear God’s word in person.

The UI of this free Bible app is especially impressive as it categorizes your search by topics like Family, Marriage, Contentment, Weddings, Funerals, foreign languages, and many more. As mentioned earlier, the free Bible app also lets users browse Churches by name, location, and denomination

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Esv Crossway Bible App For Ios & Android

Get the ESV Bible at your finger tips. Carry your Bible with you wherever and whenever, and share with whomever you want! This is the only free ESV Bible App available on your Android device, with or without an internet connection. The ESV Bible from Crossway offers a fantastic user experience. Finding a verse is fast.

Bible App By Life Church

Christian Apps 2020 – Best Bible Apps for Android, Apple, and Windows!

It is known as the best app among all other bible apps and is the most downloaded app by the users. Since It is made with many features with which you can read the Bible even in an offline mode. It also comes with another feature where it can be read in 1400 different languages. The Bible can be viewed in Verse of the Day, audio versions, and others.

It is one of the dominant apps due to its different versions, such as The King James Version, New International Version, New King James Version, New Living Translation, English Standard Version, NASB, The Message, Yoruba and Zulu. The users can also share their favorite bible version online via social media in both text form and visual meme. Recently app developer added a feature where users can create amazing bible verse images.

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Beginners Bible By Zondervan

The kids in your own life can study the bible in their pill and have fun for hours doing this. This type of analysis bible is particularly designed to engage kids.

The Beginners Bible program relies on the bestselling Bible storybook, which has sold over 6 million copies globally. This program includes improved sound using narration, music, and sound effects that help attract the 94 Bible stories. Your kids will truly love learning these bible stories about the pill or iPhone.

What Are The Best Bible Study Apps Available Today

It really depends on what youre looking to get out of your app, honestly.

So Ive gathered up all the best Bible study apps for iPhone and Android users and explained the features of each one so you can pick and choose which apps will be the best for your quiet time .

These easy to use and well designed apps for your smartphone, tablet, or desktop make it possible for you to still study the Bible. Plus, they work with both Android and iPhone interfaces and theyre free!

Whether you are looking for a way to listen to the Word on the go, immerse yourself in an in-depth verse by verse study, or want to do a simple topical overview, these Bible study apps have you covered!

You know all the reasons to read the Bible, and now youll have even more ways to make it possible.

And one of the best parts is each of these easy Bible study apps for Christian women are online and totally free. They are all user friendly and offer so many features that theres something for everyone here.

While some of these Bible study apps do have paid upgrades or complementary products offered, its completely possible to grow your faith through an in depth study of Scripture with the simple swipe or tap of a finger and no money spent.

So without further ado, here are the best Bible study apps for women that will work on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and even your Kindle Fire in some instances.

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Niv Bible By Harpercollins Christian Publishing

NIV Bible by HarperCollins Christian Publishing could have the most stable NIV Bible with a superb user interface.

This Bible app is fully engineered to support tactile Bible reading and an immersive Bible study experience.

Its simple to navigate from a verse of a chapter to other relevant or related ones quickly with a responsive control design. You can also easily take notes while reading or studying your Bible through the app.

The NIV Bible app is available on both the App Store and .

The Best Free Bible Study Apps For Busy Women

Top 10 Fun Bible Study Apps

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Here is an overview of the 10 best Bible study apps available for Android & iPhone in 2021. These Bible apps and tools will provide you with a way to nurture your faith both easily and effectively.

The days of being able to sit down and pour over books or listen to teachings to help grow your understanding of the Bible are long gone. Instead you have a house to clean, kids to care for, a marriage to tend to, and sanity to cling to.

Thankfully, there are some truly fantastic free Bible study apps available for women who are on the move and still want to dive deep in the truths of Scripture.

In fact, there are hundreds to choose from, so how do you choose the right app for your Bible time?

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First : #1 Best Bible Reading App For Christian Women

Of all the free Bible study apps for women available today, the First 5 app by Proverbs 31 Ministries is a personal favorite on my list of best Bible apps and the one Ive personally used the most.

Designed to help Christian women begin their day in the Word, this handy daily Bible study app allows you to set a custom reminder on your phone to remind you to log in each day so you dont forget or get distracted.

Inside the app, you can choose from a variety of Bible reading plans all designed to be completed in only 5 minutes a day. Each reading comes with a short Bible passage, a quick and easy devotional, and a question for further reflection. Save your answers right in the Bible learning app so you can go back and reflect at how far youve come, or connect with the community within the app for great insights and discussion.

This free daily Bible study not only makes it super easy to jump in and get started at any time, but First 5s super short lessons are perfect for busy moms who want to be inspired without taking a lot of time.

The First 5 App is available on both and the Itunes app store.

Best Bible Study Apps For Women To Grow Their Faith

These Bible apps will make it easier and more convenient to make God’s Word a part of your daily life

There has never been a better time for women to study the Bible and get closer to God than now. In order to help, here is a handy list of the 10 best Bible study apps for women to build a stronger spiritual life.

The Bible is the fundamental base of all fruitful Christian life. Reading the bible from the app has become a helpful modern-day solution for women who want to learn and extract the grandeur of the holy scripture in a more accessible and nourishing way.

These apps will help you access the bible, read your favorite verses, get resourceful spiritual services, and deepen your Bible studies.

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How We Choose The Best Apps

  • Broad Search

    Our unique algorithm scoured the App Store and Google Play Store by searchingaudio bible study, bible comentary, bible lessons and 7 other keywords. From there, we retrieved a total of 1,548 unique apps as potential candidates.

  • Additional Review by Editorial Team

    Finally, our editorial team checks all apps in ourbest 10 list one by one to make sure these apps are of the highest quality.

  • Filter only high-quality apps

    We then selected the highest quality apps fromthe 1,548 apps listed. We compared the number of stars,downloads, and reviews along with the velocity of these apps to create a list of the Best Bible Study Apps for both Android & iOS.

If you are interested in learning more about our process, find out here.

Benefits Of Bible Study

Best Bible App (Android)

If your members are looking for reasons to read the Bible daily, here are three:

It cleanses the soul

Spending time in Godâs Word helps us detox from the things that foster a sense of hopelessness in our lives. God uses His Word to wash our minds, emotions, and will, so that we can think clearly and find freedom from enslaving habits.

It stretches our thinking

A good, basic understanding of Scripture provides encouragement to explore unfamiliar and seemingly difficult passages. Although challenging at first, it can lead to new perspectives that improve and empower our lives.

It leads us to the truth

âThe Bible contains the entire truth necessary for living a righteous life. Like a flashlight on a dark road, its teachings keep us on track through the journey of life.

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The Bible App From Lifechurch

I always fight with myself about adding The Bible App to my roundup of best Bible apps for any platform, but I always do it for one reason. Its the most popular Bible app available on mobile devices.

I dont like including The Bible App because its not really a complete Bible study app. You cant do word studies or read commentaries and Bible dictionaries. But thats not what Life.Church intended for its users to do.

Instead of more advanced Bible study, The Bible App excels as a simple Bible reading app that also includes social networking built-in and sharing to social media easily and elegantly. You can

  • Listen to audio Bibles.
  • Set the app to remind you to read a daily reading and devotion or see a verse of the day in text or visual format.
  • See what your friends are reading, highlighting, sharing, or commenting about the Bible.
  • Watch videos to help you understand the Bible.
  • Bookmark verses.

Best Bible Study Apps For Android Of 2022

Due to the busy schedule in people’s lives, not everyone has time to sit down and read the Bible. To learn some worth the teachings and truth of our life. But we are blessed with some useful Bible Study Apps For Android which can be used in your time with a lord himself.

We had picked up the list of Top 10 best bible study apps on android for you, which provide a valid path to read the Bible.

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Youversion: Most Popular Bible Study App Overall

Chances are, if youve spent ANY time researching the best Bible study apps for women, youve heard of YouVersion. With over 2.5 MILLION ratings, with a ranking of 4.9/5 stars, YouVersion is THE most popular, best-rated Bible app out there, and its not hard to see why.

YouVersion allows you to read all of the popular Bible translations, listen to audio Bibles, and check out literally thousands of devotionals and Bible reading plans.

Keep track of what youre studying with notes, bookmarking and highlighting, or share your favorite verses with friends through social media, email or text message. You can even watch video clips from The Bible, the JESUS film, Lumo Project, & more.

If youre serious about getting started with daily Bible reading, and you want to find the translation and Bible reading plan thats perfect for you, youll absolutely find what youre looking for on YouVersion.

The YouVersion Bible App is available on both and the Itunes app store.


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