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What Is Best Bible App

Jesus Bible Trivia Challenge

Christian Apps 2020 – Best Bible Apps for Android, Apple, and Windows!

The first thing youll notice about this app is the very fun, upbeat music. Its hard not to move to the beat just a little.

The app seems primarily made for adults, as theres almost no kid items. There are Facebook links, gold to purchase things in the app, and links that send you to or Plus, you have to answer 500 questions, and not many kids will stick around that long on a trivia app, no matter how good the music is.

The developers were, at time of review, working on a multiplayer component to the game, which might also be fun.

Improves Biblical Literacy 90/100

If you dont already know the answer, the app takes you to the spot in the Bible where you can learn itdo that 500 times and youll definitely learn!

Builds Love of God and Bible 40/100

It doesnt build a love of God so much as test your knowledge, which you have perhaps gained because of your love of God.

Appeal for kids 25/100

Its definitely geared toward adults perhaps mainly only Bible whiz kids would be able to know many of the answers and endure for 500 questions.

Other Factors 85/100

The Best Bible Apps For Ipad

Whether its to follow along at service, to read daily scripture or to use for bible study, the App Store is filled with many terrific bible apps. These apps can help you really learn more about the bible whether you are an adult or a kid. From audio to the classic Blue Letter, you are certain to find your next bible app on our best bible apps for iPad list.

Memorize your favorite Bible verses in seconds. Discover how powerful your memory really is as you memorize verses in 3 easy steps. The Bible Memory App is the ONLY complete, all-inclusive Bible memory system that equips you to easily MEMORIZE, ORGANIZE, & REVIEW verses on your own, customizable review schedule. You can even memorize & review verses while READING your Bible, all in one app! (*In-app purchase required for the Bible reader.

  • The Bible Memory App will guide you through the 3-step memorization process, Type ItMemorize ItMaster It.
  • Once a verse is memorized, you can easily review it by typing, using Flash Cards , or with Audio playback .
  • Save time. Only type the first letter of each word when using the app
  • Heat Maps automatically highlight trouble spots in your verses .
  • Earn Badges & Advance in Rank with other members.

Olive Tree Bible Best Audio Bible Apps For Android With Advanced Bible Study Tools

Olive Tree makes the Bible overall Bible study app on Android and iOS. The app includes tools for advanced language study, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, media tools, and more. In addition, they offer a decent library of audiobooks. Check out the Audio Bibles sold on the Olive Tree website.

Open Olive Tree and go to the library to find your audiobooks. The books with audio show a headphone icon. Tap it to open it. Youll then see the audio controls to go back, play, and go forward. Below that, youll see a toolbar with volume, playback speed, driving mode, and Bluetooth connection.

If you want to use your app while driving tap on the Driving mode icon. The larger play button and skip back button help you play or go back in case you missed something. The icon with the headphone inside a bookmark icon creates a bookmark so you can quickly go back to the spot in the book.

The Olive Tree app plays Bibles and other books too.

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Logos Bible App From Faithlife

The Logos Bible App and its other similar apps from Faithlife come in second in our roundup because of its power and array of useful features. Its a little bloated, but Id rather have too many features that dont get in the way of the basics than not enough, like the ability to add user notes.

When you look at all that Faithlife packs into Logos, you can only say wow! Theres a reason this ends up in our 5 Best Bible Apps for Android, but not at the number one spot.

The app divides into a few main areas.

  • Home Screen layouts for study are here, along with information from Faithlife about sales or books.
  • Library find your books to open and read.
  • Book Reader you can open a bunch of books, and they will show up on screen accessible via the center button, the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Search Screen use it to search your Bible or books.
  • Main Menu find all the major features of the Logos app here, like the Guides.

You can open multiple books and sync them using the center button on the bottom toolbar. Set up some or all of the books to sync up or dont. I have a few Bible translations and a few study Bibles or commentaries open all the time, all of which I set to sync up, so they move from verse to verse together. I also open books Im reading too, but they dont sync with a Bible.

Youll find many other features, mainly in the main menu at the far right on the bottom toolbar. And remember, it all syncs nicely with the computer app or their web app.

Beginners Bible By Zondervan

The Best Bible App for iPhone and iPad  The Sweet Setup

The kids in your own life can study the bible in their pill and have fun for hours doing this. This type of analysis bible is particularly designed to engage kids.

The Beginners Bible program relies on the bestselling Bible storybook, which has sold over 6 million copies globally. This program includes improved sound using narration, music, and sound effects that help attract the 94 Bible stories. Your kids will truly love learning these bible stories about the pill or iPhone.

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Bibleis: Best Audio Bible App

Want to make your Bible reading really come to life? In addition to the usual digital print Bibles, the app offers hundreds of dramatized audio Bibles as well as the Jesus film so you can read, listen and even see the Bible come to life like never before.

And of course, the app offers all the standard features weve come to expect from the best Bible apps as well, like the ability to download text and audio for offline reading and listening, the ability to look up keywords, and the ability to bookmark, highlight or add notes to favorite passages.

If simply reading the Bible sounds a bit boring to you, or youre just ready to mix things up to help the Bible come alive like never before, the is an app youll definitely want to check out.

The App is available on both and the Itunes app store.

Do you have any womens Bible study apps on your phone? Which free Bible apps are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Benefits Of Bible Study

If your members are looking for reasons to read the Bible daily, here are three:

It cleanses the soul

Spending time in Godâs Word helps us detox from the things that foster a sense of hopelessness in our lives. God uses His Word to wash our minds, emotions, and will, so that we can think clearly and find freedom from enslaving habits.

It stretches our thinking

A good, basic understanding of Scripture provides encouragement to explore unfamiliar and seemingly difficult passages. Although challenging at first, it can lead to new perspectives that improve and empower our lives.

It leads us to the truth

âThe Bible contains the entire truth necessary for living a righteous life. Like a flashlight on a dark road, its teachings keep us on track through the journey of life.

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Best Bible App Study #: Accordance

This is one Id never heard of before researching some new Bible study apps to check out for this article, and its impressive.

I have it on my laptop and downloaded it here. In the App Store its called Accordance Mobile, by Oak Tree Software Inc.

You can compare two Bible versions of your choice in parallel scrolling, as they sync together. This is awesome! I particularly appreciate this feature because it allows me talk with friends who prefer a different version and we both get more out of the it because of the parallel experience.

When you register your free starter account you can even download several commentaries and reference materials to be used offline as ell.

According to the app developers, These materials range from Christian classics to Jewish publications to high-end reference works to the Dead Sea Scrolls in Hebrew.

Its certainly a growing platform and one to take notice of.

Esv Crossway Bible App For Ios & Android – Best Audio Bible for Android – App Review

Get the ESV Bible at your finger tips. Carry your Bible with you wherever and whenever, and share with whomever you want! This is the only free ESV Bible App available on your Android device, with or without an internet connection. The ESV Bible from Crossway offers a fantastic user experience. Finding a verse is fast.

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Verses For Bible Memorization

5 | 1,000+ Reviews

If you are interested in actively learning scripture in a fun, interactive way, youll love the Verses app. Verses helps you memorize Bible passages through a variety of short, fun games.

Heres the caveat Only the King James Version is free. If you prefer memorizing verses from other translations, youll have to upgrade to a higher plan. For access to all Bible translations, the cost is $4.99 per year or you can upgrade to the pro plan which is $9.99 per year and includes all Bible translations, creeds & catechisms, a light theme and focus mode.

I think this app makes Bible memorization 10x more fun and give it two thumbs up! If youd like to give this app a try download on iOS or .

Our Daily Bread Best Bible App For Android

Next up, we have Our Daily Bread app that offers daily readings to the users. The app can help you become consistent and become habitual with the bible verses. The app has an in-built audio player that helps you listen and read bible verses. You can set a daily reminder so that you do not miss a day without Gods word.

The app has an active community page where you can discuss the daily readings. You can bookmark the verses that inspire you and create a journal. The app is available in more than 10 languages making it a handy option to try out. The best feature of the app is that it allows you to download a months readings for offline reading.

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Best Bible Study App #: Bibleis

This is seriously FANTASTIC. is a great witnessing tool to have on your smartphone, too.

This Bible app integrates with the Jesus Film so you literally watch Scripture come to life.

Its more than a Bible study app its a way to experience the Word more fully in a new way.

This is also great for parents who have kids that are very visual. They can watch the Bible.

Who Is The Bible Study App Intended For

The Absolute Best iPhone Apps for Pastors

Another important question to ask is who this app was made to serve. If you are a new believer studying the Bible for the first time, you may not want an app designed with seminary students in mind. Likewise, if you are looking for tools to deepen and enrich your study of scripture, a general Bible app or morning devotional application may not be the right fit! In that case you might turn to quality Bible study books – for men and women alike.

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Best Bible Study App #: Niv Quest Study Bible

With full color maps and photos as well as more than 20,000 notes, this is one app you cant overlook in your search for the best free Bible study app.

Its literally a digital study Bible!

If youre a fan of the NIV translation, then this is a fabulous app to have handy on your iPhone or Android device. Its also great for when youre doing family Bible time and want to show your kids right where something is on a map this app makes that super simple to do!

Best Bible Apps For Android And Fire Tablets For 2021

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet or maybe an Amazon Fire Tablet, then weve got the 5 best Bible apps for Android. This list usually stays the same each year. So what has changed for 2021?

I tested these apps on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. I used to own the Tab S7 but handed it down to my son, an Android first guy. Most of the time, I use the iPad, but Android works great too. So, heres my list for 2021!

Whats your favorite Bible app on Android or Amazon Fire Tablet. Comment below or head over to the YouTube video above and comment there.

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It Is Based On A Vocabulary Of 1200 Common English Words

Best bible app that’s easy to understand. Read or listen to the bible every day, memorize verses, reflect on what you read and try to apply what you learn to your. Ad official site for books, bibles, music, gifts & more. Theyve got their bases covered and then some.

Weve been able to replace most of our books through olivetree. It is ideal for people who are learning english or speak english as a foreign language. The life application study bible, new living translation rather than new international version , is the best bible i’ve ever owned.

Ask them to explain which features they like most and why. Jw bible reader is an app for windows 10 for biblical study. Find out more about the childs story bible here.

The daily devotional bible app can be used for youthful praise or as youth ministry resources, because we gave the best bible gateway for youth Read and study the bible on your way to work, at the church or having a break at work. The easyenglish bible is an easy bible to read and understand in simple modern english.

In addition to this, bible gateway bible study app also has devotions and reference material available. Carry your bible with you everywhere! take the bible with you wherever you go.

Story bibles for little ones Bible divine app is also used as the best devotionals bible app for women. You can download the app here.

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Best Bible Study App #: You Version

Best Bible App For iPhone or Android

This is always the first app I install when I get a new device.

You Version is, to me, the best Bible study app around. You can make notes, highlight passages, and even make graphics from your favorite verses.

I even find my daily devotionals on here!

Just search for YouVersion Bible App or visit here .

You can use the live feature and send notes to Evernote , highlight, or listen to an audio Bible. Its incredibly versatile and works both on- and off-line which I appreciate.

One of the features that makes You Version my vote for all around best Bible study app is that it has nearly 2,000 versions of the Bible in over 1,000 language. WOW!

It also offers several different reading plans, accountability to them with friends, and some features you can use with your kids.

If youre not familiar with the You Version Bible study app, then check it out ASAP.

When youre a busy woman who wants to grow in the Lord, these free Bible study apps are an absolute must-have tool to have at your fingertipsand this one is one of the best.

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Blue Letter Bible: Best Bible Study App For Beginners

Ready to go beyond simply reading your Bible to learn how to study the Bible more in-depth? If so, then the Blue Letter Bible App is a great place to start.

This handy and free Bible app allows you to read and study over 30 Bible versions , 8,000 Bible commentaries, multiple Bible dictionaries and more. You can compare different translations side-by-side, cross check Bible references, and of course, search by a specific word or theme.

You can even highlight and save your favorite verses, take notes, and even organize your favorite verses in custom folders!

Full of thousands of free Bible resources, this app is perfect for the Christian women who wants to break free from pre-written Bible reading plans to learn how to study the Bible for herselfwithout getting overwhelmed in the process.

The Blue Letter Bible App is available on both and the Itunes app store.

Niv Bible Bible App For Ios And Android

NIV Bible App for Android 2011 Version. What happens when you combine a group of engineers in Silicon Valley with the NIV Bible? You get the NIV Bible by Tecarta a very cool and fast Android app designed for Bible Study, quick navigation, and easy note taking. No other Bible app matches the design and functionality.

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