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What Is The Bible Code

We Still Predict A Terrorist Attack Using A Form Of Fire From The Heavens That Wethink Will Be Nuclear The Us Will Be Hit With A Weapon Producinga Mushroom Cloud Rising From The Sea Or The Water Waysaround Manhattan

Gregg Braden – What is The Bible Code?… The Science & The Prophecies

We are warning you about this, so that when it happens you knowthat God has spoken of this event beforehand and in fact will save us from nuclear annihilation in the near future…

22 In fact, unless those dayswere cut short, no flesh would be saved . But on account of thechosen ones those days will be cut short .

The days of the Great Tribulation of Matthew 24 are cut shortfor God’s people to prevent Satan from manipulating our governments into wiping us out!

The thing to do is not merelyfocus on the tragic disaster that has befallen us, but also on the baby that is coming,which is the Kingdom of God, which is our salvation. Please do not merely focusonly on the tragedy itself. See it as a labour pain. Do not be terrorized. Keepfaithful that God is the referee of everything that happens on this earth and inthe heavens. Once everyone can see that we are going to destroy ourselves,Jesus comes and delays our self annihilation whilst he saves those who arerighteous by faith.

The prophetic contest in 1Kings18 started on 2006Nisan30 and on 2006Iyyar1 , thefirst day that Elijah4 claimed in writing to the Watchtower that he could prophesy the date of fire from theheavens – see U271.

1 The thing that Isaiah, the son of Amoz visioned upon Judah andJerusalem.

Westminster Abbey Service Marks The Passing Of A Generation Of Wwiveterans

At Westminster Abbey the Queen and prime minister marked “the passing of a generation” with a two-minute silence.While in Afghanistan, serving British soldiers commemorated the day at UK military bases in Helmand province.The ceremonies follow the deaths this year of the final three WWI veterans living in Britain – Bill Stone, Henry Allingham and Harry Patch.

A special Armistice Day service has been held at Westminster Abbey after the deaths of the three remaining WWI veterans living in the UK.Bill Stone died at 108 in January followed by both Henry Allingham, 113, and Harry Patch, 111, in July.The Queen led the country in observing a two-minute silence at 1100 GMT for the “passing of a generation”. The horrors and heroism in the trenches of World War I have been remembered in a series of Armistice Day services.A video of the 10 O’clock news on 11/11/2009 will be available from the BBC. Thegeneration who fought in WW1 has passed away from the UK but 3 of them stillexist in Australia the US and Canada.

Lets us therefore compare what was said at Westminster Abbey with what wassaid by Jesus Christ 1976 years previously…

BBC: At Westminster Abbey the Queen and prime minister marked “the passing of a generation” with a two-minute silence.JC: 34 Truly I say to you that thisgeneration will by no means pass away until all these things occur.

Thecontest Of 1kings18 Will Be Seen To Be Won On2022chislev4

The Great Tribulation begins on 2022Chislev21, the3rd fire sign. It runs for 218 days of Revelation 7:13-14 to 2023Tammuz29, theend of WW3 . The burning the fiery furnace of WW3 of Daniel3 lasts for 7x from2022Chislev29 to 2023Tammuz29. But the 4th horseman of the apocalypse, death,who is Satan2, who is Cain, who has the long sword of WMDs, does not start hisride until the end of the FRC ark rapture on 2022Adar7. So the 2nd and 3rd firesigns are not nuclear WMDs.

The ark comes to a rest upon the reappointed Laodicean mountain of Ararat on 2019Tishri17, the 17th day of the 7th month ofGenesis 8:4, when 1NC ark3 entry from ark2, following 2019Tishri15 ark entryfrom the planet begins for the 3rd 1NC marriage.

Ark3 entrance begins on 2019Tishri15 for the dead in Christ who rise first from Hades to prepare the ark forthe 3rd marriage. But the door to the earth was in the side ofthe ark. The ark comes to a rest enabling those working under a Satanic CaesarON PLANET EARTH to enter into it and thereby into God’s rest on 2019Tishri17, the 17th day of the 7th month of Genesis8:4 and 7th 1NC first fruits which is the 3rd 1NC marriage for the 1NC reservesfrom the Bethels and the throne of Pharaoh, the Watchtower administration.The ark3 door is open for the engaged or married saints for 14 days and priests for 14 days and FRCs , as follows

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Why Did Christ Teach In Parables

Some believe Jesus Christ used parables as interesting stories in order to make His point more clear and enhance the audiences understanding. But was this actually His intention?

Perplexed by His use of parables, Jesus disciples privately asked Him about their meaning ” rel=”nofollow”> Mark 4:10).

Jesus answered, Untoyou it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables: that seeing they may see, and not perceive and hearing they may hear, and not understand ” rel=”nofollow”> Mark 4:11-12).

Note what Jesus said! Only Christs servants could understand the parables real meaning. Others might think they understandbut they cannot! Christ never leaves His servants in the dark about matters He wants them to understand. But He records them in ways that keep them hidden from the view of others. This is why so few understand the Bible, which has been read by millions.

In , Jesus stated, No man can come to Me, except the Father which has sent Me draw him. Only those whom the Father calls and opens their minds through His Holy Spirit will unlock the spiritual understanding contained in Gods Word.

In addition, when a person responds to Gods calling with obedience, he will receive more understanding ” rel=”nofollow”> Psa. 111:10).

In fact, God issues a challenge to all self-proclaimed prophets and seers in .

The Bible IS a Coded Book

Bible code proponents are right about two things.

The Bible Code Method

The Bible Code

To extract this code requires a would-be code-seeker to count every nth character in a text until you run across a sequence that contains a specified keyword. This particular technique is known as the Equidistant Letter Sequence formula. The ELS formula has been likened to arranging the letters of the document into a grid n characters wide, and then treating them like the “word search” puzzles seen in newspapers, circling vertical words as they are discovered. When presented, many of the codes are shown in such a grid, with the necessary words interlinking, crossing each other or pointing to each other.

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Why Does God Save All Of Us When Our Behaviour Is So Contemptible

The short answer is because he loves us. So let’s ask the question again. Why doeshe love us? Well it is because even the foulest most animalistic mostanempathetic most selfish shallow pig on the face of this earth loves someone,even if it is only himself. Yes, there is something in his heart sopowerful that one day it will transform the impenetrable granite of his hatred into thequilted luxury of God’s love. Now we humans cannot always see that seed of love in hisheart, because in too many cases it has hardly germinated! But God can see it, because he putit there. It is that seed, that seed alone, which makes us worth saving. It makesus all worth saving. That is why we are commanded to love even ourenemies, because all of them will one day be saved and become our friends.And that is what it means to be a son of God.

So God very rarely saves us for what we are today. He saves us for what he knows wecan be tomorrow. But being omnipotent and omniscient he is actually saving us for what heknows we will be, tomorrow. May tomorrow come soon!

The Three Classes Of Els Bible Codes

Thus far I have unearthed approximately 350 ELS Bible codes in my research that I can affirm are authentic, and my discoveries continue to accumulate on a daily basis. Based on my analysis of the ELS Bible codes I have uncovered thus far, I have identified what I perceive to be approximately three major categories of ELS codes in the Bible. These are as follows:

Testimonial ELS codes : ELS codes which testify of the divinity & messianic identity of Jesus Christ.

: ELS codes which constitute a form of divine commentary on what is going on in the containing passage.

Echoing ELS codes : ELS codes which echo a particular key word or concept in the containing biblical passage.

Because I am attempting to prove that ELS Bible codes are both real as well as of God, all of the ELS codes that I am going to present in this article are going to be of the Type 1 variety. I will cover Type 2 and Type 3 ELS Bible codes in future discussions.

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The Origins Of Els Bible Code Research

The history of the ELS Bible codes phenomenon begins in the Middle Ages with a medieval Jewish Rabbi by the name of Rabbeynu Bachayah . In his Torah commentary written in the year 1291 CE, Bachayah stated the word is encrypted in Genesis 1 at 42 letter intervals , starting at the first letter of Genesis 1:1. He then argued that this word had been deliberately encrypted at the beginning of Genesis 1 by God, who was using it to establish a connection between the birth of the luminaries and the birth of the world.

Although his exegetical argument is questionable, the actual method he employed of finding words in the text by skipping a particular number of letters in the text was nothing short of revolutionary. This is the first documented instance of a biblical commentator using equidistant letter sequencing. Unfortunately, Bachayahs method was largely unnoticed, and ELS Bible code research would lay dormant for another six centuries.

The Kingdom Of God Started In Heaven Atfirstfruitsafter The 6000th Passover According To The Nisan1 Calendar Ie2008nisan22 J

The Bible Code Explained – Film 1 – Part 1

We are very very pleased toannounce the end of Satan’s 6,000year lease was 2011Nisan14We are more pleased to have the privilege to announce and herald thatthe Kingdom of God has begun

Jesus got the first 3 years of the world and Satan gets thefirst 3 years of the 1,000 year sacred ARC Sabbath of the kingdom. The Tishri1 calendar of the Jews has to do withSatan’s lease, the world, secular matters. The Nisan1 Passover calendar has todo with Michael’s lease, the kingdom of God, sacred matters.

10 Yet Jehovah’s day willcome as a thief ,in which the heavens will pass away with a hissing noise , but the elements being intensely hotwill be dissolved , and earth and the works in it will bediscovered .

13 But there are new heavens and a new earththat we are awaiting according to his promise, and in these righteousness is todwell .

28 But if it is by means of God’s spirit that I expel the demons,the kingdom of God has really overtaken you. 29 Or how can anyone invade the house of a strong man and seize his movable goods , unless first he binds the strong man? And then he will plunder hishouse .

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The Famous Rabbis Experiment

The most serious claim of scientific evidence for the Codeswas made by three Israelis: Doron Witztum, Eliyahu Rips, andYoav Rosenberg . Theyclaim that biographical information about medieval rabbis is”encoded” in the Hebrew text of Genesis.Specifically, the rabbis’ names and other appellations are claimedto be encoded closer to their dates of birth and death thanshould be expected by chance.WRR’s “experiment” appearedin the respectable journal Statistical Science in 1994.

The West Texas Fertilizer Explosion Perhaps Fulfilled Luke1: 54

The fertilizer explosion in the town of West in Texas on2013Iyyar5 occurred at 7:50 pm Central Time according to wikipedia which was 9 minutes before sunset in Dallas . That is according to .So at Sunset there was a rising cloud upon the town of West. But we read in Luke12:54 the following…

Now the Greek of Luke 12:54 says literally: 54 Whenever you might see cloud rising uponsettings/wests , immediately you are saying that storm is coming and it becomesthus .

Since the cloud rose upon West and since it occurred at sunset, it must be afulfilment of Luke 12:54. Furthermore Jesus although giving a sign which onlymentioned atmospheric phenomena then stated that: You know how to examine theoutward appearance of the earth and the sky. So the earth comes into ittoo. But the rising cloud at West was coming up from the earth.

For a video from the US Chemical Safety Board showing the extent of thedevastation caused by the blast visit –

Most people in Pompeii were roasted alive by the hot gases from the pyroclasticflows from the volcano. Pompeii is South and slightly East of Vesuvius. So thewind was southerly at the time of the eruption. So there is the fulfilment inthe first century of Luke 12:52-54


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Bible Codes Are Demonstrated By Mathematics And Computers

Michael Drosnins book, The Bible Code, describes the discovery by Eli Rips and others, of messages they claim are coded into the text of the Hebrew Old Testament, and only discoverable in our own time by using computers. These codes warn of dire events in the near future that could affect the whole world. But how are these messages hidden in a book that has been read for more than 2,000 years?

What Rips uncovered was that if he used Rabbi Weismandels idea of counting off equal intervals between letters, he could find many words in the Hebrew text. The technical name for this method is quite a mouthful: Equidistant Letter Sequences, or ELS. A computer program finds the first letter of a word, and then begins counting until it finds the next letter of the word. This becomes the skip code. Then, using that skip code, it counts to see if the third letter of the word is found at that same interval. So it would start by skipping every other letter, then every two letters, then every three letters until it finds a skip that spells out the word. Thus, as mentioned earlier, the Hebrew word for the first five books of the Bible, Torah, is spelled out with an ELS of 50 in the book of Genesis.

Next, well look at the reaction to The Bible Code and why some are so critical.

The Bible Code That Wasn’t

Pin on bible code

The Bible CodeThe Bible Code

Both author and publisher made a considerableamount of money — despite the fact that, as was immediatelyclear to both mathematicians and serious Bible scholars,the book’s main thesis was complete nonsense.

Indeed, before the year was out, Maya Bar-Hillel, DrorBar-Natan, and Brendan McKay had shown that thesame kind of “amazing revelations” Dronin claimedwere hidden in The Bible could be found in theHebrew translation of War and Peace .Bar-Hillel and Bar-Natan are mathematicians at theHebrew University in Jerusalem, McKay is amathematician and computer scientist at theAustralian National University. In the latest issue of Chance, the magazine of theAmerican Statistical Association, the three provide anin-depth report of the result they first announced in1997.

In fact, the “amazing” Bible secrets that made theheadlines were not amazing at all. They are exactlywhat the mathematics will predict you will find,provided you search long enough — perhaps a day orso if you have a fast computer. What posed more of achallenge to the mathematicians was a little knownpiece of research that had been carried out ten yearsearlier by another two Israeli mathematicians, DoronWitztum and Ilya Rips. They had discovered that whenan ELS search was run on Genesis to look forpairings of names of prominent rabbis along with theirbirth or death dates , the result was asuccess rate that seemed much higher than themathematics predicted.

– Keith Devlin

Life By The Numbers

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The Density Of The Dots

Here are the results…



The results are obvious. The letter ‘e’ occurs more than any other letter . The chances of you finding a letter ‘e’ in the KJV is 431 better than finding the letter ‘q’ . Depending on the letters in the “hidden” word you are searching for, you will find the density of the “dots” changing.

Now let us have a look again at our search words. The word ‘branham’ consists of letters found less often than the letters of the word ‘statist’. When we calculate the difference, we find that we are more likely to find the word “statist” than the word “branham” by about 19 times. Does this correlate with the findings? Yes. We found it was more than 18 times more. This explains why the scatter-graph was denser with the word “statist” than with the word “branham”. It is purely statistical. The even distribution of the “dots” also shows that this is a statistical phenomenon.

There Is New Exodus And A New Passover And A New Festival Of Cakes To Come In2019

Now the physical sons ofIsrael did not actually leave the land of Egypt until 1513Nisan15 BC, the first day ofcakes. And they did not actually leave the control of Egypt until they crossedthe Red Sea around 1513Iyyar8-10, we think – see U356.However they stopped eating unfermented cakes and started eating fermented cakeswhen the reached their first camp which was Succoth . They atefermented cakes on 1513Nisan22 in this camp when their flightstopped for a day or so whilst the whole group pitched camp. This ended the festival ofunfermented cakes. What an interesting thing that cakes ended in booths. It points forward to the unification of the two greater festivals. It then took them another 7 days to get to Pihahiroth, the modern daySharm el Sheik. Now the pillar of cloud and firefirst appeared when they left Succoth…

20 And they proceeded to depart from Succoth and to encamp at Etham at the edge of thewilderness .21 And Jehovah was going ahead of them in the daytime in a pillar of cloud to lead them by the way, and in the nighttime in a pillar of fire to give them light to go in the daytime and nighttime.22 The pillar of cloud would not move away from before the people in the daytime nor the pillar of fire in thenighttime .

This will be why Haggaisays when describing the start of the Time of Distress…

God concluded the covenant of the Passover and of the festival of cakes with thesons of Israel when they came forth from Egypt.

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