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What Should I Study In The Bible

How Should I Study The Bible

Why Should I Study the Bible? The Purpose of Bible Study

The best method to learn materials is to quickly skim or read like a novel, then study everything a second time, finally reread in a regular repeating pattern that covers the entire bible. Heres a suggested order of reading:

Read the epistles the most. Read the Gospels the next most. Then, in order of frequency, I recommend Psalms, Prophets, Proverbs, the books of Moses , and least often the history books.

Everything in the Bible is important, but this type of order will build up foundational knowledge and understanding the quickest.

Study A Verse By Looking For The Great Ideas Revealed In It

Let us look again at John 3:16 as our example. We might title this verse, The greatest verse in the Bible. The following ideas are found in it:

Godthe greatest Personso lovedthe greatest devotionthe worldthe greatest numberHe gavethe greatest actHis only begotten Sonthe greatest giftthat whoever believesthe greatest conditionshould not perishthe greatest mercyhave everlasting lifethe greatest result

Sometimes a combination of these various ideas applied to a verse will bring the richest results.

For example, take Romans5:1:

ThereforeThis verse depends on 4:25. Our justification is based on and is guaranteed by Jesus resurrection.justifiedmade faithmethod of our justification .havenot future, but present tensewe have this now.peace with GodWe were enemies, but now there is peace between us and God because of what Christ has done. through our Lord Jesus Christthe way to peace with God is only through Jesus Christ.

B Consider Context And Background

“Context” means the verses surrounding the one beingstudied, especially verses on the same subject. By “background”we mean who is speaking, to whom they speak, etc. These are justa particular form of considering all the Bible says .

Consider some specific benefits of considering context andbackground:

Word meanings: Words may have different meanings indifferent contexts. We learn the correct meaning by how the wordis used.

Acts 20:17,28 shows that the “elders” are”bishops” or “overseers” . Hence, bothterms refer to the same work or office.

Further explanation: When a verse confuses us, otherstatements nearby may clarify the meaning.

Acts 16:31-34 – Some people claim v31 means we are saved by”faith only,” so baptism is not needed. But v32-34shows that only part of the gospel had been taught. When all wastaught, baptism was so urgent that the sinner had to do it evenin the middle of the night .

Proper application: Often a statement can best beunderstood by considering how it is applied in context.

Romans 7:1-7 – We have been discharged from the law, but whatlaw does this mean? It included, “Thou shalt not covet” – one of the Ten Commands. Hence, the law we are freed fromincludes the Ten Commands.

The speaker: Every Bible word is infallible, butsometimes it infallibly records the sins or lies of falliblepeople.

Job 2:9 says “Curse God and die.” But who says this?Job’s wife said it, and was immediately rebuked by Job.

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Learning How To Read The Bible Can Be Fun And Enjoyable

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The Cons Of Study Bibles

How Should I Study the Bible?

Potential for Information Overload

There are times when more information can be too much information. If you’re just starting out as a Bible reader, for example, you may want to get familiar with the biblical text before you blast yourself with a firehose of information from study Bibles. In the same way, people who participate in small groups or other activities often default to checking study notes rather than engaging the text for themselves.

Basically, you want to learn how to think about the Bible on your own before you start reading what a lot of experts think. Don’t allow other people to think for you when it comes to something as vital as God’s Word.

Size and Weight

It’s a practical matter, but it shouldn’t be ignoredmost study Bibles are big. And heavy. So, if you’re looking for a Bible to toss in your purse or carry around the woods for devotional experiences during a hike, you may want to stick with something smaller.

Incidentally, one of the ways to avoid this disadvantage is to purchase electronic versions of a study Bible. Most new study Bibles are available through Amazon or the iBookstore, which makes them not only portable but searchable — a great extra feature.

Potential for Personal Bias

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Studying The Bible Leads To True Flourishing

What can we expect from studying the Bible? We can expect to flourish in the ways that matter most. Psalm 1 speaks of the blessed, or happy, person who meditates onnot just reads throughGods word. The one who meditatively studies Gods word is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not whither .

Who doesnt want to be truly happy? Who doesnt want live a life of flourishing? The God who made us shows us the way: from morning to night, meditating on his word with great delight.


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  • Drew Hunter is the teaching pastor at Zionsville Fellowship in Zionsville, Indiana. He is the author of Made for Friendship and the Isaiah and Matthew volumes in the Knowing the Bible series. Drew and his wife, Christina, live in Zionsville, Indiana, and have four children.

    Which Bible Translation Should I Use

    Ultimately, the decision is up to you but I recommend having a word for word version for deep study. When studying the Bible, you want your interpretation to be as accurate as possible so that you dont miss anything. Sure, these might be a bit harder to grasp but thats why we have so many tools and resources available to us to make understanding them easier.

    I study with an English Standard Version from the Daily Grace Co. and use a New International Version if Im just reading quickly or trying to get the overall gist of a particular bible passage. Ill use a paraphrased version for entertainment, quoting, or if I want to share scriptural encouragement with someone who is completely new to the bible.

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    Choose The Academic Level Thats Right For You

    This can be a tricky one. Some study Bibles are created for people with no formal education in theology, while others assume a baseline level of intermediate or advanced knowledge. It can be difficult to get a straightforward read on a study Bible in this regard, because any study Bible represents a massive academic undertaking. Most study Bibles tout having scholars on their editorial teamsas they shouldbut it can be tough to get an idea of how approachable the articles and study notes will be.

    However, too academic is far better than not academic enough. Getting a Bible with articles and notes that are a little out of your depth can be frustrating at first, but eventually you can grow into it.

    Thats not the case if you get a study Bible with notes that are already old news to you. Its frustrating when space in your Bible is taken up by information that doesnt help you gain a deeper understanding of the text.

    A good way to test if a Bible is academically in your league is to reference a passage of Scripture you know well, or a passage you find intriguing. Look at the notes and articles surrounding that passage. Do you learn anything new? Or do they feel pedestrian to you? Would you want to study with a Bible that brings this level of illumination to the rest of the text?

    This can be the difference between finding a study Bible you treasure for decades and finding a study Bible that you move on from within a few months.


    C Define The Meaning Of The Words

    How to Study the Bible – Easy 4 Step Bible Study Method

    The Bible is verbally inspired – each word is from God . The message is revealed in words, and weunderstand it only when we understand the words.

    Words are sometimes used today in ways that completely differfrom the meaning in the Bible. Consider such words as thefollowing: saint, church, bishop, Christian, etc.

    The word “baptism” is defined today as sprinkling,pouring, or immersion, but in the Bible it means immersion .

    Dictionaries may help, but the best way to learn Bible wordsis to study them by the means already discussed: context andparallel passages.

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    Bible Study Topics To Boost Your Attendance

    Why isnât there a thriving Bible study culture in your church?

    Itâs simple:

    People will show up for Bible studies that add value to their lives.

    People will stop showing up for Bible studies that donât add value to their lives.

    There is a high chance that if your church members donât like the Bible study topics you choose, itâs because they didnât see the value. Thatâs a bad sign.

    Hereâs some good news for you:

    You can build Bible studies that attract people and build sermon engagement.

    First, Iâm going to give you three small tactics to change your Bible study culture. Then, Iâm going to give you a go-to list of Bible study ideas that will attract members and build community.

    Tips For Studying The Old Testament

    Reading the Old Testament is like trying to wrap your brain around a long, complicated movie. You need to read it over and over to catch and understand important details and see how they all fit together. The Old Testament provides a 2,500-year backstory to the New Testament, but because were so far removed from the customs, traditions and history it describes, it takes work to become familiar with them.

    But the Old Testament isnt just a daunting book. It is 39 uniquely daunting books. Thats why many of us find one-year Bible reading plans such a challenge.

    Many of us struggle to wade through the dense lists of commands, genealogies and prophecies in the Old Testament. So how do we apply any of it, let alone enjoy it?

    We asked Dr. Mark Futato, professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, for his thoughts.

    As Dr. Futato says, the Old Testament was written for our encouragement and instruction. So, as you read, ask and expect God to do both.

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    When We Study The Bible We Seek The Authors Intended Meaning

    We honor people when we seek to understand them. We dishonor them when we carelessly put words in their mouths. We express our love for God by seeking to know what his word actually says, not what we wish it to say.

    Every text in the Bible has two authorsthe divine Author and the human author. The divine Author ensured that the human authors words were exactly as he intended. Peter wrote, no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit . Our task is to seek the divine Authors meaning by discerning the human authors meaning.

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    What Does It Say

    Another reason to study the Bible is to learn what it has to say firsthand. Whether one is a supporter or critic of the Bible, or perhaps just neutral or uninterested in the topic, history has demonstrated that the Bible cannot be ignored. Considering that the Bible is important to three major world religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam it is worthy of study.

    In addition, the recent rise of hostile criticism towards the Bible itself and religion in general also makes it worthy of study. Sometimes the critics do not always quote the Bible correctly or in context. Knowing what it says firsthand and having some knowledge of the context is helpful in understanding not only current events, but key ideas the Bible addresses such as the nature and existence of God, the human condition, the biblical pattern of redemption and salvation and ethics.

    Bible Study By Topics

    Closely related to the method of study by words is the study according to great topics or subjects: Bible prayers, Bible promises, Bible sermons, Bible songs, Bible poems, and so on.

    Or one might study Bible geography by reading rapidly through and looking for rivers, seas, and mountains highlighted in Scripture. For example, the mountaintop experiences in the life of Abraham are a thrilling study.Another challenging study is to read rapidly through the Gospels and Epistles looking for the Lords commands to us.

    The list of Bible topics is unlimited.

    First, for a topical study on prayer, look up the word prayer or pray in your concordance. Look up every form of these words and such related words as ask and intercession. After you have looked up these verses, study them and bring together all the teaching on prayer that you find. You will find conditions of prayer, words to be used in prayer, results to expect from prayer, when to pray, and where to pray.

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    Why Should Christians Study The Bible

    Many people believe that theological study holds little value. They say, “I don’t need theology I just need to know Jesus.” Yet theology is unavoidable for every Christian. It is our attempt to understand the truth that God has revealed to ussomething every Christian does. So it is not a question of whether we are going to engage in theology it is a question of whether our theology is sound or unsound. It is important to study and learn because God has taken great pains to reveal Himself to His people. He gave us a book, one that is not meant to sit on a shelf pressing dried flowers, but to be read, searched, digested, studied, and chiefly to be understood.

    An important text in the writings of the Apostle Paul is found in his second letter to Timothy: “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work” . That text should put an end to claims that we do not need doctrine or that doctrine has no value. There is profit from a careful study of the Bible. Because the Bible is inspired by almighty God, it gives us a valuable and profitable asset, and that asset is doctrine.

    Looking to read more of the Bible in 2021? For your convenience, weve compiled a list of Bible reading plans for you to choose from. Whatever it is youre looking for in a reading plan, you should find it here.

    Read Scripture Verses In Context

    How Should I Study the Bible?

    As you learn how to study the Bible for yourself, its important that you dont get in the bad habit of reading individual verses in isolation.

    This is a common mistake many people make when first learning how to study the Bible for beginners, but it can completely change the meaning of the text.

    Instead, youll want to learn how to study the Bible as a whole.

    This means finding as many relevant Scripture verses as you can, reading them within the context of the passage or chapter theyre in, and comparing them to see how they fit together.

    Tip: BibleGateway is a website that lets you do this easily if you dont have your physical Bible handy.

    Here are a few questions you might ask yourself while youre learning how to study the Bible for beginners:

    • Who is writing this passage?
    • Who are they writing to?
    • What is this passage mostly about?
    • What does this passage teach me about Gods/Jesuss character?
    • Are there any lessons I can learn from this passage?
    • Does this passage have any specific instructions for me to follow?
    • Does it provide a good example for me to follow ?
    • What positive changes can I make in my life as a result of this passage?

    One passage that really illustrates this point is Ephesians 2:8-9.

    In the church I grew up in, they understood this passage to mean that, since we are saved by faith alone, works dont matter at all.

    Typically, you can find all the information you need to answer your question by looking up only a handful of verses.

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