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Where Does The Bible Say We Go When We Die

Raising A Strong Daughter In A Toxic Culture: 11 Steps To Keep Her Happy Healthy And Safe

What does the Bible say about Where We Go When We Die?

Meg Meeker has been a pediatrician for more than thirty years, is a mother and a grandmother, and has seen it all. She knows what makes for strong, happy, healthy young womenand what puts our daughters at risk. Combining that experience with her famous common sense, she explains the eleven steps that will help your daughterwhether shes a toddler or a troubled teento achieve her full human potential.

Historical Beliefs About The Afterlife

When you ask, What happens when you die? you are joining generations of people who have asked that question throughout history.

The afterlife has historically had an important role in cultures all over the world. Greek and Roman mythology described it as an underworld. Vikings talked about Valhalla, a paradise. Chinese mythology refers to the Diyu, or hell. Many of the Great Plains tribes saw it as a happy hunting ground.

Even before recorded history, people buried the dead with food, weapons, valuables and other useful items. The living apparently thought the dead would need these things after death, implying a belief in an afterlife.

What Is Gods Attitude About Death

Some people think that God is evil because he allows innocent people to die. The first thing to consider is that Gods view of death and innocence is not like ours . First, for those who mourn because of the death of their loved ones, it saddens God . Yet, for those that have rejected God, there is a terrible end . However, for those that have not reached the age of accountability and those who have trusted Christ as their Savior, physical death is the day that we get to see God face to face, perfect, even as Jesus is perfect . For this reason, the day of our death is a precious day to God . For the non-believer, this is a disturbing thought and they often will try to equate this thinking with a sick and twisted mind. This is because they see our physical, temporary life as what is most precious. Sadly, these same people are often the same people who argue in support of assisted suicide. However, what they do not consider is that for the believer, although we look forward to being in the presence of the Lord, we know that He has a purpose for us on this earth . Therefore, believers should live their lives in service to the Lord until He decides to call us home .

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D Theism Says: Resurrection

The Bible teaches that man will be resurrected and face the judgment of God. Those who believed in Jesus for salvation will spend eternity with God. Those who rejected Jesus will spend eternity in hell with Satan.

There are a number of Bible scholars who say that hell is not forever. They call their view annihilation. They say that the fire may burn forever, but what is thrown in the fire is burned up and ceases to exist. I dont want to get into the discussion about whether hell is eternal or not, but I do want you to recognize that the naturalists view of annihilation is not the same as the theists view of annihilation. These theists believe in resurrection, judgment, temporary punishment and then annihilation

Knowing The Truth About Death Is Beneficial

Where Do We Go When We Die?

15. Why is it comforting to know the truth about death?

15 What the Bible teaches about the condition of the dead is comforting. As we have seen, the dead do not suffer pain or heartache. There is no reason to be afraid of them, for they cannot harm us. They do not need our help, and they cannot help us. We cannot speak with them, and they cannot speak with us. Many religious leaders falsely claim that they can help those who have died, and people who believe such leaders give them money. But knowing the truth protects us from being deceived by those who teach such lies.

16. Who has influenced the teachings of many religions, and in what way?

16 Does your religion agree with what the Bible teaches about the dead? Most do not. Why? Because their teachings have been influenced by Satan. He uses false religion to get people to believe that after their body dies, they will continue to live in the spirit realm. This is a lie that Satan combines with other lies to turn people away from Jehovah God. How so?

17. Why does the teaching of eternal torment dishonor Jehovah?

18. Worship of the dead is based on what religious lie?

19. Knowing the truth about death helps us to understand what other Bible teaching?

20. What question will we consider in the next chapter?

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Where Do People Spend Eternity

Heaven and Hell. The Bible teaches that there are two alternatives: eternity with God and eternity separated from God, often referred to as heaven and hell. From an eternal standpoint, to be present in one is to be absent from the other.

Eternity with God is safe, peaceful and void of all evil. Hell is the terrible alternative where God and all the good things that come from God are completely absent.

Can We Contact The Dead After They Are Gone

The answer is no. Any attempt to dabble in spirit contact is strictly forbidden in the Bible. It is sometimes called necromancy or sorcery or dealing with familiar spirits. Remember, demons can masquerade as the dead. They can even mimic the voices of our loved ones and give information that only the dead person would have known . In case this isnt clear, let me make it plain. Do not attempt to contact the dead through any means at allséances, parlor games, crystal balls, psychic readers, channelers, or mediums. You are involving yourself in that which God forbids. Leave the dead alone.

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What Jesus Really Said About Heaven And Hell

None of us likes thinking about death, but there are times when we have little choice. The virus spreads, hospitals fill, and systems become overwhelmed. Our greatest concerns, personal and national, are for survival. But for many people even the otherwise healthy the crisis has unexpectedly raised the specter of death itself, our constant companion even if, most of the time, we do our best to ignore it. Or, in more normal times, try to laugh it off. The most recent and memorable effort was NBCs smash hit comedy series The Good Place but the humor even there was rooted precisely in terror, as Eleanor Shellstrop and her companions desperately worked to avoid the afterlife they deserved in the Bad Place and its eternal torments.

The fear is as ancient as civilizations oldest surviving records. The hero of the Epic of Gilgamesh writhes in agony at the prospect of spending eternity groveling in dust being eaten by worms. Few people today may share Gilgameshs terror of consciously living forever in the dirt. Plenty, however, tremble before the possibility of eternal misery. Possibly this is a good time to help people realize that it simply will not be that way.

The vast majority of these people naturally assume this is what Jesus himself taught. But that is not true. Neither Jesus, nor the Hebrew Bible he interpreted, endorsed the view that departed souls go to paradise or everlasting pain.

One Second After Death

WHAT HAPPENS to us when we DIE | According to the Bible

What happens in the very next second or less after a person dies? The destination clearly depends upon whether a person has repented and trusted in Christ or whether they have rejected their only hope of eternal life . Paul seemed certain that after he died he would be present with the Lord. To be present with someone obviously means that they would have to be with them. When I got married, my fiancé had to be present with me or we could not have gotten married. I know that is a poor analogy but what I am saying is that Paul says to be absent from the body is in the next moment to be present with the Lord. In 2 Corinthians 5:6, 8 Paul wrote that, We know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lordand we would rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord. I see nowhere in this text where there is a time differential between death and being in the presence of the Lord.

For those who bend the knee, repent of their sins, confess their sinfulness and desperate need for the Savior, and then put their trust in Him, there is a joyous destination awaiting you.

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What Happens To Children Who Die

This is obviously a very tender subject to many people. Parents want to know: Will I see my child again? The place to begin in answering this question is with the observation that the Bible doesnt specifically address this question. However, we do know two things are true. First, children are not born innocent, but sinful. If children who die do go to heavenand I believe they doit is not because they are morally innocent in the sight of God. All of us are born with an inclination to sin that leads us away from God. Ephesians 2:1 says that we are spiritually dead by nature. That applies as much to young children as it does to adults. Second, we know that Gods grace is always greater than human sin. Romans 5:20 reminds us that where sin abounded, grace superabounded. Gods grace always goes far beyond sins disgrace.

I believe that Gods grace credits children with the merits of Jesus blood and righteousness so that children who die before they are old enough to believe are covered by His blood, and their entrance into heaven is made sure and certain. Thus they are saved by grace exactly as we are.

Is Soul Sleep Biblical When We Die Do We Go To Heaven Immediately Or At The Second Coming

A person who has trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior goes immediately to heaven to be in the presence of the Lord. Though their body is in the grave and decomposes, their soul and spirit goes immediately into the presence of the Savior. At the rapture the dead in Christ return with Him and their bodies are raised so that their souls and spirits are joined with their resurrected, glorified bodies. At the same time, those who are alive when Christ returns are simply transformed into their glorified bodies like that of the Saviors. There is no intermediate place or condition of soul sleep. Rather, believers are in heaven with the Lord and very much aware of His presence. Here are a few verses that illustrate this:

Phil. 1:21-23. For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain. 22 But if I am to live on in the flesh, this will mean fruitful labor for me and I do not know which to choose. 23 But I am hard-pressed from both directions, having the desire to depart and be with Christ, for that is very much better

When Paul wrote this, he was imprisoned in his own apartment, chained daily to a Roman soldier while waiting for his trial with the very real the possibility he would be put to death. Though he was confident of deliverance from physical death at this time, he was also confident that to die meant to be with Christ which he declared to be far better, a statement which hardly fits with the concept of soul sleep.

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Doesnt The Bible Say That There Is A Time To Die

Yes, Ecclesiastes 3:2 says that there is a time to be born, and a time to die a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted. However, the context of this verse shows that the Bible is discussing the continuing cycles that are common to life. God has not set our personal time to die any more than he forces a farmer to plant at a particular moment. Instead, the point is that we should avoid being so preoccupied with mundane matters that we neglect our Creator.Ecclesiastes 3:11 12:1, 13.

Did Jesus Teach That We Go To Sleep After We Die

When We Die Do We Go To Heaven Or Hell?

January 15, 2020Paul Sadler

Some people live in denial about death. They just dont want to think about it. Others have decided that its impossible to know and so theyre just going to wait until it happens. Those who care about what the Bible teaches, look to the Scriptures but can often be confused. This week, a person asked me to reconcile the verses that speak of death as sleep with those that describe other things going on after death. What really happens when die? And did Jesus teach that we just go to sleep?

1. People in the ancient world used the word, sleep, as a gentler way of referring to death.

2. Upon death, people either experience the comforting presence of God or separation from God.

3. We can only be spared Gods wrath by receiving His pardon for sin through faith in Jesus.

In awe of Him,

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Resurrection Of The Dead And Final Judgment

Do not be amazed at this, for a time is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his voice and come out – those who have done good will rise to live, and those who have done evil will rise to be condemned.

God will judge different people by different standards, depending on their knowledge of the Gospel and the wealth, abilities and responsibilities that have been entrusted to them ” rel=”nofollow”> Matthew 10:14-15, , , , , , , ):

From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.

While we are still living, or until Jesus comes again, we have every opportunity to repent . But in the end we will all be judged. ” rel=”nofollow”> Matthew 12:35-37, , , )

Jesus stated that we will be judged based on what we have done to help other people in need:

The apostle Paul put it this way:

Therefore we are always confident and know that as long as we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord. We live by faith, not by sight. We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord. So we make it our goal to please him, whether we are at home in the body or away from it. For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive what is due him for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.

Related verses: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Identifying Triggers In Your Marriage

They were both convinced they had married the wrong person. From almost the very beginning of their marriage, Amber and Guy Lia experienced various tensions and personality clashes related to house cleaning, backseat driving, workaholism, and intimacy. In this two-day Focus on the Family broadcast, Amber and Guy discuss how they bravely faced the triggers head-on, and committed to working on their own relationships with Jesus. As you listen to the Lias story, youll feel hope that you, too, can see real marriage transformation!

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Lazarus And The Rich Man

When Jesus mentioned what happened to the rich man and Lazarus after they died, there was no mention of a holding period or an interval of time between their death and their destination. Lazarus lived in poverty and want while the rich man lived in splendor and plenty but when they died, they went separate ways.

Where Can You Go From Here

What Happens When We Die? | Derek Prince
  • Do you want to choose to spend eternity with God? You can begin a relationship with God right now and know for certain where you will go when you die.
  • Read a more detailed explanation of how to start a relationship with God, including a prayer you can use to express your decision.
  • If you have committed your life to Christ and want help getting established as a Christian, sign up for our Spiritual Starter Kit.
  • Still have questions? Sign up for the Learn More About God email series.
  • Read about the changed lives of people who chose to start a relationship with God
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    What Happens Immediately After Death

    When Jesus hung on the cross where He was being executed, there were two criminals being crucified on either side of Him. Luke 23:42-43 describes a conversation between one of those criminals and Jesus: Then said, Jesus, remember me when You come into Your Kingdom. And Jesus replied, I assure you, today you will be with Me in paradise.

    The paradise Jesus mentions is where people who have a relationship with God go immediately after they die. When people say heaven, this is often what they mean.

    Heaven will be an amazing place, but its not designed to be the eternal home of Gods people. That even more amazing place is usually referred to as the new creation or the new heaven and new earth.


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