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Where Is Reformation Bible College

Discerning Engagement With The World

Stephen Nichols: Christ and Him Crucified

Reformation Bible College aspires to be a leader in providing education in the historic Christian faith and moral vision. Our undergraduate degree programs are specially designed to pass on the heritage of our Reformed forebears to our children and the generations that follow them. Convinced that literacy in theology and history is necessary for a mature knowledge of Scripture and a discerning engagement with the world, we focus on four areas: the content of Scripture, the system of doctrine taught in Scripture, the history of the church, and the great works of philosophy, literature, and music.

We believe that our curriculum, with its emphasis on the coherence of biblical revelation and the Christian worldview, will give Christs disciples the grounding needed to live lives and to engage in vocations that glorify God. We are persuaded, then, that what God enables us to realize here will advance the cause of Gods kingdom as the truth of Holy Scripture reaches every corner of the globe through men and women in all vocations who above all know God.

Tyndale & The English Bible With Dr Steven Lawson

Posted On February 14, 2022

Our Hansen Rare Book Room houses a unique collection of important books and writings, including leaves from original printings of William Tyndales English Bible. These pieces of history from the 1500s represent Tyndales life work of translating the Bible into the language of his people: English. His contributions were central not only to the story of the English Bible but also to the Reformation and the development of the modern English language.

Recently, Dr. Steven Lawson joined us in our library to record Tyndale & the English Bible, the latest special message in our Rare Book Room Series. Watch this message online on Tuesday, February 15, at 7:30 p.m. ET to hear about the legacy of William Tyndale as a Reformer, a linguist, and a martyr for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This message will be streamed on our YouTube channel, as well as and . Be sure to share it with your friends and family.

The Rare Book Room Series features individual academic lectures from distinguished speakers, highlighting books from the Rare Book Room on the Reformation Bible College campus. Interested in visiting and seeing it for yourself? Schedule a tour today.

Experience Reformation Bible College For Free

Are you a high school student interested in attending college? Wouldnt it be wonderful to experience college first hand before you even finish high school, receive college credit for FREE, and do it all at a Bible college right here in Central Florida?

Now you can at Reformation Bible College.

RBCs exclusive FREE offer to you begins this January. Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr. our Associate Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics will be teaching the second of eight courses in our Great Works curriculum called the Medieval Classics. This course is an introduction to the classic works of the Medieval era, reading texts by authors such as Boethius, Anselm, Aquinas, Dante, and Chaucer.

You will not only become familiar with the common forms of Medieval literature, but the worldviews from which they arose. Youll come to understand how these texts have shaped, for good or bad, western culture, and how the church has responded to them over the course of history, and in our present day. Ideas have consequencesmany of the philosophical conflicts in our day find their origin in the works of these leading thinkers. You will not merely gain an awareness of these issues youll become equipped to intelligently and winsomely engage todays postmodern and post-Christian culture from a robust, coherent, and deeply rooted Christian worldview.

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Recovering The Knowledge Of God

Reformation Bible College seeks to redefine what a Bible college is and can be. We believe that the only hope for our fallen world is a recovery of the knowledge of God and for His people to be ever engaged with the ideas and powers of this age. We seek to build a community of teaching and learning from which you will emerge to live a life that glorifies God, proclaims His kingdom, and fosters an ongoing reformation in your church, home, and workplace.

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Training The Next Reformers

Dr. R.C. Sproul founded Reformation Bible College in 2011. Throughout his career, Dr. Sproul dreamed of establishing a college where the system of theology found in Scripture and outlined in the Reformed confessions could be taught by a trusted faculty to the next generation. The early Ligonier Valley Study Center had been an actual physical place for students to come and sit under the teaching of Dr. Sproul and other Reformed theologians. Dr. Sprouls dream was to build a college that would be a place where students could once again come and be discipled face to face. A trip to Geneva offered the final inspiration. Seeing the academy started by John Calvin, impressed upon Dr. Sproul the importance of theological higher education for the next generation.

After much prayer and labor, the dream became a reality. Reformation Bible College opened its doors in the Fall of 2011, welcoming the first class of 27 students. In the Fall of 2019, RBC dedicated its new building and expanded campus. We look back in gratitude for the faithfulness of the Lord to RBC, its staff, faculty, and students. We also look forward in anticipation of what the Lord will continue to do through the ministry of Reformation Bible College.

From our president

Our name defines us. We are a college committed to theological higher education, grounded in and governed by the Bible, and rooted in the past while reaching forward for a new Reformation.

Warm regards in Christ,

First President Rc Sproul

Our college’s first president, Dr. R.C. Sproul, said, “My dream is that Reformation Bible College will supply this nation with an entire generation of articulate Christians who understand the Bible and their faith deeply, and that those individuals will then live out their faith in every nook and cranny of the world in which we live.”

Dr. Sproul was founder of Ligonier Ministries, copastor of Saint Andrew’s Chapel in Sanford, Fla., and author of more than one hundred books, including The Holiness of God.

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Why Reformation Bible College Exists

Reformation Bible College is unique, and its mission is urgent: Above all, know God. It fills a needed gap among institutions of higher education. Firmly established upon and governed by theological convictions, RBC is unabashedly a Christian college. There are two main types of Christian colleges: liberal arts colleges and Bible colleges. RBC has something exceptional to offer when set against either type. Historically, Christian liberal arts colleges have offered a robust curriculum in the humanities, as well as majors devoted to professions and career paths. Yet their biblical and theological curriculum offerings have not been as plentiful or extensive. For example, colleges and universities belonging to the Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities only require a minimum of six credit hours of biblical or theological instruction. And of course, Christian liberal arts colleges represent a wide swath of theological commitment, with many espousing a watered-down version of core Christian doctrines and beliefs.

All of these courses are taught from the perspective that a rigorous education, while hard work, is well worth the reward. These courses are taught from the solid foundation of the historic, orthodox, Reformed faith.

And that is the second reason why RBC is important. What we do here is urgent. Dr. Sproul has said:

Dr. Stephen Nichols is president of Reformation Bible College. This post was originally published at ReformationBibleCollege.org.

A Bible College Like No Other

George Grant: Inklings of Wonder

Reformation Bible College is committed to preparing you to know God through the Scriptures and doctrine from a Reformed viewpoint. We have a high view of the Bible and an orthodox perspective. Every aspect of your education will be informed by your understanding of the historic Reformed faith. Rather than study the Word with a critical post-modern eye, we let the Word study us and shape our understanding of the world and our place in it.

In addition to rigorous biblical study, youll also learn the great works of art, philosophy, and music from the Western world, with a critical eye formed by Gods eternal truths found in Scripture. As a school that values classical Christian education, we dont teach you what to think but rather strive to teach you how to thinkgiving you a framework from which to examine everything you learn in college and beyond. This foundation prepares you for success in pursuing any vocation to which God has called you.

All classes are taught by some of the brightest minds in the Reformed world, and the low student-to-professor ratios ensure in-depth study and discussion with both students and professors.

We intentionally keep our incoming class sizes small, ensuring that professors, not assistants, teach each class and that youll also enjoy strong and personal discipleship.

Additionally, small class sizes help to develop strong ties between classmates, resulting in a unique and strongly knit community.

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Give To Reformation Bible College

The momentum is building as we train up a new generation of Christian leaders to ignite a new reformation. To undergird this vision, we need partners to help support the remarkable growth of Reformation Bible College and sustain this vital institution for decades to come.

There are three specific ways you can come alongside us as we reach the next generation of reformers. Please prayerfully consider if God is calling you to faithfully steward your resources by supporting the college through one of the following opportunities:

  • Annual operations Help Reformation Bible College with the costs of daily instruction and ongoing operations.
  • Student scholarships Support deserving students who desire to attend Reformation Bible College but who have need of tuition assistance.
  • Campus completion Help enhance and add to our facilities as we provide for a growing student body.

Every gift we receive in any amount is important and deeply appreciated. Please contact us for a private consultation regarding your donation options | 800-435-4343. Thank you for standing with us to prepare soldiers for Christ who will be equipped to defend the historic Christian faith.

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Study With Reformation Bible College Faculty For Free

As the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus have resulted in the cancellation of many Bible studies and Sunday school classes, free study groups at Ligonier Connect can help you stay connected online.

Beginning the week of May 18, join one of our 6-week study groups moderated by Reformation Bible College faculty on Ligonier Connect. In these moderated courses, youll have the opportunity to grow with fellow Christians as you interact with study questions at your own pace and read contributions from the RBC faculty.

Try these study groups led by Reformation Bible Colleges faculty:

Beginning Monday, May 18Hath God Said? with R.C. SproulModerated by Dr. John TweeddaleQuestions about the authority and trustworthiness of Gods words are as old as the garden of Eden. Christians need to know what they believe about the Bible. In this course, R.C. Sproul defends Scripture as the inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word of God, helping us to boldly proclaim its truth to the world around us.

Beginning Tuesday, May 19Prayer with R.C. SproulModerated by Dr. Ben Shaw and Mrs. Lynn ShawChristians have the privilege of communicating with the Creator and Sustainer of the universea privilege we too often neglect. In this course, R.C. Sproul shows us how to develop a faithful prayer life, demonstrating that intimate communication with God is at the heart of our relationship with Him.

New Partnership With Reformation Bible College

Announcing Our 2020 Winter Conference :: Reformation Bible ...

January 19, 2018 By GPTS Staff

Reformation Bible College in Sanford, FL and Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Taylors, SC are pleased to announce a new cooperative partnership, offering an accelerated six-year Master of Divinity degree.

Seminary-bound students will be able to complete both undergraduate and graduate degrees in the space of six years, thus speeding up entry into pastoral ministry. This partnership not only benefits the students who will take advantage of it, but it also benefits the church at-large as more men are brought more efficiently into pastoral ministry, without compromising a rigorous theological education and training.

Students will complete three years at RBC and then have the opportunity to continue their education at GPTS, taking the full complement of the three-year M.Div. program. GPTS agrees to accept RBC students who meet the Seminarys admissions requirements and have completed 90 undergraduate credits in the Accelerated Biblical Studies Degree. RBC students would then complete the remaining 30 required credits of their undergraduate program while making progress toward an M.Div. at GPTS.

This partnership is the culmination of a shared commitment of RBC and GPTS. Each institution will benefit from opportunities for coordination of resources, shared faculty teaching and speaking engagements, and other partnership possibilities. RBC students are invited to take advantage of the arrangement beginning with the Fall 2018 semester.

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