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Where To Find It In The Bible App

Best Bible Study App #: Bibleorg

How To Find Friends in the YouVersion Bible App

Simple, yet incredibly valuable. is a Bible study app that is great for women, children, men, pastors, etc. They actually have specific focuses for different people to meet each individuals needs, so youll get a personalized experience when you use this Bible app.

And within is a really awesome resource called Lumina were you can study verses and versions in parallel style.

This is a hearty Bible study app that is great for deeper study.

PLEASE NOTE:The app is now called NET Bible in the App Store.

Best Option For Serious Study: Logos

When it comes to scholarly study, there are really two heavyweight contenders: Logos, and Accordance. Both offer powerful tools to help you take your Bible study to the next level and offer powerful Mac apps that give you additional control when unlocking the power of your theological library. We like Logos because it offers a better iOS experience.

Like YouVersions Bible App, the interface in the Logos iOS app is very clean and easy to use. Its extremely minimal, and I personally like it a little bit better.

But the biggest benefit that both Logos and Accordance give you is the ability to quickly access the original languages via Strongs Numbers even on your iOS device.

Strongs Numbers are basically a numerical index of every word used in the original Hebrew and Greek texts of our modern-day Bibles. The numbers make it easy to look up the original word and its accompanying definition in the English language. By looking up the Strongs Number, you can connect the meaning of English word used in our modern translations back to the full meaning in the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts.

These Strongs Numbers come from a reference work called a concordance. A concordance is an alphabetical list of words and their definitions, like a dictionary. For example, you can be reading your Bible and see that the Strongs number for the word love is used in a specific scripture reference. For example, John 15:9 in the King James says:

But now its a lot easier.

Best Bible Study App #: E

This little known Bible study app has been a favorite of mine for over a decade.

Years ago it was only for use on a PC, but today this powerful Bible study app works on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad as well. Ive been using this for a decade and still its a favorite!

E-Sword is a simple and straightforward app that allows you study the Bible verse by verse and provides tons of valuable references.

You can use this app for personal study or to write sermons, devotions, and Bible studies in.

The E-Sword Bible study app contains a parallel Bible study view, WYSIWYG printing capabilities to grab your notes for teaching, an extensive reference library, maps, powerful search features, audio sermon library, and more.

I have installed this Bible study app on my kids homeschool laptop for deeper study, as well.

We truly enjoy this particular Bible study appand think you will, too!

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Best Kindle Fire Bible Apps

The Amazon Kindle Fire appeals to people who like the idea of a tablet to read books, watch movies and do some simple things like surfing the web and checking their email. You can also play games. But how good does the Kindle Fire do for Bible Study apps. Weve got the 5 best Kindle Bible Study apps that run on the Kindle Fire.

A Kindle runs a heavily skinned version of Android. The Fire OS runs Android 7.1 Nougat, which lags a few generations behind. Google released Android Pi in 2018 and will release unnamed Android O this year.

The fact that Fire OS uses Android means many Android Bible apps will run just fine on the Kindle Fire. However, the app creator must choose to send their app to the Amazon Kindle App Store, which has some of the most stringent evaluation processes of any App Store. This leads many app developers to ignore Amazon.

The following apps come in no particular order. I chose them based on

  • Price of the app plus add-on books
  • Size of library
  • Accordance Mobile

Logos Bible App From Faithlife

YouVersion Bible App

The Logos Bible App and its other similar apps from Faithlife come in second in our roundup because of its power and array of useful features. Its a little bloated, but Id rather have too many features that dont get in the way of the basics than not enough, like the ability to add user notes.

When you look at all that Faithlife packs into Logos, you can only say wow! Theres a reason this ends up in our 5 Best Bible Apps for Android, but not at the number one spot.

The app divides into a few main areas.

  • Home Screen layouts for study are here, along with information from Faithlife about sales or books.
  • Library find your books to open and read.
  • Book Reader you can open a bunch of books, and they will show up on screen accessible via the center button, the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Search Screen use it to search your Bible or books.
  • Main Menu find all the major features of the Logos app here, like the Guides.

You can open multiple books and sync them using the center button on the bottom toolbar. Set up some or all of the books to sync up or dont. I have a few Bible translations and a few study Bibles or commentaries open all the time, all of which I set to sync up, so they move from verse to verse together. I also open books Im reading too, but they dont sync with a Bible.

Youll find many other features, mainly in the main menu at the far right on the bottom toolbar. And remember, it all syncs nicely with the computer app or their web app.

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Bible Study Apps Are A Great Tool For Growing Faith

These Bible study apps for women are a great tool in growing your faith.

When you want to add some deeper study in addition to your personal quiet time with the Lord , these are some of the best Bible study apps to reach for.

If you use a different one than one of these, please share it in the comments so we can all grow together! And if you love one of these, share why

More On Bible Study

Check out these 8 Bible study methods with tips on how to study the Bible and how to get started diving deeper into the Word.

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Best Bible Apps For Android And Fire Tablets For 2021

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet or maybe an Amazon Fire Tablet, then weve got the 5 best Bible apps for Android. This list usually stays the same each year. So what has changed for 2021?

I tested these apps on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. I used to own the Tab S7 but handed it down to my son, an Android first guy. Most of the time, I use the iPad, but Android works great too. So, heres my list for 2021!

Whats your favorite Bible app on Android or Amazon Fire Tablet. Comment below or head over to the YouTube video above and comment there.

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Best Bible Study App #: Niv Quest Study Bible

With full color maps and photos as well as more than 20,000 notes, this is one app you cant overlook in your search for the best free Bible study app.

Its literally a digital study Bible!

If youre a fan of the NIV translation, then this is a fabulous app to have handy on your iPhone or Android device. Its also great for when youre doing family Bible time and want to show your kids right where something is on a map this app makes that super simple to do!

Bible App: Getting 100m Downloads Is Psychology Not A Miracle

How To Find Events in the YouVersion Bible App

Nirs Note: An edited version of this essay appeared in The Atlantic. Below is my original.

Its not often an app has the power to keep someone out of a strip club. But according to Bobby Gruenewald, CEO of YouVersion, thats exactly what his Bible app did. Gruenewald says a user of his app walked into a business of ill repute when suddenly, out of the heavens, he received a notification on his phone. Gods trying to tell me something!, Gruenewald recalled the user saying, I just walked into a strip club and man the Bible just texted me!

YouVersion recently announced its Bible app hit a monumental milestone placing it among a rare strata of technology companies. The app, simply called Bible, is now on more than 100 million devices and growing. Gruenewald says a new install occurs every 1.3 seconds.

On average, some 66,000 people have the Bible app open during any given second, but that number climbs much higher at times. Every Sunday, Gruenewald says, preachers around the world tell devotees, to take out your Bibles or YouVersion app. And, we see a huge spike.

The Bible app was funded and built by of Edmond, Oklahoma. Though Silicon Valley digerati rarely heed lessons from churches in red states, in this case, Gruenewald and his team have something to preach about.

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The Best Free Bible Study Apps For Busy Women

We may earn money from the products/companies mentioned in this post. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information, read our Terms & Disclosures.

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Here is an overview of the 10 best Bible study apps available for Android & iPhone in 2021. These Bible apps and tools will provide you with a way to nurture your faith both easily and effectively.

The days of being able to sit down and pour over books or listen to teachings to help grow your understanding of the Bible are long gone. Instead you have a house to clean, kids to care for, a marriage to tend to, and sanity to cling to.

Thankfully, there are some truly fantastic free Bible study apps available for women who are on the move and still want to dive deep in the truths of Scripture.

In fact, there are hundreds to choose from, so how do you choose the right app for your Bible time?

Esv Bible For Android

The ESV Bible app for Android is available for free in the Google Play Store. It currently includes the full ESV Bible text . Users can easily navigate and search the Bible text, as well as move from cross-references or footnotes and back to their passage with ease.

Our aim is to continue developing the Android app in the coming months, ultimately matching all of the features available in the iPhone/iPad version. Thank you for your patience!

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Best Bible Study App #: Bibleis

This is seriously FANTASTIC. is a great witnessing tool to have on your smartphone, too.

This Bible app integrates with the Jesus Film so you literally watch Scripture come to life.

Its more than a Bible study app its a way to experience the Word more fully in a new way.

This is also great for parents who have kids that are very visual. They can watch the Bible.

New Plans With Friends

5 Great Christian Apps for Your Daily Devotion

Have you ever wanted to do a YouVersion Bible Plan with your small group, friends, or spouse? Now with the brand-new feature Plans with Friends, you can invite others to join you in a plan and view everyones progress. This feature is perfect for helping small groups, mentors, pastors, and church staff teams to read the Bible together.

At the end of each day, theres a Talk it Over feature that encourages discussion around the days reading, allowing community around content. Update your version of the app to access Plans with Friends today! And, to help you communicate this new feature to your attenders.

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Youversion From Life Church

The YouVersion Bible app from Life Church is the most popular Bible app available. Its not a powerful Bible study app, but it does a great job for people with simple needs.

The app is totally free and lets you download modern translations like the NIV, ESV, CSB, NKJV or NLT. You can also get the public domain books like the KJV. They dont offer Greek or Hebrew texts for original language research.

Life Churchs apps excels at giving users a good Bible reading experience with a plethora of devotional reading plans. It also will share the app in beautiful mean-style images with text.

People who like to highlight and take notes in their Bible can do so with the Bible app. These will sync with the ministrys Bible website.

Do you want to keep up with another persons Bible reading? This helps with keeping one another accountable and YouVersion makes this simple. Follow one another and share your reading progress.

Because the Bible apps totally free, it also doesnt include things like language study, commentaries or other books to help you study beyond basic reading. You can listen to the Bible in the app.

Bible Interest Not In Decline: Youversion Bible App Hits An Incredible Half

Wednesday, November 10 2021 by Richard D. Hunt/Rachel Feuerborn

YouVersion is celebrating record Bible engagement worldwide as its Bible App becomes the first faith-based app to reach 500 million installs. In 2021, approximately 64 billionBible chapters have been read or listened to, which is up 21% compared to 2020 and up 56% compared to 2019. As Bible engagement numbers continue to trend upward year after year, the YouVersion Community celebrates the fact that the Bible is alive and well.

While some people claim the Bible is irrelevant and Scripture engagement is declining, these 500 million installs indicate otherwise. The Bible continues to be relevant and has the power to transform lives, said YouVersion Founder Bobby Gruenewald. Thats why were excited to celebrate this milestone. Not just because its a big number, but because each install represents a chance for someone to go deeper in their faith and grow closer to God.

In addition to these features, the Bible App offers 2,600 versions of Bible text in 1,760+ languages, more than any other app in the world. With the help of publishers, Bible societies, and other partners, YouVersion is able to digitally distribute new Bible translations as soon as theyre completed, allowing people around the world to more quickly engage in Scripture in their first language.

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  • Select Sign Up.
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  • Check your email, and select the link in the confirmation message.It may take several minutes for your confirmation email to arrive. If you dont receive it, try these troubleshooting steps: I dont see the YouVersion email I expectedAfter you have confirmed your email address:In the app:
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  • If you signed up with email :

  • You can to your new account.
  • Best Bible Apps For Android And Fire Tablets For 2021 Summary

    How to use 5 YouVersion Bible App Features

    Which of the 5 apps included in our roundup of the 5 Best Bible Apps for Android should you download? Why not download all of them? Of course, you should start with the app from the company you already use on a computer, if you own one. Im a Logos Bible Software user on my Macs, so I primarily use Logos, even though I like Olive Tree better on mobile.

    UPDATE: If you use an Amazon Fire Tablet, you cant download the Olive Tree app since its no longer supported. For a fifth Bible app on a Fire Tablet, look at Laridians Pocket Bible. Its also terrific.

    Update: You can also install the Google Play Store on an Amazon Fire Tablet. Its complicated, but if you think you can handle it, fire up the Silk browser on your Fire and head over to the helpful how-to article at Android Police.

    If you must make me recommend one over another, then Im going with Olive Tree first. Its got the cleanest and simplest interface. It has enough features for most users. People who need more advanced tools will likely not work on a tablet or smartphone very long. Theyre using a computer-level Bible study suite from either Logos or Accordance. However, dont end your search with Olive Tree. You can try out all of them for free and settle on one with the best features for your needs.

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