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How Much Does Moody Bible Institute Cost

Moody Theological Seminary And Graduate School Tuition & Fees Five Year Projection

125 Years of MBI: Episode 1 – Our Founder

Over the past five years, Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School tuition and fees has grown by a rate of 3.81% annually.The tuition increased by 3.26%, and fees by 6.82%.The estimated cost for this year’s tuition and fees is $15,055 if the growth rate continues.

For two years of academic instruction, your cost will end up being $30,684 for two years and $63,751 for four years.

Remeber to factor in additional costs such as room and board, transportation or books.

The following chart shows projected upcoming tuition and fees for undergraduates at Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School.

Southern Evangelical Theological Seminary

Although barely a quarter century old, Southern Evangelical Theological Seminary has quickly risen to academic prominence. The school bears the theological emphasis of its founder, Norman Geisler. Geisler is famous for his massive four volume systemic theology and extensive research on building an intellectually justifiable faith.

As such, his seminary was self-consciously built from the ground-up on evidentialist and classical apologetics. The school runs two institutes, the Institute for Islamic Studies and the Institute for Scientific Apologetics. The school also utilizes its distance learning resources in order to run a dual enrollment program.

This allows high school students to earn college credit while completing their secondary education. Although some colleges, especially county colleges, utilize similar programs, this is very unique in the seminary world.


Financing Your Online Bachelor’s In Theology Program

Anyone planning to enroll in a bachelor’s program, whether campus-based or online, should complete and file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to learn more about grants, low-interest loans, and other sources of government funding. In addition to federal, state and college-specific financial aid, many faith-based organizations and nonprofit foundations offer scholarships and grants specifically geared toward students pursuing religion-related college degrees or careers in ministry or community service.

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Biola University/talbot School Of Theology

Biola University began in 1908 as the Los Angeles Bible Institute. As the years progressed it rapidly transformed into a two year college, and under the leadership of Dr. Louis T. Talbot it become a 4 year college. Now it stands as one of Americas premiere Christian universities that also runs Talbot Theological Seminary.

To this day, all students who graduate from Biola are required to study a core curriculum of Bible related courses designed to give each student an overarching background in the scriptures. Biola and Talbot have made extraordinary strides in a number of theological sub disciplines: especially the area of philosophy and apologetics.

Few realize that the largest masters program in philosophy in America is run out of Biola/Talbot. They have well over 100 students studying in their Philosophy of Religion and Ethics program, which routinely places students in top PhD programs. The school is also home to some of the Evangelical Communitys most deeply respected apologists, such as William Lane Craig and J.P. Moreland.

Estimated Future Cost And Expected Tuition Increase

Moody Bible Institute

What will it cost to send your child to Moody Bible Institute in the future? In the past four years, this school’s published in-state tuition and fee total rose from $9,920 to $11,520. This amounts to an average annual price increase of 3.2%. Nationally, university tuition prices are rising around 5% per year. Looking out five, ten, fifteen or eighteen years, these are CollegeCalc’s estimates how much you could expect to pay for a 4 year degree assuming tuition increases at the national average rate. Estimated future prices are based on the current 4 year cost of $122,456.00. Use the college savings plan calculator below to perform a more comprehensive analysis on future costs and how much you will need to save for Moody Bible Institute.


College Cost Analysis.

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Many Factors Affect Net Price

Depending on your personal circumstances, your net price may be well below the average Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School net price, which could make this school a better value. You may quality for more financial aid, or be able to complete your degree faster than average. Get more details on Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School cost.

% Get Any School Grants

This is 27% LOWER than the average for Private not-for-profit schools, which is 82%.

Because Moody Bible Institute gives a smaller percentage of its students institutional grants than similar schools, it may offer less competitive financial aid.

Some schools may claim to offer large amounts of aid to prospective students without advertising that much of this money may come in the form of student loans – money that you have to pay back. To figure out if this is the case, check out our following section on student loan debt at Moody Bible Institute.

The amount of money that students actually get is just as important than the percent of students who get grants. If you receive a grant, youâll want it to be big enough to do you some good.

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Who Started Moody Bible Institute

Dwight L. MoodyMoody Bible Institute/FoundersMoody Bible Institute is a Christian institution of higher education with its main campus in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded by evangelist and businessman Dwight Lyman Moody in 1886. Since its founding, MBIs main campus has been located in the Near North Side of Chicago.

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President Deeply Troubled By Allegations

Founders Week 2020 Francis Chan

In response to the open letter from students, Jobe released a statement last month, saying as a father of a daughter and two sons, the allegations deeply trouble me.

As President of Moody Bible Institute, and an alum, I am committed to ensuring that all of our campuses are not only safe for all students, but also a place that takes seriously the voice of victims and follows through on dealing with abuse of any kind, said Jobe, Moodys president since early 2019. If our community has failed to uphold that commitment in the past, I am profoundly sorry for the pain and wounds this may have caused students and their loved ones.

The school then announced it was launching an investigation and taking other steps, including temporarily removing Arens and Puente from their respective roles with student discipline and Title IX.

At the time, Jobe said, This temporary reassignment of a portion of their responsibilities does not mean, and let us be clear, that we have determined that Dr. Arens, Mrs. Puente, or anyone else involved in these issues have done anything inappropriate.

No similar statement was included in an email to students last week announcing Arens retirement and Puentes leave.

Moody on Thursday announced it had appointed Grand River Solutions to conduct the investigation into the schools Title IX office and related practices for responding to reports of sexual misconduct.

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Where Is Moody Bible Institute

Moody Bible Institute is a Christian institution of higher education with its main campus in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded by evangelist and businessman Dwight Lyman Moody in 1886. Since its founding, MBIs main campus has been located in the Near North Side of Chicago. Moody also operates a graduate campus in Plymouth, Michigan.

Q: What Are Transcript Evaluations And How Should I Go About Getting One

Almost every international student will need to submit a transcript evaluation of the transcripts from every secondary school or university that they have attended. Please double check with your admissions counselor before paying unnecessary fees.

A transcript evaluation is an evaluation of the transcripts from every school you have attended. This evaluation determines if you have received the equivalent of a high school diploma from the United States or any other university-level degree or courses you could transfer in to Moody.

It is very important that whichever transcript evaluation service you choose, you send them transcripts from every secondary school or university you have attended, even if you did not complete a degree at that school, or even took just one course.

Transcript evaluations must be completed by a member of NACES . We currently recommend SpanTran as our evaluator of choice, and you can start the process by .

We also recommend ECE as another option for you.

These transcript evaluations can take a few weeks to a few months depending on your situation, so be sure to get started on this process as soon as possible.

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Online Undergraduate Course Syllabi With Required Texts

Moody Bible Institute Online endeavors to maintain accurate and current syllabus information on this website. Each format type links to the current course syllabus. The syllabus contains all textbooks and materials required for each course. Syllabus and textbook information is kept as up-to-date and accurate as possible but may change without notice. Moody cannot be responsible for textbooks ordered more than 30 days prior to the start of a given session.

Purchase of electronic versions of textbooks is permitted, as long as the electronic edition is the same as the required print text. Please keep in mind that page numbers may differ between the print and electronic versions of a textbook.

Some titles may be available as eBooks through the Moody library website. Be sure to check there before making your purchases if you so desire.

Moody Bible Institute is fully accredited and all online Bible and Theology courses qualify for ACSI certification. View the Moody Bible Institute Online general course offerings list on the learning venue page for the anticipated schedule of classes.

Contact if you need to purchase books 30 days prior to the start of your course to confirm the accuracy of the textbooks listed on the syllabus.

Moody Bible Institute Sat Requirements

Moody Bible Institute Costs: Find Out the Net Price

Moody Bible Institutes average SAT score is this is the sum of the math and reading portions of the SAT . Check out the below table for a deeper look into how students performed its also very interesting to look at the average test score over time. The trend over time helps give insight into whether Moody Bible Institute is getting more or less competitive.

25th Percentile

Moody Bible Institutes average SAT score is -. To be a competitive applicant for Moody Bible Institute your SAT score should come close to the average. If youre closer to the -, youre likely going to have a tougher time getting accepted. To consider Moody Bible Institute a target school you should aim for a score of -.

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What Would It Cost You To Attend Moody Bible Institute

Finally, we get to the bottom line: what will Moody Bible Institute actually cost YOU? Every family has a different situation, and depending on your income level, you’ll have to pay more or less to go to college.

What is Net Price, and Why Does it Matter?

Above, we’ve covered Moody Bible Institute’s Cost of Attendance . We also covered its typical financial aid in grants, loans, and scholarships.

The Net Price is the total cost minus the total aid given. In other words, this is the price you have to pay to the school out of pocket. The lower the school’s cost, and the more aid you get, the lower the Net Price.

We’ll cover two ways to get your Net Price for Moody Bible Institute – the fast way, and the precise way.

Our Ministry Is Built On The Kindness Of Others

Much of our work is funded by the generosity of people who believe in it. Because of you, a young missionary can study tuition-free a widow can find comfort in a daily devotion and a man whos given up on God can learnfrom a voice on the radiothat God hasnt given up on him.

Its vital work, and you make it possible. Click GIVE to get started.

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Join Extracurriculars That Align With Moody Bible Institutes Values

  • Join your school band, a sports team or another group activity. If Moody Bible Institute values music heavily, for example, then try to participate in an organization related to that topic.
  • Volunteer in your hometown. Chicago has tons of ways to be involved beyond just the college. Moody Bible Institute wants applicants that are also good ambassadors for the school they want students who will give back to the local community and broader Chicago area in general.
  • Spend your summer doing something that speaks to your values, personal growth, leadership qualities and other less quantifiable characteristics. Moody Bible Institute needs to see past your test scores and grades they need to know that you will be a valuable and contributing member of their community. You are more than grades and test scores your experiences should demonstrate that.
  • Most Affordable Online Theology Programs Of 2022

    Moody Bible Institute Distance Learning

    Explore the nation’s best online bachelor’s in theology programs. These degrees can prepare you for seminary training, graduate school, and church careers.

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    Published on April 11, 2022 · Updated on April 28, 2022 is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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    Accreditation For Online Bachelor’s In Theology Degrees

    Accredited schools undergo an extensive evaluation of academic standards and financial practices by an outside agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation . Most colleges seek out either national or regional accreditation. Technical, vocational, and for-profit schools usually acquire national accreditation, and often offer less rigorous admissions requirements and relatively inexpensive tuition. Regional accreditation, the most popular and prestigious designation, requires higher professional and academic standards. A school’s accreditation status determines credit transferability and eligibility for federal financial aid.

    Many schools offering theology-related degrees hold regional accreditation, and some seek out additional specialized accreditation for their specific programs. For example, Bible schools may acquire programmatic accreditation from the Association of Biblical Higher Education. Seminary schools offering graduate programs usually seek accreditation from the Association of Theological Schools.

    Example Loan Payments And Costs

    How much are student loan payments for Moody Bible Institute? Obviously this varies based on a number of factors – offsetting financial aid you receive, percentage of fee you pay upfront while enrolled and the interest rate on your loans. We’ve modeled a sample student loan based on current Stafford loan rates to give you an approximate idea.

    The following are the costs for a loan if you borrowed $53,512, 100% of the estimated average net price for a four year program and paid nothing while enrolled. The total of all payments including interest would sum $64,193.14. This could be your effective total out of pocket cost of an education at Moody Bible Institute. Note that this calculation assumes you don’t pay full list price tuition, are part of the reported 96% of students at this school who receive financial aid and you are paying an average annual net price of $13,378. If you do not financially qualify for a reduced net price, your student loan payments could be significantly higher than this example. Use our Moody Bible Institute student loan calculator below to change loan assumptions and recalculate.

    Student loans are not free money and must be repaid. You cannot dismiss student loans by via bankruptcy.

    Moody Bible Institute Student Loan Payments

    Example Payments
    Sum of All Payments over 10 years $64,193.14

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    Q: How Much Does An Undergraduate Degree Cost

    Moody has a unique undergraduate tuition model. If you are a single, undergraduate student living on campus, you will not pay tuition .

    You are, however, responsible for your housing, food, and other fees which come out to about $7,000 per semester or $14,000 per year.

    If you are studying online or have to live off-campus , the cost is $370/credit hour for tuition. You are then responsible for your own housing and food. The total cost of a 120-credit hour Bachelors degree is around $44,400 for the 2020-2021 school year.

    **Please Note** This is subject to change every academic year, and the numbers above may be outdated at the time of your reading. Please check our official catalog for the most up-to-date data.

    How Generous Is Moody Bible Institutes Financial Aid

    Moody Bible Institute Costs: Find Out the Net Price

    The grant dollar amounts weâve seen so far have included aid from all sources – both federal and institutional. Schools donât have much control over how much federal aid students can qualify for , but they do their own financial aid dollars and how theyâre used.

    To figure out how strong Moody Bible Instituteâs own financial aid program is, weâll look at how they award their own financial aid dollars. The more students receive aid directly from the school , and the bigger the award amounts, the better the financial aid program.

    Letâs see how generous Moody Bible Institute is with its students:

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