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How To Read The Bible In 6 Months

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I like the way Rachel Green Miller, author of Beyond Authority and Submission, arranged her personal Bible reading plan. She kept the Bible books together, except for the Old Testament poetic books which she keeps for the weekends. She also alternates between the Old and New Testament. Her plan mixes up the readings without making it confusing to finish the whole Bible in one year.

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Comment by Nick Gonzalez on June 19, 2012 at 2:14pm

How’s everyone doing? Did you finish? Are we there yet? If not lets continue and renew our commitment to read / listen through the entire Bible this year. I’m a little behind too. Any comments?

Comment by Nick Gonzalez on January 20, 2012 at 1:27pm

How’s everyone doing in the their reading? If you’re on track you should be finishing up Exodus 32 today. Did you enjoy reading the book of Genesis? If you did . I think you will like it.

Comment by Nick Gonzalez on January 11, 2012 at 11:22am

For those who liked reading the Book of Job, did you that one of the most key verses of the entire book is Job 1:21? Here it is: “And he said, Naked I came from my mothers womb, and naked shall I return. The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away blessed be the name of the LORD.

Do you have a favorite scripture from the book of Job?

Comment by Corina Benavidez on January 9, 2012 at 8:52pm

That is great information Pastor Nick seeing as I will be taking the Old Testament Survey this quarter at our church -) thanks for the insight!! I pray that everyone is getting their reading in!! God Bless

Comment by Myra Marquez on January 9, 2012 at 12:37pm

Just finished Isaiah and will continue. We are studying Matthew at church so I might read Matthew next.

Comment by Myra Marquez on January 6, 2012 at 4:38pm

Almost finished with the book of Isaiah, need 10 more chapters.

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Old Testament In Six Months

Laura Jane Barber realized she would finish reading the New Testament in six months and went looking for an Old Testament six month plan so she could read the whole Bible in one year. She couldnt find one, so she created one and shares it on her blog for you to use, too. In this Old Testament in six months plan, you read about five chapters a day, seven days a week.

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How To Start A Bible Reading Plan

Even if you have read the Bible you may still want to know the God’s word better.

It is our duty as servants of God to understand, follow and spread His word to others.

Think about this for a moment…

There are so many distractions in the world today that distract us from proper study of the Bible and it can be difficult to understand the word of God as written in the Bible.When you read the Bible…

…it is important to make sure that you understand the true meaning of God.

A Bible reading plan can help you understand the word of God even in the hectic and distracting times in which we live.

How To Plan To Read The Bible

How To Read The Bible In 6 Months in 2020

If you are a religious person…

…and want to start reading the Bible, there are a lot of ways to do it without getting bored.

Some Christians think there’s a mess of life and they’re confused and they don’t know the answers.

Does this sound like you?

As a beginner reading the Bible can give them life answers and make them feel fulfilled, at peace and closer to Christianity and God.

Lets dig a little deeper…

The Bible contains many chapters about how the earth was created to the extent that Jesus, the Son of God, made his way through this earth as a human being in society and also what happened after he returned to heaven with God.There’s nothing wrong with reading the Bible and forgetting that other people call you hopeless.

The Bible is for everybody who wants to read it – from beginners to advanced. If your looking for help to remind yourself of God’s love, visit Christian Affection to find products you can wear everyday and keep a mind on the scripture. After all: There is no time limit whatsoever to read it.You can try to read the bible by setting a schedule every day, week, month.

You can read from 3 chapters anywhere from a different part of the Bible.

Look at it this way…

…every week you cover one or more chapters of each important part of the book.

You wouldn’t feel stuck for a couple of days and weeks if you could switch areas every day. Try this type of strategy and you will not fail on your annual goal of reading through the Bible every year.

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You Can Read The Entire Bible In 120 Days

Thats only 4 months! If I can do it, you can do it!

120 days is only 4 months. It seems daunting to read the entire Bible in only 4 months , but it can be done. I know, because I did it. Actually, I shouldnt lie, I did it in 128 days , but my point is its TOTALLY do-able.

This post contains an affiliate link to the Bible I used for this plan. You can view the full disclosures policy here.

Ive been enjoying getting to know the Bible more and more over the last 16 years. Growing deeper in my faith and constantly pursuing a relationship has been both a challenge and a blessing, but God has been faithful the whole time. This past summer, however, I felt conflicted and convicted about a bunch of things happening in politics, social justice in my community, and the divisiveness of the world. I suddenly had the thought that, while I trust my pastors expertise, study, judgment, discernment, and knowledge, if I am to hold our leaders to a standard, I have to know what that standard is. Im not saying its necessarily my job to call out each one of our leaders, but I do believe that preachers, teachers, pastors, and leaders are held to a higher standard because of their influence in both secular and religious circles. How can I know that what they are preaching aligns with, or against, what I believe to be true if I dont know what my source of truth actually says about a particular issue?

In The Beginning
No Homework, & No Extra Reading!
What I Learned

A Bible Designed To Help You Get Swept Up Into Gods Word

The ESV Reader’s Bible, Six-Volume Set: With Chapter and Verse Numbers is produced with materials and formatting that provide a unique reading experience fitting for Gods holy Word.

Printed on high-quality book paper with a smyth-sewn binding and packaged in an elegant slipcase, this edition features single-column text typeset like a novel, with verse and chapter numbers laid out in a subtle and unobtrusive way.

Perfect for use with Bible reading plans, personal Bible reading, or family devotions, this edition invites the reader to slow down and delight in the beauty of Gods Word.

Available in both a cloth over board edition and a premium cowhide over board edition in a solid walnut slipcase, the ESV Readers Bible, Six-Volume Set: With Chapter and Verse Numbers is a great option for those eager to jumpstart their daily Bible reading or looking for a meaningful gift for a friend or family member.

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Read The Bible In One Year Or Six Months

In a land where theres free access to the word of God, its easy to take it for granted. Yet Job said, I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food . What a thought!

Our pastor challenged us in June to read the Bible in six months I accepted, and cant imagine not having had this enriching experience. Normally, Ill go through one book of the Bible slowly and carefully, reading only a passage at a time and really meditating on a verse and its cross-references, perhaps giving it 15-20 minutes. But to get through the Bible in six months required spending anywhere from 45-60 minutes daily in scripture, and in essence taking a ride through the Bible at roller coaster speed.

While it was a challenge to get up an hour earlier in order to have that quiet time, and while the temptation to fall into other tasks was often present, now that Ive completed the goal, I find myself missing that intense saturation in Gods word. Here are some plans that I found very helpful from Delmar Full gospel Church in New York what I like about their reading plans is that they incorporate five extra days each month in case you fall behind or miss a day kind of like scriptural snow days.

The Levitical sacrifices and the function of the priests gave new meaning both to Christs sacrifice and role as High Priest, but also to our designation as priests and kings under the New Covenant .

Read The Whole Bible At Your Own Pace

Question For Day 45 || 6 Months Bible Reading Plan || Bengali Bible Quiz || Bengali Bible Study

I developed this Bible reading chart for those who want to read the whole Bible but dont want the stress of keeping up with a dated plan. You can read the whole Bible at your own pace. You can mark off each chapter as you go and go in any order you please. You can get this free Bible reading chart here. If you are already an email subscriber to Read the Hard Parts, you can find this chart in every email I send so that you can start reading through the whole Bible at anytime.

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Have You Read The Entire Bible Yet

Join us as we read the entire Bible in 6 months. We will be reading as a group to encourage one another along the way. All you have to do is pick a plan and stick with it. If you have never read the entire Bible that’s okay. There are several reading plans to choose from. *

  • Beginning to End: Read the Bible from start to finish, from Genesis to Revelation.
  • Chronological: Read the Bible as its events occurred in real time. For example, Job lived sometime after the beginning of creation but before Abraham was born . As a result, the Book of Job is integrated into the Book of Genesis .
  • Historical: Read the books of the Bible as they were written historically, according to the estimated date of their writing.
  • New then Old: Read through the New Testament first, then read through the Old Testament.
  • Old and New: Each day includes a passage from both the Old Testament and New Testament.
  • To Get Started:

  • . . We will be using the Chronological Bible Reading Plan. Feel free to use any plan you prefer.
  • Start Reading.
  • Place a check mark in the box after you complete each days reading. Follow the reading plan, it works.
  • Since we will be reading together, make sure you receive all messages from this group by adding the following email address to your address book:

    Here’s some tips on reading the Bible daily:

  • Set aside a specific time each day. Set your schedule and then stick to it. Mornings are great, but feel free to use any time that works consistently for you.
  • About The Bible Study Tools Reading Plan

    Statistics show that most people professing faith in Jesus have never completely read their Bible. Many people start reading the Bible but then become overwhelmed by the number of chapters and verses there are. What we don’t realize is that we can read the Bible in a year by reading fewer than four chapters a day.

    By dividing the Bible into 365 daily readings, your goal of reading the Bible in a year can easily be accomplished. Here at Bible Study Tools, not only can you come and read the Bible on a daily basis, but we can help you chart your reading progress online during the year. That means you don’t have to wait until the New Year — you can start reading the Bible today.

    First, just register or login so we can show you a customized Bible reading plan tracking chart. We currently have over 20 Bible reading plans so you can choose one that works right for you! The Bible in a Year reading plan contains 365 daily readings designed to help you easily read the entire Bible in just one year! Simply select your preferred Bible reading plan, the date you wish to begin reading and your preferred Bible translation. We will create your customized progress chart, and you’ll be on your way! Record your Bible reading progress as you go – complete your assigned Bible reading each day and click Finished Reading at the top or bottom of the Bible in a Year reading page.

    Start your daily Bible reading journey today!

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    Bible Reading Plans For 2021

    The New Year is coming soon and many Christians are looking for a new Bible reading plan to begin in January. However, you dont need to wait until January to start a Bible reading plan. Even ones that are dated you can feel free to ignore the date and just start them. In this list are a variety of Bible reading plans. Some for the whole Bible in a year, some for part of the Bible, and some for lots of reading in one day and others for smaller sections. Many of these come with free printables so you can have some way to keep track of your reading. If you come across any hard parts of Scripture along the way, let me know!

    List Of Types Of Bible Plans:

    6 Month Old Testament Bible Reading Plan  laurajanebarber ...
    • Full Bible
    • Devotional
    • Topical

    You will need to choose which category fits your current goals. Each reading plan is based on a certain amount of time in which to fulfill your overall goals and can help a beginner on what order to read the bible.

    Secondly, when looking for a Bible reading plan it is important to consider the length of the reading plan.

    Think about this for a moment:

    The most popular bible reading lengths are: 1 year, 2 years, 3 months, 6 months and 1 month.

    It goes without saying that:

    The lesser time types will mean a greater amount of reading or less total content read.

    Thirdly, when it comes to choosing a Bible reading plan that is right for your schedule, you will need to decide on the content you will like to read.

    A normal Bible plan will simply give you the books of the Bible and Scripture to read through.


    If you decide to choose a devotional based Bible plan, along with the scripture readings too, there are more readings that go through real-life examples, and they explain in greater detail what you have read or are about to read.

    Finally, when looking for a plan:

    It does not matter whether you are a beginner or advanced – you may want to keep in mind the amount pages that the Bible has for your chosen duration.

    In addition to that…

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    Read The Bible In A Month Yes Seriously A Month

    and one of em is to read the bible. As you should! Its gonna make you more familiar with God. Some people unrealistically expect a new, profound God-experience every day as the Holy Spirit shows em stuff, but hopefully youre more realistic about it. Hopefully youre realistic about all your resolutions. Not everyone is.

    So you need to read through through the entire bible, Genesis to maps. Every year Christians get on some kind of bible-reading plan to make sure they methodically go through every book, chapter, and verse. Cause when we dont, we wind up only reading the familiar bits, over and over and over againand miss a lot of the parts we should read. The reason so many Christians misinterpret the New Testament is because they know so very little of its Old Testament context. Every time I quote just a little bit of the Law way too many people respond, Ive never heard that before. Sadly, I know exactly what theyre talking about.

    But part of the reason they never heard that before is because they totally forgot they did hear it. Because their bible-in-a-year reading plan had em read the Law back in February and when they finally got to the gospels in September, theyve clean forgot what they read in February. And by next February when theyre reading the Law again, theyve clean forgot what they read in September.

    So why take a year to read the bible? Cause everybody else is doing the bible in a year.

    Imagine reading any other book a page a day.

    • Get link

    Pray For The Grace To Do It

    Dont forget to ask God for the strength, will-power, and ability to do this. Apart from Him, I cant do anything well Im one hot mess most of the time when I try do life in my own strength instead of His.

    I wake up asking Him to help me put this over Netflix, the book Im reading, the downtime I often crave after a hectic day, or any other distractions Im prone to prioritize. And I plan to fall asleep thanking Him for answering those prayers.

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