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Is Being Cremated Against The Bible

Christian Views On Cremation

Are Tattoos and Cremation Against the Bible?

Christians give a high priority to the disposal of a body and have a great fear of making the wrong choice. Unfortunately, there is no precise instruction as to the right or wrong decision.

However, although Jesus did not give definitive answers, He did make reference to the disposal of the body. There is a compelling story that may ease your mind, which includes words spoken by Jesus in Luke 9:59-60

He said to another man, Follow me. But the man replied, Lord, first let me go and bury my father. Jesus said to him, Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.

This may seem to be a cold and harsh response, but Jesus was saying that his followers should give their full attention to Him and the disposal of the dead should not be a high priority.

Many Christians believe that it is not our physical bodies that will dwell in the house of the Lord.

Whats The Best Way To Understand The Trinity

Theres no perfect illustration or explanation of the Trinity, but Ill give you the ones that work best for me. Maybe this will be helpful to you in some way.

There is one God. The Bible clearly presents this God to us. That God is known in the Hebrew Scriptures as Elohim, or Adonai, or specifically by His covenant name, Yahweh, the one God. Now, this one God is revealed to us in three Persons. These Persons are not sequential, but they are standing. We know from both the Greek Scriptures, known as the New Testament, and the Hebrew Scriptures, known as the Old Testament, that God the Father claims to be Yahweh, God the Son claims to be Yahweh, and God the Holy Spirit claims to be Yahweh. And we know that Yahweh is One. So, in some way, that kind of goes beyond our conception. We have one God in three Persons.

Let me explain for you. We are not tri-theists. We dont believe in three gods we believe in one God, in three Persons. Theres a big difference between being a tri-theist and a Trinitarian. A tri-theist believes in three different gods a Trinitarian believes in one God in three Persons.

Thats probably the best way that I can explain it. In the Old Testament, the Hebrew Scriptures, and especially in the Greek Scriptures, the New Testament, we learn that God the Father is Yahweh, God the Son is Yahweh, and God the Holy Spirit is Yahweh. I think this is the best way for us to understand the whole dynamic of the Trinity.

What Religions Do Not Allow Cremation And Which Do

Sociologists, philosophers and other intellectuals often write of the value of religion in our lives. Certainly, our religious beliefs give us a moral framework for living in community but how do religious views on cremation shape the way we care for ourselves at the end of life?

Certainly many individuals have strongly held beliefs about cremation. And sometimes these opinions are a reflection of their spiritual beliefs and their commitment to follow the guidance of their faith regarding cremation. If you are concerned about the relationship between religion and cremation we urge you to read further, or contact us to speak with one of our dedicated funeral staff.

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What Does It Mean To Be Chosen

IS CREMATION BIBLICAL?  Amazing Facts Philippines

Calvinists teach that only those who are chosen will be saved. Paul the Apostle seems to have been chosen. Can you explain this? Im not a Calvinist, but this has always been challenging to me.

This is the biblical idea of election. When we elect something, we choose it. I choose to hold this bottle of water in my hand you could say that I have elected to hold this bottle of water in my hand. The idea of election is a biblical idea. The Bible says that God has those whom He has chosen. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you may or may not know it, but Jesus Christ chose you. And in some sense, He chose you from all eternity, to love Him, to walk with Him, to believe in Him.

Now, of course, the great debate goes, How does Gods eternal choosing of the individual intersect with the individuals choice to believe upon Jesus Christ or not? The answer is that God just makes these things flow together perfectly. He does not violate our will. He does not force Himself upon us. Yet He works in us and through us to bring us to faith.

Theres a story that pastors like to tell to illustrate this concept you can take it for what its worth. But sometimes these illustrations can be helpful. Salvation is about far more than going to Heaven. Salvation has a real impact on this life right here and now, but it certainly includes the idea of going to Heaven. Lets speak about it in those terms at this moment.

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Why Is Pork Considered Dirty

Pigs “cheweth not the cud” because they possess simple guts, unable to digest cellulose. They eat calorie-dense foods, not only nuts and grains but also less salubrious items such as carrion, human corpses and feces. Pigs were unclean because they ate filth. The Jews were not alone in this prejudice.

Cremation Verses & References

As you may have noticed in the verses referenced here, some are auspicious, but others seem unfavorable toward cremation.

Scriptures of the Old Testament, such as 2 Kings 23: 16-20 spoke of the desecration of an altar after human bones were burned there however, nowhere in the Old Testament does it command against the burning of a human body.

On the other hand, cremation was not a common practice by New Testament believers. The Bible places emphasis on burial in caves, tombs, or under the earth as the most common method of disposition as in Genesis 23:1935:4 2, Chronicles 16:14, and Matthew 27:60-66. But again, it does not command that burial should be the only method.

The best conclusion for Christians when searching for answers is to ask God for guidance. James 5:16The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

Most Christians believe that God lives within us all. Its possible that He did not give us specific instruction on this matter for a reason and trusts us to search within ourselves for the answers to our own individual choices.

This final bible verse below is a powerful message to read and contemplate:


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What Does The Bible Say About Scattering Ashes

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For many people, personal belief and faith play an important role in deciding how you carry out certain end-of-life practices. If youre preparing for a Christian funeral, attending someones scattering ceremony, or want more information in order to plan your own end-of-life arrangements, you may want the answer to the question, What does the Bible say about scattering ashes?

Jump ahead to these sections:

Some religions outright ban cremation while others encourage it. Where does Christianity fall in the cremation vs burial question and can you distinguish clear guidelines to help with decision making? This guide will provide helpful pointers and tips so you can make an informed decision one way or the other.

Why Is Cremation Not Allowed In Catholicism

Here’s What The Bible Says About Cremation

Catholics do not favor cremation because they believe in resurrection of the body after death. They follow the custom of burying the dead, as Jesus Christ was buried in a tomb. However, the Church maintains that the cremated remains should still be treated with the same respect as the corporal remains.

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Why Does This Matter

It doesnt matter if a loved one is cremated, buried, or placed in a pod to become a tree. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.” Job reiterated the final moments of the body in Job 34:14-15, If it were his intention and he withdrew his spirit and breath, all mankind would perish together and man would return to the dust.”

God will resurrect his people at the second coming. Funerals are meant for the living as a chance to celebrate the life of their loved ones who have passed. It is a chance to remember, respect, and reminisce their lives. It is also a reminder that we are ultimately in Gods hands. Hes given us life, the breath in our lungs and the bodies that hold our spirits. One day we will meet him face to face with a new body that will never wear out for all eternity.

Heather Riggleman is a believer, wife, mom, author, social media consultant, and full-time writer. She lives in Minden, Nebraska with her kids, high school sweetheart, and three cats who are her entourage around the homestead. She is a former award-winning journalist with over 2,000 articles published. She is full of grace and grit, raw honesty, and truly believes tacos can solve just about any situation. You can find her on GodUpdates, iBelieve, Crosswalk, Hello Darling, Focus On The Family, and in Brio Magazine. Connect with her at or on .

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Is Cremation A Sin

What Does the Bible Say about Cremation?

There is no explicit scriptural command against cremation. Some believers object to the practice of cremation on the basis that it does not recognize that one day God will resurrect our bodies and reunite them with our spirit .

The fact that a body is cremated does not make it impossible or difficult for God to resurrect that body. He can resurrect a body eaten by a shark or a baby torn limb from limb and aborted by its mother. God is equally able to raise a persons remains that have been cremated as he is the remains of a person who was not cremated. The question of burial or cremation is within the realm of Christian freedom.

When we consider how God created mankind, it supports this fact. In Genesis 1:27, we are told that God created man. The verb to create is the Hebrew bara. In Genesis 2:7, the Bible says God formed man . Since both of these verses speak of God creating man, we find that man was both created and formed. God created Adam by using pre-existing material, the earth. The word translated form is used in Scripture of the work of a potter forming his clay. The Hebrew has a play of words in Genesis 2:7. The word translated man is the Hebrew word adam while the word translated dust of the earth is the Hebrew word adamah.

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Is Being Cremated A Sin

A: In the Bible, cremation is not labeled a sinful practice. Frankly, the topic is not dealt with at all in terms of the detailed lists of instructions for living and dying set forth by almighty God in the Old and New testaments. The short answer to your question appears to be no, cremation is not a sin.

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Biblical Perspective On Cremation

You may do well to investigate why your family doesn’t approve of your cremation choice. Perhaps they consider cremation as not Biblical. However, as we have seen, cremation is never a Biblical issue. Here are some other concerns of Christians about cremation.

1. Perhaps they are worried that when Jesus returns at the Rapture and the bodies of long-dead Christians are resurrected and transformed into spiritual bodies that you wont have a body to resurrect. Frankly, since the first century, most bodies are now dust anyway. Since God is big enough to produce a world-wide resurrection, He certainly can make a spiritual body from only a speck of dust — or less.

2. Perhaps your family wants you in a casket-filled grave so they can have a place for remembering you and your lives together. This desire is natural and normal.

Recently, I’ve observed families foregoing the expensive caskets and burial plots by choosing cremation. They then purchase a small cemetery plot in which to bury the ashes. Others scatter the ashes over a prearranged place meaningful to the deceased. Some save a few ashes in a small locket as a token reminder of their loved one. Some ashes reside in burial urns over fireplace mantles.

With all that being said, remember that your body is still your body. Discuss openly with your family that you want to dispose of your body in the way most comfortable to you. In your case, that is cremation.

Well, B, I hope this helps. Have a great talk with your family.

Is It A Sin To Be Cremated

CREMATION and BURIAL in the Bible: Q& A with Pastor Allen

Once again, there is no sin in cremation that the Bible speaks of. We know from Scripture that life is sacred and since God is the Giver of Life, then He is the only one who can determine the time and circumstances of a persons death but what happens after death does not appear to be of great consequence to God. No Christian needs to fear losing their afterlife if they are cremated since God will someday resurrect both believers and unbelievers . The Bible does not appear to support it nor does it prohibit it specifically.

As for mankind, we are from dust and we will return to dust so considering the spiraling costs of funeral services, a person would not be said to be in sin if they have made prior arrangements to be cremated after death. It appears that biblically speaking, this is a personal decision for someone to make. I have made out a will and like anyone else, they can specify to loved ones or in a will what their wishes are for after they are deceased.

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What Does The Bible Say Common Questions About Being Cremated

Is being cremated a sin?

There is no place in Scripture, which signifies that cremation is inappropriate.

If God did consider it to be a sin, he would have denounced it as He did with other imprudent religious customs.

Does cremation interfere with the resurrection?

There is a great deal of situations where the human body is destroyed every day.

Examples include firefighters, soldiers whose bodies are destroyed in the line of duty, people who are lost at sea, or bodies that are burned due to contagious diseases.

A compelling response to that question is: even when the body is buried whole, it still decays eventually.

Christians believe that all things are possible with God. Therefore, the fact that a body has been cremated would not prevent Him from resurrecting us.

Christians that died hundreds of years ago are certainly turned into dust by now. Would that preclude them from resurrection?

Ecclesiastes 12:7 , the dust returns to the ground it came from and the spirit returns to God who gave it.

Will you go to heaven if cremated?

Some people are concerned that if there is not a whole body, then the resurrection will not be possible.

That would be improbable, no matter what method you choose for death.

Wouldnt your belief in God and the way you live your life determine if you go the heaven?

Where in the Bible is cremation mentioned?

The Bible does not make reference directly to cremation.

You can find others under the Cremation Bible verses: King James Version section.

The Body Is A Blessing

The human body was made with wonderful creation . We are all lucky to have such a body to use and take care of in this life. We simply get one body in this life. If we mistreat it or harm it, that will carry with us for our entire mortal existence. It is our duty to make the most of our time on earth.

We will all die eventually so it makes sense that we each do the research and planning ahead of time. There are a variety of options to consider when we die so doing the proper research and planning years ahead will save your family the headache and stress. In the meantime, let us all enjoy our lives.

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