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What The Bible Says About Defending Israel

Why Stand With Israel Today

Should We Side with Israel or Palestine? // Ask Pastor John

Israel is a land about which God says uniquely, prophetically, redemptively, and repeatedly in the Bible This is Mine. God refers to Israel as He does to no other land on Earth. Israel was raised up to be a light to the Gentiles.

The Church at its inception was virtually entirely Jewish, and it remained so until the Gospel began to spread. Ultimately the Gospel spread to Antioch, where the first Gentile congregation began, the base from which the Gospel spread into all the world.

In the book of Romans, chapters 9 through 11, the apostle Paul deals with the question of the Jews in Gods providence and purpose. Within the whole of the Bible, these three chapters virtually stand alone as an elaboration of the theology of Gods dealing with Jews.

The Jews were the firstfruitthe first people to understand a covenant God. They then relayed the riches of that truth to the world, and through their agency, the Messiah came into the world.

The Word of God calls Jews the root and Gentiles the branches. Were reminded that while because of unbelief, some of them were broken off and you stand by faith, we are not to become haughty but to fear: For if God did not spare the natural branches, He may not spare you either. When the fullness of the Gentiles is completed, all Israel will be saved.

So why stand with Israel today?

The Lord Promises To Rescue Captives

11 When I made a sacred agreementwith you, my people, we sealed it with blood.Now some of you are captives in waterless pits,but I will come to your rescue12 and offer you hope.Return to your fortress,because today I will reward you with twice what you had.13 I will use Judah as my bow and Israel as my arrow.I will take the people of Zionas my sword

Isaiah 4047 Isaiah Changed His Style Of Writing To Prophetic Poetry

The preceding chapters in Isaiah include a mix of prophetic poetry and historical prose. The prophet used a beautiful poetic writing style for the entire portion covered in this reading, with the brief exception of 44:9â20. Hebrew poetry differs from poetry written in English, primarily because it emphasizes parallelism in thought, rather than rhyme and meter. Its beauty and sense are wonderful and pleasing to both the mind and the ear.

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Isaiah 4: 12 What Is The Lords And What Is Mans Own

People and organizations often deal with the things of the earth in terms of ownership. âI own a large home,â one might say, or âI built this business up through my own labors therefore it is mine.â If these statements were really true, then one could understand their reluctance to share it with others or to pay the Lord His required tenth. But people cannot speak of ownership. Through Isaiah, the Lord reminded Israel that He is the creator of the earth and therefore only He can properly refer to it in terms of ownership. In language similar to Isaiahâs, the Lord reminded the Latter-day Saints that He created the earth and that we are only stewards over His property . Then He gave this reminder: âAnd let not any among you say that it is his own for it shall not be called his, nor any part of itâ .

Elder Spencer W. Kimball asked some pointed questions concerning this subject:

ââDo you feel generous when you pay your tithes? Boastful when the amount is large? Has the child been generous to his parents when he washes the car, makes his bed? Are you liberal when you pay your rent, or pay off notes at banks? You are not generous, liberal, but merely honest when you pay your tithes.â

âPerhaps your attitudes are the product of your misconceptions.

âDo you have a right to appropriate the funds of your employer with which to pay your debts, to buy a car, to clothe your family, to feed your children, to build your home?

So Why Stand With Israel Today

Defending Israel By Professor Martin Van Creveld (Hebrew ...

All of these viewpoints are not only misguided. They also come at the expense of Israel at a time when the church is called to be her strongest ally amid an emergence of nations possessing a demonically driven desire to see the Jewish people eradicated.

Given this, lets get a few foundational things straight. Israel is a land about which God says uniquely, prophetically and repeatedly in the Bible, This is Mine. Also, God refers to Israel as He does to no other land on earth He raises Israel to be a light to the Gentiles.

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Ezekiel: Persia And Magog Invasion Of Israel

Ezekiel – The Book of Ezekiel 38

The Word of theLord came to me:Son of man, set your face toward Gog, of the land of Magog , the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him3 and say, Thus says the Lord God: Behold, I am against you, O Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal .4 And I will turn you about and put hooks into your jaws, and I will bring you out, and all your army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed in full armor, a great host, all of them with buckler and shield, wielding swords.

5 Persia , Cush , and Put are with them, all of them with shield and helmet 6 Gomer and all his hordes Beth-togarmah from the uttermost parts of the north with all his hordesmany peoples are with you.

7 Be ready and keep ready, you and all your hosts that are assembled about you , and be a guard for them .

8 After many days you will be mustered. In the latter years you will go against the land that is restored from war, the land whose people were gathered from many peoples upon the mountains of Israel, which had been a continual waste. Its people were brought out from the peoples and now dwell securely, all of them.9 You will advance, coming on like a storm. You will be like a cloud covering the land, you and all your hordes, and many peoples with you.

Every man’s sword will be against his brother .

23 So I will show My greatness and My holiness and make Myself known in the eyes of many nations.

Then they will know that I am the Lord.

Where Is The Middle East Located

The Middle East encompasses the lands around the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Although primarily located in western Asia, it is a transcontinental region because portions of its territory are also found in northern Africa and a tiny part of southeastern Europe.

This area also includes what is sometimes referred to as the Levant. This term refers to the area of the rising of the sun, from the perspective of the western Mediterranean. The Levant is the eastern Mediterranean area now covered by Israel, Lebanon, part of Syria, and western Jordan. In antiquity, the southern part of the Levant or Palestine was called Canaan .

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Political Battle Over Judea Samaria And The West Bank In The State Of Israel

For I will take you out of the nations I will gather you from all the countries and bring you back into your own land.

Following the establishment of the State of Israel, the Israeli government continued to use the term Eretz Israel to maintain the historic link with Gods promises to His Chosen People Israel.

In 1951 and 1952, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion twice highlighted that the Jewish state was created in a part of our small country and in only a portion of the Land of Israel in official state documents .

In 1955, he emphasized that the creation of the new State by no means derogates from the scope of historic Eretz Israel.

From the beginnings of the state, Herut , Israels major right-wing party, had been the political party that gave the greatest support to land policies linked to the Biblical promises.

David Ben-Gurion served as Israels first Prime Minister from May 17, 1948 until January 26, 1954. He resigned in 1954 and served as Minister of Defense. He returned to office in 1955, and served as Prime Minister until 1963. Time Magazine posthumously named him one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century.

Gush EmunimSix Day Warthey consider that territory to be part of the historical-biblical land of Israel

Why Standing With Israel Matters So Much

The Land Of Israel

As Christians, we have a different script to follow. One in which we know who will return to reign physically over this global focal point. Even though it has been dominated with strife and violence since the days of Abraham. Why, then, should believers be so concerned over such a tiny speck of land? What does it really matter?

I am convinced one of Satans greatest tools is to minimize or negate the role Israel plays today. It keeps the Western church in the dark concerning Gods end-time plan for our world.

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God Promises To Bless And Protect

Third, God promised to protect the nation of Israel. God promised to bless those nations who bless Israel. But anyone who seeks to harm Israel will be cursed. This is the reason to support Israel. Any nation in the world who seeks to harm Israel will find Gods wrath upon it. Gods wrath will come when He chooses. For some it will not occur until the end of the world . Another important passage is found in Gen. 27:29. It has the same idea of Genesis 12:2-3.

Why Is The Middle East Important To Us

The Middle East is widely recognized as the cradle of civilization. The Garden of Eden, where God placed the first man and woman, may have been in southern Mesopotamia near the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers .

Following the great universal flood that came upon the world, the ark that protected Noah and his family came to rest on the mountains of Ararat . These mountains are found in modern Turkey.

A large portion of the Middle East is sometimes referred to as the Promised Land because much of it was promised by God to Abraham and his descendants . This was where the ancient nation of Israel, including its capital city of Jerusalem, was located.

The Middle East is where the Old Testament was inspired by God to be written and the home of its prophets. It is also where Jesus conducted His ministry and where Muhammad, the founder of Islam, lived and died.

With so much history, it is easy to understand why Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have their origins in this region. For further explanation of the religious complexities in the Middle East, see the article Jerusalem: Why Three Major Religions Claim It.

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Religious Leaders Divided Over Trump’s Jerusalem Decision

That faith in the doctrine of biblical inerrancy and the Bible’s dictates regarding Jerusalem is shared by many Zionist Jews, including the city’s mayor, Nir Barkat.

“Everywhere you put a shovel in the ground in Jerusalem, you will find Jewish roots and connecting to Bible stories,” Barkat told NPR. Like other Israeli leaders, Barkat rejects U.N Security Resolution 242, which calls for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from territories occupied during the 1967 war. While those territories include East Jerusalem, the resolution does not list the territories or specifically say forces must be withdrawn from all of them.

“Any U.N. resolution that dismisses the Bible and dismisses the history, in many, many ways is irrelevant,” he said. “If you go back, even legally, was never anything but belonging to the Jewish people.”

Those Christians who are not themselves Jewish may still feel included among the “people” of Israel, Cardoza-Moore said, by virtue of their faith in Jesus. She quotes Galatians 3:29, where Paul says, “If you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s offspring.” Her organization, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, is dedicated to “building a global community of action and prayer in support of Jews and Israel.” President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the U.S. Embassy, in Cardoza-Moore’s judgment, is “spiritually, biblically and historically significant.”

Isaiah : 1011 Work Preparatory To His Coming

God will always protect Israel

These verses clearly speak of the preparatory activity required before the Lord comes again. Elder Levi Edgar Young said:

âI sincerely believe that these days are bringing us closer and closer to God. â¦

âMay we become the pure in heart and see God,â which is the happy lot of those who are âwise and have received the truth, and have taken the holy Spirit for their guide,â for they are the ones who shall not be deceived and shall âabide the day.â

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Does The Bible Say There Will Be A Jewish State And A Palestinian State


See, I have given you this land. Go in and take possession of the land the Lord swore He would give to your fathersto Abraham, Isaac and Jacoband to their descendants after them.

The ties of the Jewish People to this Holy Land are ancient and eternal,

US President Donald Trump is the first sitting president to visit the Western Wall.

The historical record is clear: The Jewish People have lived in Jerusalem since King David purchased the threshing floor on Mount Moriah 3,000 years ago.

David told the owner of the land,

Give me the site of the threshing floor that I may build on it an altar to the LORDgive it to me at its full price I will not take for the LORD what is yours, nor offer burnt offerings that cost me nothing. So David paid Ornan 600 shekels of gold by weight for the site.

Even after the Romans destroyed the second Jewish Temple in AD 70 and scattered the Jewish People into exile, a remnant have lived throughout the Holy Land ever since.

Yet contradictory statements have left many Christians wondering, Does the Land of Israel belong to the Jews or the Palestinians?

As bewildering and complex as the question may seem, there is a clear answer.

The Bible tells us that the Land of Israel and its boundaries arise from a covenant that God made with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendantsthe Jewish People.

David Ben-Gurion publicly pronounced the Declaration of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948.

Bible Verses About War In Israel

Bible verses related to War In Israel from the King James Version by Relevance

Sort By Book Order

Luke 21:8-9 – And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them. Ecclesiastes 3:8 – A time to love, and a time to hate a time of war, and a time of peace.Deuteronomy 20:1-4 – When thou goest out to battle against thine enemies, and seest horses, and chariots, and a people more than thou, be not afraid of them: for the LORD thy God is with thee, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt. Matthew 24:6 – And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.James 4:1-2 – From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Hebrews 11:1-40 – Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Matthew 24:36 – But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

Topics and verses are auto-generated from user searches. If a verse or topic does not belong, please contact us. Some scripture references/categories courtesy of Open Bible .info under CC BY 3.0

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The Bible Says Israel Belongs To The Jews And Has For Over 3000 Years

American and Israeli flags at Ben Gurion International Airport in Lod, Israel.

The Americans, British and Arab states can debate whatever Mideast peace plan they want. But nothing can change this pre-eminent fact: Israel is entitled to the land it has, and has been for over 3,000 years. It says so in the most historically accurate document in history: the Bible.

The land of Israel was given by God to the descendants of Abraham. In the Book of Genesis, God appeared to Abraham and said: I will assign this land to your offspring . In this passage, God made a covenant an agreement or contract with Abraham. He repeats this covenant is eternal and unconditional throughout the Bible.

The medieval scholar and Bible commentator Rashi asked: Why, if the Torah is a book of laws for the Jewish people, does it begin with the history of creation and the lives of our Jewish forefathers?

Rashis answer was that there will be a time when nations will claim the Jews stole the Land of Israel, and that the land belongs to others and not them.

Rashi explains that the Bible begins with the story of creation first to establish that all the world belongs to God, and only He has the right to apportion it. And according to the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses, God promised the land of Israel to the nation of Israel.

The Balfour Declaration considered the local inhabitants of Palestine. But most of all, it was addressed to the Christians of England.

Isaiah 4: 11 What Was The Ravenous Bird From The East


This metaphor describes Cyrus, who was prophetically destined to humble Babylon swiftly and decisively . This is a fitting insertion and serves as a prelude to chapter 47, where Babylonâs destruction is again shown forth.

Babylon of the Chaldees

So great had this âlady of the kingdomsâ become that her rulers gloried in the thought that they were the center of knowledge and wisdom and forced their subjects to kneel to the king, and not to God .

The Babylon of the world assumes expertise in all knowledge and decrees that men should worship at her door. As men embrace this hellish doctrine, they begin to believe that they know where others do not, and they become self-appointed gods, even to the giving and taking of life . âO the vainness, and the frailties, and the foolishness of men! When they are learned they think they are wise, and they hearken not unto the counsel of God, for they set it aside, supposing they know of themselves, wherefore, their wisdom is foolishness and it profiteth them not. And they shall perish.â

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