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Why Do People Read The Bible

You Become A Better Listener


I remember when I first started really digging more into scripture I was in a bible study with about 7 other woman. Because I had been reading more of Gods Word daily, I started listening more intently to what other people were saying about different passages in scripture.

This new interest in listening resulted in me experiencing another one of the benefits to reading the Bible for myself. I knew what was true. And it became very clear that some people who I thought were strong in their faithdidnt really know the Bible at all.

All We Hear Is Mission And Vision

An unintended consequence of church branding and mission statements is constant preaching of vision, and funding for mission.

In a growing number of churches, vision has replaced discipleship. The A-B-C’s are measurable spiritual growth is difficult to assess.

Even when discipleship is programmed, theres not an emphasis on personal Bible reading.

Read The Bible For Sustenance

We are both physical and spiritual beings, so we need natural food and supernatural food to stay strong and healthy. Also, during difficult seasons in life, we may need a lot of spiritual nourishment. Reading the Bible provides that necessary nourishment.

“People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4

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Is There A Correct Way To Read The Bible

Simply use the chunk it up method. Rather than setting out to read passage after passage simply for the sake of reading the Bible front to back, try reading it in very small bits and pieces. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you and then choose a single verse or two. … Read, study and love the Word of God.

Reading The Bible: Some Tips From Great Men Of God

Do Teenagers Really Need to Read the Bible ...

Experienced and faithful practitioners of Bible reading have some practical advice on reading the Bible. John Wesley, who founded the Methodist movement, offers these tips:

  • Read the Bible slowly and worshipfully, with unhurried reverence. The early hours of the morning and quiet hours at night are most suitable. Prioritise and build in time for Bible reading each day.
  • Read a chapter carefully at each sitting, or less if need be. Quality is more important than quantity.
  • Read the Bible systematically and comprehensively. Follow a Bible reading plan so that we can become familiar with the whole will of God .
  • Read the Bible with a singleness of purposeto know Gods will. Learn to compare Scripture passages, which will give greater clarity.
  • Read the Bible prayerfully, so that we can be instructed by Christ and His Spirit.
  • Read the Bible with the clear intention to put into practice what we learn.

The Bible is like a precious mine with countless gems that await our discovery. If we are committed to reading it and digging into it, we will discover eternal treasures that we will never lose.

As the apostle Paul urges us: Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly. .

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Wrong Reasons People Read The Bible

May 15, 2020

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Only 1/3 of Americans read their Bible once a week.

That means even fewer than 1/3 of all Americans read their Bible daily or make Bible study a regular practice in life.

How Do You Know If Your Close To God


  • WE ARE EASILY IRRITABLE. Have you ever had a good-bad day? …
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    Equipping For Every Good Work

    The Bible will equip you so that you can fulfill every assignment that God has for you in life, whether its family, ministry, or career . Studying the Bible will equip you to move in Gods wisdom, love, and power. There will always be needs in the world around you. Gods Word equips you to make an impact.

    I Can’t Get Past Genesis

    Why people do not read the Bible

    Anglo-saxons, or Westerners, are the biggest culprit of this because they think linearly. They open the Bible at the beginning, go through it chronologically, and somewhere after Moses get confused and stop reading.

    Other cultures, most actually, think differently than Westerners. They look at text circularly or thematically. I recommend to a reader from any culture to start in the book of John. It’s not too long, you’ll find information about the ages including stories of Jesus and it says a lot about the true meaning of love.

    For the remainder, you can find multiple reading plans online in your style, pace and desired translation.

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    Reasons Why We Should Read The Bible

    “I will study your commandments and reflect on your ways. I will delight in your decrees and not forget your word.” Psalm 119:15-16

    We read the Bible because we know how valuable it is to our entire lives. It is water to our spirit. And since our spirit is eternal, it supersedes and shapes our natural being as well — body, mind, emotions, and will. We read God’s Word because it gives us energy, clears the mind, directs our path, draws us to God, abates our worries and satisfies our soul!

    How You Can Build Regular Bible Reading Into Your Life

    Reading the Bible is a spiritual discipline, which means that we need to be disciplined in how we approach it. If you lack the desire to read the Bible, pray and ask that God would give you a desire for his word. Then, build a time into your day to read Scripture and make this time a priority. You should then find people to hold you accountable to a reading plan. Maybe even start a reading plan with someone.

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    The Bible Is For White Americans

    The Bible has full translations in 531 languages and has portions translated in 2,883 languages. It is read by people-groups and cultures around the world. It’s the only book that has such staggering cross-cultural popularity. No wonder Jesus is referred to as a healer of all nations in Revelation 22:2.

    I Just Dont Have The Discipline

    Jeremiah 29:11 True Meaning

    Anyone who does not have any discipline at all will not be able to manage life. All of us exercise some discipline at some points of our lives. We make sure we get up so that we get to work on time, we make sure we send our kids to school, pay our bills, watch our credit card spending, and do our groceries. We make all this part of our daily or weekly routine because they are essential tasks without them, our lives will be messed up.

    In the same way, we can make our reading of the Bible part of our daily routine. Set aside time each day to turn to Gods Word. Try to do this at the same place . It is said that a habit takes about 30 days to develop, so if you persist faithfully for a month, you will find it easier to keep your daily appointment with God.

    You could also make a covenant with fellow Christians to read the Bible daily and make yourself accountable to them. Share with the others what God has been saying to you through His Word, and listen to what they have heard from Him.

    If we read the Bible deeply and regularly with a view to putting into practice what we discover, we will grow spiritually. As Jesus taught us, those who hear God and put His Word into practice are like the man who builds his house on a rock: it will withstand the worst storm, unlike a house built on sand . The secure house is a life that will endure beyond this world.

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    Read The Bible Because It’s Eternal

    Every promise the Bible gives us, as we read it each day, stays with us forever! Everything in this world will fade except those things rooted to Christ. Read the Bible and discover what’s eternal, so we can apply eternity to our daily lives on earth!

    “Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will never disappear.” Matthew 24:35

    Can God change your life?

    God has made it possible for you to know Him and experience an amazing change in your own life. Discover how you can find peace with God. You can also send us your prayer requests.

    We encourage users who wish to comment on our material to do so through our .

    You Become A Confidante Of God

    A confidanteis a trusted friend of God. As you read Gods Word, He speaks to your heart. Sometimes its through a specific verse that is encouraging.

    Other times Ive sat down to pray about a specific situation that Im facing, Ill read scripture and literally the words will feel like theyre jumping off the page at megiving me the exact answer to how I prayed.

    God loves to speak to usespecially through His Word.

    In reading Psalm 25:14, the New King James Version says,

    The secret of the LORD is with those who fear Him, And He will show them His covenant.

    Do you tell secrets to just anyone? Me neither. But God has chosen to reveal things to you.

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    Courage So You Can Be Successful

    This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

    Josh. 1:8-9

    Regular Bible Study will strengthen you and give you courage. Youll grow in confidence of Gods truth. Youll feel more of His emotions towards you as you understand all that God has done for you through Jesus Christ. Gods Word also sets you free from fears and inhibitions so you can be successful in His assignments for you in life. No matter what is holding you back, you can move forward with confidence as you follow Gods Word.

    Read The Bible For More Jesus

    5 REASONS WHY EVERY TEEN SHOULD READ THE BIBLE || @DavidSWinston || Go Hard for Christ

    The Bible says Jesus is the Word spoken to create and redeem all of us. Jesus is the Person of God and His presence flows in the Bible. When we read the Bible, we drink the very presence of Jesus and all that good contained in Him.

    “In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. He existed in the beginning with God. God created everything through him, and nothing was created except through him.” John 1:1-3

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    Approaching The Bible Rightly

    While reading the Bible on a regular basis is a great start, it is also important to approach the Bible in a proper manner. It is easy to get into a habit of trying to focus only on application when reading the Bible. It is absolutely necessary for the Christian to apply the Bible to his or her life, but sometimes we can make applications that are forced or unintended.

    In order to avoid misapplication of texts, it is good to read whole biblical books and try to understand the text in light of both its immediate context and in light of the entire biblical book. Always ask what the text says about the character and nature of God.

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    The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University. Any sources cited were accurate as of the publish date.


    The Bible Is Full Of Errors

    This common misconception has been propagated by non-scholars who want to deny the Bible’s authority. The Bible’s margin of error is less than 1 percent, and in that small percentage the inaccuracies are a difference in minor prepositions. None of the 1 percent gives any confusion to the meaning of the text. An example would be like re-reading my previous sentence as, “None in the 1 percent gives any confusion to the meaning of the text.” In fact, the more that has been discovered in history and archaeology, the more continues to prove the accuracy of the Bible, which scripture actually says of itself, “Every word of God proves true.” Proverbs 30:5

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    We Have A Dysfunctional Relationship With God

    Years ago my wife was deployed in the military for months. She would send me letters . When Id receive them I would read through quickly and then sit back and think. Then Id read through and examine patterns. Why did she write so neatly here but more hurriedly here? Whats going on? Why are there hearts on these exclamation points but not these? Then I would read it through slowly. Id walk around thinking about it. Why did I do this? Because I loved my wife. Suppose it was different though. Suppose I got the letter and just tossed it over on the pile of other mail. And there it sat with junk mail and bills for a few days. Id walk across the room and see it but instead of opening it up I would just ignore it as I watched SportsCenter or read the paper. You would doubtless call me a bad husband and say that our relationship was in trouble. You would be right. But isnt this what people do with the Bible? God has spoken to us in the Word of God. It is his letter to us. How can a person say that they truly love God but throw his letter aside in favor of other stuff? How can they give it less attention than things that dont matter?

    Lets be honest: if you dont read your Bible it is because you dont want to read your Bible. And to bottom line this further, this is indicative or your relationship with God. We cannot separate a love for the Word of God and the God of the Word.

    We Think It Is Stale And Lifeless

    I Read the Bible and Feel Nothing  What Should I Do ...

    Many people do not find themselves awed by the Bible. They avoid the Bible because it has been a long time since they have found themselves truly moved by its truth. This reveals more of a problem with the person than with the Bible. The Bible is not boring, we are boring. Many of us are too infatuated with the trivial to even appreciate something of substance. We jump from one mindless triviality to another day after day and wonder why we have no appetite for the Word of God. The Bible declares that it is living and powerful , and it has a long track record of being so. If we think the Bible is stale or lifeless then perhaps the coin of its central truth has not yet dropped. Maybe we have yet to see that God is truly good and that we are truly not. Until we are conquered by the truth of the gospel the Bible remains a book about God instead of a book about our God.

    Action item: Examine your heart to see if you truly love God.

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    Tim Tebow’s Influence On Society

    Many famous athletes are known for their athletic ability, but Tim Tebow is known for his devotion to his religious beliefs. Tebow teaches people to love God and others through his own life experiences. Spreading love and peace to people in need is what Tebow tries to teach each person. Tebow is an inspiration to many all over the world, and his offering to teach others Christianity has opened up the eyes of numerous people in society. Tebow is very outspoken by his faith, and tries to preach Gods love to people all over the world, but some people arent to fond of it.

    Paul Predicted You Wouldnt Read It

    For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions.

    Okay, The Apostle Paul didnt predict you wouldnt read it. But he predicted many would find more entertaining alternatives.

    One reason to read the Bible – Faith Restarts

    Moses instructed families to teach the law to their families every day. But he knew that everyone needs a fresh restart now and then.

    That’s why he instructed the Israelites to read the entire book of the law to the entire congregation every seven years.

    Joshua triggered a restart reading as soon as they crossed the Jordan River. King Josiah ordered a restart when the dust-covered book of the law was discovered in the temple. Ezra and Nehemiah instituted some restart reading sessions when they rebuilt the temple and the walls.

    We all need faith restarts – fresh opportunities to recharge our faith batteries.

    With my own family, with friends and their families, and in churches, Ive helped people recharge their faith and rediscover the wonder of the Bible by reading it!

    But with a few twists and some guidance.

    Once again, were power-reading through the entire Bible in 60 days! It’s possible, rewarding, and surprising.

    This is not Bible study, it’s Bible reading.

    We begin June 5th. I’ll guide you through a big-picture, edge-to-edge reading with daily insights and a proven plan.

    Join us here today!

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