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Grants For Playground Equipment For Churches

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Premier commits $8 million for school playgrounds

With deadlines approaching every month, there is no need to delay researching for your playground equipment grant. We have divided the grant opportunities into national and state for easy browsing. There are federal/government, corporate, and local grants available to apply for. Request your copy of our FREE Grant and Stimulus Guide today!

Quality Church Playground Equipment At Affordable Prices

Whether you are a small Church or Synagogue looking to bring in new members, or a well-established organization looking to expand into childcare, we have the products you need at prices you can afford. With over 200 pre-designed playground units to fit any age group, space or budget, chances are we have exactly the playground you are looking for. With over a decade of design and installation experience, and over 1000 successful installations, our team of experts will be here to assist you every step of the way with your playground project.

How To Get Playground Equipment Donated Resource And Guide

by Kathryn | Last updated Feb 21, 2022 | Equipment

A lot of organizations, businesses, and even individuals participate in projects for the benefit of children in different communities. Some of them donate playground equipment for public parks, however, others just give money to procure said equipment.

In this article Ill show you several different ways to get playground equipment donated or raise money to buy the equipment. Whether its for your organization or your family, you will have success if you follow this guide.

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    Grants For Church Playgrounds

    Many churches struggle to simply make payroll each month, so raising funds to create a safe playground space for children can seem like a miracle best funded on a wing and a prayer. Fortunately, if your church has a positive impact on the surrounding community and aims to nourish bodies as well as souls, there are grants available to help provide a safe place for children to play together in a community play space.

    Fundraising And Playground Grants For Churches And Faith

    Grants For Church Playground Equipment

    Between the raw materials, hardware and manufacturing, along with site preparation, installation and safety surfacing, church playground equipment and playgrounds are a significant investment. The cost can sometimes feel like a daunting hurdle to overcome, but money should never be the obstacle that keeps you from creating a play space for your place of worship.

    We offer effective fundraising tools and techniques to make raising money easy. We also have a grant guide resource that will show you the funds available to faith-based organizations and share writing tips to help get your grant proposal noticed.

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    How To Get A Grant For Daycare Equipment

    One reason why daycare centers are experiencing steady growth over the last five years is that the startup cost of roughly $50,000 is relatively low. However, if your center is going to have the modern technical equipment and outside playground equipment that most new childcare facilities have, these startup costs will be substantially higher. There must be a way to help offset the high equipment cost of starting daycare or upgrading an existing daycare.

    To apply for a grant to purchase new equipment for your daycare center, you must go through your states Child Care Resource and Referral . These agencies will assist you in applying for grants that can help you to either start a new daycare or make improvements to an existing daycare.

    In this article, we are going to take a look at a few of the different grants available for purchasing equipment for your daycare center, and the types of upgrades for equipment purchases you can use this grant money towards. We will also take an in-depth look at the requirements which must be met to qualify for these grants.

    How To Get Grant Money For Your Playground

    The center of every community is a great recreational park. Whether you are a private organization , a non-profit organization , or a public parks and recreation team , there are a number of resources available to help you find grants and funding to assist with your purchase and playground project.

    Communities looking to revitalize their public spaces should plan to fundraise and seek out grant opportunities well in advance. It can take some time to explore the different avenues for recreational grants, and processing once approved, can take some additional administrative time. Many community groups base the scope of their playground project on two years of preparatory planning to allow for fundraising and applications for grants.

    Building a safe public playground is an investment in fitness, fun, and the well-being of the community it serves. But the cost of quality certified commercial playground equipment can be a little daunting for a lot of organizations. To get the highest return on investment for your playground project, we recommend choosing only commercial grade equipment that is engineered to withstand the rigors of outdoor use by children, such as the products we offer here at American Parks Company

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    Project Description / Plan Of Work

    Proposed location: 700 Woodland St, Nashville, TN 37206, United States

    This location is 7 square acres and in the heart of East Nashville. The site itself is under contract for $120,000 and will need $15,000 of site preparation and grading.

    The design below will cover 3 acres of the park. It consists of poured rubber surfacing and a series of equipment all tied together into form one large continuous playground. There are integral shade structures, multiple slides, and climbing pieces. The poured in place surfacing installation will cost $75,000. The proposed pieces of playground equipment are estimated to cost $90,000. The design is below.


    Work With A Playground Consultant

    Lord Elgin gets school playground equipment installed

    Our global network of church playground experts is available to help you find church playground equipment and the right playground design that is safe, challenging and fun for children of all ages and abilities to enjoy. They are a highly trained and responsive team who are deeply engaged with faith-based organizations and go above and beyond to deliver on every project.

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    Planning Your Church Playground

    A well-designed playground not only brings the physical benefits of children becoming heathier and stronger, but also encourages the growth of critical developmental, social and life skills. It creates a setting where lessons about empathy, forgiveness and love can be taught.

    There is a lot to think about when planning a church, synagogue or parochial school playground, and the process can seem overwhelming. Our planning guide breaks it down step by step to make the process easy and fun! Your church playground must reflect the unique needs and desires of your faith family and we will help you design a space that meets all your goals and objectives. We will also help you analyze the characteristics of your site to maximize space as well as meet safety regulations and guidelines to keep kids safe while they play.

    Tips To Land A Grant For Commercial Playground Equipment

    You know the kids in your neighborhood could benefit from a playground, so what is holding you back? For most planning committees, it is the cost of commercial playground equipment and the preparation of the area. If you had the money, the playground would already be in place. In these instances, grants can give you the funds you need to purchase outdoor play equipment for your neighborhood. Here’s how you can obtain a grant to add a play space to your area.

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    Stimulate Your Budget With A Playground Grant

    Rising health concerns across the country mean families are more interested in creating a supportive, engaging environment for children to get active. Play spaces provide essential places for children to unlock their imaginations, interact with other kids and participate in active play. Now is the time for local businesses, schools, parks and community centers to invest in new play equipment that can offer vital resources to communities.

    However, funding new play spaces can be challenging for many businesses. Playground grants are popular resources that provide financial assistance when it’s needed most.

    Looking to receive a playground grant? Contact our team to learn everything you need to know!

    Outdoor Play Grants In Churches Green

    Grants For Church Playground Equipment

    The outdoor play grants in Churches Green TN21 9 can help all special needs schools which can improve the way in which everyone learns. No matter what the age or size of a child, play equipment can help everyone improve their physical education or education. The funding grants are a great way to make sure every child has the access to all facilites, so speak to us today if you would like to find out more. Just fill out the contact form provided to talk to our experts.

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    Use A Schedule To Perform Regular Maintenance

    When something goes wrong, it is usually critical that it is rectified as soon as possible and appropriately. Regular maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs. We believe that making a simple maintenance plan to note what has been maintained when and when it is due again is a great way to keep track of upkeep. It can also aid in the control of routine inspections.

    Replace Parts When Needed

    Smaller parts on heavy-duty equipment may wear and need to be replaced to keep it working at peak performance. It is best to replace them as soon as they wear out, as this typically prevents damage or wear to other parts. Its a good idea to keep a modest stock of popular parts that you use frequently on hand to avoid equipment downtime.

    How To Get Playground Equipment Donated

    There are several options to explore for funding your playground project. You can apply for grants, approach corporate enterprises, solicit donations, start a GoFundMe campaign, sponsor fundraiser events, or a combination of some or all of these options.

    Do your research on each of these so that you can choose the best options to obtain the funding for acquiring your playground equipment.

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    What Kind Of Equipment Does My Daycare Need

    Whether you are starting a new daycare, or upgrading an existing Center, the most expensive purchases are going to be your equipment. When parents are touring potential daycares for their children, the equipment the center has on hand can be a differentiating factor that separates your daycare from other childcare facilities. While you should allocate some of your grant money for much-needed playground equipment, a substantial amount of your equipment budget will be used for purchasing computers and software for students to use in your daycare center.

    Traditional daycare centers used to be primarily used as a service for working parents who needed someone to care for their children. The main function of the center was to entertain children, and to keep them occupied. The equipment that these centers needed amounted to not much more than traditional playground equipment such as slides, swing sets, sandboxes, and a few outside toys. Then, we began to slowly start seeing a shift in the primary function of daycare centers, as most parents wanted something more than for their children to be occupied or entertained. Many daycare centers began to rebrand themselves as Early Learning Centers. With this rebranding came the implementation of computers and learning software into a learning-based curriculum for the children.

    Raising Funds For Preschool Playgrounds

    Playground Grants

    One great way to build funds for your playground is through fundraising. For preschool playgrounds, try planning a special event that encourages the whole family to come out and support your efforts.

    An event like a talent show would excite children and encourage their immediate and extended families to attend. Even a modest admission fee for tickets can raise significant funds. If you also run a bake sale simultaneously with the talent show, sales from the talent show tickets AND baked goods could contribute to funding your playground.

    A talent show also gives you a stage to explain why this playground is essential and encourages families to make additional donations toward the project.

    You never know who will be in the crowd at your talent show. Suppose one of your students’ parents, grandparents, aunt or uncle works at a large company. They might be willing to sponsor the playground project. You can put the business’ name on the playground signage or surfacing as a way for the business to get its name out there and show the community they care about its quality of life.

    Another great way to fund your playground is through grants. Websites such as provide a comprehensive database of grants that you can navigate and apply for. GameTime also offers a free of charge. The guide includes hundreds of state, regional, and national funding sources.

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    Designing Your Church Playground Equipment

    Every successful church playground installation begins with a playground plan. Working with Playgrounds Etc., youll engage with an experienced design consultant to walk you through every step of the process.

    While planning and designing your church playground equipment, we evaluate your desired installation site and consider factors such as size, shape, terrain, drainage, and even climate. All of these components can affect the usability of the desired playground environment. We will also go above and beyond to ensure that your church playground equipment will meet or exceed all national and state safety guidelines during the planning phase through installation.

    Playgrounds Etc. is proudly always in compliance with Consumer Product Safety Guidelines, Americans with Disabilities Act, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, and American Society for Testing Materials .

    Find A Grant For Playgrounds

    Next, find a grant that specializes in providing money for playgrounds. There are a number of charitable organizations that focus their efforts on helping communities build playgrounds for their kids. Check out our Playgrounds Grant and Stimulus Guide to start your search.

    Often these grants will be matching grants, so you will want to plan some fundraisers as well. The more money your group can raise, the more money you will get from the grant. The organizations that offer grants for playgrounds want to see that there is a community backing their money that will make use of the playground and work to take care of it.

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    The Playground Grant Process

    1) Complete the Application

    2) Review Process

    Our staff reviews applications once a month and makes selections for the following month. Funds are limited and not all who apply will be approved.

    3) Award

    If you are selected to receive one of our funds matching grants, you will be contacted by a member of our staff. Approved grants must be utilized within 45 days of approval.

    Organizations That Donate Free Playground Equipment

    Grants For Church Playground Equipment

    Many companies and organizations are eager to assist initiatives that benefit the community particularly the children. A few playground companies will donate equipment, but most organizations involved in this type of effort tend to donate the funds necessary to purchase the playground equipment. When it comes to seeking these grants or donations, you will usually need to apply to the organizations grant department and provide information on your project.

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    Timber Outdoor Play Equipment Grants In Churches Green

    Schools and nurseries are able to apply for timber outdoor play equipment grants in Churches Green TN21 9 and funding for classrooms to help grow the educational areas for the children and pupils to learn. As children will be used to learning inside, giving them the chance to learn outside will stimulate them mentally as it gives them a break from their regular schedule and routine allowing for them to think outside the box. The play-equipment is commonly being installed in playgrounds across the UK due to its many benefits it offers.

    If you are still unusre on anything on Outdoor Play Equipment Graphics, please make sure that you get in touch with our specialist team by filling the provided enquiry box. They can offer you a range of valuable knowledge that they have acquired from their abundance of past experience within the industry.

    Texas Church Playground Projects

    We have worked with hundreds of churches throughout Texas since we have been in business. Nothing brings us joy like bringing families together in Christ through play. Your imagination truly is the limit when you work with Playgrounds Etc. Whether its a themed Noahs Ark playground or a custom church-themed playground activity panel, our design consultants will bring your church playground equipment ideas to life.

    Get inspired with our recent church playgrounds in Texas, read our blogs on church playgrounds, or go ahead and skip the click and contact your local playground consultant today!

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    Top 5 Resources For Playground Grants

    Adding a fantastic play structure to your Texas church, school or park is easy thanks to our wonderful May Recreation team. However, one of the biggest hurdles most of our clients have to overcome is funding. Thankfully, there are many options out there. Here are five amazing resources for finding funding for your playground project.

    National Regional And Local Government Agencies

    NEOS 360 at Playground in Sergeant Bluff | 5-2-1-0 #HealthyChoicesCount

    Governments often offer playground grants for schools, parks and community projects. When applying for a government grant, start by looking at the resources, agencies and programs in your city and state. You may also be able to learn more about additional grant opportunities by contacting your local community foundation.

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