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What Angels Are Named In The Bible

Whats The Difference Between Seraphim And Cherubim

Angels Lesson 1: The Nature and Origin of Angels

The difference between Cherubim and Seraphim is that Cherubim are known to have four wings, and Seraphim are described with six wings. Cherubims main function is to help God, but Seraphim are only supposed to praise God. They are the helper of God, and they first appear as the guards of the garden of Eden.

Angels Carry Out The Judgment Of God

And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth.

God is patient and long-suffering when it comes to peoples sins . However, sooner or later, He will show His disapproval for what people do that is offensive to Him .

The Bible tells us of some occasions when God orders angels to carry out His righteous judgment against sinners:

  • An angel of God was sent to oppose Balaam and take his life .
  • God sent an angel to punish Jerusalem .
  • An angel of the Lord took King Herods life .
  • Christ Jesus will send His angels to cast offenders into the furnace of fire .

We Dont Know When Angels Were Created

Genesis 2:1 tells us that the angels were made at some point before the seventh day of creation: Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them .

Exodus 20:11 is even more explicit: In six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. We can at least confirm that all the angels were created by the sixth day of creation.

But can we be any more specific? There may be a hint at the creation of angelic beings on the first day of creation, when we read that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth , immediately followed by, the earth was without form and void . Theres no mention of the heavens in this second verse. This may be intended to contrast the emptiness of the earth is with the heavens, where God already created angelic beings. This idea could be supported by Job, where we read that the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy when God laid the cornerstone of the earth and sunk its bases . If the angels shouted for joy when God was forming the earth, this could imply that God created the angelic beings early on the first day. However, this is only speculation.

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Angels Directly Glorify God

Humans arent the only intelligent, moral creatures who glorify God. The Psalmist declares:.Angels glorify God for who he is in himself, for his excellence.Bless the Lord, O you his angels,you mighty ones who do his word,hearkening to the voice of his word!

The seraphim continually praise God for his holiness , and so do the four living creatures .

Angels also glorify God as they witness his plan unfold. When Christ was born in Bethlehem, a multitude of angels praised God and said, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom he is pleased! . Jesus tells us, There is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents , indicating that angels rejoice when someone turns from sin and trusts in Christ.

Peter tells us that angels long to look into the glories of the plan of salvation as it works out in the lives of believers each day. To emphasize the seriousness of particular commands, Paul reminds us that our actions are carried out in the presence of angelic witnesses: In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus and of the elect angels I charge you to keep these rules without favor, doing nothing from partiality . If Timothy follows Pauls instructions, angels will witness his obedience and glorify God. If he neglects to obey, angels will also see and be grieved.

Angels With Names And Their Meanings


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In this article we will go into a insightful study of angels with names. We will look into the Bible and what angels have names, their meanings, and their duties. So, grab you Bible and lets get started

I have been on a quest to study angels of the Bible and share them here on Think About Such Things. There are so many weird things out there about angels that are not Biblical at all.

So, my hope is to bring Gods truth to you so you can learn and discern. If you would like to see all my articles and studies on angels please visit my Angelology: The Doctrine of Angels page.

In this study, we will look at the names of angels. We will look deep into what the Bible says about them and a quick glance into Apocrypha Book of Enoch.

*An important note is that I do not believe that the Book of Enoch is the inspired word of God as our canonized scripture is. Yes, it is a known fact that many of the early church fathers and some groups do consider the Books of Enoch canonical. My reason for sharing on is to help you understand where people are getting certain names for angels that you do not see in the Bible.

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Who Are The Archangels In The Bible

This is a post by guest author Lindsay Kennedy.

Given that only two angels are explicitly named in Scripture , it is unsurprising that they have garnered a lot of attention, speculation, and reverence throughout the centuriesin both religious tradition and popular media.

Some even believe Michael was the pre-incarnate Jesus.

With the help of Dr. Michael Heisers Angels, we will consider archangels in the Bible, like Michaeland some other important angels you might not be aware of.

Angels Are Messengers Of God

Then he said to me, These words are faithful and true. And the Lord God of the holy prophets sent His angel to show His servants the things which must shortly take place.

In the Bible, one of the most common tasks that God assigns to His angels is to bring messages to humans and reveal the Lords plans to them. Here are some examples:

  • An angel met Hagar in the desert and told her that she was going to give birth to Ishmael .
  • The angel Gabriel announced to Zacharias that his wife Elisabeth was going to get pregnant .
  • Gabriel also announced to Mary her pregnancy and that she was going to give birth to Jesus Christ, the Son of God .
  • An angel announced the good news about Jesuss birth to the shepherds .
  • An angel instructed Joseph about what he should do regarding Mary and the baby Jesus .
  • Angels told the women that Christ Jesus had resurrected from the dead .
  • An angel of the Lord told Philip to go to the desert .
  • An angel instructed Cornelius to invite the apostle Peter to come to his house .
  • An angel told Paul that he and the sailors were going to survive the shipwreck .
  • John wrote the book of Revelation to register what an angel of God had shown him .

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Nameless Angels Of The Bible

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels. Hebrews 13:2

I do want to point out that the Bible is filled with accounts of angels that remain nameless.

The KJV Bible is 783,137 words in length and only 4 angels are mentioned by name. These angels kept their focus as being messengers of God and kept those who received the message eyes on God.

Honestly, I think thats pretty cool. I believe as humans we strive so much to be known, or remembered, or famous. And here you see these incredible creatures who go about not sharing who they are but doing the will of God.

Angels Carry Out Some Of Gods Plans

ALL Angels Mentioned by Name in the Bible

There are numerous ways in which angels carry out Gods plans on earth:

  • They frequently bring Gods messages to people .
  • They carry out some of Gods judgments, bringing a plague upon Israel , smiting the leaders of the Assyrian army , striking King Herod dead because he did not give God glory , or pouring out bowls of Gods wrath on the earth .
  • When Christ returns, angels will come with him as a great army accompanying their King and Lord .
  • They patrol the earth as Gods representatives .
  • They carry out war against demonic forces .
  • John records that an angel seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, and threw him into the pit . . . .
  • When Christ returns, an archangel will proclaim his coming .

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Who Is A Dark Angel

The Dark Angels are, in accordance to your military rankings and operations, Gods own Black Ops team of angels. Vengeful, wrathful, and hateful against all sin and evil. A Dark Angel is a special type of angel who acts like soldiers or assassins for God. They are angels known for the brutality and inability to fall.

The Power Of The Angels

Whereas angels, which are greater in power and might, bring not railing accusation against them before the Lord.

Scripture tells us that the angels are very powerful . It says that they excel in strength . The prophet Daniel saw, in a vision, the angel Gabriel fly swiftly . In Isaiah 37:36 and 2 Kings 19:35, one single angel defeated an army of a hundred and eighty-five thousand Assyrian soldiers.

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How Many Angels Are Named In The Bible

January 21, 2022 | Meredith

Angels are supernatural beings who are Gods servants. They represent an intermediary between God and man, who can intervene or intercede on behalf of human beings. They dwell in heaven, worshiping God and acting as his warriors.

However, some angels have specific names, while others dont. Some are characterized by their distinct features in their relationships with God. In a peaceful relationship with God, the angels in heaven are called the heavenly host. In contrast, those who have rebelled and fallen out in their relationship with God are called the fallen angels Satan inclusive.

As humans we have usually depicted angels as humans with extraordinary beauty with their angelic wings, halos on top of their heads, and the divine light they possess. We often take their existence for granted, and we lose count of them even in the bible, except for some rare occurrences and mentions of them, which presents the question, how many angels are named in the bible?

List Of Angels In The Bible

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The word angel simply means a messenger of God at the most basic level. Angels are supernatural beings.

The names of only 5 Angels were mentioned in the bible, though the appearances and activities of more than a million was written.

The 5 angels whose names was revealed are:

  • Gabriel which means Man of God Daniel 8:16, Luke 1:19,
  • Michael which means Who is like the Lord? Jude 9, Daniel 12:1
  • Lucifer which means Bearer of light 2 Cor. 11:14
  • Abaddon also known as Apollyon Rev. 9:11
  • Beelzebul Matthew 12:24
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    Angels Are Not To Be Worshipped

    Worship of angels was one of the false doctrines being taught at Colossae . In the book of Revelation, an angel warns John not to worship him: You must not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brethren who hold the testimony of Jesus. Worship God .

    We shouldnt pray to angels, either. God is able to answer prayer. Paul warns us against thinking that any other mediator can come between us and God, for there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus . If we were to pray to angels, it would implicitly give them a status equal to God. There are no examples in Scripture of anyone praying to an angel or asking angels for help.

    Moreover, Scripture gives us no warrant to seek appearances of angels. They manifest themselves unsought. To seek such appearances would seem to indicate an unhealthy curiosity or a desire for some kind of spectacular event rather than a love for God and devotion to him and his work. Though angels did appear to people at various times in Scripture, the people apparently never sought those appearances. Our role is rather to talk to the Lord, who is himself the commander of all angelic forces. However, it would not seem wrong to ask God to fulfill his promise in Psalm 91:11 to send angels to protect us in times of need.

    Only Two Angels Have Names In The Bible

    Only two angels are specifically named in Scripture. As we said above, the archangel Michael is mentioned in Jude 9, Revelation 12:78, and Daniel 10:13 and 21.

    Gabriel is the only other angel named in the Bible. Hes mentioned in Daniel 8:16 and 9:21 as a messenger who comes from God to speak to Daniel. Hes also identified as Gods messenger in Luke 1. He tells Zechariah, I am Gabriel, who stand in the presence of God . Then we read, In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city of Galilee named Nazareth, to a virgin . . . and the virgins name was Mary .

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    What Are The 7 Types Of Angels In The Bible

    There are four types of angels in the Bible: The Seraphim, The Cherubim, The Archangels, and The Fallen angels Satan and Demons. However, there are seven types of archangels, some of whom are not named in the Bible Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Saraqael, Raguel, and Remiel. It is essential to know that some of them are not mentioned in the Bible when attempting to answer the question about how many angels are named in the Bible.

    Do Angels Help People

    Archangel Michael: The Strongest Angel (Biblical Stories Explained)

    Yes, God uses his faithful angels to help people today.

    • Angels are used by God as he directs his servants in the preaching of the good news of the Kingdom of God. This direction benefits both those preaching and those hearing the good news.Acts 8:26, 27.

    • Angels help to keep the Christian congregation free of contamination by wicked people.Matthew 13:49.

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    Angels Worship The Lord

    Praise ye him, all his angels: praise ye him, all his hosts.

    The angels not only obey and submit to the Lord, but they also worship Him. We find several references in Scripture about angels praising and worshipping God . In Hebrews 1:5-6 and Revelation 5:11-12, the angels worship is directed to Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

    Angels Are Not Omnipresent

    Angels frequently appear as messengers in the Bible, traveling from one place to another .

    The fact that angels are not omnipresent is made explicit when an angel comes to Daniel and says:

    I have come because of your words. The prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days but Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, so I left him there with the prince of the kingdom of Persia and came to make you understand what is to befall your people in the latter days. Daniel 10:1214

    If angels were omnipresent, Michael wouldnt have came to help because he wouldve already been there, and this angel wouldnt need to leave Michael to bring this message. Unlike God, who is omnipresent, angels are finite creatures, limited to one place at one time.

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    Names Of Angels In The Bible And Their Duties

    Do you know the names of angels in the Bible and their duties? The Holy Book does not indicate how many angels exist, but each has a clearly defined role. For most Christians, angels are messengers of God, and their work is to deliver warnings, interpret visions, and issue proclamations. But these heavenly creatures are also instruments of Gods will. They conduct God’s will on earth and are active in the chronological succession of events referred to as the end of times.

    The Old and New Testaments mention angels 273 times. The reason for citing them in many chapters of the canonical Bible is to let Christians know about their purpose. They act as attendants or worshipers of God in heaven and help to minister to the saved. But a fundamental role these creatures play is to act as messengers between God and humans.

    Other Names For Angels

    Angels in the Bible â Facts, Names, Types

    The mention of angels appears throughout both the Old and New Testament. Although Scripture readers learn few specific angel names, angels are often referred to using differing terms:

    • Heavenly host
    • Ministering spirits
    • Extrabiblical Accounts of Angels

    The Apocrypha is a collection of ancient writings that resemble biblical narratives but have been rejected by early church fathers as uninspired.

    During the Reformation at the Council of Trent, the Catholic Church adopted the Apocrypha in their Bible to support some of their traditions that were disputed by the reformers.

    The Book of Tobit is one such book that gives an account of an angel named Raphael. The narrative explains the story of Tobit and his son Tobias. The angel Raphael assists Tobias in finding a wife and reuniting with his parents.

    The Book of Enoch focuses on fallen angels who mate with female humans to create a race of Nephilim who are giant and ravage the earth and threaten humanity.

    The character of the angel Amenadiel from the television series Lucifer comes from the Book of Enoch. In the writings, Amenadiel is a rebel who falls from heaven as a result.

    Accounts of angels from the apocryphal writings should be rejected as they are not inspired truth but instead fictional narrative.

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