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Bishop G E Patterson Era

Living as God’s People, Matthew 5:1-12, October 31st, 2021, Sunday school lesson (COGIC)

Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson began his ministry as co-pastor of the Holy Temple COGIC with his father, Bishop W. A. Patterson. In 1975, he resigned as co-pastor, withdrawing his membership in the COGIC because of leadership disagreements with his uncle, J. O. Patterson, Sr. concerning an establishment of another jurisdiction in the city of Memphis. J. O. Patterson Sr. was the Presiding Bishop at that time. G. E. Patterson established the Temple of Deliverance, the Cathedral of Bountiful Blessing which grew to become the largest Pentecostal church in Memphis with over 14,000 members. In 1988, after a thirteen-year exodus from COGIC, Bishop G. E. Patterson returned as the founding Prelate of the newly formed Tennessee Fourth Jurisdiction. In 2000, he was elected as the Presiding Bishop of COGIC. Bishop Patterson was the second youngest person to ever be elected Presiding Bishop of COGIC at the age 60 in 2000, second to his uncle, Bishop J. O. Patterson, Sr. who was 56 when he was elected Presiding Bishop in 1968. He re-ignited the church to be a flagship Pentecostal denomination. He was able to bridge denominational barriers and encourage non-COGIC ministries to work collboratively with the COGIC denomination. He established COGIC Charities which has provided thousands of dollars in college scholarships and disaster relief efforts such as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

United National Auxiliary Conference And Auxiliaries In Ministry

As COGIC continued to grow, the various departments began the practice of convening annually to conduct the business unique of their ministries. The YPWW department began in 1928 with the convening of its first Youth Congress. Then in 1946, the YPWW Department was combined with the Sunday School Department for joint conventions until 1951 when they were separated once again. Each department convened its own convention in various cities through 1975. In 1976, under the leadership of Bishop J.O. Patterson Sr., the five major departments of COGIC were united under an umbrella convention known as UNAC-5 . Dr. Roy L.H. Winbush was selected to serve as the first chairman. In 1992, during the Ford administration, UNAC was disbanded in favor of three separate conventions namely: the International Sunday School Convention, the MY Convention and the ME Convention again meeting in separate cities.. However, in 1996, the umbrella format was revised under the administration of Bishop C.D. Owens and became known as AIM . Bishop J.W. Macklin was selected as the first chairman. This convention brings thousands of COGIC members representing all the major departments including Sunday School, Missions, Evangelism, Music, and Youth together in July and meets in cities around the U.S. The current chairman of AIM is Bishop Linwood E. Dillard of Memphis, TN.

The Spirit Of The Church Of God In Christ

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Church Of God In Christ

Church of God in Christ
The official seal of the COGIC features a sheaf of wheat representing the members of the COGIC. The rope that holds the shaft together represents Charles Harrison Mason, COGIC’s founding father. The rain in the background represents the Latter Rain revivals that gave birth to the Pentecostal movement.
Memphis, Tennessee
Church of Christ U.S.A. , General Council of the Assemblies of God , Church of God in Christ, International

The Church of God in Christ is a HolinessPentecostalChristian denomination. COGIC is the largest Pentecostal denomination in the United States. Although an international and multi-ethnic religious organization, it has a predominantly African-American membership in the United States. The international headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee. The current Presiding Bishop is Bishop John Drew Sheard Sr., who is the Senior Pastor of the Greater Emmanuel Institutional Church of God in Christ of Detroit, Michigan. He was elected as the denomination’s leader on March 27, 2021.

Childhood And Early Ministry

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In 1893, at the age of 27, Mason began his own ministerial career by accepting a local license from the Mount Gale Missionary Baptist Church in . On November 1, 1893, Mason entered the , but withdrew after three months because of his dissatisfaction with their curriculum and methodology. He claimed his reason for leaving was because he believed “the teachings being promulgated at the particular Bible college were too liberal,” and “…did not have a strong enough emphasis on the Word of God” he was deeply disturbed by the particular and philosophical presuppositions that were underlying the curriculum set forth by the college and left in January 1894.

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Postwar Years Reconstruction And Democratic Control

The rapid demographic changes added to the stress of war and occupation and uncertainty about who was in charge, increasing tensions between the city’s ethnic Irish policemen and black Union soldiers after the war. In three days of rioting in early May 1866, the erupted, in which white mobs made up of policemen, firemen, and other mostly ethnic attacked and killed 46 blacks, wounding 75 and injuring 100 raped several women and destroyed nearly 100 houses while severely damaging churches and schools in South Memphis. Much of the black settlement was left in ruins. Two whites were killed in the riot. Many blacks permanently fled Memphis afterward, especially as the continued to have difficulty in protecting them. Their population fell to about 15,000 by 1870, 37.4% of the total population of 40,226.

Historian Barrington Walker suggests that the Irish rioted against blacks because of their relatively recent arrival as immigrants and the uncertain nature of their own claim to “whiteness” they were trying to distinguish themselves from blacks in the underclass. The main fighting participants were ethnic Irish, decommissioned black Union soldiers, and newly emancipated African-American . Walker suggests that most of the mob were not in direct economic conflict with the blacks, as by then the Irish had attained better jobs, but were establishing social and political dominance over the freedmen.

Introducing The Church Of Christ

Introducing the Church Of Christ

Introducing the Church Of Christ Distinctive Features of the Church Discussed by over Fifty of Her Ministersedited by Alvin Jennings

Open your Bible and read about the Church of Christ

The Bible is the only book that is a safe and sure guide on any and all subjects “pertaining to life and godliness” . This book is only intended as an incentive to the reader to “Search the scriptures to see whether these things are so” . On the important theme of the church Jesus built, neither the editor nor any writer would want to leave the impression that the chapter he had written about the church constituted any kind of an authority or creed for settling questions or disputes. Rather, he would have the reader to go to the Scriptures and allow God to speak the final word.For any good you may derive from our humble efforts in editing, writing, and publishing this book, we shall be thankful and shall ascribe unto God all “the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus unto all generations” .

Chapter Contents:

  • Predicted By The Prophets, by Leroy Durley
  • Founded By Jesus and On Him, by Hugh Fulford
  • But One True Church of Christ, by Dale Larsen
  • Not A Denomination, by Wendell Winkler
  • Jesus Is The Only Head, by Howard Winters
  • Described By Many Figures, by Maxie Boren
  • The New Testament Is Only Standard of Authority, by E. Claude Gardner
  • Old Testament For Her Learning, But Not Her Law, by William Woodson
  • Worships In Song, by James Tolle
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    Founder And Senior Bishop Of The Church Of God In Christ

    Soon after his experience in Los Angeles, he returned to Mississippi preaching the new Pentecostal teachings on the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. He found that Elder Jones, the general overseer of the group, was opposed to it. After much debate at the general convocation in June 1907, Mason was expelled from the church. Later in November, he established a new pentecosal group in Memphis. He was elected the General Overseer of his group.

    After years of conflict, in 1915 Mason won the legal rights to the name and charter of the Church of God in Christ . In the years that followed, Mason directed his fledgling denomination. He commissioned traveling evangelists to spread COGIC’s message, establishing working partnerships with various individuals, and particularly targeting the masses of African Americans headed for work in Northern cities in the Great Migration. He also founded two churches, Temple Church of God in Christ and St. Paul’s Church of God in Christ.

    Bishop Ot Jones Sr Era

    Israel United in Christ vists Nigeria

    19621968 has been described as a “Dark Period” in the history of the Church of God in Christ, because there was polarization and conflict in leadership following the death of the founder. After Mason’s death, in accordance with the 1952 church constitution, the control of the church reverted to the Board of Bishops. However, the General Assembly vested authority in the executive board composed of the seven bishops selected by Bishop Mason before his death. The COGIC constitution at the time did not identify a clear successor or the authority of the executive board after Mason’s death. A. B. McEwen was elected chairman of the executive board, and O.T. Jones Sr. was elected Senior Bishop by the General Assembly.

    Bishop Ozro Thurston Jones Sr. was pastor of the Holy Temple Church of God in Christ in Philadelphia and the Jurisdictional Bishop of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Jurisdiction. Bishop Jones was the only living bishop of the five original bishops consecrated by Bishop Mason. After the death of Bishop Mason, he assumed leadership as the Senior Bishop of the Church of God in Christ. In 1964 however, disagreement between the authority of the Senior Bishop and the executive board, led by Bishop A. B. McEwen, came to a head and was addressed at the 57th Holy Convocation. Factions developed within the organization as both the senior bishop and Bishop A. B. McEwen made conflicting administrative and executive decisions.

    First general board 19681972

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    Church Of God In Christ Bookstore

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    St Century To Present

    Corporation became defunct in 2009. It is now a subsidiary of Abe Plough founded Plough, Incorporated in Memphis in 1908. In 1971, the Schering Corporation merged with Plough, Inc.

    In 2020, in the wake of the in Minneapolis, were held in Memphis. After confrontations with police, Mayor declared a curfew, lasting from June 1 to 8.

    On June 2, 2021, the remains of Confederate General and leader were removed from a Memphis park.

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    Conversion To Holiness And Pentecostalism

    At this period Mason became enamored with the autobiography of , an church evangelist. Smith had converted to the new wave of Holiness that was spreading during the latter part of the nineteenth century. Those who had accepted the Holiness message testified to being “” and cleansed from sin. Mason claimed sanctification and began preaching the doctrine of Holiness and Sanctification in the local Baptist churches. In 1895, Mason also became acquainted with , a popular Baptist preacher from Mississippi who shared his enthusiasm for Holiness teachings, as well as J. E. Jeter from , and W. S. Pleasant from . These men spread the doctrine of Holiness and Sanctification throughout the African-American Baptist churches in , , and western Tennessee.

    In June 1896, these men conducted a revival, preaching the message of Sanctification and Holiness that eventually led to their expulsion from the local Baptist association. In 1897, Mason and Jones formed a new fellowship of churches named simply “Church of God.” Mason suggested the name “the Church of God in Christ,” a name that he said came to him during a vision in . The name could distinguish the new church from a number of “Church of God” groups that were forming at the time. In March 1907, Mason was sent by the church to Los Angeles to investigate the being led by Reverend . His stay lasted six weeks, and before it was over he experienced the baptism of the Holy Ghost and .

    Bishop J D Sheard Era

    Apostle Paul Orthodox Christian Bookstore

    Bishop John Drew Sheard, Sr., who had previously been elected to the General Board in 2012 and 2016, was reelected to the General Board and subsequently elected as the current Presiding Bishop on March 20, 2021, in the first-ever virtual online election for the denomination. The elections were held online virtually because of the on-going global COVID-19 pandemic. Bishop J. Drew Sheard currently serves as the bishop of the Michigan North Central Jurisdiction, and is currently the senior pastor of the Greater Emmanuel Institutional COGIC in Detroit, Michigan. He is the first COGIC Presiding Bishop to be elected from Michigan. He is married to famed Gospel singer, Karen Clark Sheard and father of famed Gospel singer Kierra “Kiki” Sheard-Kelly, He is the son of the Bishop John Henry Sheard, the former chairman of the Board of Bishops of COGIC and was also the son-in-law of the late Mattie Moss Clark, who served as one of the international music department presidents of COGIC.

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    Bible Study Class Books

    These Bible Studies can be used for Group Class Studies at Church, or Individual Home Studies. All of these Class Studies are by Conservative and Faithful members ofthe Lord’s Church. Simply Click on any of the Links Below to view or Download. Greatfor Sunday School Curriculum Too! Churches and individuals are welcome to reprint these books, but they may not be placed on any other Web site. These Great Studiesare not hosted on this website. Each Link Will Open In A New Window…

    Studies In Daniel A Study Of The Book Of Daniel Descriptive summaries of the Babylonian, Medo-Persian, and Grecian empires A general introduction to the book An outline of the book Summaries of every chapter and Chapter reviews and discussions)

    Bishop J O Patterson Era

    Bishop James Oglethorpe Patterson, Sr., was elected in November 1968 as the first presiding bishop of the church by the General Assembly at the Sixty-First Holy Convocation of the church. Bishop Patterson was also to date the youngest person to ever be elected presiding bishop of COGIC at the age of 56 the second youngest was his nephew Gilbert Earl Patterson, who became presiding bishop in 2000 at the age of 60. The son-in-law of Bishop Mason, J. O. Patterson, Sr., had served the church previously as a member of the executive board and as executive secretary. He was pastor of the Pentecostal Temple Institutional COGIC in Memphis, Tennessee, and was the Presiding Prelate of the Tennessee Headquarters Jurisdiction. Patterson established protocols of worship, policy and practices. A new constitution and official manual of the church were completed in 1973. COGIC became a major force in the collective Black Church and worldwide Pentecostal movement. It has had rapid growth in many regions as one of the fastest-growing and largest religious groups in the United States.

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    Young People Willing Workers International Youth Department

    The first youth leader on a national level was Elder M.C. Green. In 1917, the YPWW was officially organized under the leadership of Elder Ozro Thurston Jones, Sr., who in 1928 established the first Youth Congress bringing together youth leaders and workers on a national level. He began production of the YPWW Quarterly Topics to train the youth of the COGIC in the faith, doctrine, and polity of the church. YPWW became a distinctive trademark for COGIC and the principle training institute usually meeting on Sunday night prior to evening worship services. For a brief period of time, the YPWW Congress was combined with the Sunday School Congress in a joint convention until 1951. The Youth Congress eventually become one of the largest conventions in COGIC. Other leaders of the Youth Department who leader became influential leaders of the church included: Bishop F.D. Washington, Bishop Chandler D. Owens, Bishop Brandon B. Porter, and Bishop J. Drew Sheard. To be consistent with progressive measures and modernization, in the Nineties, the international church along with many local COGIC churches began to use the term “youth department” instead of “YPWW. ” Today, the International Youth Department is led by the International Youth President, Superintendent Nathaniel Green of Dallas, TX, and the International Chairlady, Evangelist Vandalyn Kennedy of Queens, NY.


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