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Head Of The Russian Orthodox Church

Return To Traditional Ways Of Living

Why Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill supports Putin’s war in Ukraine | DW News

After more than two years of the pandemic, younger generations of urban Mexicans have found unexpected inspiration in more traditional ways of life. Although this trend was brewing before 2020, the lockdowns inspired more interest in the origins of food and clothing, and how to survive without modern conveniences.

Young people nowadays dont even know where the fruit and vegetables they eat come from. They dont question it because they dont know the countryside, their parents hardly taught them or they didnt even work it themselves, says Ana Isabel Moreno, professor and agroforestry researcher at Escuela Nacional de Estudios Superiores Unidad Morelia, part of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.During the pandemic, Moreno and her agroforestry science students created Activando agroecologías, a free, downloadable PDF that encourages this emerging trend.

The lockdowns inspired more interest in the origins of food and clothing, and how to survive without modern conveniences.

There are plenty of spaces on the outskirts of urban areas where agriculture was practiced before, she says. Those areas are still there, and now its young people who are going back to them.

Cooperation With Local Orthodox Churches

Metropolitan Kirill put in much effort to the development of bilateral contacts of the Russian Orthodox Church with each of the Local Orthodox Churches.

He was the first to represent the Russian Orthodox Church in SYNDESMOS – the World Fellowship of Orthodox Youth. From 1971 to 1977, he was a member of the SYNDESMOS Executive Committee. He attended the 8th , the 9th , the 10th , and the 14th General Assemblies of this organization. He participated in the first Pre-Council Pan-Orthodox Conference and the Inter-Orthodox Commission for Preparing a Holy and Great Council of the Eastern Orthodox Church . He was a key-speaker at the Orthodox consultation on Common Understanding and Vision of the WCC . He attended the Pan-Orthodox Consultation on Ecumenism and the Synaxis of Heads of Local Orthodox Churches for healing the Bulgarian church schism the Pan-Orthodox celebration of the 2000th anniversary of Christianity on January 7, 2000, in Bethlehem the negotiations between the Patriarchates of Moscow and Constantinople , as well as regular consultations on current problems between the two Churches. He held negotiations with the Orthodox Church of Constantinople on Estonia and with the Romanian Orthodox Church on the problem of the Metropolis of Bessarabia in Moldova .

In 2005, he as head of the Russian Orthodox Church delegation attended the enthronement of Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem.

Russian Orthodox Head: Antichrist Is The Person Who Will Be At The Head Of The World Wide Web That Controls The Entire Human Race

by Moe | Latest Media |

As the Apocalypse evolves to its end stages, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church and all Rus, Patriarch Kirill had issued an ominous warning to Russians on state TV. as if it was taken out of an updated version of George Orwells 1984 but with a religious twist.

Kirill had said in an interview Monday that the data-gathering capacity of devices such as smartphones risks bringing humanity closer to the arrival of whom the Christians call the Antichrist who will control the world from the internet.

Control from one point is a foreshadowing of the coming of Antichrist, if we talk about the Christian view. Antichrist is the person who will be at the head of the world wide web that controls the entire human race, he said.

Patriarch Kirill told Rossiya 1, Every time you use your gadget, whether you like it or not, whether you turn on your location or not, somebody can find out exactly where you are, exactly what your interests are and exactly what you are scared of.

The Moscow Times stated that Kirill continued to warn against falling into slavery to smartphones and that user data like location, interests and fears could allow any potential forthcoming Antichrist to control the entire global population and cause the apocalypse.

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The Head Of The Russian Orthodox Church Voiced His Support For Russia Fighting Ukraine As A Necessary Act Of Patriotism

During a service on April 3 at the Main Cathedral of the Armed Forces outside of Moscow, Patriarch Kirill affirmed that the nations military members should continue to fight on behalf of Russia amid the nations ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

We absolutely do not strive for war or to do anything that could harm others, said the patriarch. But we have been raised throughout our history to love our fatherland. And we will be ready to protect it, as only Russians can defend their country.

Kirill told a group of servicemen and servicewomen that Russia was a peace-loving country that had suffered greatly from war, reports Reuters.

The patriarch also noted his concern for anyone, including Ukrianias, impacted by the military conflict.

All these are people of Holy Russia, he said. They are our brothers and sisters.

The Orthodox Church is the smallest branch of Christianity with approximately 300 million members across the world, the majority of whom reside in Russia, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and the Middle East.

The Orthodox Church does not have a singular head but is comprised of several autocephalous churches that are self-governed. While the total has varied, there are currently 14 recognized Orthodox churches.

Kirill is the leader of the largest Eastern Orthodox church in the world, with over 90 million members. He also leads the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate.

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The Guardian View On The Russian Orthodox Church: Betrayed By Putins Patriarch

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Says Gay Marriage Is Like Nazism

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow has given theological cover for Vladimir Putins murderous assault on Ukraine

In 1934, as Adolf Hitler consolidated his grip on power in Germany, a courageous group of Protestant pastors resisted attempts to create a pro-Nazi unified Reich Church. In what became known as the Barmen Declaration, they asserted the absolute separation of church and state, rejecting the false doctrine that the church in human arrogance could place the Word and work of the Lord in the service of any arbitrarily chosen desires, purposes, and plans.

It is a measure of these disturbing times that last month hundreds of Orthodox Christian clergy, scholars and lay people felt the need to issue a similar declaration, excoriating the complicity of the Russian Orthodox Church in Vladimir Putins invasion of Ukraine. Their document, entitled A Declaration on the Russian World Teaching, condemns Patriarch Kirill of Moscow for providing theological cover for a barbarous and illegal war.

As Orthodox Christianity takes a stand, other Christian leaders must also do their bit to make it clear that Kirills militant fusion of ethno-nationalism, authoritarianism and religious identity is beyond the pale. Initially reluctant to make the full force of his opposition to Mr Putin public, Pope Francis has begun to harden his language, telling the patriarch that the concept of a holy or just war cannot be reconciled with Christian teaching.

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Patriarch Kirill I Has Offered Putin A Religious Justification For His Invasion Of Ukraine While Pope Francis Stands Firmly With The Ukrainian People The Leader Of The Russian Orthodox Church Is A Close Ally Of Putins And Has Surprising Links To The Kgb

Putin and Patriarch Kirill in Moscow in November 2021


Even the Virgin Mary has been drafted into Putins war: We believe that this image will protect the Russian army and bring us a swifter victory, Viktor Zolotov, director of the National Guard of Russia, said when receiving an image of Mary from Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill I in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow recently.

Bestowing the icon on Zolotov is a clear sign that the Russian Orthodox Church is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Russian army and Vladimir Putins government.

Stay up-to-date with the latest on the Russia-Ukraine war, with our exclusive international coverage.

While Kirill aimed to give Russias attack on Ukraine a veneer of legitimacy through the ceremony, Zolotov told the Patriarch why “things are not progressing as quickly as we would like. According to the Orthodox Times, he said the problem was that the Nazis are using civilians, elderly people and children as human shields.

Since the first Russian troops entered Ukraine, the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church has taken on a more prominent role, as he offers Putin a religious justification for his war of aggression.

Daughter Of Russian Far

The daughter of prominent Kremlin-connected far-right ideologue Aleksandr Dugin, a vocal supporter of and propagandist for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, was killed when the car she was traveling in exploded in the Moscow region on August 20, Russian investigators said.

An explosive device was likely planted in the car belonging to 30-year-old Darya Dugina, Russia’s Investigative Committee said in a statement, describing Dugina as “a journalist and political analyst.”

“According to investigators, on August 20 around 21:00 in the Odintsovo urban district near the village of Bolshiye Vyazemy, an explosive device, presumably installed in the Toyota Land Cruiser , went off on a public road and then the car caught fire. The female driver died at the scene. We established the identity of the deceased as journalist and political analyst Dugina,” the department said in a message on its Telegram channel.

Video footage that accompanied the committee’s statement showed investigators collecting debris from the site of the blast.

Investigators said they had opened a murder case and would be carrying out forensic examinations to try to determine exactly what happened.

“The Ukrainian regime terrorists tried to liquidate Aleksandr Dugin, but blew up his daughter,” Pushilin wrote on Telegram without providing evidence to back his claim.

Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhaylo Podolyak denied that Kyiv was behind Dugina’s death.

Investigators said they were considering “all versions.”

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Noted Belarusian Blogger Gets Two Years In Prison For Allegedly Insulting Lukashenka

Well-known Belarusian blogger Andrey Byalyauski has been sentenced to two years in prison for allegedly insulting authoritarian ruler Alyaksandr Lukashenka with his postings on social media.

The Minsk-based Vyasna human rights center said Judge Anton Dudal pronounced the verdict and sentence for the 45-year-old blogger on August 22, after a trial behind closed doors that lasted only a couple of hours.

After Byalyauski’s arrest, his account on TikTok was taken over by Belarusian law enforcement officials.

The crackdown was evident again on August 22 as police in the capital, Minsk, arrested 57-year-old businessman Syarhey Mirharodzki, his 55-year-old wife, Ala, and their 24-year-old son Serafim.

The newspaper Nasha Niva reported that the trio was arrested for their participation in anti-Lukashenka rallies after the presidential poll results were announced in 2020.

Rights activists and opposition politicians say the poll was rigged to extend Lukashenka’s rule. Thousands have been detained during countrywide protests and there have been credible reports of torture and ill-treatment by security forces. Several people have died during the crackdown.

Many of Belarus’s opposition leaders have been arrested or forced to leave the country, while Lukashenka has refused to negotiate with the opposition.

Us Says It Is Working As Quickly As It Can On Response To Iran Over Nuclear Proposal

Russian Orthodox leader’s support of war divides church

The United States has pushed back against Iranian accusations of delaying the indirect talks aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear deal, saying it is working as quickly as it can to put together an appropriate response to Tehran’s comments on a draft text put forward by the European Union.

Speaking on August 22, U.S. State Department spokesperson Ned Price also said Washington was encouraged by Iran appearing to drop some of its demands, such as the lifting of the terrorism designation for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps but added there were still outstanding issues that must be resolved.

Price spoke a few hours after Iran claimed that Washington is “procrastinating” in indirect negotiations to salvage the landmark nuclear deal and said a prisoner swap with the United States was not linked to the nuclear talks.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani told a news conference in Tehran on August 22 that only a few points must still be resolved in the talks but they were very important ones.

“The Americans are procrastinating and there is inaction from the European sides…. America and Europe need an agreement more than Iran,” he said, adding Tehran wanted a sustainable deal that would preserve what it called its legitimate rights.

Europe’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, says further talks on reviving the deal could be held this week.

Borrell said the negotiations had gone as far as they could go and “this is the inflection point” as far the Iranian response is considered.

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Patriarch Kirill Of Moscow

Coat of arms

Kirill or Cyril is a Russian Orthodoxbishop. He became Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’ and Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church on 1 February 2009.

Styles of
Religious style Patriarch

Prior to becoming Patriarch, Kirill was Archbishop of Smolensk and Kaliningrad beginning on 26 December 1984, and also Chairman of the Russian Orthodox Church’s Department for External Church Relations and a permanent member of the Holy Synod beginning in 1989.

A close ally of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Kirill has described Putins rule as “a miracle of God.” According to Putin, Kirill’s father baptized him. During his tenure as Patriarch of Moscow all Rus’, Kirill has brought the Russian Orthodox Church closer to the Russian state. Kirill’s relationship with Bartholomew I of Constantinople, Ecumenical Patriarch and the spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox Christians worldwide, has been tense. After Kirill lauded Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine, clergy in other Orthodox dioceses condemned Kirill’s remarks, with Bartholomew I saying that Kirill’s support for Putin and the war were “damaging to the prestige of the whole of Orthodoxy.”

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  • Victims of Russian aggression in Bucha, Ukraine

He also called for “spiritual purification of Ukraine” and called Russian aggression “a religious cleansing operation” in times when Russian forces have been accused of committing genocide by US president Joe Biden, among others.

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia will now be listed among Russian rapists and torturers when EU ministers agree the new measures later this month.

The words “rape” and “torture” featured 46 times each in the new EU list of 58 mostly Russian military commanders to face upcoming visa bans and asset freezes.

One of them, Azatbek Omurbekov, was nicknamed the “Butcher of Bucha” due to his “direct responsibility in killings, rapes and torture in Bucha “, the draft EU note said.

Russian atrocities in Bucha and beyond are also to see a landmark EU ban on purchases of Russian crude oil and refined petroleum products, as the horrors of what Patriarch Kirill has been blessing continue to come to light.

They will see the EU disconnect Sberbank, Russia’s top lender, as well as two other banks, the Credit Bank of Moscow and the Russian Agricultural Bank, from the Swift international payments grid.

The EU took pains to justify its ban on the three Russian media channels.

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Kirills Support For The War

Kirill, in his statements and actions, has lent weight to the idea of it being a holy war. The Russian bishop has given blessings to the Russian army for their conquests, bestowing symbols like the Virgin Mary on Russian commanders to guide them.

He also in a sermon, May the Lord help us all in this difficult time for our Fatherland to unite, including around the authorities.

In sermons, he has also castigated Westerners for pushing gay parades in the Donbas region against the peoples will, arguing that the war is also a conquest against these Western ideals.

These actions have created cultural and religious foregrounds for the war around which Putin has rallied support from the public.

However, according to data from the Pew Research Centre, 78 per cent of Ukrainians identify themselves as Orthodox Christians, and so do 71 per cent of Russians.

The Russian Orthodox Leader At The Core Of Putins Ambitions

Head of Russian Orthodox Church Warns of the âEnd of Historyâ

Patriarch Kirill I has provided spiritual cover for the invasion of Ukraine, reaping vast resources for his church in return. Now, in an extraordinary step, the E.U. is threatening him with sanctions.

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By Jason Horowitz

As Russias invasion of Ukraine unfolded, Patriarch Kirill I, the leader of the Moscow-based Russian Orthodox Church, had an awkward Zoom meeting with Pope Francis.

The two religious leaders had previously worked together to bridge a 1,000-year-old schism between the Christian churches of the East and West. But the meeting, in March, found them on opposing sides of a chasm. Kirill spent 20 minutes reading prepared remarks, echoing the arguments of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia that the war in Ukraine was necessary to purge Nazis and oppose NATO expansion.

Francis was evidently flummoxed. Brother, we are not clerics of the state, the pontiff told Kirill, he later recounted to the Corriere della Sera newspaper, adding that the patriarch cannot transform himself into Putins altar boy.

To his critics, the arrangement has made Kirill far more than another apparatchik, oligarch or enabler of Mr. Putin, but an essential part of the nationalist ideology at the heart of the Kremlins expansionist designs.

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