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Largest Churches In The Us

Is Chicago A Catholic City

Largest Parish Church in the Entire US Under Construction | EWTN News Nightly

Diverse, city-based church and then an exodus All ethnic parishes do this they anchor the communities, said Malachy McCarthy, a Chicago-based archivist for the Claretian Missionaries. Chicago became known as the Catholic city. The religion permeated the political sphere, social circles, the school system.

The Largest Megachurches In The Us

Churches with more than 1,000 members fall under the classification of “megachurches”. In the United States, megachurches are distributed across various cities. According to data from Hartford Institute, about 1,300 churches qualify to be classified as megachurches. While others have passed the 1,000 membership mark by a little margin, most of the megachurches in the country have memberships which range from 10,000 to 64,000. A megachurch refers to the attendance numbers of a church, and not the size of the church itself, which makes it different than the world’s largest churches.

Church Of Highlands Birmingham

Average weekly attendance: 22,100

Church of the Highlands was set by Chris Hodges at 2001. Its the greatest church in Alabama according to weekly attendance. Hodges also based Highlands College, a ministry training faculty. Hodges son Michael was pastor of this Greystone branch campus, but he had been recently eliminated from this position to get an unspecifiedethical failing

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Largest Churches In The United States

Even if we only judge size based on area, it is still difficult to judge appropriately. Churches have scant and sometimes conflicting information regarding the layout of one building.

Yet, as the saying goes, a church isnt the building, its the people. So then, well discuss the churches in the United States with the most members, as well as a mention of some of the most impressive buildings of worship.

Basilica Of The National Shrine Of The Immaculate Conception


Location: Date constructed:

Source: Workman via Wikipedia

The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is known for two things outside of being one of the tallest churches in America. It is the tallest habitable building in Washington DC and was designated as a high-order national shrine by the Catholic Church. The church is a national shrine to the Immaculate Conception, first ordered by Pope Pius IX.

Construction of the church has stretched over 90 years. Planning began in 1913 when the Catholic University donated land to the project. Wars and funding issues delayed completion. Several additions over the years have given the church 70 chapels surrounding the main chapel and a new dome with a mosaic ceiling.

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Membership Of The Megachurches

Many of the churches in the United States do not only surpass the 1,000-membership mark to qualify, but have high numbers that range from 10,000 to 53,000. Some of the largest churches include Life.Church, which has 53,000, and Lakewood Church that has 43,000 members. The membership of the churches then drops to the 30,000 mark with the likes of Saddleback Church leading with 38,000 members and Christian Cultural Center being the last with 30,000 members. Those churches that have a membership below 30,000 include First Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Newspring Church, which tie at 28,000 members. Churches that have members who do not exceed 20,000 include Christ Fellowship 19,000 and Cross Church, which has 16,000 members. Texas Magnolia’s First Baptist Church, which has 1,100 members, and Love of Christ Church, with 1,400 members and located in Delaware are among megachurches that qualify by slim margins.

Southeast Christian Church Louisville

Average weekly attendance: 21,700

Southeast is the biggest church in Kentucky. It currently has six campuses, such as a newly opened one in Elizabethtown at a building that formerly housed a Winn Dixie grocery store. The church, which started in 1962 with only 53 members, now has a weekly attendance of over 20,000.

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Elevation Church Matthews Nc

Average Attendance 22, 200

It is one of the most well known and familiar churches in the world. With Pastor Steven Furtick, the name Elevation does not begin to speak to what this church has done. The church has gone global with online and television programming around the world. Pastor Furtick is young and brings people of all ages including youth to the pulpit. He is a progressive preacher who speaks in simple terms for his guests and members to relate. The church was created in 2006, when Steven Furtick was in his mid-twenties. Since that time he has made coming to church cool for a lot of young people. The church has a dynamic youth ministry and has undergone huge growth in Charlotte, North Carolina all the way to Toronto, Canada. Steven Furtick also brings millions into his sermons with his E- family podcasts. Elevation is seen as one of the most youthful US Churches.

Central Christian Church Henderson

Top 10 Megachurches in the World (With very huge gathering)

Average weekly attendance: 21,055

Central Church describes itself asa place where it is ok not to be fine. Its many places in Nevada and other countries as far afield as Mexico and Australia. We are attempting to introduce irreligious individuals to a spiritual framework, according to Pastor Jud Wilhite.

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No : Willow Creek Community Church

Chicago, Ill.

Average weekly attendance: 22,500 Annual budget: $36.2 million

Started in the Chicago area in 1975, Willow Creek opened four more campuses in 2002. Today, “Don’t let our size overwhelm you,” the church says.

Average weekly attendance: 21,000 Annual budget: $32 million

The epitome of megachurch-multimedia evangelism, there are 13 campuses spread across the country, with video content feeds and supplementary materials to “thousands” of start-up churches. The church has a virtual campus with an “online pastor” for services held at lifechurch.tv some 3,000 people from 140 countries tune in throughout the week. Groeschel, a father of six, started the church in 1996.

Willow Creek Church Barrington Il

Average Attendance 25,000

Founded on October 12, 1975 by Dave Holmbo and Bill Hybels , Willow Creek Community Church is a non-denominational, evangelical church located on the northwestern side of Chicago. They have seven locations around the Chicago area with their Spanish speaking congregation meeting in the Barrington area. In 2018, the churchs entire elder board and senior pastors resigned amid allegations of mishandling an abuse case within the church. Steven Gillen, the North Shore campus pastor was named head pastor during this time. In January 2020, Pastor Gillen announced that he would be stepping down and the search for pastors would continue. Willow Creek Church began in the Willow Creek Theatre and uses relevant biblical teachings. music and drama in guiding their members and guests.

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Cornerstone Church San Antonio

Average weekly attendance: 17,000

John Charles Hagee is the founder Cornerstone Church. Hes the fifth of six pastors in his household that were called John Hagee, dating back to the Victorian age. His son Matthew is also a warrior. Hagee is president and founder of John Hagee Ministries and founder and National Chairman of Christians United for Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke via satellite in a recent summit of Christians United, stating, Weve got no greater friends than you.

Some Important Facts And Figures

Top 10 Largest Churches in The World

Several megachurches in the United States are unevenly distributed. While the churches are located in almost every part of the country, other states such as Texas have more mega churches as opposed to others. Moreover, the church membership varies from 64,000 to as low as 1,100. Surprisingly, Magnolia’s First Baptist Church, which has 1,100 members, and Second Baptist Church Houston that leads with 64,000 members are in the state of Texas.

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What Are The Country’s Fastest

The Lifeway Research team solicited participation from more than 13,000 churches. This is a self-reported survey, based on in-person attendance averages, not membership. Churches that participated answered questions about their 2022 in-person weekend attendance averages for February and March as compared to their 2021 numbers. The final Fastest-Growing rankings reflect an average of numerical gain and percentage gain.

Northpoint Church Alpharetta Ga

Average Attendance 30,629

Northpoint Church is based in the more affluent Alpharetta area. Built in 1996, the pastor is the well known Andy Stanley. His name should ring bells as his father is the legendary Dr. Charles Stanley. While Andy worked alongside his father, he grew in theology. Working with his father gave him the foundation, tools and resources to begin on his own. It is said that after a falling out between the two, that Andy Stanley set out on his own. He has stated that he wants to focus on leadership development and not just expansion. Andy Stanleys style of teaching is very contemporary and relates to what is going on and relevant in todays society. The church is seen as one of the fastest growing US Churches in the state of Georgia.

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Southeast Christian Church Louisville Ky

Average Attendance 21,700

Founded in 1962, the church is the largest in Kentucky. Starting with just over 50 members, the church has 14 other sites. The church offers Se!KidsOnline for your children to worship, read bible lessons and sing from a video. It is entertaining and gives kids something to do while the adults have their time. The Southeast Christian Church has many ministries to choose from that include deaf and disabilities, foster care, seniors, single, middle school, high school, college age, men, women, family, children and community engagement. The church offers live streaming for your benefit.

Largest Churches In America

The largest Catholic parish in America

Americans like things supersized, even their churches. Millions of Americans attend megachurches — Protestant Christian congregations with regular attendance of more than 2,000 people at all worship locations.

24/7 Wall St. has compiled a list of America’s 25 largest churches, based on average weekly attendees. Most of these mega churches are located in southern Sunbelt states such as Texas and Florida, and many are found in fast-growing suburbs of cities such as Dallas and Houston.

While denominations such as the Southern Baptist Convention and Independent Christian Churches make several appearances, the nations largest churches are disproportionately independent, non-denominational. Reflecting a recent trend, 40% of the more than 1,500 mega churches in North America and a majority of the hundred largest churches are unaffiliated denominations.

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Some of these began as small, living room services that now fill stadium-like spaces. They tend to appeal to a younger demographic, embracing state-of-the-art technology with Bible apps, live-streamed sermons, Christian rock music performances, and active youth ministries. Some even include features like skate parks.

25. The Potter’s House

> Average weekly attendance: 16,830> Denomination: Calvary Churches

21. Christ the King Community Church> Location: Burlington, WA> Average weekly attendance: 17,000> Denomination: Independent, non-denominational

20. Cornerstone Church

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About Southeast Christian Church

Our mission to connect people to Jesus and one another has grown and multiplied, expanding beyond the city, over county lines, across the river, to encompass an entire region. We have multiple campuses serving the specific needs of the areas in which they are located, while receiving centralized leadership and teaching from the campus on Blankenbaker Parkway. As a church we want to connect with our neighborsto expand our family by coming alongside people where they are.

Our worship services have compelling sermons instilled with a strong biblical foundation and a focus on the gospel. We sing engaging songs aimed at glorifying God and inspiring people. We share dynamic stories and testimonies, backed by a multimedia experience to support the message. We value truth over trend, authenticity over performance, relationship over results, excellence over perfection, relevance over tradition, creativity over complacency, and Christ above all else. If you are visiting one of our satellite campuses, you can expect live worship and testimonies partnered with a sermon delivered by high definition video from the Blankenbaker campus.

Church Of The Highlands


Source: By Church of the Highlands via Wikimedia Commons

This church boats the largest congregation in Alabama, with 17 satellite locations and an online broadcast. Four of the satellite campuses are in Birmingham, with others as far away as Huntsville and Auburn. The church intends to open a new location in Birmingham with the purpose being to fight crime in the inner city. Pastor Chris Hodges founded the church along with a group of 34 others.

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Dream City Church Phoenix Az

Average Attendance 21,000

Founded in 1923 by John Eiting, Dream City Church is made up of the large community within Phoenix. In 1979 Tommy Barnett became the Senior Pastor with Luke Barnett taking over as Senior Pastor in 2011. The church became a multi-site church in 2015 with the opening of the Scottsdale site. In 1994, the church founded the Dream Center which works in the community to do away with hunger and other ills of society. They have a food bank, assistance programs, a clothing bank, and other programs for combating domestic violence, human trafficking and drug addiction.

These are the biggest US Churches. They each have the love of spirituality and Jesus Christ in common. They each owe a debit to the community. They are on television, online programming and podcasts with special programs for children, youth, men, women, families and the community at large. As you can see, many of these US Churches are in the states of Texas and Florida. Many of their Senior Pastors are well known best selling authors, conference speakers and spiritual giants who teach from the pulpit but reach millions daily. This is what these U S Churches represent to an individuals, families and the world.

List Of Megachurches In The United States

" St. Patrick
This article’s factual accuracy may be compromised due to out-of-date information. Please help update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

This is a list of the largest megachurches in the United States with an attendance of more than 10,000 weekly, sometimes also termed a gigachurch. According to that The Hartford Institute’s database, approximately 50 churches had attendance ranging from 10,000 to 47,000 in 2010. The same source also lists more than 1,300 such Protestant and Evangelical churches in the United States with a weekly attendance of more than 2,000, meeting the definition of a megachurch.

Membership numbers of the following churches give only a very rough indication of size. They vary from year to year. Also, some churches report typical Sunday attendance while others report the number who are listed in church records or make financial contributions, which may be higher. Some of the larger churches are multi-site churches. Many churches deliver their message through television or other media, sometimes reaching much higher numbers than those who physically attend the church.

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Gateway Church Southlake Tx

Average Attendance 28,000

Gateway Church is a very prosperous church and a huge enterprise. In the past, it reported earnings in excess of over 218 million dollars. Founded in 2000 by Pastor Morris, the church is bible based and spirit empowered with programming around the world. Pastor Robert started life involved with drinking and slowly gave his life to the Lord. His progressive teachings can be found by followers and those who are looking for a church to call home. Pastor Morris works with his wife and they both do television programming to spread the good news. He has cleaned up his life and it is because he stated that Jesus came into his life/ His wife has stated that Pastor Morris is a good, open hearted man who has given away cars to some of his members. It is in the spirit of giving that Pastor Robert Morris says he will run his church. And though his church had been on good merit financially, most recently it has had to layoff staff because of the pandemic crisis. They have recently come to a place where they meet in multiple locations as one church, while experiencing more than 100,000 people total on weekends. Ive personally visited Gateway church and walked away impressed. If you are a car guy like me, you will notice a lot of trucks with banks performance parts installed, so I know they have like-minded membership.

No : West Angeles Church Of God In Christ

Los Angeles, Calif.

Average weekly attendance: 20,000 Annual budget: $15 million

The spiritual home to celebrities Denzel Washington, Stevie Wonder, Magic Johnson, and Angela Bassett and husband Courtney Vance, Pastor Blake took over this Pentecostal church in 1969 with 50 members they have 80 ministries today. Urging neighborhood revitalization following the Rodney King riots in 1992, he founded the West Angeles Community Development Corporation. In 2001, he founded Save Africa’s Children, an organization that provides direct care for children orphaned by and vulnerable to the pandemic of HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. Blake is the Bishop of the International Church of God in Christ.

Average weekly attendance: 20,000 Annual budget: $51 million

Pastor Young is gaining on his father’s No. 2 rank at Second Baptist in Houston. Young, 48, set out on his own in 1990, preaching to 30 families in a rented office complex. “We want those who are not believers to be comfortable, but for those who are believers to be uncomfortable, get out of their comfort zones to connect with others and bring them into the church,” he says. The church has five campuses in the Dallas area and one in Miami that it merged with in 2006, growing from 11 people to about 700. Young describes his services as young and edgy. He says of megachurches: “I am fearful that too many churches are just shuffling sheep, people from other churches.”

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