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The Universal Church Of The Kingdom Of God

Jerusalem And The Universal Church

UNIVERSAL – Church of the Kingdom of God


Also called the Holy City, which means founded in peace.

It is one of the oldest cities in the world, yet it has never been abandoned.

It has been overtaken, invaded, destroyed and rebuilt several times, but it always remained inhabited.

A city of strong walls, closed doors, ruins, conflicts, injustices and tears.

Populated by believers and nonbelievers, divided by beliefs and ideals. Pressed by its enemies. Guarded by soldiers and weapons, yet it is still the Holy City.

Prominent among the hillside of Judea sits Mounts Zion, Olivet, Moriah and Scopus on its highest plateau.

It is cut by valleys, declines, elevations and narrow streets that witnessed great feats, even a heavy cross upon innocent Shoulders.

Its atmosphere is sacred. Its wind does not carry pollution, but blows impregnated by prayers and requests from those that are near and far.

Its ground is rocky, but fertile for the blessed olive trees.

Its a city of gardens, silence and agony from the One who looked at the cup and saw all the sins of the world. The One who had never committed a single sin wept among the plants of Jerusalem, the tears of being separated from His Father.

The Holy City saw death, but witnessed the resurrection and ascension of the glorified Lord Jesus. It was alive at the beginning of Pentecost, where 120 were sealed to become the primitive Church, the mother of Christianity

Illegal Child Adoption Scheme In Portugal

In December 2017, the Portuguese UCKG was accused of running an illegal child adoption network. Children were allegedly taken from their biological mothers and illegally taken to foreign countries for adoption. The investigation continued as of April 2018 the Portuguese judicial authorities had by then ruled that children were not taken illegally from their parents, but that there were indications of crime in the subsequent process of adoption.

In May 2019, the Portuguese Public Prosecutor’s Office determined the termination of investigative procedures, deeming the absence of grounds for any prosecution. The Prosecutors’ Office stated that the foster care homes belonging to the UCKG were legally constituted and operated, further confirming the legality of the institutionalization proceedings carried out before the national legal entities. No criminal proceedings were carried out by the Prosecutors’ Office regarding the adoption of institutionalized children.

One mother has since confessed that she had indeed received and signed a court notification regarding her sons’ adoption, claiming, before the court, that her false allegations of signature forgery were instigated by a journalist from Portuguese broadcast channel “TVI“, whilst further stating the falsehood of her previous accusations to the UCKG.

Banned From African Countries

In 1998, UCKG was banned from Zambia under the accusation of “unchristian practices”. The ban was lifted after the church appealed to the Supreme Court. In November 2005, it was again banned from Zambia under the accusation of promoting Satanic rituals, and the work permits for its pastors were revoked. The ban was again lifted after appeal to Justice. Zambia is officially a Christian country by its 1996 constitution.

Also in 2005, UCKG was banned from Madagascar, after members were arrested for burning a Bible and other religious objects in public. The church was banned with the argument that it had been licensed in 1998 as a “foreign society” and not a “cult society”. In later years the UCKG ) encouraged blood donation by its members in one campaign 300 donors were recruited, far more than before the involvement of UCKG.

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If there is anyone we can rely on in this world, it is our family. Through the good times and bad, our families are a source of support and love that many of us rely on. Unfortunately, many people do not have this family support. Instead they suffer with problems like family conflict, separation and addiction. The goal of the family meeting is to bring families together. No family is perfect, but they can be free from any hate, separation and other underlying issues.

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Meeting at 7pm

Opposing Women’s Higher Education

Picture of the temple of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ...

Bishop Edir Macedo of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God stated in a 2019 sermon that daughters should not be allowed to seek out higher education, because if they do they will be “smarter than their husbands”, and that he personally would not allow his daughters to go to college because he believes that an educated woman cannot have a happy marriage: “When they went out, I said they would just go to high school and they wouldn’t go to college. My wife supported me, but the relatives found it absurd. Why don’t you go to college? Because if you graduate from a particular profession, you will serve yourself, you will work for yourself. But I don’t want that, you came to serve God. Because if she was a doctor and had a high degree of knowledge and found a boy who had a low degree of knowledge, he would not be the head, she would be the head. And if it were the head, it would not serve God’s will. I want my daughters to marry a male. A man who has to be head. They have to be head. Because if they are not head their marriage is doomed to failure.”

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Uckg And Film Promotion

The Ten Commandments is a film released in 2016 by UCKG-controlled Rede Record in association with Paris Filmes. It is an adaptation of the eponymous television series presented by Rede Record in 2015. The adaptation was written by Vivian de Oliveira and directed by Alexandre Avancini, with the same cast as the soap opera.

During pre-order the film broke several records. In two weeks, more than 2 million tickets were sold, and it was also shown at more screens in Brazil, over 1,000, than any previous film. However, it was poorly received by critics.

The UCKG was criticised for heavily promoting the film at their services, and asking those attending for money to buy tickets for those who could not afford them pastors at church services distributed envelopes with the Ten Commandments logo, and asked for them to be filled with money and returned to help the “cause”, interspersed with stressing the importance of tithing 10% of salary, plus extra donations, every month.

The film was widely released, but a news report in São Paulo showed empty screening rooms at the premiere of the film, despite the tickets sold at the box office. It was reported that in Recife a single buyer associated with the UCKG bought all the tickets for all showings of the film in its first two weeks, more than 20,700 tickets. The UCKG officially denied the negative reports about the film.

More Former Pastors Accuse The Universal Church Of Abuse Forced

The CRL Rights Commission in Johannesburg has heard allegations of abuse and forced male sterilization at the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God during its investigative hearings. The Universal Church has its headquarters in Brazil with branches across the globe, including in South Africa. A number of former Pastors have come forward with

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Universal Church Of The Kingdom Of God

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
Logo version in Portuguese
Members 1.8M – 7M , 3M – 8.2M
Official website .org

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God is an evangelicalcharismaticChristian denomination with its headquarters at the Temple of Solomon in São Paulo, Brazil. The church was founded in 1977 in Rio de Janeiro by Bishop Edir Macedo, owner of the multi-billion television company RecordTV.

In 1999 the UCKG claimed to have 8 million members in Brazil and was already considered a “commercial church”. The denomination had established temples in the United Kingdom and in Africa and India, claiming a total of more than 12 million members worldwide that year. By 2013, the UCKG had congregations in New York City, andaccording to the UCKG’s website in the United Statesas of 2019 had more than 300 congregations in 33 U.S. states. The church supported Jair Bolsonaro for president in the 2018 Brazilian general election, won by Bolsonaro.

Universal Church Vs Universal Life Church Ministries

What is the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God? (UCKG)

The name “Universal Church” has been connected to various religious organizations throughout history. In fact, the Roman Catholic Church was originally called the Universal Church way back in the second century. And the word “Catholic” is actually derived from a Greek term, “katholikos,” which means “universal”.

Over the years, the name has been used to refer to a wide range of organizations although the universal nature of this phrase can cause confusion as to whats actually being referenced. To varying extents, the name has ties to the Christian Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Ecumenical Movement, The Unitarian Universalist Church, the Universalist Church, and the Universal Life Church.

The beliefs and tenets of our organization, the Universal Life Church Ministries, are laid out throughout this site. We are a religious organization independent of any other. The Universal Life Church Ministries is not connected with the “Universal Church Kingdom of God” or any other groups bearing a similar name.

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Charges Of Fraud And Money Laundering

In August 2009, a judge accepted prosecution charges against Macedo and nine other UCKG leaders, who were charged with fraud against the church and its followers. According to The Guardian, government prosecutors accused the men of laundering more than US$2 billion in donations from 2001 to 2009, and using much of it to purchase property, jewelry and cars the newspaper also reported, “A $45m executive jet, reportedly owned by Bishop Macedo, has become the most visible symbol of the scandal. Macedo was cleared of all charges and was issued a public apology following the dismissal of the case.”

Following a ten-year investigation, the São Paulo prosecutor reported the operation works as follows: donations were gathered from followers, and placed in private banks in both New York City and London. The money is sent through Cable Invest, a private bank located in the Cayman Islands. Finally, it is sent to Brazil though domestic lending companies “Cremo” and “Unimetro”, lender banks that divide the funds among Rede Record executives, who in turn supply more money to UCKG officials.

On October 19, 2010, the São Paulo Justice Court annulled, by a majority vote, all charges made by the São Paulo Public Ministry against the UCKG and its principal representatives. The judges ruled that the São Paulo prosecutors did not have jurisdiction to investigate the case, as the accusations were of a type that fell into the federal jurisdiction.

Universal Church Of The Kingdom Of God The

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God is one of the largest and strongest Neo-Pentecostal churches in Brazil with global reach. Founded by Bishop Edir Bezerra Macedo and two other pastors in 1977, the church encompasses 8 million members in over 150 countries, television networks , radio stations, newspapers, a publishing house, a record company, and numerous other business enterprises both in Brazil and elsewhere.

Christine A. Gustafson, Faith-State Relations in Brazil: What Does Religious Competition Mean for Democracy? Religion and Politics in a Global Society, eds. Paul Christopher Manuel, Alynna Lyon, and Clyde Wilcox , pp. 113-138.

Clara Mafra, Claudia Swatowiski, and Camila Sampaio, Edir Macedos Pastoral Project: A Globally Integrated Pentecostal Network, The Diaspora of Brazilian Religions, eds. Christina Rocha and Manuel A. Vásquez , pp. 45-67.

Manuel A. Vásquez and Christina Rocha, Introduction: Brazil in the New Global Cartography of Religion The Diaspora of Brazilian Religions, eds. Christina Rocha and Manuel A. Vásquez , pp. 1-42.

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Our 10am Sunday morning services are not your average religious ceremonies that are attended for convenience. These Sunday meetings aim to help people connect with God, to empower people and teach them how to use their faith to achieve what they want in their lives. All are welcome regardless of age, gender, background or beliefs. We also have other meetings happening through the day with a service at 4pm for those who want prayerful support in their fight against addictions and bad habits, as well as a special Bible Study, The World Will Burn, at 6pm.

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The Universal Church History

Picture of the temple of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ...

It all started in a small gazebo in the Meier neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. Carting his portable speaker, microphone and Bible, the then pastor Edir Macedo Bezerra would climb up the seven steps of the gazebo to preach to the few who gathered at the park every Saturday afternoon. This was the first step in the growth of The Universal Church, whose main supporter was Mrs. Eugênia Bezerra, mother of todays Bishop Edir Macedo.

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What Is The Universal Church Usa

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God was established over four decades ago as an expression of faith in the living God. As a Bible-based church, its goals are to reveal the power of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in transforming and saving lives. After the creation of the universe, God the Father was the member of the Trinity to first manifest to mankind, speaking

The Story Of Bishop Macedo

The founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, Bishop Edir Macedo, was born in the state of Minas de Gerais. He became a civil servant in 1963, organizing the operations of the State Lottery of Rio de Janeiro and worked at the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics as a researcher in the economic census of 1970. He chose to resign from his 16-year career as a civil servant in order to dedicate himself to doing the Work of God full time, which many of his detractors saw as reckless and irresponsible at the time.

He married Ester Bezerra, and they now have two married daughters of their own, Cristiane and Viviane, and an adopted son, Moyses. Edir Macedo always enjoys speaking about the invaluable support given to him by his wife over their decades-long marriage and ministry. A foundational part of his teaching is the importance of marriage, and that a woman plays a crucial role in the family. She teaches her children to grow into men and women of faith, she cares for her husband and home, and is busy filling her day with the direction she receives from the Lord. This is how a woman of God makes a difference in this world.

From that point on, Bishop Macedo saw the need for more teaching to help unbelievers find salvation and grow strong in faith, and new books were written steadily over the years. Each of his books have been translated into various languages where the Universal Church is established around the world.

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Accusations In The United States

Francisco Martinez: In 1995, Houston resident and UCKG member Francisco Martinez was promoted to “church collaborator”, giving him responsibility to run errands under the order of Pastor Carlos Moncada. Martinez was sent to the grocery store to buy items to be used in church services, including olive oil which was presented to the congregation as “holy oil” imported from Israel, and took delivery of “holy water” which had come from trucks carrying natural spring water. Martinez also contributed an estimated $30,000 to the church he says that Moncada’s administrators later told him that such donation would bring him many godly blessings and that by giving it was “a way in which God could see that in his heart and good character was one that was ideal to obtain blessings from the lord”. He then told reporters that the church had pressured him into making such substantial “donation”.

In February 1999, Martinez filed a lawsuit against the UCKG in a Houston court for an estimated $2.1 million for the principal, interest and damages. The court ruled in his favor and gave the church 90 days to pay the settlement. By May 1999, the UCKG offered him $1.4 million of the judgment. It is unknown whether Martinez accepted any payment or not. In May 2000, Martinez spoke to Houston television stations KTRK-TV and KTMD, claiming that the church forced him to do illicit acts and non-church related activities that involved money laundering, fraud, and “trash talk” related to other members.


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