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What Does The Bible Say About Vaping

Bad Habits And The Bible

Bible Question // What Does the Bible Say About Drinking and Vaping?

Now it doesnt take a Bible scholar to see that each of these steps involves an inclination or inclinations and actions that are contrary to the Spirit of Christ.

When the desire to be cool overcomes the call to wisdom and humility and freedom and self-control, coolness has become an idol it has become more precious than the way of Christ. This is the main root that parents should address as soon as their children can talk: What will be their treasure and their guide Christ or the crowd?

What will be our childrens treasure and their guide Christ or the crowd?

The second step the one that denies the harmfulness of nicotine is simply self-deception. The Bible calls us over and over again not to be deceived: You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free .

The third step elevates the physical buzz above moral claims of wisdom and holiness. When Peter said, I urge you as sojourners and exiles to abstain from the passions of the flesh, which wage war against your soul , he meant that there are soul pleasures and soul commitments that should govern the desires of the body and keep us back from self-harm.

In the fourth step, were falling into the bondage of a drug. Paul said, All things are lawful for me, but I will not be by anything .

Finally, death is appointed for everyone, yes. Hastening it by means of self-pleasure, hastening it by means of selfish pleasure, is not submission to providence but the failure to value a precious gift.

Is Drinking A Sin In The Bible

The Bible makes it quite plain that indulging in moderate use of alcoholic beverages is not a sin. Nevertheless, you need to be cautious to prevent the temptation of being intoxicated, drinking to excess, and becoming addicted to alcohol. Alcohol is a temptation, and giving in to that temptation can lead to sin.

What Does The Bible Say About Health

Choosing to smoke, especially around others, flies in the face of 1 Corinthians 6:19-20:

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own you were bought at a price. Therefore, honor God with your bodies.

Although Paul refers to sexual purity for believers, the principle is the same as glorifying God with our bodies.

Some ways to honor God with our body include eating healthier foods, exercising, and caring for our mental health. Saying yes to healthier choices and no to those things that are addictive and unhealthy will likely lengthen our days, offering us more opportunities with our families, ministry, and bringing God glory.

Thankfully, as believers, were controlled by the Holy Spirit, not sin. Were no longer helpless, unable to say no to addictive and harmful substances to our bodies.

In fact, 1 Corinthians 10:13 tells us that no temptation can overtake us because God is faithful and will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear.

Three Scripture verses that can help us say no to temptations:

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What Should Christians Know About Marijuana

Marijuana is known by many other names, such as cannabis, hemp, weed, pot, or Mary Jane. Many people smoke in order to obtain calmness, melancholy, or to alleviate their anxiety. Marijuana comes from the dried leaves of the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica plant contains the mind-altering chemical THC and other similar compounds. When a person smokes marijuana, they are inhaling the vapors, not the actual smoke from the plant .

There are many different types of marijuana and extractions of it however, all types will cause a person to become intoxicated. In fact, it is reported that just a mere four puffs of smoking marijuana will cause a person to become intoxicated, which is inhaling as little as seven milligrams of THC.

It is hard for a person to constitute smoking marijuana for any other reason except to get high. Some people add marijuana to various desserts such as brownies while others add it to their coffee or tea.

Adding cannabis into brownies, coffee, tea, or anything else is never to increase the flavor of what is being consumed, but rather to add the mind-altering effects into the food or beverage.

As perfectly stated by Joe Carter, Presumably, no one adds marijuana to brownies because it improves their flavor. The reason to add this particular plant to foodstuffs is because of its effect on senses other than taste.

Cannabis Role In The Bible Remains Mysterious


As cannabis use continues to gain acceptance throughout the world, perhaps future Bible scholars will be inspired to dig even deeper and uncover its true significance in Biblical times. But for now, like most of the events described in the Bible, the early role of cannabis in the Hebrew and Christian faiths mostly remains a mystery.

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What Is Lesli White’s Background

In college, she took a number of religious studies courses and harnessed her talent for storytelling. White has a rich faith background. Her father, a Lutheran pastor and life coach was a big influence in her faith life, helping her to see the value of sharing the message of Christ with others. She has served in the church from an early age. Some of these roles include assisting ministry, mutual ministry, worship and music ministry and church council.

Is Vaping A Sin

With the presence of nicotine in e-cigarettes or vape pens, the product has the tendency to become addictive. While the Bible doesn’t specifically mention vaping, it does warn us against addiction.

E-cigarettes exploded onto the smoking scene a few years ago. Many vendors have advertised their products to be better for you than cigarettes, some even claimed that e-cigarettes could help a person quit smoking. However, it couldnt be further from the truth. According to CNBC, the FDA has called for a federal reckoning of these vaping pens after five deaths occurred along with 450 cases of hospitalization because of the unregulated product.

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Why Does This Matter

Despite popular culture making marijuana usage out to be cool or radical, true marijuana use is far from it. Cannabis will only destroy your physical health/mental health, reputation, and testimony.

Christians need to flee the temptations of the world and shine brightly for Christ. There are enough temptations, difficulties, and struggles in the world without being disoriented by cannabis usage.

Simply because the world says it is okay to smoke or vape marijuana does not mean God says it is okay. You are a beautiful, important, amazing masterpiece of Gods hands and He does not want you to destroy it with the usage of marijuana.

For further reading:

What Does God Say About Smoking Weed

Is Smoking and Vaping Nicotine Sinful for Christians? | Should Christians Smoke Cigarettes?

Your lungs will suffer damage if you smoke weed, and using marijuana has many other hidden negative effects.1617 of the Book of 1 Corinthians Do you not realize that you, yourselves, are the temple of God and that the Holy Spirit of God resides in the midst of you?Because the temple of God is holy and because you all together make up that temple, if anybody were to ruin it, God would retaliate by destroying that individual.

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What The Bible Says About Cannabis

Is cannabis a dangerous, corrupting substance or a healing gift from God Himself? These questions have driven scholars and laypeople alike to dig into the Bible in search of answers. In recent years, cannabis has garnered significant attention for its astounding healing capabilities. Large numbers of people who had written marijuana off as a dangerous drug are re-evaluating their stance. Understandably, many religious people are reluctant to fully accept marijuana without confirmation that it wont contradict the rules of their faith.

Does Vaping Cause Cancer

Vaping introduces foreign matter into the lungs which puts a strain on the respiratory system making it difficult for the lungs to filter out everything on top of your lungs already processing the air youre breathing. It makes it even more difficult for your lungs to filter out everything. Often, particles are lodged in the lungs which lead to disease, illness, and cancer.

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How To Stand Against The Devil

Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm. Stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and, as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace.

What Does The Bible Say About Addiction

What The Bible Says About Cannabis Oil And Blessed Herb

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines being addicted as exhibiting a compulsive, chronic, physiological or psychological need for a habit-forming substance, behavior, or activity.

Id never considered myself an addict until I learned I was on the brink of becoming pre-diabetic. Sugar had to be slashed from my daily diet, and for someone who was raised to expect dessert after lunch and dinner, that was no easy feat. I craved sugar. Without it, I was irritable and downright snappy. It soon became evident that I couldnt handle this temptation alone. After prayer and reading Gods Word on cravings in general, I realized that sugary foods had become an idol in my life.

Soon after, I bought a book Id avoided for years, Made for Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food, by Lysa TerKeurst. Though the book focuses on craving food over God, I imagine craving a cigarette, or any other addictive substance, holds a similar power over a person. A few specific quotes from Lysas book helped me to get my focus back on God:

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When The Desire To Be Cool Overcomes The Call To Wisdom And Humility And Freedom And Self

When the desire to be cool overcomes the call to wisdom and humility and freedom and self-control, coolness has become an idol it has become more precious than the way of Christ. This is the main root that parents should address as soon as their children can talk: What will be their treasure and their guide Christ or the crowd?

Mocha Latte Macchiato Etc

The word coffee isnât always in the name of coffee drinks. So, before you try what you think is just some new milkshake flavor, here are a couple of rules of thumb: If youâre in a coffee shop , the drink youâre ordering probably has coffee in it, so either never buy drinks at coffee shops or always ask if thereâs coffee in it. Drinks with names that include café or caffé, mocha, latte, espresso, or anything ending in -ccino are coffee and are against the Word of Wisdom.

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Does The Bible Approve Of Cannabis

The Bible never outright condemns the use of cannabis. There were no laws against using cannabis in the Hebrew or Christian ancient texts. Its highly likely that at the time the Bible was written, people in the Middle East were well-aware of the existence, usefulness, and potentially intoxicating factors of marijuana. In the original Hebrew Old Testament, the use of hemp, both as an incense for religious celebration and as an intoxicant was mentioned.

Many people interpret the words of Genesis 1:29 to imply that weed is inherently good and approved for human use since, like all plants, it was created for us by God. In this verse, God tells Adam that Every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit, you shall have them for food. There is some debate over the hard-and-fastness of this rule, considering that there are a number of earthly plants that are toxic to humans if consumed. Hemp seeds do make a tasty and nutritious addition to the human diet. But many are not convinced that this passage expresses approval for smoking weed.

Genesis 1:29

Union for Reform Judaisms current stance

What Does The Bible Say About Private Pleasure

E-Cigarettes and Vaping: Are they Safe? – TWNow

But the Bible has no praise for those who risk their lives or their health for private pleasure. The Bible calls this a . Its a desire that promises one thing and then delivers another. Its not rooted in or governed by a desire to show that Jesus is supremely desirable to us. The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:1920,

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Bible Verses To Stop Vaping

Ephesians 4:22 KJVThat ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts.

1 Corinthians 10:23 NLTYou say, I am allowed to do anythingbut not everything is good for you. You say, I am allowed to do anythingbut not everything is beneficial.

Hebrews 12:1 KJVWherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.

John 15:5 ESVI am the vine you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.

1 Corinthians 6:12 BSBEverything is permissible for me, but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible for me, but I will not be mastered by anything.

Matthew 19:26 KJVBut Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible but with God all things are possible.

What Does The Bible Say About Recreational Marijuana Use

In addition to these two considerations, engaging in marijuana usage for recreational purposes is in complete contradiction to all that the Word of God teaches us about the life of a Christian. Instead of numbing our thoughts, as it says in Romans 12:2, we are to be transformed via the process of having our minds renewed.

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Does The Bible Consider Smoking A Sin

Those who smoke certainly feel enslaved since smoking causes addiction.It is the Bibles instruction that anyone committing a sin is a slave.It is clear that every smoker who smokes lives in slavery, whether they are young males or females, whether they are youths or adults, as a result of the stress of addiction.

What Does The Bible Say About Smokers

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Because its an addiction, smoking makes the person who does it completely dependent on it. According to one passage in the Bible, a person who commits a sin becomes a slave to that sin. Today, we can see how smoking puts every smoker, no matter their age, gender, or whether they are a teenager or an adult, in a state of servitude.

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Ok So Is Vaping A Sin Or Not

The answer to this it seems to me, is that it is a matter of personal choice or conscience notwithstanding the Biblical arguement above. Smoking cigarettes, let alone vaping, is not mentioned in the Bible. However it seems that harmful addictions are indeed covered in this passage and throughout the Bible.

In his Epistle, the Book of James does indeed relate works to salvation and indeed the Christians obligation to show by example that they are followers of Christ.

Some might well argue that vaping is not a good example of a Christian lifestyle particularly if the individual vaper is showing signs of addiction to the vape

Christianity: What Does The Bible Say About Smoking Cigarettes

As one of the more popular offshoots of the LDS, Christianity has essentially taken over much of the modern world. One of the most popular religions in the world, Christianity is divided into approximately 2.3 million denominations, each with their own slightly different interpretation of the same book. Or their own interpretation of that same book but with, like, a few words changed around here and there. In any case, while people often paint Christianity with a wide brush, there are actually some meaningful differences between these denominations. Do these differences extend to vaping? Lets find out!

Actually, lets not. As I said, theres about 2.8 million different Christian squads out there, so were just doing the Big Two: Protestants and Catholics. For the uninitiated, the Protestants dont worship Mary and they dont get down with the Saints. The Catholics, on the other hand: big fans of the saints and even bigger fans of Mary. As a result, the two groups have been at war forever in places like the U.K. One day, well figure out whos right, but today lets just see how they feel about my vaping soul.

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What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos

However, the authors of the Hebrew Bible in the ancient Middle East prohibited people from getting tattoos. You shall not create gashes in your body for the deceased, or incise any scars on yourselves, it says in Leviticus 19:28. In the course of history, this passage has frequently been interpreted by historians as a warning against the pagan traditions of grieving.


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