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What Is The Best Bible App For Iphone

The 11 Best Bible Apps For Ios And Android

Best Bible App For iPhone or Android

The right Bible apps can make it easy to get your daily dose of Scripture on the go. From readings to your favorite verses, enjoy the Word of God anywhere!

There are so many translations and commentaries available to supplement a daily Bible reading, and now you can access a wealth of information with the click of an app.

There are plenty of Bible apps that offer verses, readings, and translations for everyone from the youngest readers to Biblical scholars. Whether youre going to work or on a solitary walk, you can use your smartphone for meditation and prayer from anywhere. Be sure to share the verses you love on your favorite family app with other users!

Superbook Kids Bible Videos And Games

Help your child to join the Bible through this educational program. All content is based on the Scriptures, so that you can compare it with the Bible materials.

An interesting feature of this application is that it contains characters from Biblical writings, also this app plunges us into the world of Biblical antiquity. Your child will be able to find answers to his concerns. A huge number of exciting visual material, dynamic videos, Biblical characters, and much more can be found in the application Superbook Bible, Video & Games. To better remember the material the child is invited to go through various quizzes. Also, you can colorize you favorite verses or passages in various colours.

Key features:

How Bible Study Apps Add To Our Worship

Daily Bible reading is a challenge for many Christians. It takes time and focusâboth of which your church members may feel they use up in their daily living.

Bible study apps make it easy to spend more time in the life-giving Word of God by brushing up on Bible verses. Highlighting and note-taking are also simple with Bible appsâJust tap, copy, paste, and get back to reading.

Overall, Bible apps make it easy to worship daily by immersing in Godâs narrative.

As you prepare to study the Bible with an app or a printed version, here’s a list of Bible study topics you can explore.

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What Are Your Favorite Bible Study Apps For Women

Using a bible study app for a stronger spiritual life is very effective for modern people. With iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, people can simply download a Bible app and read the scripture anytime and anywhere.

These bible study apps for women not only provide you with reading experiences but also with the resources to better understand the meanings and lessons of the holy scripture more deeply, which helps you keep your spiritual life in tune.

As youve seen that these apps have different features. No matter what you seek from a Bible app, there is a variation that suits your needs out there.

If weve missed your favorite bible study app for women, feel free to let us and our readers know about it in the comments section.

Niv Bible Bible App For Ios And Android

The Best Bible App for iPhone and iPad  The Sweet Setup

NIV Bible App for Android 2011 Version. What happens when you combine a group of engineers in Silicon Valley with the NIV Bible? You get the NIV Bible by Tecarta a very cool and fast Android app designed for Bible Study, quick navigation, and easy note taking. No other Bible app matches the design and functionality.

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He Reads Truth Or She Reads Truth

The He Reads Truth and She Reads Truth apps are very proper apps for the users who want to access and read the best qualified books of their choices. Most of the e-Books presented in this app can be translated into 6 different languages, which is surely for your interest if you dont understand the original language in which the book is written. Some books are also available for offline reading, but you need to register on this app to create offline backup.

Download: He Reads Truth

Best Bible App Study #: Olive Tree

This is a new find to me, but Im really excited about it !

The Olive Tree app has both free and paid features and its one of the cleanest, easiest interfaces .

I love that theres no wifi needed to use this its nice to be unplugged or to have access to it even when somewhere with poor reception.

The NIV, ESV, KJV, NKJV versions of the Bible are included , plus there are more available for inexpensive purchase if you prefer.

This is a Bible study app you should DEFINITELY check out if youre looking to have a great experience and wealth of information at your fingertips.

In fact, its now my go-to Bible study app in 2021.

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Your 7 Best Bible Apps

Whether youre a biblical scholar or new to the Good Book, tech can help you make the most of learning the Bible. From the convenience of having the Bible at your fingertips at all times to the advanced search features and beyond, these apps may become a helpful companion to a printed version of scripture.

Best Bible Study Apps

Bible iPhone App – Best iPhone App – App Reviews

Spending time with God is at the top of my list every day. Daily Prayer and studying Gods Word keeps me spiritually fed. I dont study the Bible every day but I do read the Bible daily.

Sometimes I read my daily devotion or do a reading plan. It really just depends on the day. I like to mix it up so it doesnt become a chore.

Im always exploring different ways to be spiritually fed and I love sharing what I find with you. With that said, Ive rounded up the best Bible study apps for iPhone and Android.

These Bible apps are easy to use and are designed specifically for iPhone or Android. Some of them may even work on your computer.

Studying the Bible on the go has been made possible with these Bible study apps. Keep in mind that these Bible study apps are free but they may have paid upgrades.

You dont need to upgrade to get the full benefits of these study apps. Its completely possible to grow your faith and get into a deep Bible study with the free versions.

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The Blue Letter Bible

5 | 167,000+ Reviews

Last, but not least, The Blue Letter Bible app is a free advanced study tool that will help you comprehend the scripture on a whole new level. A lot of people think this app is just a Bible reader, but its actually a study Bible with thousands of resources all tied to the scripture youre reading.

You can compare multiple Bible translations plus access conservative commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and concordances. If you want to explore the original Hebrew or Greek language in which the passage was written, you can tap a verse and study options will appear. As you highlight and take notes, you can also organize your favorite verses into custom folders this is so cool!

If you want the full low down on this app, check out this short video overview:

Compared to the Logos app, I feel like the Blue Letter Bible is easier to navigate for the average user. If youre ready to dig into Blue Letter Bible, download the app on iOS or .


Time Alone With God

With this free printable, youll get more out of your quiet time! Reflect on scripture, journal your daily prayers, write down your burdens and more.

Best Bible Study App #: Bibleorg

Simple, yet incredibly valuable. is a Bible study app that is great for women, children, men, pastors, etc. They actually have specific focuses for different people to meet each individuals needs, so youll get a personalized experience when you use this Bible app.

And within is a really awesome resource called Lumina were you can study verses and versions in parallel style.

This is a hearty Bible study app that is great for deeper study.

PLEASE NOTE:The app is now called NET Bible in the App Store.

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Best Bible Study Apps For Women

There are so many Bible apps available, that making a choice for which to utilize can be confusing and overwhelming. So this guide will make your choice easier and help you start growing your faith.

And now, without further ado, we present you the 10 Best Bible study apps for women.

  • Dwell: Audio Bible
  • Youversion Bible By Lifechurch

    Bible App

    The screen on the left shows the home page. The center pages shows the reading screen with the audio book reader showing. The right shows the available Bible reading plans.

    The other apps above come as free versions but function best when you invest in digital library books to use with them. However, this app doesnt charge a penny for anything. It also doesnt offer much more than Bibles and organized reading plans that help you read through the Bible, read through passages based on topics and read devotional books about the Bible.

    You can take notes and highlight the app, like you can with the others. You can also share your reading progress and Bible verses. Post just the text of Bible verses or post memes based on verses.

    The screen on the left above shows the users personal page. The center shows the advanced features. The right shows the reader with a highlighted verse and sharing menu.

    YouVersion also works with the social network that centers on the Bible and church life. Users can comment and encourage each other in their Bible reading. They can track each other and read together. The app works with the website, syncing reading with the site and the apps.

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    Best Bible App Study #: Accordance

    This is one Id never heard of before researching some new Bible study apps to check out for this article, and its impressive.

    I have it on my laptop and downloaded it here. In the App Store its called Accordance Mobile, by Oak Tree Software Inc.

    You can compare two Bible versions of your choice in parallel scrolling, as they sync together. This is awesome! I particularly appreciate this feature because it allows me talk with friends who prefer a different version and we both get more out of the it because of the parallel experience.

    When you register your free starter account you can even download several commentaries and reference materials to be used offline as ell.

    According to the app developers, These materials range from Christian classics to Jewish publications to high-end reference works to the Dead Sea Scrolls in Hebrew.

    Its certainly a growing platform and one to take notice of.

    Best Bible Study App #: Bibleis

    This is seriously FANTASTIC. is a great witnessing tool to have on your smartphone, too.

    This Bible app integrates with the Jesus Film so you literally watch Scripture come to life.

    Its more than a Bible study app its a way to experience the Word more fully in a new way.

    This is also great for parents who have kids that are very visual. They can watch the Bible.

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    Best Catholic Apps For 2021

    Modified February 17th, 2021

    Catholicism might be a thousand years old, but that doesnt mean we cant make use of modern technology to practice our faith.

    Catholic apps allow us to seek a deeper connection with God and understand what Catholicism is really about. It provides an easier and more comfortable way to read the bible quotes or brush up on your knowledge of Catholic prayers and teachings. For young Catholics, these apps are also valuable resources to help incorporate our faith into a digital lifestyle.

    So without further ado, here are the best Catholic apps for 2021 that you definitely need to check out.

    There Are Five Ways These Apps Can Support A Believers Personal Growth:

    Best FREE Bible Apps: 4 Great Bible Apps for iPhone
  • Devotions read your daily devotion in a Bible app and keep track of the reading progress.
  • Reminders the apps usually offer a reminder that you can set at a specific time each day or on certain days to help you remember to read your Bible.
  • Reading Plans for Christian Books not all Bible apps will let you create a reading plan for other Christian books, but this can benefit you especially if you dont really love reading. Set up a reading plan for the latest from John Piper or a classic from C.S. Lewis.
  • Church Use bring your phone or tablet to church and open the app so you can follow along, take notes, look up word definitions or read study Bibles and commentaries.
  • Listen to Audio Bibles or Books most of these apps offer audio versions of the Bible and you can even get audiobooks for Christian books.
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    What Are Bible Study Apps

    Bible study apps are software programs that allow users to read the Bible on their smartphones. These programs afford them the convenience of accessing Scripture anytime, anywhere. Most of us have our phones with us all the time, so downloading a Bible study application makes it easy to study the Bible as we go about daily life.

    Do you remember back when we had to figure out how to carry that giant bookâthe printed Bibleâaround with us? Now, people can download a Bible app on their phone for quick reference and study.

    What Is A Good Bible Study App

    Choosing a good Bible study app really depends on your personal preference. There is a wide variety available for both Android and iPhone.

    You might decide to narrow down your decision for the best Bible study app by choosing the type of phone you have.

    Once you do that, you should narrow down the features of the app. Apps appeal differently to people so that may be a big decision factor.

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    The Most Significant Application You Will Ever Load

    I got a slow start on this app. I couldnt get over reading a device while in church. Well for the past several months I have forced myself into this app. I figured Hey I paid for this IPAD I mint as well use it! Know I cant move without my IPAD, not for games, email or text, its for this Olive Tree Bible App. I cant tell you how often a thought comes to mind and I can pop into the app and check it out. I have all the Life Applications Bibles set plus several other translations, dictionary, commentaries, Name, just everything. My Bible study has increased and best of all my understanding has increased. I love the Highlights which will highlight All my bibles at the same time. I love the ability to read two translations at the same time. I love to have the Strongs Version open while reading the Message Bible or NLT Bible. I love how my notes save to the OT web site AND my every notes. I love how I can organize my notes under topics with their own icons. I love the history button where I can quickly jump back to versus I was just reading. I love to be able to take sermon notes and attach to the verse. Sorry I can go on and on and on about this app. As I said this Application is the most significant application you will ever load or use. Spend Time In the Bible Every Day! …

    Olive Tree Biblereader Review: The Best Bible App For Iphone And Ipad

    The Best Bible App for iPhone and iPad  The Sweet Setup

    The Bible is the most read book in the world, and tiny Bibles with microscopic text have always been popular because of their portability. But, now, today, thanks to ultra-portable devices like the iPhone and iPad with their awesome Retina displays, and apps like Olive Tree’s BibleReader, the Bible is more portable and easier to read than ever.

    If you search for Bible in the App Store, you will be flooded with an overwhelming amount of app choices, from good to bad to just plain different. There are so many that it’s almost impossible to figure out which one to get. So I went on the hunt for the perfect Bible app. It had to gorgeously rendered, packed with features, highly customizable, and run perfectly smooth. And I kept coming back to Olive Tree’s BibleReader for iPhone and iPad.

    Olive Tree BibleReader is a universal app for the iPhone and iPad, but I will be using screenshots of the iPad for this review. The iPhone version has the exact same features as the iPad version.

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    Ipad Bible Study Must Haves

    Recently we differentiated between mobile Bible Study apps and Devotional or Bible reading apps. Please see that post to understand the difference. The apps below fit in the more advanced Bible Study Apps sector. Users can use them for Bible reading and devotional Bible reading as well, but they are more than that. Heres what I think every good Bible Study app should include that might not show up in a simple devotional or Bible reading app.

    • Original language tools
    • References like commentaries, Bible dictionaries, atlases and more
    • Dual pane view showing the Bible in one and a reference or language study tool in the other panes or showing two or more translations on the screen at once
    • Feature-rich note taking within the app

    The apps below all give us more than the four features above, but these are the bare minimum. I think they should also be good at helping you do your Bible reading. No one should have to install two Bible apps on a phone, tablet or Chromebook.


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