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Is Jerking Off Against The Bible

The Principle Of Chastity

Stand Against Racial Injustice

Throughout the history of the Church, serious believers have been guided by the biblical concept of chastity.

Chastity is the idea that we are to live our lives by the principles of purity and sexual self-control, whether mentally or physically. It is a form of respect for self and others, which empowers the saving of healthy sexual expression for the covenant of .

It is the living out of the divine purpose and beauty of human sexuality, which is to prefigure and embody the marriage between Christ and the Church . The action of self-gratification can harm the beauty of sexual satisfaction within a marriage.

What Do I Do If This Is An Issue

If masturbation is causing you to lust, if it is replacing sex in your marriage, if it has become a habit that you have trouble breaking, what should you do? As difficult as it may be, the most helpful option would be to confide in someone you trust a pastor, a close friend, a counselor, or a mentor. They can help you by asking you every few days how you are doing, and by encouraging you, and praying for you. They can help you form a plan to get through a day or two at a time, and they can be there for you when you fail. If masturbation is causing pain in your marriage that isnt resolved, speaking to a marriage counselor can help you work through this area. Again, one of the assurances that we have in the bible is that our Savior is not one who is unfamiliar with our temptations and struggles, but one who was tempted in every way as we are, yet was without sin. Jesus can relate to our weaknesses. And because he knows our weaknesses, and because he has conquered sin, he is for us both an advocate who defends us before God, and a Savior who gives us strength to break sinful habits.

Masturbation is a tough topic to tackle. At best, its embarrassing to talk about, even with our spouse and at worst, it can be a cause for guilt and shame. Yet it remains a very real matter for nearly everyone. Gods word says nothing specifically about this subject, which gives us freedom within boundaries to find the place that it may have in our life.

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Bible Verses About Masturbation

Is masturbation a sin? Can Christians masturbate as an alternative for sex? The answer to these questions are yes and no. There is no verse in the Bible that clearly says that masturbation is a sin. Jesus did talk about tearing your eye out and cutting your hand off if it causes you to sin, which to me sometimes sounds like a prophesy of the huge epidemic we have today.

First, I would like to say that masturbation is extremely dangerous. It has negative side-effects. It might be pleasurable for the moment, but it has serious mental, physical, and spiritual consequences. Sex is good and it was made to be between husband and wife for intimacy, enjoyment, and for making babies. Masturbation is essentially rejecting and twisting what God intended between husband and wife. You find a way to do your own thing with self-stimulation.

My righteousness is going to be their righteousness. My obedience is going to be their obedience. Despite Israels sin God promised to save Israel. Not because they deserved it, but because of who He was. You are Israel. God promised that you will be with Him through Jesus.

Hold onto Jesus and think about Gods love and grace because that is what makes us want to fight.


Scripture tells us to be on guard against sexual immorality.

1. Ephesians 5:3 But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for Gods holy people.

Sin grows larger overtime.


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It Was Written By Ancient And Primitive People And Has No Value To Modern People Anymore

The Bible was written by ancient people, to be sure. The earliest writings come from the second half of the second millennium BC and the most recent parts from around 300 BC. Thats a long time ago. The New Testament is more recent, but even those books were written almost 2000 years ago. They were written in ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek by people who were culturally different from us. Indeed, we often misunderstand the message of the Bible if we dont remember our temporal and cultural distance from those who wrote it. But its one thing to say the Bible was written by ancient people and another thing to say that they were written by primitive people. Even without taking into account the claim that these authors speak on behalf of God, such a charge would be the height of our own cultural arrogance. Yes, ancient people did not have computers, cell phones, video games, or even electricity or cars, neither did Shakespeare or Plato, and would we also say that these writers are too ancient to say anything true or meaningful? We have made remarkable advances in our understanding of natural world since biblical times, and the biblical authors often reflect their ancient worldview . But the Bible does not intend to teach us about cosmology, and the faulty cosmology that it assumes does not affect its intended message.

New Testament Era Order

How Shall We Then...Blog?: Coram Deo, Contra Mundum (Before the Face of ...

The New Testament Era Order centers on the life of Jesus of Nazareth from the different accounts of the authors, Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John, to the events after his death & resurrection, and ends with the book of Revelation.

  • Luke 1 2 John the Baptists Birth
  • Mathew 1 The Taxing of the Roman Empire
  • Matthew 2 Magis Visit
  • Matthew 17 The Transfiguration

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It Is Full Of Violence Genocide Prejudice And Injustice Often Commanded By Godand Its Been Used By Christians To Justify More Violence And Oppression

Yes, the Bible is full of prejudice, violence, attempted genocide, and injustice. The Bible, after all, gives us the brutal truth about sinful human beings.

Of course, people who bring this charge against the Bible dont have these instances of human violence and injustice in mind, but rather they are thinking of those many stories where God brought violence on people either directly or through the agency of his followers. Think of the flood story , the killing of the Egyptian soldiers at the Red Sea , or the Conquest . But, while it is hard to get our 21st century Western minds around it, these are stories of justice, bad people receiving the judgment that they deserve. God brings the Flood against violent humanity he closes the Red Sea against Egyptian soldiers who were trying to kill the Israelites, and he commands Joshua to fight the Canaanites because their sin had reached its full measure .

Its only people who live in relatively peaceful circumstances who have the luxury of being turned off by such stories. The hard truth of the Bible is that people who reject God and harm other people will eventually receive punishment for them. Thats also the message of the New Testament, in the teaching behind heaven and hell.

Masturbation Is Sexual Immorality Of The Mind

Paul gives believers an imperative command by saying that sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking either . Even if we commit the act of adultery in our mind, it doesnt make it an innocent act. Not the way God sees it. In fact Paul asks the Corinthians Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Shall I then take the members of Christ and make them members of a prostitute? Never! Or do you not know that he who is joined to a prostitute becomes one body with her? For, as it is written, The two will become one flesh . That shocks most unbelievers. When a person is joined together with another outside of the bounds of marriage, the two become one and the same. You can essentially be joined together as one with a male or female prostitute because it is written the two will become one flesh and who wants to be one and the same with a female or male prostitute? Our bodies, being members of Christ, include our minds and because our minds are very much part of our body, when our minds commit adultery, it is the same as our bodies doing it.

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The Theology Of Sacrifice


The biblical idea of sacrifice concerns the way of approach to God, finding acceptance before him by means of an acceptable substitute offered in place of the sinner and bearing the curse of sin.


This essay surveys the idea of sacrifice through the Old Testament in order to determine its intended significance. Next, this essay surveys the significance of the saving death of Christ as it is presented in these sacrificial categories. Special attention is given to Hebrews 910.

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Christians Cant Even Agree On What Its Saying So Who Cares If Its True Or Not

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Christians often come to different conclusions on what the Bible teaches on a whole host of subjects. All we have to do is drive down the street and see a Baptist Church on one corner, then a Lutheran Church on another, then a Catholic Church, a Presbyterian Church, and on and on to come to the conclusion that there isnt one, but a host of different Christian messages.

Christians disagree on many things, such as as how to interpret Genesis 1-2, how to understand the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of humans, what happens during communion, when someone should be baptized, how the gifts of the Spirit manifest themselves in us, when Christ is going to return, and on and on. Such differences may lead some people to conclude that if Christians cant agree on what the Bible teaches, then why bother with it all.

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Sacrifice Doesnt Replace Obedience

But Samuel replied: Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the Lord? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams .

Many believers sacrifice their time, money, and energy doing good works for God. However, we must be careful to not let the sacrifice take precedence over our obedience to the teachings of the Bible. A sacrificial gift to the Lord is honored as long as we are obeying His commandments and teaching others to do as well.

Chronological Order Versus Canonical Order

The standard order of the books of most Bibles today is the canonical order:

  • Genesis to Malachi for the Old Testament
  • Matthew to Revelation for the New Testament

The canonical order of books does not follow a chronological order all the way through the Bible. Rather, it follows the order of books found in the Greek Septuagint and the Latin Vulgate translated by Jerome in the 4th century A.D.The canonical order groups books together according to their type of literature:

  • law, history, poetry, and prophecy in the Old Testament
  • gospel, history, and epistle in the New Testament

The chronological order groups books together according to their historical date and content.Today, the order of the books in most Bibles is basically in chronological order from Genesis to 2 Kings, but after that chronological order of events often disappears. In the New Testament, Matthew through Acts is basically in chronological order, but after that the chronological order of events once again is gone. The majority of printed Bibles today arrange their books canonically rather than chronologically.

To place the books of the Bible in chronological order three kinds of rearranging must be done:

  • Portions of books must be relocated. For example, portions of 1 Chronicles, Isaiah and Jeremiah are moved to reflect chronological order.
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    God’s Truth On Your Secret Sexual Sin

    The Bible is not silent on the subject of masturbation. It does not leave us guessing. It’s true that Scripture never mentions masturbation specifically. However, because the Bible does speak thoroughly and explicitly about sexuality and sinful lust, it doesn’t have to speak explicitly about something so closely related as masturbation.

    Let’s look at two ways we can know that the Bible speaks to masturbation without ever naming it.

    First, consider that if masturbation is extremely common , and nearly always associated with sinful lust, we can safely assume the same was true in the ancient world. So think of Jesus delivering the Sermon on the Mount. He essentially said “to imagine having sex with a woman is a kind of adultery” . Don’t you think masturbation is a clear application and exactly the kind of action He was thinking about?

    Second, consider that the Bible never refers directly to abortion. Yet because Scripture speaks clearly about the value of human life and the sin of murder, we are right to conclude that abortion is sin. In almost precisely the same way, because Scripture speaks clearly about the power of sexuality and the sin of lust, we can conclude that masturbation is nearly always sinful. In each case the specific action is so closely linked to the larger category of sin that the connection and shared moral status are simply obvious.

    Grain Offerings And Living Sacrifices

    When you hear the homophobe using scriptures from the bible to justify ...

    Comparing the grain offering to our living sacrifice, we can learn to:

    • Live by every word of God . We must study the Bible daily and apply it in every way in our daily lives.
    • Pray always: God wants us to talk to Him through daily prayer .
    • Endure: God expects us to wait on His salvation, to look to Him throughout trials and persecutions .

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    How To Develop A Daily Bible Reading Plan For The Year

    You can develop your own Bible reading plan, starting with Creation on day one and working through Genesis, the story of Noahâs Ark up to Abrahamâs journey.

    As you proceed through the Scriptures each day, make sure you highlight verses and make notes in the margins. You may also want to cross-reference other passages of the Bible. By the end of the year , youâll be reading the Book of Revelation, predicting the Second Coming of Christ, which is the logical end of the Bible.

    While reading Abrahamâs journey, consider the promises God made to him and the deliverance of the Hebrews from slavery during the Exodus. The struggles of the Hebrews are well-documented by the prophet Jeremiah in Lamentations 1-3.

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    What Does It All Mean

    Korbanot were used to draw people closer to God. Israelites brought offerings of animals, grain, or money to the kohanim, and the kohanim in turn offered them as sacrifices to God. This was the main process used to connect ancient Jews with God. People gave up their prized possessions as a symbol of their dedication to God, and this became the most important part of Jewish worship.

    After the destruction of the Temple in the year 70 CE, Jews stopped offering korbanot. Instead, they began to offer prayers. The rabbis taught us that we can become closer to God with the words of our mouths rather than with physical sacrifices. Nevertheless, they still based the Jewish evening, morning, and afternoon prayer services on the ancient rituals for offering korbanot.

    Today, when we come together as a community to pray, we use the model of the korbanot to guide our prayer. The korbanot teach us that we have to give something of ourselves in order to draw nearer to God. They teach us that it can be easier to come close to God with the help of other people rather than all by ourselves. And they teach us that prayer can be deeper when we use ancient rituals. In all these ways, the korbanot still lead us to holiness today.

    Only each one of us can answer what sacrifice means for ourselves. As you think about sacrifices in the part of Torah youre studying, also think about what sacrifice means in your own life. You might find the following questions helpful:


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    Navigating A Toxic Culture With Your Daughter

    As a pediatrician, Dr. Meg Meeker has seen thousands of girls come through her office through the years. They struggle with eating issues, sexual identity, social mediaand many other challenges in this toxic culture. Dr. Meeker will encourage parents to invest love and time in their daughters and develop their character to give them the best opportunity for a bright future, all rooted in a spiritual foundation. The discussion also includes healthy feminism vs. toxic feminism

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    Common Arguments Against The Bible

    Footloose (2011) – Dance the Night Away Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

    The Bible holds an essential place in Christian faith. The Bible claims to beand the Church has recognized it asthe Word of God. The Church through the ages has acknowledged this status by referring to the Bible as its canon, which means that the Bible is the written standard for its faith and practice. These are extraordinary claims to make about a collection of ancient literature, and many people in todays society have great difficulty understanding why Christians would put their beliefs and behavior under the authority of the Bible. I can think of five common objections that I have heard over the years:

  • The Bible is full of contradictions and discrepancies.
  • The Bible is full of violence, genocide, prejudice, and injustice, often commanded by Godand its been used by Christians to justify more violence and oppression.
  • The Bibles descriptions of nature and natural history are hopelessly at odds with science.
  • The Bible was written by ancient and primitive people, and has no value to modern people anymore.
  • Christians cant even agree on what its saying, so who cares if its true or not.
  • Having thought about these issues over the years that I have been a biblical scholar, I would like to offer the following responses to these objections.

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