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Looking Forward From The Feast

Our Lady of Perpetual Help | This is the Day

Dear Parish Family,

Last week about two hundred people gathered for Mass in the gardens followed by a picnic to celebrate the feast day for our patroness, Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Sure, it was hot, about 90 degrees near 5pm, but a breeze and the setting sun gave us hope for what became a wonderful evening. Thank you to everyone who made the feast day such a success! I am grateful to everyone who pitched in to make our outdoor Mass and picnic possible!

And while I did hear that some stayed away because of the heat, I also heard that folk really enjoyed having the Mass in the grass. Inside we can seat many more people. Inside it is climate controlled. One day we may have to return inside to accommodate more people, but there is something special about being outside. Everyone who passes by Fellowship and Main can see us, there gathered. Outside we are witnessing to what is important to us. With the Eucharist at the heart of our gathering we are making a statement. And that testimony needs to be offered in our world today.

Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Parish

  • Saturday:4:00 PMEnglishEnglishENat St. Mary5:30 PMEnglishEnglishENat St. Ursula
  • Sunday:7:30 AMEnglishEnglishENat St. Ursula9:00 AMEnglishEnglishENat St. Mary10:00 AMEnglishEnglishENat St. Ursula11:00 AMEnglishEnglishENat St. Mary6:00 PMEnglishEnglishENat St. Ursula
  • MonFri7:00 AMEnglishEnglishENat St. Ursula
  • MonSat9:00 AMEnglishEnglishENat St. Mary
  • Joyful Devotion For Perpetual Help

    Dear Children of Mary,

    This weekend we celebrate Our Lady of Perpetual Help, sometimes called Mother of Perpetual Help. When we think of perpetual, words like constant, ceaseless, nonstop, and even timeless come to mind. Antonyms include spotty, erratic, periodic, or occasional. The sun shines constantly while clouds pass periodically. Similarly, the word help calls to mind aid, guidance, support, assistance, in opposition to hinder, block, prevent and even hurt. Over one hundred years ago, the people of Maple Shade and surrounding areas placed themselves under the patronage of Mary with this title. So designated, the constant aid of our Mother Mary is highlighted. We place ourselves under the care and aid of our patroness this weekend, seeking her constant solicitude.

    In my first year here, I wrote about the significance and presence of Our Lady under this title in my own life. As a deacon in 2008, I traveled to Rome for the first time with my pastor, mentor and friend, Fr. Sig. He had been there more than fifteen times and took me around. We found the original 15th century icon in the Church of Saint Alphonsus Liguori, around the corner from the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. She is under the custody of the Redemptorists. A lot like our parish church, the church was warm and welcoming, a prayerful place, with friendly people present. After praying before the sacred image, I bought a poster and eventually had it framed.

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    Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church

  • Catholics Returning to Faith
  • We are very pleased you wish to join our Catholic parish. As a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help you are assured of our prayers and our support. Our parish has been encouraging stewardship. God has gifted each of us and He wants us to share those gifts with others. In gratitude for all God’s love and goodness, we try to share our time, talent and treasure with our families, our church and our community. And Jesus calls us to reach out across the world. How is God calling you to share your gifts? We should ask ourselves this question each day. Please help us to get to know you as you get to know us by becoming involved in your new parish.

    Parish Mission StatementWe, the faith community, accept the call of God toparticipate in the mission of Jesus Christ by Proclaimingthe Gospel and living the reign of God among us asdisciples.

    Metropolitan And Regional Government

    Photos for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church

    Rome is the principal town of the , operative since 1 January 2015. The Metropolitan City replaced the old , which included the city’s metropolitan area and extends further north until . The Metropolitan City of Rome is the largest by area in Italy. At 5,352 km2 , its dimensions are comparable to the region of . Moreover, the city is also the capital of the region.

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    Welcome To Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church

    We would be delighted if you took a few moments to explore the rich diversity of our parish, ministries and activities. The center of our parish life is the Eucharist, and we heartily invite you to join us for Sunday Mass.

    The Parishioners of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

    • Day of Service 2022
    • 2022 Youth Canoe Trip
    • CONFIRMATION CELEBRATION – thanks to Msgr. Siffrin for coming to celebration Confirmation with us this past Sunday.
    • Easter 2022
    • Monsignor Siffrin and Fr. Conoboy share a word before Mass.
    • Welcome Bishop Bonner 2021
    • May crowning of Our Lady
    • 2018 May Crowning
    • Our Lady of Perpetual Help, summer 2014
    • Spring at Our Lady
    • Bell Tower at Our Lady pre Aug 2015

    Here Are Four Ways To Give:

    1.Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish would prefer if you use PAD Pre-Authorized Debit. Please complete form and return to the church:Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement Form

    2. We are now accepting Interac E-Transfer donations by email to:

    Please include in the message box:

    a. Your Sunday Giving Envelope #

    b. Name and Full Address for tax receipt


    c. Any special instructions .

    If your message box does not allow for all this information, please send the parish this information in a separate email to:.

    3. Sunday Giving Envelopes can be dropped off or mailed to the parish office at:

    Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish13 Brower DriveSherwood Park, AB T8H 1Y7

    4. Donate online through the Archdiocese

    Thank you for being a good steward of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish.

    Every gift is truly appreciated.

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    Pope Francis Accepts Resignation Of Bishop Nicholas Samra Of The Melkite Eparchy Of Newton Appoints Rev Franois Beyrouti As Successor

    08/20/22 8:30 am

    WASHINGTON – Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Bishop Nicholas James Samra, 78, from the pastoral governance of the Melkite Eparchy of Newton , and has appointed Reverend François E. Beyrouti, a priest of the Melkite Eparchy of Newton his successor. Father Beyrouti currently serves as pastor of Holy Cross Melkite Catholic Church in Placentia, California.

    The resignation and appointment were publicized in Washington, D.C. on August 20, 2022, by Monsignor Séamus P. Horgan, chargé daffaires, ad interim at the apostolic nunciature in Washington in the temporary absence of Archbishop Christophe Pierre, apostolic nuncio to the United States.

    Late Modern And Contemporary

    OLPH 2021 Financial Report

    The rule of the Popes was interrupted by the short-lived , which was established under the influence of the . The were restored in June 1800, but during ‘s reign Rome was of the : first as Département du Tibre and then as Département Rome . After the fall of Napoleon, the Papal States were reconstituted by a decision of the of 1814.

    In 1849, was proclaimed during a year of . Two of the most influential figures of the , and , fought for the short-lived republic.

    Rome then became the focus of hopes of Italian reunification after the rest of Italy was united as the in 1861 with the temporary capital in . That year Rome was declared the capital of Italy even though it was still under the Pope’s control. During the 1860s, the last vestiges of the Papal States were under French protection thanks to the foreign policy of . French troops were stationed in the region under Papal control. In 1870 the French troops were withdrawn due to the outbreak of the . Italian troops were able to entering the city through a breach near . declared himself a . In 1871 the capital of Italy was moved from Florence to Rome. In 1870 the population of the city was 212,000, all of whom lived with the area circumscribed by the ancient city, and in 1920, the population was 660,000. A significant portion lived outside the walls in the north and across the Tiber in the Vatican area.

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    International Entities Organisations And Involvement

    Among the , Rome is unique in having two sovereign entities located entirely within its city limits, the Holy See, represented by the Vatican City State, and the territorially smaller . The Vatican is an enclave of the Italian and a sovereign possession of the , which is the Diocese of Rome and the supreme government of the . For this reason, Rome has sometimes been described as the capital of two states. Rome, therefore, hosts foreign embassies to the Italian government, to the Holy See, to the and to certain international organisations. Several international and are located in Rome.

    The Pope is the and its official seat is the . Another body, the , took refuge in Rome in 1834, due to the conquest of Malta by in 1798. It is sometimes classified as having sovereignty but does not claim any territory in Rome or anywhere else, hence leading to dispute over its actual sovereign status.

    Rome is the seat of the so-called “Polo Romano” made up by three main international agencies of the : the , the and the .

    Rome has traditionally been involved in the process of European political integration. The are located in , the seat of the , because the Italian government is the depositary of the treaties. In 1957 the city hosted the signing of the , which established the , and also played host to the official signing of the proposed in July 2004.

    Rome is the seat of the and of the . The city is the place where the and the were formulated.

    Mass Intentions & Sanctuary Candles

    The 2022 Mass Book for Our Lady of Perpetual Help is open to request both masses and sanctuary candles. There will only be one Mass Book, but masses may be requested at both sites.

    Offering a Mass for a special Intention is a long-standing tradition in the Catholic Church. It is usually considered that special graces are obtained for whom the Mass is said. Masses are offered for many reasons, for the souls in purgatory, in remembrance of someone who is deceased, or in honor of a birthday. If you would like to have a Mass said for someone, come to either Parish Office. The customary stipend is $10 and it signifies the sacrificial nature of giving of something of yourself to associate more intimately with Christ who offers himself in the Eucharist.

    Sanctuary Candles are also available to remember or honor someone. The candles are $25.00 each and burn for two weeks. Candles are available at both St. Mary and St. Ursula. Please stop by either rectory to schedule.

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    Us Bishops Chairman For International Justice And Peace Expresses Solidarity With Maronite Church

    08/12/22 8:30 am

    WASHINGTON – News of the detention in Lebanon of Maronite Archbishop Moussa El-Hage, O.A.M. last month, as he was returning from a routine visit to his Episcopal See in Haifa and the Holy Land, has caused great concern. In solidarity with Patriarch Bechara Boutros Cardinal Raï and the Maronite Church, Bishop David J. Malloy of Rockford, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on International Justice and Peace, issued the following statement:

    The arbitrary detention and interrogation of Archbishop Moussa El-Hage, the Maronite Archbishop of Haifa and the Holy Land, by Lebanese security, is cause for alarm. The archbishop was returning from one of his regular visits to the Holy Land and bringing much needed aid that the Lebanese diaspora in Israel wanted to send to family members in Lebanon. All this was confiscated by Lebanese security forces, along with his cell phone and passport.

    Law And Criminal Justice

    The Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

    The has a plurality of sources of production. These are arranged in a hierarchical scale, under which the rule of a lower source cannot conflict with the rule of an upper source . The is the main source.The is based on modified by the and later statutes. The is the highest court in Italy for both criminal and civil appeal cases. The rules on the conformity of laws with the constitution and is a postWorld War II innovation.

    Since their appearance in the middle of the 19th century, and criminal organisations have infiltrated the social and economic life of many regions in , the most notorious of which being the , which would later expand into some foreign countries including the United States. Mafia receipts may reach 9% of Italy’s GDP.

    A 2009 report identified 610 which have a strong Mafia presence, where 13 million live and 14.6% of the Italian GDP is produced. The , nowadays probably the most powerful crime syndicate of Italy, accounts alone for 3% of the country’s GDP. However, at 0.013 per 1,000 people, Italy has only the 47th highest murder rate compared to 61 countries and the 43rd highest number of rapes per 1,000 people compared to 64 countries in the world. These are relatively low figures among developed countries.

    Law enforcement

    The Italian law enforcement system is complex, with multiple police forces. The national policing agencies are the , the , the , and the , as well as the .

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    Our Lady Of Perpetual Help

    Jump to navigationJump to searchOur Lady of Perpetual Help ChurchOur Lady of Perpetual Succor Theotokos

    Our Mother of Perpetual Help
    Roman Catholic Diocese of Cabanatuan, Philippines Roman Catholic Diocese of Leeds

    Our Lady of Perpetual Help is a Roman Catholictitle of the Blessed Virgin Mary associated with a 15th-century with an alleged . The icon is believed to have originated from the Keras Kardiotissas Monastery and has been in Rome since 1499. Today it is permanently enshrined in the Church of Saint Alphonse of Liguori, where the official text is prayed weekly.

    Pope Pius IX granted a Pontifical decree of Canonical Coronation along with its present title on 5 May 1866. The Latin Patriarch of Constantinople, Cardinal Ruggero Luigi Emidio Antici Mattei, executed the rite of coronation on 23 June 1867.

    The Redemptorist Congregation of priests and brothers are the only religious order currently entrusted by the Holy See to protect and propagate a Marian religious work of art. In the Eastern Orthodox Churchiconography, the image is known as the Virgin Theotokos of the Passion due to the instruments of the Passion of Jesus Christ present on the image.

    Novena devotions are held before June 27 every year. Under Pope Pius XII‘s Pontificate, the image was designated as the national Patroness of the Republic of Haiti and of Almoradí, in the Valencian Country, Spain.

    Public Holidays And Festivals

    Public holidays celebrated in Italy include religious, national and regional observances. Italy’s National Day, the is celebrated on 2 June each year, with the main celebration taking place in , and commemorates the in 1946. The ceremony of the event organized in Rome includes the deposition of a as a tribute to the at the by the and a along in Rome.

    The , which take place on 13 December, is popular among children in some Italian regions, where she plays a role similar to Santa Claus. In addition, the in Italy is associated with the figure of the , a broomstick-riding old woman who, in the night between 5 and 6 January, bringing good children gifts and sweets, and bad ones charcoal or bags of ashes. The coincides with on 15 August, the summer vacation period which may be a long weekend or most of the month.

  • . Retrieved 29 September 2019.
  • The Guardia di Finanza also operates a large fleet of ships, aircraft and helicopters, enabling it to patrol Italy’s waters and to eventually participate in warfare scenarios
  • According to Mitrica, an October 2005 Romanian report estimates that 1,061,400 Romanians are living in Italy, constituting 37% of 2.8 million immigrants in that country but it is unclear how the estimate was made, and therefore whether it should be taken seriously.
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    Mass Holy Hour & Confession Schedule

    Mass Schedule

    Saturday Vigil 5:00 PM // English

    Sunday 7:30 AM // Spanish

    Our Lady of Perpetual Help – Pray for us!

    Our Lady of Perpetual Help, in these times of tribulation we turn to you O Mother. see with compassion the suffering of your beloved daughters and sons affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic throughout the entire world. Ask your Son to have mercy on us bringing healing to those infected and protection to all your children. Jesus, Christ, savior of all people, grant us courage to accompany and pray

    for the entire world in the wake of sorrow and uncertainty. We seek refuge in you and according to your promise, deliver us from this danger. Amen.

    Us Bishops Chairman For International Justice And Peace Expresses Solidarity With The Church In Nicaragua

    OLPH Announcements August 2, 2020 with Matt Malone

    08/19/22 8:30 am

    WASHINGTON – As threats to the Catholic Church in Nicaragua grow amidst the local social and political crisis, Bishop David J. Malloy of Rockford, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on International Justice and Peace, issued the following statement:

    In 2018, Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio travelled to Nicaragua to express USCCBs solidarity with our brother bishops in that country. In his homily at the Cathedral of Managua he memorably said, I see the commitment of your bishops as a sign of Gods love. In the last few weeks, the Nicaraguan bishops have, once again, heroically demonstrated the enduring validity of that sentiment.

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