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What Is The Best Nasb Study Bible

A Note About Study Bible / Application Notes

The Super Bowl of NASB Bibles – The 4 Best NASB bibles ever created

One quick note about the study Bible /application portions of both types of Bibles. The original biblical manuscripts are inspired by God, infallible, and should be obeyed in all circumstances.

The notes, however, are not inspired by God. They are written by men and women and are based on their particular interpretations of scripture. While their comments can certainly be helpful in understanding the text, they dont require obedience of any sort. Only the Bible itself commands that kind of obedience.

The Ryrie Study Bible

Charles Ryrie wrote his study notes in the 1970s. It was a time of upheaval, but Ryrie held true to conservative Bible hermeneutics and is known as a great scholar.

Ryries credentials include his time at the Dallas Theological Seminary and his publisher is Moody Press.

Features of the Ryrie Study Bible include a Doctrinal Outline and Index of Subjects. It has over 10,000 study notes, and has sold over 2.8 million copies since it was published in 1978.

You can get more information about the .

As with John MacArthur, Ryrie was a cessationist. This means he believed the gifts of the Holy Spirit were a thing of the past.

And just as with MacArthur, whether or not you are personally a cessationist, you can benefit greatly from the wisdom and insight of theologian and Bible scholar Charles Ryrie.

Best Compact Bible: Nasb Compact Bible

The Lockman Foundation

Material: Leather bound

From the publisher: The NASB is a smooth reading literal English Bible translation, which provides increased clarity and readability for greater understanding while maintaining superior accuracy to the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts. Trust, discover, and grow in your faith with the NASB today.

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The Life Application Study Bible

Tyndale House Publishers

In 2019, this top-selling, award-winning study Bible was updated and expanded in its third edition with fresh and relevant insights.

The Life Application Study Bible helps readers understand Gods Word as they read, and it teaches them how to apply it to the problems and questions that arise in daily life, whether in one’s job or in one’s relationships. The study notes are at the bottom of each page, so you dont have to search for them.

In 2020, the NTL version of the Life Application Study Bible ranked among the winners of the Bible category in the Christian Book of the Year Awards by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association . The Life Application Study Bible is published by Tyndale House Publishers and comes in several popular translations, including NIV, NLT, NASB, KJV.

The Quest Study Bible is designed for readers with unanswered questions and for those who want to dive deeper into knowing God and his Word. With articles and resources from today’s most trusted scholars, you’ll find answers to hundreds of popular and challenging topics.

This study Bible also includes helpful sidebar notes that bring clarity to confusing passages. Book introductions identify themes, characters, and events. Whether you are a new believer or a seasoned Christian, the Quest Study Bible will give you the tools to intensify your understanding of Scripture.

Three Factors To Consider

NASB, Single

Study Bibles come in a variety of styles and designs. But theres more to choosing one than just considering its aesthetic. Inside each study Bible are unique differences that can either make them an effective learning tool or a complete waste of cash.

Wondering what makes a good study Bible? These factors should help you find the best one for you.

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Which Bible Translation Shall I Choose

Both the KJV and the NASB are reliable in faithfully and accurately representing the original texts. Most people find the NASB more readable, reflecting the natural idiom and spelling of todays English and easily comprehended.

Select a translation you love, can read easily, is accurate in translation, and that you will read daily!

Before buying a print edition, you may want to try reading and comparing the KJV and the NASB online at the Bible Hub website. They have all the translations mentioned above and many more, with parallel readings for whole chapters as well as individual verses. You can also use the interlinear link to check out how close a verse adheres to the Greek or Hebrew in various translations.

Is Nasb 1995 Accurate

The NASB is accurate in a word-for-word sense, which is good for some reasons, but bad for other reasons. Itx26#39 s a good translation if you donx26#39 t know ancient Greek or Hebrew and you want a word for word translation. Itx26#39 s bad if you want a Bible which flows easily when youx26#39 re reading it aloud.

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Best Study Bible: Interpretive Or Application

First, let me say that both interpretive and application study Bibles are wonderful resources, and calling one type the best study Bible probably isnt the most helpful way to think about the subject.

However, if push comes to shove, Ill always recommend an interpretive study Bible.


Because I believe that the Holy Spirit is primarily responsible for helping us apply Gods word to our lives. He is the one who makes convicts us of sin and righteousness. He is the one who reveals Christ to us. He is the one who comforts us in our afflictions and encourages when were downtrodden.

Additionally, I dont want someone else doing the hard work of wrestling through how to apply various verses. I want to prayerfully grapple with the text, seeking Gods help to pull out the various meanings and applications.

Bottom line: When it comes to choosing the best study Bible, I would recommend one that focuses on interpretation rather than application.

Best Nasb Study Bibles

NASB Study Bible – An Honest Review (of a conservative Bible!)

5 days agoJun 11, 2021 ·The NASB Zondervan Study Bible features over twenty thousand notes adapted from the NIV Zondervan Study Bible. Combined with NASB study tools, it will make your Bible study smooth and fruitful. The references follow a center column system, making this Study Bible very user-friendly. It features book introductions, study notes, and articles.

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The Apologetics Study Bible

During our current times, we are witnessing a phenomenal increase in mankinds knowledge.

New facts in the realms of science, archaeology, linguistics and history are illuminating our knowledge of facts from the Bible.

But it hasnt been easy to find these facts all in one place until now. The Apologetics Study Bible has a collection of knowledge from many different disciplines showing the Bibles wisdom and foreknowledge.

Did you know the Bible was alone among all ancient books in saying that the universe was created? This is true of not only the holy books of antiquity, but all books of antiquity.

Did you know that skeptics and cynics doubted many claims the Bible made, only to see the Bibles claims proven in the wake of archaeological discoveries?

And scientific discoveries?

And historical discoveries?

The age we live in is a very skeptical one, and many people have come to faith in the God of the Bible after learning these facts.

Apologetics means defense of the faith. The Apologetics Study Bible was written for the believer who wants to dig deeper into these truths about the accuracy and supremacy of Gods word.

The Bible has faced criticism from many quarters and it always comes out on top.

Maybe this is why the Bible is called an anvil that has worn out many hammers.

These days, skeptics and cynics have become bolder than ever. So its important to fuel your own faith with the truth of Gods Word explained in a way that helps you become bold in your faith.

The One Year Chronological Bible

The One Year Chronological Bible by Tyndale is an award-winning, colorfully-illustrated Bible that is arranged with events in chronological order.

It has many maps, illustrations, timelines, archaeological notes, photos and other Bible helps.

The illustrations and explanations are great for a beginner, but there is plenty of material here for the experienced Bible student who wants to learn more.

The photos and illustrations are first-class and its a joy to read. Its a very easy-to-read translation.

The One Year Chronological Bible is also available in the King James Version.

Since its a One-Year Bible, its great for the student who wants to study the entire Bible over the course of one year. One way it can be used is in a church Sunday school class. Heres an example of a church using it for systematic instruction over many years.

Why would you want to get a Chronological Study Bible?

This kind of Bible places the order of events in chronological order. Believe it or not, the order of books in the Bible is not necessarily chronological order.

Most scholars say the book of Job is the oldest book of the Bible, but in Christian Bibles, Job shows up as the 18th book.

This can cause confusion for a Bible student. Thats why so many people get this Bible! Then since its a One Year Bible, you can make a plan to get through it in one year and learn so much!

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Bringing It All Together: Best Study Bible Recommendations

Now lets bring it all together. Given all the information above, what study Bible should you choose?

There are certainly going to be elements of preference involved in making your choice. Maybe your church uses one particular translation. Maybe you grew up reading and memorizing the NASB. Maybe you just like the way a particular translation feels.

Additionally, you may be a fan of Sproul or MacArthur or another expositor and want a Bible with study notes written by them.

The point is that youve got a lot of options.

When choosing, I would recommend using this formula :

Preferred Essentially Literal Translation + Interpretation Focused Study Bible + Contributions From Numerous Scholars = The Best Study Bible

I realize that this is an oversimplification, but I believe it gets to the heart of the matter.

What are some Bibles that fit this equation? Here are few:

Readability Of The Kjv And The Nasb

NASB MacArthur Study Bible Premier Collection

After 400 years, the KJV is still among the most popular translations, beloved for its beautifully poetic language, which some feel makes reading enjoyable. Many people, however, find the archaic English hard to comprehend, especially:

  • ancient idioms , and
  • word meanings which have changed over the centuries , and
  • words that are no longer used at all in modern English .

Defenders of the KJV point out that the version is at a 5th grade reading level according to the Flesch-Kincaid analysis. However, Flesch-Kincaid only analyzes how many words are in a sentence and how many syllables are in each word. It doesnt judge:

  • whether a word is currently used in common English , or
  • if the spelling is whats used now , or
  • if the word order follows the way we write today .

Bible Gateway puts the KJV at 12+ grade reading level and age 17+.


Up until last year, the NASB was at a reading level of grade 11+ and age 16+ the 2020 revision made it a little easier to read and bumped it down to grade 10 level. The NASB has some long sentences extending for two or three verses, making it difficult to follow the train of thought. Some people find the footnotes distracting, while other people like the clarity they bring.

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Buying Nasb Study Bible: Things To Consider

Buying nasb study bible is always a challenge and a task. There are lots of products in the market today, so it is not easy to set your eyes on the perfect one for you. When you are about to buy an item, it’s so easy to make a decision based on the attractive price offered.

It is important to consider different aspects when buying a nasb study bible. This is necessary because the particular product you are interested in may be different from other similar ones available in the market or else. You need to gather all the essential information about the nasb study bible which you want to buy and then compare it with the products of your choice.

The purpose of this guide is to detail the difference between good and bad stuff, so you won’t make mistakes while buying. When buying a nasb study bible you should consider the following factors:

  • Do you really need it?
  • Customer reviews on Amazon, Google, etc.
  • What is the quality of the material used in making the product?
  • How durable is this product?
  • Will it last long, or will it break after some use?
  • How much does the product cost?
  • Is it worth the price?
  • Does the product have any warranty or guarantee?
  • How much does it cost and what are its features?
  • Is the product easy to use?
  • Does it contain toxic materials?

The Starting Point Study Bible


The Starting Point Study Bible is an excellent Bible for new believers or believers who have recently rededicated their lives to Christ and need to make a fresh start. This Bible will help you begin your journey with Christ by teaching you how to build the proper foundation of faith. It will also help you apply biblical truth to your daily life.

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Epic List Of Study Bibles

There are many great Study Bibles available today. Its impossible to go into depth about every one, so heres the Epic List with links to Amazon for each one. If you want to check them out, youll find it very easy.

When you click on these links, they will open up in a new window. Then read on for the Study Bibles that have withstood the test of time and made it to the short list!

Next I will get into what I call the short list, because these are the core -the tried and true Study Bibles. Each one has been around long enough to withstand the test of time.

Choosing The Best Nasb Study Bible

Which Study Bibles are the best?

Christians who study the Bible do not come from just one age group and culture. Every individual has their preferences and needs. Thankfully, there are a handful of NASB Study Bibles in the market that you can choose from. Here are some considerations you need to take into account when choosing the best NASB Study Bible for you:

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The Complete Jewish Study Bible

The Complete Jewish Study Bible is an invaluable tool for persons at all levels. It is ideal for both Christians and Jews and is great for those who want to study the Bible in a Hebrew or Jewish context. Those learning the language and culture can do well to cross-reference with this Bible.

It includes so much more than just the scripture as it provides you with information on Jewish customs, pronunciations, and the way in which you can understand the traditional Jewish view of the verses. It can be used for study as well as a source to refer back to for teachers and preachers.

The Complete Jewish Study Bible is a great addition to your library if you are looking for a book that will help you to clarify the Jewish nature of the New Testament or if you are a Christian that wants to know more about the Jewish traditions and origins of our faith and how they both intertwine.

Whats The Best Study Bible App

Lets get right down to it. The hands down best Study Bible App you can get on your smart phone for free is the Blue Letter Bible.

Its got access to at least 3 major Commentaries including David Guziks a personal favorite of mine. It includes an Interlinear, you can take notes, and you can use many of the features off line.

If you use the online version instead of your smartphone, you can read posts by Bible Scholar Don Stewart on many fascinating subjects!

Getting back to the smartphone App, you can read the Bible in many different English translations, plus other languages, such as Spanish, French, Russian, German, Chinese and Korean.

Theres a parallel view for comparing two different translations. You can take notes and do searches.

Theres also a Daily Reading available and at the touch of a button you can go straight to the Blue Letter Bible website.

The Blue Letter Bible is a great backup for when youre traveling or youre out somewhere without your regular Bible handy.

You can download it onto your smartphone from the App Store and Google Play.

But when you get down to brass tacks, most folks prefer their real Bible. So lets take a closer look.

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How To Take Care For Your New Nasb Study Bibles

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