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Does She Reads Truth Bible Come In Large Print

Niv Bible For Women Hardcover: Fresh Insights For Thriving In Today’s World


NIV, Bible for Women, Hardcover: Fresh Insights for Thriving in Today’s World – What is on your heart today? Struggles at home or with a friend? The miracle and joy of a new birth? A misunderstanding with a boyfriend or spouse? Are you grieving a loss? Are you celebrating a new job? Or anticipating a move? Whatever you face, good or bad, the NIV Bible for Women is relevant to your joys and sorrows, worries, fears, pain and happiness. God loves you and gave you his Word, the Bible, so you could know him more.

The NIV Bible for Women contains an inspiring foreword by Shauna Niequist and writings by women who want to share their experiencestheir joys and their struggleswith you. Authors such as Naomi Zacharias, Alyssa Joy Bethke, Caryn Rivadeneria, Rachel Held Evans, Katie Davis, Enuma Okoro, Kathy Khang, Laura Ortberg Turner, Kristen Howerton , Margaret Feinberg, Tsh Oxenreider , and Annie Downs share their thoughts on topics ranging from cultural issues like social justice, economic inequality, and social media addiction to personal needs like prayer, decision-making, relationships, infertility, career, and calling. These thought-provoking topics are easy to share on social networks to strengthen and inspire your circle of friends while creating meaningful conversation.

It Comes In A Variety Of Colors & Styles

I loved that I had the options of many different beautiful colors, as well as hardcover or leather. I really love the hardcover for writing and doodling in my Bible, but I am a little worried about whether or not it will hold up. I also love that this Bible has two markers so you can have one in the Old Testament and one in the New!

Why A New Bible

But first why a new Bible? My old Bible was not falling apart, and had lots of notes, highlighting, and underlining in it that are very meaningful to me. I dont want to lose those insights, so I definitely will not be getting rid of my old Bible. I got rid of a falling apart Bible once and have regretted it ever since! Dont ever get rid of your old Bibles!

Back to my reasons not because of the notes and highlights, but in spite of them. But why did I choose a new Bible? I had two clear reasons.

First and foremost, I wanted a new translation to study. I chose the Christian Standard Bible. I find that sometimes my familiarity with a translation can dull my sensitivity to the Word. Ive studied thoroughly in the King James , New King James , and New American Standard versions. Ive used the New International Version extensively as well. I wanted something fresh and new to me. So, I chose the CSB.

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Niv The Women’s Study Bible

NIV, The Women’s Study Bible – The Womans Study Bible poignantly reveals the Word of God to women, inviting them to receive Gods truth for balance, hope, and transformation. Special features designed to speak to a womans heart appear throughout the Bible text, revealing Scripture-based insights about how godly womanhood grows from a womans identity as a Christ-follower and a child of the Kingdom. Now with a beautiful full-color redesign, The Womans Study Bible reflects the contributions of over 80 women from a wide variety of ethnic, denominational, educational, and occupational backgrounds.

Better But Still Needs Work

come before him with thanksgiving

Edit 2: please fix the Bible app crashing Edit: with the most recent update Im unable to open the Bible portion of the app. It crashes. Thank you for hearing the suggestions of bringing back the swipe to read different chapters and multi-select tool to mark readings as read! The problem now with the most recent update is that read readings dont transfer between devices. Sometimes I read on my phone, sometimes I read on my iPad, and now when I go to one or the other its hard to keep up with whats been read and what hasnt… Also along with swiping to change chapters, it would be nice to be able to switch from chapters through the quick search. So if Im in Psalm 23 and I want to go to Psalm 72 I dont have to click Psalms again then click the chapter I want.. I could just click the chapter if that makes sense. Id also love to one day be able to have my notes in my margins/be able to write in the margins with my Apple Pencil instead of having a separate place for my notes… I know thats a lot of requests, and probably not easily doable, just some thoughts. Thank you for all you do!

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Everyday Matters Bible For Women: New Living Translation

Everyday Matters Bible for Women: New Living Translation – Enjoy having 300 overviews and articles on 24 key spiritual practices that renew meaning in everyday life, including prayer, forgiveness, worship, and more!

You have devos. You have Bible studies. But you don t always have time. Imagine having study tools, devotions, reflections, and even Q& A’s for women in one Bible, helping you find practical encouragement daily!

The Features I Really Enjoy About The She Reads Truth Bible

Ive provided some pictures here of key points of the She Reads Truth Bible I really enjoy. The one thing I left out is that the team created the She Reads Truth Bible with Bible reading plans that are introduced at the beginning of each book of the Bible.

So at the beginning of the book of 1 Peter, for example, there are corresponding verses listed from throughout the Bible that are meant to complement the text your reading. Ive used this feature a couple of times so far with the She Reads Truth Bible and found that it did enrich the text I was reading.

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She Reads Truth Bible

She Reads Truth Bible – The CSB She Reads Truth Bible aims to live at the intersection of beauty, goodness, and Truth. Featuring She Reads Truth devotionals and Scripture reading plans that include supplemental passages for deeper understanding, this Bible invites every woman to count themselves among the She Reads Truth community of “Women in the Word of God every day.” The CSB She Reads Truth Bible also features 66 key verses, artfully lettered to aid in Scripture memorization.

I Do Not Like The New App

She Reads Truth Bible Study Online Subscription – How To Study The Bible

Edit: some bugs seem to be worked out. The content and presentation of SRT continue to be INCREDIBLE. Still dont prefer the new app, but its better than when it was first rolled out. I love She Reads Truth and have had the app and plans for 3 years now. I am very disappointed with the app overhaul and update. It is very difficult to use the app. Its constantly buggy. It never has my previous days reading correct. I really liked in the old app that there was a place to jump straight to the current days reading. If theres a way to do that from the home page of the app, its not obvious to me. I also hate that my plans are listed in alphabetical order instead of most recently opened. Thats not helpful. At least give me an easy way to toggle between views so I can use the one most helpful to me. I also cannot stand that now, after I click read after reading the scripture passage, it doesnt stay marked read. If I go back to the verses after looking at the devo, it will unmark the reading as read for me. Thats so frustrating. Why was so much functionality removed and changed from the old app? What is the reason for it? Again. I love the content of SRT. I love the studies. I love the aesthetic . Its very confusing to me why the app was changed so much, taking away good functionality and maneuvering.

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Additional Study Material & Features

Additional features that can be found at the front of the Bible include:

  • A letter from the editors, Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams
  • The Table of Contents
  • an article about How to Read the Bible
  • an article titled This is the Gospel
  • a Key Features page explaining many of the unique features
  • a Features Index to help you find all the Maps, Charts, and Timelines
  • the Introduction to the Christian Standard Bible

Besides many of the features Ive already mentioned there is a Table of Weights and Measures & a Contributors List in the back of the Bible.

The contributors list will be especially handy for finding more artwork or devotionals by your favorite artists and authors either in this Bible or elsewhere.

Thrive : A Journaling Devotional Bible For Women

THRIVE : A Journaling Devotional Bible for Women – The Thrive journaling devotional Bible is for every woman who wants to know God more deeply and follow Him more closely. Gods design for His children is that they live flourishing, fulfilling, joy-filled lives in Christ. Bestselling author and beloved conference speaker Sheri Rose Shepherd has devoted over 30 years of her ministry to helping women learn how to thrive in Christ, reflect Gods glory, and gain an eternal perspective. Sheri Rose invites women to join her on a year-long journey through the Bible in the Thrive. The daily devotionals capture the very heart of her ministry by helping women discover their identity in Christ, Gods purpose and plan for their lives, and how to flourish in a faith that is pure, genuine, and life-giving. Each days devotional reading contains a key Scripture, a love letter from God, a reflection from Sheri Rose, a treasure of truth, and a special prayer for the reader. Sheri Rose encourages women to leave all of their concerns and struggles at the foot of the cross so they can truly thrive as the women God created them to be.This beautiful womens journaling devotional Bible features a natural shabby chic fabric with decorative blue stitching, a Thrive tag stitched to the front, round corners, cream page edges, and a matching ribbon marker

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Final Thoughts On The She Reads Truth Bible

The CSB She Reads Truth Bible is a really nice womens devotional/study Bible. I love that the focus is on reading and applying Gods Word and developing a love for it. I always caution that the Biblical text should be taken above any study notes or devotions but find it less necessary with this one since they frequently issue the same warning. This would make an excellent gift for any woman in your life interested in spending time with Gods Word. One of the variety of covers should appeal to most people.

I have to confess to being aware but not familiar with the She Reads Truth community before receiving this. Now that I have spent time using this Bible and investigating their website I intend to frequently use their devotionals and reading plans over the next several months.


Why The She Reads Truth Bible

She Reads Truth (@shereadstruth) on Instagram: " His ...

I chose the She Read Truth Bible because it contains a key verse for each book, it has a reading plan for each book of the Bible as well as for the year, it is not weighed down with commentary but does include devotionals, and it is available in a single column format.

First, beautifully scripted verses begin each book of the Bible. These verses highlight the key theme of each book. They not only make wonderful page dividers but great memory verses as well. While the calligraphy may not include the entire verse and never includes the reference for reasons that elude me a table in the back of the Bible has these verses in their entirely listed in one handy place.

Second, each book includes a reading plan. At the beginning of each book are a timeline, a little background, and a summary statement of the message and purpose of the book. Just beyond the timeline is a plan with five days per week of readings to guide the reader in understanding each book better.

Each plan is accompanied by a Going Deeper selection of verses to read that coordinate with each days reading. Looking at the Gospel of John, for example, I see that John 1 includes Isaiah 55:10-11 and Hebrews 1:1-4, as companion passages. These short additional readings will help me to further my understanding of the interconnectedness of Scripture.

Finally, I chose this Bible because of its one-column format. I have had Bibles in both two-column and one-column formats. I simply prefer the single-column format.

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The Best Bibles For The Visually Impaired

Although I really love being able to read the Bible using a Bible app, my vision is seriously getting worse!

Also, you cant take notes on a digital bible the way you can with one you can hold in your hand. Ive been researching to find the best large print Bibles for the visually impaired to find one that I really like and enjoy.

Below, youll find my top picks for different versions, different languages, and more!

The Csb Translation Is Pretty Much The Newly Revised Version Of The Holman So If Youve Heard Of The Holman The Csb Is Just An Update And I Will Say The Csb/holman Has Been One Of My Favorite Translations For Many Years Now Because Its A Balance Between The Word For Word And The Thought For Thought Meaning You Get The Big Picture Snapshot From The Thought For Thought With The Detailed Accuracy Of The Word For Word

I wanted to mention that the She Reads Truth Bible has a very specific aim: to get women into the Word daily. The aim of the She Reads Truth Team is not in creating a deep study Bible. Meaning, if youre in the market for a Bible filled with margins of helpful commentary, the She Reads Truth Bible is not the right pick for you. The CSB Study Bible would be a better choice and one of my all-time favorite Bibles for its helpful in-depth studies, diving into the Greek, Hebrew, and providing clarity for difficult-to-read passages.

But I will tell you, even though I love an in-depth study of the Bible, sometimes, I just want to pick up the Bible just to read the inspired words. The She Reads Truth Bible is my new favorite Bible to do just that- to pick up the Word and pour over the 66 books of the Bible on their own.

Also, it probably goes without saying, but if you just want a Bible that doesnt have any frills or youre wanting a Bible that you can be careless and haul with you to a wilderness retreat, then the She Reads Truth Bible isnt for you.

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Why He Reads Truth

In total transparency, I wanted to buy this Bible for my husband for Fathers Day. Its so hard to find a suitable gift for husbands on this special day. Of course Im getting him a framed photo of our kidsbut shhhh dont tell him, because I kind of wanted to surprise him with a little something special of my own. So I was looking into the He Reads Truth Bible, when the publisher contacted me and kindly offered me a copy to review.

Now, let me just say at the onset: I absolutely love my She Reads Truth Bible. Its the Bible I use for my personal reading every day, as well as the one the kids and I use for Bible & Breakfast. If you want more details on that version, check out my She Reads Truth Bible video review here.

But anyway, I love my SRT Bible, so when I saw the HRT Bible, I had an inkling it would be the perfect fit for what Im looking for.

If youre unfamiliar with them, He Reads Truth and She Reads Truth are sister organizations that help men and women around the world study Gods Word every day. They provide reading plans, devotionals, and worldwide communities to help people stay consistent in their reading.

I love their mission, because it links arms with our own mission here at One Thing Alone Ministries so beautifully: helping women find joy in Jesus through consistent time in His Word.

The good, the bad, and the ugly I tell it all below.

Niv Artisan Collection Bible

NASB Passaggio Setting Large Print Thinline Bible

NIV, Artisan Collection Bible– Exquisite from the inside out, the NIV Artisan Collection Bible stuns with its printed cover design showcasing hand-painted flair. When the Bible is opened, beautiful art appears on the page edges as you read through Scripture. When you close the Bible, the image vanishes into shimmery foil gilding. In addition to the attractive typesetting, each page of this Bible has lightly ruled, wide margins, inviting you to journal, reflect, take notes, and create art. As you start reading, let your eyes relax as you take in more of Gods Word with the exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print® typeface, carefully designed with custom fonts to be enjoyable and easy to read.

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Niv Journal The Word Bible For Women

NIV, Journal the Word Bible for Women – Do you seek stillness and inspiration in your quiet time? The NIV Journal the Word Bible for Women guides you through Gods precious Word with reflections and thought-provoking questions placed beside Scripture. Explore Gods Word for you and express your heart in the wide margins of this journaling Bible with room for responses, journaling, and artistic expression.

Expertly designed specifically to be used for the New International Version text, Zondervan’s exclusive Comfort Print® typeface offers an easier reading experience that complements the most widely read modern-English Bible translation.


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