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How Accurate Is The Bible

Biblical Data Is Historically Testable

The BibleAccurate History, Reliable Prophecy

Historical evidence routinely includes ancient literature, business records, and government documents, analyzed in conjunction with linguistics, geography, and archaeological analysis of physical objects , using forensic science techniques.

After many millions of man-hours of research and evidence analysis, archaeology has repeatedly confirmed the reliability of the Bible. The Bible has been proven geographically and re-proven historically accurate, in the most exacting detail, by external evidences. More…

Bible Historically Accurate Well Look At Many Scientific Facts

For one, till this day proof of roman occupation of Israel is highly evident, but New testament is a message to a better world to be grateful that a man if you would call him a man Would perform miracles to save lives of a corrupted people. Who were tempted by other faiths. You may call Jesus the first anti-capitalist for the once holy temple was turned into a den of thieves. Overall Jesus hated how corrupted the Jewish people became. Jesus was highly educated, and knowing many things he impressed the Pharisees and even all authority. This world is about impression, and the idea that Jesus would give up his immortality on earth to die on the cross and become the true son of god if not the almighty god for he is all three in one. Can give you many bible lessons, but it is far more complex than you think. A christian can fill in the gaps of the bible, and even right a new book on a new abrahamic religion, but he is not a christian if he does not adhere to the true meaning of what god is and what god’s purpose is. We can interpret the bible in all so many ways, but we still have that one simple problem, but one simple message. “We are saved from ourselves.

Ninevehas Dry As A Desert

Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrian Empire, was considered to be an architectural wonder. The city boasted wide streets, public gardens, temples, and massive palaces. Nevertheless, the prophet Zephaniah foretold that this magnificent city would become desolate, as dry as a desert.Zephaniah 2:13-15.

Nineveh was completely destroyed by the combined forces of the Babylonians and the Medes in the seventh century B.C.E. According to one reference, the vanquished city then passed into oblivion for 2500 years. For a period of time, people doubted whether Nineveh had ever existed! Only in the mid-19th;century did archaeologists excavate Ninevehs ruins. Today the site suffers from decay and vandalism, causing the Global Heritage Fund to warn: Ninevehs ancient remains could again be buried forever.

Where did Zephaniah get his advance information? He acknowledged that it was the word of Jehovah that came to .Zephaniah 1:1.

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Whats Wrong With The Niv Translation

The problem with the NIV is that is not a great translation. It uses paraphrase a lot. Yes, Im aware that paraphrase is often necessary in order to communicate phrases in other languages. Sometimes a literal translation is lost on the readers.

The Most Accurate Bibles

Is the Bible Historically Accurate?

The Master Seminary faculty compared a number of English Bibles to the Greek text for the book of Romans. They discovered that the KJV, NKJV and NASB were the most accurate translations of the book of Romans. A similar result was obtained for the book of 1 Corinthians. There was some change as one would expect, but the top five Bible translations were unchanged. This study was done before the ESV was published. The ESV is the best Bible available as of July 2017, contrary to some critics. However, the KJV Bible is not recommended since it contains Old English words that are difficult for many to understand and for other reasons that are explained in Is The King James Bible The Best Bible? The NKJV is recommended because many of the words in the KJV whose meanings had changed were corrected to a more accurate translation.

A knowledge of the original languages is needed by someone who seriously desires to know what the Bible really says. It will take study, but the benefits are rewarding.

The best Bibles for serious study of the Word of God are the English Standard Version, New King James Version,; New American Standard and the Holman Christian Standard Bibles.

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Main Ways The Bible Can Be Translated

There are three main ways the scriptures istranslated. Either Word-For-Word, Thought-For-Thought or Paraphrased.

  • Word For Word: : translators try to translate words into the closest possible counterparts of the passage
  • Thought For Thought: translators seek to express the meaning of the original passage
  • Paraphrase: reworded to show the understanding of the passage in the translators opinion.;
  • Recently, in an attempt to make the bible even easier to understand, or perhaps to help God get to the point quickly ; individuals have begun publishing bibles with paraphrased scripture.

    Danger, danger ahead!;

    Remember, at the beginning I asked, how far was too far? Well I think weve found the answer.;

    Paraphrased bibles can be wonderful help when reading the bible or teaching the bible to kids. But, although their heart may be in the right place, there is a very big danger in using paraphrased bibles for adult bible studies, because the focus is not on accuracy but readability and summarization.;

    For me, I want the most accurate bible translation and not an alternative!

    Canonization Of The Bible

    One of the most important issues when it comes to the Bible is the number of books. Protestant Bibles contain 66 books. Whereas, Catholic Bibles hold 73 books, the Ethiopic Bible has 83. Who is correct? As Christians, we know the voice of God by the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    The issue of Canon, meaning: an authoritative list of books accepted as Holy Scripture, can be broken down into three categories:

    The first is Community Determined , the second is Historically Determined , and third as Self Authenticating .

    The Self Authenticating Model, as Michael Kruger professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary calls it, should be the model Christians follow. It leaves no neutral ground for the skeptic and sets Jesus and his Word as the authority.

    There are three questions we can ask when it comes to recognizing which books should be biblical canon. ;

    1.) Apostolic Origin:

    Was this book written by an apostle or an associate of an apostle?

    When we review the list of books, can we connect any of the authors to the original apostles in the first century? This is important because it gives weight and trust to the book in question. If we have a book with an unknown writer, it should lead us to investigate this text a little more.

    2.) Corporate Reception:

    Was the early church receptive to this book in the 1st century?

    3.) Cross Reference:

    Do these books agree with each other and with Gods voice?

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    There Is Little To No Proof Of The Bible Being Historically Accurate

    This question is confusing since it could be asking about historical accuracy or the personal beliefs of individuals. Fortunately, I do not believe either to be the case. So no, the Bible is not accurate. There are many inconsistencies with the timeframe of the Bible that show it is not a reliable source of information. For example, the Epic of Gilgamesh was written by the Mesopotamians and dates to around 18th century BC – very much earlier than the Biblical version is supposed to take place. We have proof that the Epic of Gilgamesh was created by the Mesopotamians during a specific period of history and the Bible completely disregards this and tries to claim the story from approximately 1500 BC.

    Is Niv A Good Bible Version

    Why Bible Accurate Angels Are So Creepy

    The NIV Zondervan Study Bible is appealing to the same market of people who want a reliable, traditional text thats easy to read. The theological profiles of the the ESV and NIV study Bibles are very similar. The NIV is the second most-read version of the Bible in the United States, after the King James.

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    What Is The Meaning Of Life

    According to the Bible, Jehovah God created man and woman. The first man, Adam, is thus described as a son of God. Man was to build a friendship ;with his heavenly Father and to live happily and productively on earth forever. To that end, all humans are endowed with a spiritual capacity, that is, a natural desire to want to learn about God. Hence, the Bible states: Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need.Matthew 5:3.

    Furthermore, the Bible says: Happy are those hearing the word of God and keeping it! The Bible not only teaches us about God but helps us to live happier lives and gives us hope for the future.

    No The Bible Is Not Historically Accurate

    I agree with the below comment. There are some areas of the Bible that do have a few truths to it for example a few people and places. However the vast majority of the Bible has not been scientifically true or been proven true by archaeologists. There is no independent historical confirmation that anyone named Abraham, or Moses, or Saul, or Daniel, or even Jesus ever actually lived. Many historians believe there wasn’t even a town called Nazareth until the 4th century CE. Also in the Bible Noah was apparently alive for 600 plus years as were many other men…. sooooooo yesssssss. I would say due to the fact that Opium was drug of choice back then everyone was a bit out of it to account anything accurately 😛

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    Is King James The Original Bible

    The King James Version of the Bible was the only Bible people read for many years, making it very popular as over 80% of the text remains unaltered.

    The King James Version has been deeply recognized and used globally by English-speaking peoples worldwide, not only for the precision of the translation from the original languages but for the elegant and vintage style, which has greatly influenced literature.

    Below is an excerpt from the book The Bible in English: Its History and Influence by David Daniell, published in 2003 by Yale University Press.

    The King James Version . . . is greatly cherished. For generations, Christians and lovers of fine English have read the Bible in this version.. . . . The very essence of what Christians believe has been for centuries in the words of that version.

    David Daniell, The Bible in English

    How Do We Know The Bible Is True

    Most significant Biblical archaeological findings of 2015

    The best-selling book in history remains one of the most controversial. Revered by Christians as God’s holy Word, the Bible spans centuries of history, contains a variety of literary styles and culminates in the person of Jesus Christ. But how do we know the Bible is true? Isn’t it just a collection of stories and myths? Even if it contains some history, is there any way we can trust it completely?

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    What Happens To Us When We Die

    The Bible explains that death is a state of absolute unconsciousness and inactivity. For the living know that they will die, states Ecclesiastes 9:5, but the dead know nothing at all. At death, our very thoughts perish. So all brain activityincluding the function of our sensory organsceases when we die. Hence, we cannot act, feel, or think after death.

    However, the Bible does more than explain the condition of the dead. It holds out the happy prospect that people will be awakened from the deep sleep of death by means of the resurrection.Hosea 13:14; John 11:11-14.

    The Bible Has Zero Contradictions

    From cover to cover there is nothing the contradicts itself. Not bad for 40 men over a period of 1500 years where ALL subjects, prophecies, and evidence agrees. They wrote it in three very different languages lived on three different continents. The authors of the Bible lived in very different time periods, very different places, and had different occupations yet they somehow created the only text to never be proven wrong…

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    Is The Bible Reliable The Evidence We Know So Far

    Many skeptics today will say the Bible is not reliable. But there are many things Christians can research, both in God’s word and externally, to build a good case for the reliability of the Bible. Namely, canonization of the Bible, historical accuracy of the Bible, Messianic prophecies, and New Testament manuscripts.

    • Edward Antonio
    • 201910 Jun

    Many skeptics today will say the Bible is not reliable. In most cases when skeptics use the term reliable, they mean trustworthy or accurate. They wonder:

    Is the Bible historically accurate? Do we have the correct books in the Bible today? Hasn’t the Bible been changed by men over time?

    As Christians, we believe the ultimate authority is the word of God. The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit will lead us in all truth . It also affirms that God will preserve his Word, meaning his Word will supernaturally be kept pure .

    There are many things Christians can research, both in God’s word and externally, to build a good case for the reliability of the Bible. Namely, canonization of the Bible, historical accuracy of the Bible, Messianic prophecies, and New Testament manuscripts.

    Are The Numbers In The Bible Accurate

    David Hocking – How Accurate Is The Bible?

    book of NumbersJust because a number is surprisingly large does not mean it is inaccurate.Hebrew midwivesThe Bibleâs accuracy in numbers is related to a proper translation of the text.clansorBelief in the Bibleâs accuracy in numbers allows for the possibility of scribal error.

    Recommended Resources

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    Historian Flavius Josephus Wrote One Of The Earliest Non

    The first-century Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, who according to Ehrman is far and away our best source of information about first-century Palestine, twice mentions Jesus in Jewish Antiquities, his massive 20-volume history of the Jewish people that was written around 93 A.D.

    Thought to have been born a few years after the crucifixion of Jesus around 37 A.D., Josephus was a well-connected aristocrat and military leader in Palestine who served as a commander in Galilee during the first Jewish Revolt against Rome between 66 and 70 A.D. Although Josephus was not a follower of Jesus, he was around when the early church was getting started, so he knew people who had seen and heard Jesus, Mykytiuk says.

    In one passage of Jewish Antiquities that recounts an unlawful execution, Josephus identifies the victim, James, as the brother of Jesus-who-is-called-Messiah. While few scholars doubt the short accounts authenticity, says Mykytiuk, more debate surrounds Josephuss lengthier passage about Jesus, known as the Testimonium Flavianum, which describes a man who did surprising deeds and was condemned to be crucified by Pilate. Mykytiuk agrees with most scholars that Christian scribes modified portions of the passage but did not insert it wholesale into the text.

    English Bibles Vs Greek Example

    In order to explain, we will start with a passage from the New Testament and then compare the English translations to the Greek text. The scripture that appears below the name of each Bible is Acts 14:23. First, we present a literal translation of the N27 apparatus.

    Literal Translation of the Greek;Apparatus;

    Having appointed and them every church elders, praying with fastings they committed them to the Lord in whom they believed. Acts 14:23

    The following Bibles are presented in descending order of accuracy. That is, the most literal or most accurate Bible is the ESV and the least accurate Bible is Gods Word.

    The ESV, NASB, HCSB, KJV and NKJV are very close to the actual wording of the original Greek version of the book of Acts. This is typical for these Bibles. The other Bibles differ substantially.

    The last one, Gods Word, is the worst because it says the disciples of each church selected the elders and that is not true. The Greek does not say that. The actual Greek word for appoint means to select. The translators of this Bible used an older, out of date meaning of the word which meant to elect by show of hands. The translators either did not know the word had changed meaning by the time of Christ or they wanted to convey the thought that a congregational form of selecting leaders was biblical. This is an old, erroneous meaning historically given to this verse.

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    No Even Excluding Historical Inaccuracies

    There are differences in essentially all the copies of the new testament prior to the printing press. Yes, in the same book . There are added stories in later copies , there are out right statements that contradict between the gospels, and more. If you would build your faith on claims that cannot be realistically defended… Well, my points mean nothing to you. You haven’t reasoned yourself into your belief, and will likely not be reasoned out of it. If you ever learn to value truth and evidence you may be able to, however belief can be cray sometimes.I’m not saying this should hinge your belief, however reducing the bible to what it isn’t is dishonest. I don’t think you have to be intellectually dishonest to be a xian. There are many xians that accept this, I know many. You shouldn’t make claims that are demonstrably false, it makes xianity look insane.

    The Fall And Desolation Of Babylon

    Reasons (Part 2) Is the Bible Authentic and Accurate? on Vimeo

    Ancient Babylon was the hub of a powerful empire that exerted influence over western Asia for centuries. At one time it was the worlds largest city. Yet, some 200 years in advance, God inspired the Bible writer Isaiah to prophesy that a conqueror by the name of Cyrus would overthrow Babylon and that it would end up uninhabited forever. Is this what really happened?


    In one night, in October;539;B.C.E., Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon. In time, the canals that had once irrigated the surrounding fertile region choked up from neglect. By 200;C.E., the site was said to have been deserted. Today, Babylon remains in ruins. Precisely as the Bible foretold, Babylon has become utterly desolate.Jeremiah 50:13.

    Where did the Bible writer get such accurate historical foresight? The Bible reveals that this was a pronouncement against Babylon that Isaiah the son of Amoz saw in vision.Isaiah 13:1.

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