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What Is The Longest Book In The Bible

Longest Books Of The Bible By Total Words: Top 25

What are the Longest (and Shortest) Books of the Bible?

Not surprisingly, Psalms is #1 again, but the margin between it and second place the book of Jeremiah may surprise people. Psalms has 98 more chapters than Jeremiah, but only 50 more words.

Some scholars claim that when detailed aspects of the original Hebrew language are considered , Jeremiah is actually longer than the Psalms.


Longest Book Of The Bible By Chapter

Others of course have compiled lists which contain the chapters and verses for all the books of the Bible. In the interest of brevity, I am only making reference to the top 10 longest books of the Bible by chapter .

  • 2 Chronicles
  • Deuteronomy
  • Of course, technically Psalms is not composed of chapters but of individual psalms. So, perhaps Isaiah might win on a technicality. But most people would count Psalms as the longest book of the Bible by chapter count.

    Additionally, Matthew and Acts both hold the honor of being the longest book of the New Testament by chapter, each being composed of 28 chapters.

    What Is Unique About The Book Of Jeremiah

    If I wanted to explain the Book of Jeremiah to you in a nutshell, I turn your attention to one verse, Jeremiah chapter 31, and this phrase I have loved you with an everlasting love.

    Therefore I have drawn you with loving-kindness that is an extraordinary verse talking and speaking of the unconditional love of God towards his people. The condition in this verse is met by God everlasting is such an important word.

    It means that God predates us, and his love predates us, which means that we could have met no condition set upon us because we werent around when God loved us. It is completely unconditional and the reason we are sustained.

    And the reason Gods people are sustained is that God loves them with an everlasting love therefore, his faithfulness is dependent upon that now. The important reason is that Jeremiah wrote to a very corrupt people in Chapter three.

    God says to his people that if a husband divorces his wife, she leaves him and is with a different man. Will he return to her answers being now well not that land be completely polluted?

    Still, you are a harlot with many lovers, he says, meaning wicked and sinful. But, as you look towards me, says the Lord take your eyes up to the highest point and look around to see where you have not been harmed by the roads youve traveled on. I sat with them as you were an Arab on the desert, and youve polluted the land through your harlotry as well as your irresponsibility.

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    What Did Joshua In The Bible Do

    The Hebrew Bible identifies Joshua as one of the twelve spies of Israel sent by Moses to explore the land of Canaan. In Numbers 13:1, and after the death of Moses, he led the Israelite tribes in the conquest of Canaan, and allocated lands to the tribes. Joshua holds a position of respect among Muslims.

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    Why Is It Healthy To Cry

    What Is The Longest Book In The Bible?

    Crying for long periods of time releases oxytocin and endogenous opioids, otherwise known as endorphins. These feel-good chemicals can help ease both physical and emotional pain. Once the endorphins are released, your body may go into somewhat of a numb stage. Oxytocin can give you a sense of calm or well-being.

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    Dont Take Life For Granted

    If you think about it, the first chapter of Jeremiah is really quite short. It starts off by saying the word of the Lord came and goes on to give a list of dates and events in Israelite history.

    But what makes this chapter so special is the message it gives us.

    This book is full of messages about Gods love for His people, but this isnt just a generic message. Instead, its a message about how God loves His children even when they do things wrong.

    This is an incredibly powerful lesson because it teaches us not to take our lives for granted. If we dont appreciate Gods blessings in our own lives then how can we expect others to value ours?

    How Was The Bible Split Into Verses

    The Bible we hold in our hands today differs from the Scriptures the generations before the mid-thirteenth century held. The Bible had virtually no divisions, so an untrained eye with no knowledge of the Hebrew language could look at, say, Deuteronomy and see no separate verses, just one long missive.

    In the mid thirteenth century, however, biblical scholars began dividing the Bible into sections to make study of it easier. We must be clear there is no doctrinal weight to the divisions into chapters and verses they were added solely for the sake of convenience.

    The divisions in the Old Testament were made uniform in the early tenth century by the Ben Asher family, and a Jewish rabbi named Nathan is credited with dividing the Hebrew Old Testament into verses in AD 1448. Stephen Langton, the Archbishop of Canterbury is recognized as having divided the Bible into chapters. In the mid-sixteenth century, Robert Stephanus , a French printer, devised a verse numbering structure and was the first person to print a Bible with the verse numbers in each chapter. Thereafter, the first English Bible to have both chapter and verse divisions was the Geneva Bible, published in 1560. This system has been followed with each Bible version since then.

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    The Longest Book In The Bible Based On Word Count

    There is one thing to note while determining the longest book in the Bible based on word counts. Books like 1 Samuel & 2 Samuel, 1 Kings & 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles & 2 Chronicles are originally parts of the same book. And if we follow that, these books will surely be among the largest ones in the Bible.

    Then Kings will have 39,145 words, Chronicles will have 38,013 words, and Samuel will have 38,003 words. However, as it is more widely accepted, we will consider them as separate books, and count the words accordingly.

    Based on word counts, Jeremiah in the Old Testament is the longest book in the Bible which features 33,002 words. This book is about the prophecies of Jeremiah and is composed of autobiographical elements, poetic verses, and narrations in prose. The second and third-longest books in the Bible based on word counts are Genesis and the Psalm, with 30,147 and 32,046 words, respectively. These books are also in the Old Testament.

    Is The Bible The Longest Book In The World

    What is the longest book in the Bible?

    From the advent of the printing press to recent times, the Christian Bible has been the most popular book of all ages.

    The Bible tops the chart as the best-selling non-fiction book of all time. If we go by the 2021 report of the British and Foreign Bible Society, we will see that over five million copies of this holy book have been already circulated.

    Captivating and enlightening, but can it be called the longest book in the world? No, the bible is not the longest book in the world. However, the Christian Bible is definitely among the largest religious texts in the world.

    Article Contents

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    Yes Today I Am Deciding To Follow Jesus:

    Here is a prayer you can use to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Lord & Savior. It is a suggested prayer the key is that you are speaking from your heart.Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me, and help me turn away from sin going forward. I believe that your Son, Jesus Christ, died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus into my heart and I confess him as my personal Lord and Savior. Thank You for sending your Holy Spirit to help me obey you, and to do your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

    Congratulations! And welcome to Gods family!

    What Happens In This Verse And The Story Of Esther

    Esther contains but ten chapters, and in chapter eight, we are close to the culmination of the book. We will look at how the story unfolded.

    King Ahasuerus ruled Persia at the time this narrative occurs. Because of the kings pride and a concurrent series of events, he removed his queen and replaced her with Esther, a Jewish virgin chosen as Ahasuerus next queen.

    Mordecai, Esthers cousin and guardian, kept a close watch on Esther via the kings gate. In those days, as Mordecai was sitting at the kings gate, Bigthan and Teresh, two of the kings eunuchs, who guarded the threshold, became angry and sought to lay hands on King Ahasuerus. And this came to the knowledge of Mordecai, and he told it to Queen Esther, and Esther told the king in the name of Mordecai. When the affair was investigated and found to be so, the men were both hanged on the gallows. And it was recorded in the book of the chronicles in the presence of the king .

    At the second feast, Esther reveals her people and Haman as the one who plans to kill her people. Haman, while the king is in the courtyard, falls on Esthers couch to beg for mercy and the king finds him there. So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then the wrath of the king abated .

    So, then, Esther 8:9 is pivotal as regards the history of the Jewish people. The law passed in Esther 8:9 is a parallel to the law invoked by Haman in Esther 3:12-13.

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    Longest Chapter In The Bible New Testament

    What is the Longest Chapter In The Bible New Testament? Sixty-six different books make up the Old Testament and New Testament in the Bible.

    The Old Testament comprises 39 different books, and the New Testament is made up of 27 different books.

    Out of all of these, one chapter in the New Testament is significantly longer than all of the others.

    This chapter is Romans 16. We will look at Romans 16 and what it means for Christians. Stay tuned!


  • 15.2 Related
  • B: Repeat Step 2 For Every Book Of The Bible

    Longest Book In The Bible Old Testament / List Of Books In The Bible ...

    That left me with 66 Logos Word Lists, each giving me every original-language word in a given book of the Bible. We can do all sorts of things with these lists. We could print flash cards, see which words occur most, and more.

    But I wanted all the words of the Bible in a spreadsheet, so I had to take it a step further. I exported each Word List as a CSV spreadsheet. To do that, I clicked the Word List icon and selected Print/Export.

    Then selected Spreadsheet and exported it as a CSV file.

    And of course, I did this with all those books, so

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    What Are The Difference Between The Old Testament And New Testament

    The New Testament focuses more on the life and teachings of Jesus and the Christian church. The Old Testament explains the history of the creation of the World, the exodus of Israelites, and the Ten Commandments given to Moses by God. The New Testament is the second major division of the Christian Bible.

    Longest Chapter In The Bible By Words

    Sixty-six different books make up the Old Testament and New Testament in the Bible. The Old Testament comprises 39 different books, and the New Testament is made up of 27 different books. Out of all of these, one chapter in the New Testament has several words that no other chapter includes. This chapter is Romans 16.

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    What Can We Learn From The Longest Book In The Bible

    As we now know, the actual longest book in the bible is Jeremiah. With so many words crammed into one book of the bible, youd expect there to be plenty of pearls of wisdom, and youd be right!

    Here are some of the most important lessons that can be learned from studying the longest book in the Bible:

    What Is The Longest Book Of The Bible


    There are 1,189 chapters in the English bible, and 31,103 verses. But which book of the Bible is the longest? The answer surprises most people! Hint: It is not Psalms! At least depending on how you are counting.

    I am at least partially motivated to write this blog post on the issue of the longest book of the Bible because it makes such a great youth group trivia question! But, it also helps puts things in perspective for what you can expect when reading through the Bible.

    There are a variety of ways to calculate the longest book of the Bible. You can count chapters, verses, or words. You could also technically make a differentiation between Greek or Hebrew, and the common English translations that we use. Of course, it should be noted that we are not combining any books of the Bible. So, although 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings, or 1 & 2 Chronicles were originally composed as one book , and would thus be the longest in the Bible, since we typically view them as separate books, they will be counted as separate.

    In order to be as thorough as possible, I will list three categories: Longest Book by Chapter, Longest Book by Verse, Longest Book by Hebrew/Greek Word Count.

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    What Religious Books Are Older Than The Bible

    Here are ten of the worlds oldest religious texts.

    • Kesh Temple Hymn. Written: Circa 2600 BC.
    • Pyramid Texts. Written: Circa 24002300 BC.
    • The Coffin Texts. Written: Circa 2100 BC.
    • The Epic of Gilgamesh. Written: Circa 2100 BC.
    • The Rigveda. Written: Circa 1700 BC.
    • The Book of the Dead.
    • The Instruction of Amenemope.

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    Infinite Jest By David Foster Wallace

    Infinite Jest offers a satirical look at the pursuit of happiness in America. Published in 1996, it is noted for its unconventional narrative structure, as it includes hundreds of endnotes .

    The book was featured in TIME magazines list of the 100 best English-language novels published between 1923 and 2005.

    Word Count: 543,709

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    What Is The Shortest Verse In The Bible

    In our English language translations, John 11:35 is deemed the shortest verse in the Bible. It reads, Jesus wept. This verse reflects our Lords reaction when He heard of the death of His friend, Lazarus.

    There is, however, another two-word verse: 1 Thessalonians 5:16, Rejoice always. In the original Greek, the characters reflected by the verse in 1 Thessalonians makes it shorter, yet it is part of a longer sentence separated by commas. John 11:35 is a complete sentence, so for usin our translations John 11:35 is the shortest complete Scriptural verse. Either way, both verses are quite impactful.

    Women And Men By Joseph Mcelroy

    10 Longest Bible Books

    Women and Men was published in 1987 and because of its size and complexity, it has been compared to works like Ulysses.

    The novel is primarily set between 19761977, but has long passages set in different decades, including some in the late 1800s.

    James and Grace are two apartment neighbors who never quite meet, except through others whose histories cross theirs.

    Word Count: 850,000

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    Longest Book In The Bible

    longest book in the bible Be a. Be a Man!: Becoming the Man God Created You to Be. Men are rediscovering the importance of the spiritual life. And Father Larry Richards is helping them do it. While some writers apply a one-size-fits-all approach to the Christian life, Father Richards draws on his many years of ministry and his own

    What Are The Longest Books In The World

    Making the list of the longest books in the world is not an easy task, considering different genres and other variations.

    • According to the Report of the Guinness Book of World Record, the longest novel is Remembrance of Things Past. It has 9,609,000 characters comprising the spaces. However, if we go by word count, will be the longest novel in the world, with 17.8 million words.
    • If we consider the Long Poem genre, the Mahabharata tops the chart as the longest epic poem.
    • Kalle Paatalos Iijoki series is considered to be the largest autobiographical work written to date.
    • In Epic Fantasy Novels, Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson is the longest epic series with 13 books already published and yet unfinished.

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    Brief History Of The Bible

    More than half of the population in the world follow Abrahamic religions, and they consider the Bible to be a sacred book. However, if we focus specifically on the Christian Bible, it is a compilation of the Old Testament and New Testament.

    Told simply, the Old Testament prophesies the arrival of the Lords Son, who will bring salvation from all mortal sins and sufferings. The New Testament, however, establishes the arrival and supremacy of Gods Son, Jesus of Nazareth.

    It was not easy for the Early Church to define the standard or the familiar form of the Bible. Some books were included as those were preached by Jesuss apostles or their close companions. Other books were considered the Words of God for the human race by the Church and got a place in the Bible.

    Despite the confusion and differences of opinions, the current form of the New Testament has remained unchanged since Athanasius the Apostolic made the first list of books in a letter in 367 AD.

    The New Testament establishes the Old Testament as the creation of God. However, the creation or writing of the Old Testament covers the vast span of more than 1000 years. Forty scribes, including the Biblical figures like Solomon, David, and Moses, wrote the scriptures between the mid-2nd and mid-1st millennium BC.


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