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Who Was Joseph’s Father In The Bible

God Is Doing A Nu Thang Here At The Bible Binge

Joseph – Father of Jesus

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Josephs Story In Brief

  • Joseph, son of Jacob and Rachel, was one of the great heroes of the Old Testament.
  • Despite the jealousy of his brothers and some very bad luck, Joseph triumphed.
  • He had a high opinion of himself and did not know when to keep his mouth shut,
  • but he also had superlative administrative skills, quick intelligence and the ability to impress the right people.
  • In other words, a man who was bound to succeed.

Hebrew traders travelling to Egypt, from an Egyptian tomb painting. Josephs brothers may have looked like this.

King James Bible Dictionary

Remover or increaser.

1. The elder of the two sons of Jacob by Rachel , who, on the occasion of his birth, said, “God hath taken away my reproach.” “The Lord shall add to me another son” . He was a child of probably six years of age when his father returned from Haran to Canaan and took up his residence in the old patriarchal town of Hebron. “Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age,” and he “made him a long garment with sleeves” , i.e., a garment long and full, such as was worn by the children of nobles. This seems to be the correct rendering of the words. The phrase, however, may also be rendered, “a coat of many pieces”, i.e., a patchwork of many small pieces of divers colours.

When he was about seventeen years old Joseph incurred the jealous hatred of his brothers . They “hated him, and could not speak peaceably unto him.” Their anger was increased when he told them his dreams .

As Joseph had interpreted, seven years of plenty came, during which he stored up great abundance of corn in granaries built for the purpose. These years were followed by seven years of famine “over all the face of the earth,” when “all countries came into Egypt to Joseph to buy corn” . Thus “Joseph gathered up all the money that was in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, for the corn which they bought.” Afterwards all the cattle and all the land, and at last the Egyptians themselves, became the property of Pharaoh.

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Joseph Was A Considerate Husband

The first three months following the angels announcement to Mary were spent at Elizabeths house. Elizabeth lived far away in the hill country of Judea. Mary remained with Elizabeth about three months and then returned to her home. When Mary came back to Nazareth, and had to tell Joseph of her condition, it must have filled him with some strange feelings.

Put yourself in Josephs place. He thought that Mary had always told the truth. Her previous character had always been blameless. But now her story seemed unreal and strange. Joseph wondered whether she may have been unfaithful during those three months in the hill country with Elizabeth. He was sure that she had not been, yet the conflict raged on in his soul, and probably the normal thing to do would have been to expose her and make her a public disgrace. And Joseph considered doing that very thing, but his love and compassion for Mary would not permit that kind of severe treatment. Matthew 1:19-20 says that Joseph was a righteous man, and while he was pondering what he ought to do, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, and explained how Marys being with child came about.

Joseph was a righteous man. His life was marked by godly conduct. He was a considerate husband. We can learn from his example.

Joseph A Converted Jew And Native Of Arimathea

FreeBibleimages :: Joseph the dreamer :: Joseph is given ...

Arimathea is probably the Ramah of the Old Testament , an honorable counsellor, who waited for the kingdom of God. As soon as he heard the tidings of Christ’s death, he went in boldly unto Pilate, and craved the body of Jesus.

Pilate having ascertained from the centurion that the death had really taken place, granted Joseph’s request, who immediately, having purchased fine linen , proceeded to Golgotha to take the body down from the cross.

There, assisted by Nicodemus, he took down the body and wrapped it in the fine linen, sprinkling it with the myrrh and aloes which Nicodemus had brought , and then conveyed the body to the new tomb hewn by Joseph himself out of a rock in his garden hard by. There they laid it, in the presence of Magdalene, the mother of Joses, and other women, and rolled a great stone to the entrance, and departed .

This was done in haste, for the Sabbath was drawing on .

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Josephs Life Family Tree

This family tree concentrates on Joseph and his family. As a result, Abrahams brothers and Lot are excluded and Keturahs children are not named with the exception of Midian whose descendants are mentioned in the sale of Joseph into slavery.

Note that this family tree is also available in Powerpoint , SVG, PDF or in PNG format at other resolutions. If you would like to have any of these, just click on the link or contact me.

Joseph Didnt Try To Push His Own Agenda In His Life

After Joseph interprets the bakers and cup-bearers dreams, he asks the cup-bearer, whom he knew would soon be promoted back to his job, to remember him and hopefully aid in getting him freed from his wrongful imprisonment. Joseph reached out and helped someone despite his suffering, so it seems right that he would receive a reward and a blessing from that. But once the cup-bearer was restored to his position, he forgot all about Joseph, thus he remained in prison for two more long years. I bet it was really tempting for Joseph to try to manipulate and scheme things to get himself out of there. In contrast, it seems that he instead grew closer to God and grew in faith during this time. We know that by how he acted when we see him next.

Two years after Joseph interpreted his dream, the cup-bearer did finally remember him when Pharaoh needed someone to interpret his dream. Finally Joseph was brought out of prison to be able to share one of his God-given gifts and help someone in authority. After Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream about the forthcoming prosperity and famine, he told Pharaoh what he thought the best course of action would be.

Pharaoh should find an intelligent and wise man and put him in charge of the entire land of Egypt . Josephs suggestions were well received by Pharaoh and his officials. So Pharaoh asked his officials, Can we find anyone else like this man so obviously filled with the spirit of God? .

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Referenced In The Bible

The account of Joseph in the Bible is found in Genesis chapters 30-50. Other references include: Exodus 1:5-8, 13:19 Numbers 1:10, 32, 13:7-11, 26:28, 37, 27:1, 32:33, 34:23-24, 36:1, 5, 12 Deuteronomy 27:12, 33:13-16 Joshua 16:1-4, 17:2-17, 18:5, 11 Judges 1:22, 35 2 Samuel 19:20 1 Kings 11:28 1 Chronicles 2:2, 5:1-2, 7:29, 25:2-9 Psalm 77:15, 78:67, 80:1, 81:5, 105:17 Ezekial 37:16, 37:19, 47:13, 48:32 Amos 5:6-15, 6:6, Obadiah 1:18 Zechariah 10:6 John 4:5, Acts 7:10-18 Hebrews 11:22 Revelation 7:8.

Talent And Perseverance Succeed

Contradictions in the Bible – Who is the Father of Joseph

People in the story

  • Joseph, son of Jacob and Rachel. A boy of exceptional ability and charisma, sold into slavery but rising through Egyptian society to become rich and powerful, a respected member of Pharaohs court
  • Jacob, Josephs father, whose favoritism encouraged jealousy among the older brothers
  • Reuben, eldest son of Jacob and Leah, who tried to save Josephs life
  • Potiphar, the Egyptian official who bought Joseph as a slave, and whose wife lusted after Joseph
  • Pharaoh, Egyptian ruler who recognized Josephs ability to interpret dreams
  • Rachel, Josephs mother who died giving birth to her second son Benjamin, Josephs only full brother

The story is a sophisticated piece of writing with parallel passages and symbolism:

  • twice Joseph has his clothing torn off him so that he is left naked, unmasked
  • twice he drives someone to madness
  • twice he is thrown in a pit .

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The Parents Of The Foster Father Of Jesus Raised A Just Man Who Would Guard The Savior Of The World

While the Church traditionally recognizes the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Sts. Joachim and Anne, little is ever mentioned about the parents of St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus.

Why is that?

As with Sts. Joachim and Anne, very few details have been passed down to us about the parents of St. Joseph. At the same time, we do know with certainty the father of St. Joseph, though it can be confusing at first.

In the Gospel of Matthew, St. Joseph is listed as the son of Jacob . However, in the Gospel of Luke, his father is listed as Heli . Did Matthew and Luke have different information?

Apologist Jimmy Akin offers a plausible explanation that is accepted by many biblical scholars.

The second-century historian Julius Africanus, a native of Israel, records information given by Christs remaining family in his day. According to their family genealogy, Josephs grandfather Matthan married a woman named Estha, who bore him a son named Jacob. After Matthan died, Estha married his relative Melchi and bore him a son named Heli . Jacob and Heli were thus half-brothers. Heli died childless, so Jacob married his widow and fathered Joseph, who was biologically the son of Jacob but legally the son of Heli .

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Its then widely believed that Jacob was Josephs primary father and the one who raised him up to be a just man.

Read more:

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Here are some numbers:

Joseph And Potiphars Wife

Joseph was young, clever and handsome. Potiphar had a wife who was rich, bored and lonely, and virtually abandoned by her husband. Before long, the inevitable happened.

Joseph was handsome, as his mother Rachel had been beautiful.

Potiphars wife fell violently in love with Joseph, and could think of nothing else but him the Egyptians had a frank and uninhibited interest in sexual love, as their poetry shows .

Lie with me, she said. In itself, lying beside someone is harmless enough, but Joseph knew she meant much more, and sensibly refused her offer.

Joseph was in a dilemma: he could not betray his master, but he could not avoid his masters wife.

Potiphars wife became insistent, not just inviting. One day she cornered him and pulled the loose cloak off his body, leaving him naked.

He ran away, but she was furious at the rebuff a woman scorned. So she shouted Rape! and told the other members of the household that Joseph had attacked her. She pointed to the cloak as proof.

When her husband came home, she told him the same story. He was outraged, and had Joseph put in prison.

Did he believe his wife? Surely if he had, Joseph would have been executed immediately. Putting Joseph in gaol gives Potiphar time to think and eventually, typically, he does nothing.

For more on the story of Potiphars wife, see Bible Women: Potiphars Wife.

But even in prison Joseph prospered. The jailer saw how capable Joseph was, and entrusted the prisoners to him.

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Joseph Son Of Jacob/israel

All three of their profiles are shown below:

Joseph, a son of Jacob/Israel

Joseph was one of 12 sons of Jacob. He was the first born son of Rachel . He received preferential treatment which angered his ten older brothers. His brothers faked his death to their father Jacob, and sold him to a caravan of Ishmaelite traders who were on their way to Egypt. God gave Joseph the power to interpret dreams, and when the Pharaoh had two disturbing dreams, Joseph was brought before the Pharaoh, and interpreted his dreams, of seven years of plenty, followed by seven years of famine .

Joseph also suggested how to put this foreknowledge to good use, by storing produce in warehouses. Pharaoh charged Joseph, then at age thirty the rank and authority of a viceroy. When the famine came, it effected Canaan whereupon Jacob sent all his sons, except for Benjamin, to Egypt to buy food. Joseph broke down on seeing his brothers , gave them food, and eventually had his entire family move to Egypt to live.

Jacob’s family of seventy people traveled to Egypt, and multiplied into a few million before Moses led them out. Joseph had two sons by his Egyptian wife , Manasseh and Ephraim. Joseph died at age 110, his body was embalmed in Egypt, and his bones returned to Canaan in the Exodus. The name Joseph means “May God increase.”

Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus

Joseph of Arimathea

Next person in the Bible: Joshua

Character Bible Study Background And Lessons Joseph Father Of Jesus

Joseph, the father of Jesus

Character Study Key Verse: Now these things happened as examples for us, so that we would not crave evil things as they also craved. 1 Corinthians 10:6

Characters Name: Joseph

Meaning of Name: He will add

His Ancestry and Family Life: Born of the line of Judah to Jacob lived in Nazareth of Galilee

When and Where He Lived: He lived from 20-30 B.C. and died before Jesus was crucified, and probably before Christs ministry began.

Circumstances of Birth: Probably born around 20-30 B.C.

Training He received and His Occupation: He was a carpenter. This was a classic blue collar job at that time and one that Jesus was later trained in.

Place in History: Husband of Mary, foster father of Jesus . Instrumental in fulfilling some of the prophecies of Jesus, including that He would be of the line of David, born in Bethlehem, come from Egypt, lived in Nazareth.

Special traits: First man to marry a woman who was both a virgin and pregnant.

From the kingly line of Judah, but not eligible for the throne because of the curse on Jeconiah stating that none if his descendants could ascend to the throne ever. Because Jesus was not of Josephs blood, but still his heir, He could inherit the royal bloodline, but the curse bypassed Him.

Spoken to by an angel of The Lord 4 times.

Foster father of Jesus Himself.

Poor, as indicated by the circumstances of Jesus birth and the minimal sacrifice they were able to afford when they went to the temple.



Listened to God-


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Who Was The Father Of Joseph Jacob Or Heli

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Who was the father of Joseph, husband of Mary? Jacob or Heli

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Matthew 1:16 And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.

Luke 3:23 And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli,

The Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke record two different genealogies. Once this is understood then there simply is no contradiction as the Bible does not record two different people as the father of Joseph. Matthew records the genealogy of Joseph while Luke records the genealogy of Mary. Josephs father was Jacob as recorded in Matthew. We are told that Jacob begat Joseph. Joseph was either the literal son or a direct descendant of Jacob.

Heli was the father in law of Joseph, he was the father of Mary.

Matthew has to use the fact that Joseph was the husband of Mary of whom was born Jesus in order to connect Joseph to Jesus, ,and therefore Josephs genealogy is not actually the literal genealogy of Jesus.

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How Many Joseph Do We Have In The Bible


Joseph. Joseph, in the Old Testament, son of the patriarch Jacob and his wife Rachel. As Jacob’s name became synonymous with all Israel, so that of Joseph was eventually equated with all the tribes that made up the northern kingdom.

Similarly, how many dreams did Joseph have? four dreams

In respect to this, what does Joseph represent in the Bible?

From Ioseph, the Latin form of Greek , which was from the Hebrew name ?????? meaning “he will add”, from the root ????? . In the Old Testament Joseph is the eleventh son of Jacob and the first with his wife Rachel.

Did Potiphar forgive Joseph?

Potiphar later brings Joseph to Pharaoh, who is plagued by inexplicable dreams, and expresses deep regret for having Joseph put in prison, but Joseph understands and forgives Potiphar. He tells Pharaoh that he trusts Joseph “with life.”

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Season 1 Episode : Joseph Father Of Jesus

Were wrapping up Season 1: The Lineage of Jesus. In this episode, we discuss Joseph, Father of Jesus. This is a guy who seems like hes just been copied and pasted into a story, but his decisions and obedience are paramount.

Were wrapping up Season 1: The Lineage of Jesus. In this episode, we discuss Joseph, Father of Jesus. This is a guy who seems like hes just been copied and pasted into a story, but his decisions and obedience are paramount.


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