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How To Teach Children Bible Study

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How To Teach BIble Studies For Life Kids Preschool

As your kids have studied the Word of God, they may coming out of their seeing more, knowing more and experiencing a depth of revelation that so so intimate.

Holy Spirit might share with them:

  • where they need Gods help and can feel confident in asking for His help.
  • feel a conviction as theyve been led into all truth.
  • a sin in their life, where they can ask for forgiveness from the Lord and thank Him for being cleansed by what He did on the cross for them.
  • someone that needs prayer.
  • sense of who God is that they didnt know before.
  • a prophecy, a vision, a dream.

Anticipate that your child will never be the same as theyve encountered Jesus.

Be sure to grab the FREE Bible Study Guide for Kids and see what God will do in their hearts.

What Does The Bible Say About Teaching Children

You can raise a child to behave in the way that he should, so even though he is grown, he will still want to live on. Your children will be taught by their parents, and when peace is assured, all of their troubles are ended. . The kingdom of heaven belongs to these children, he said, and they should not be hindered.

Watch Christian Tv Shows And Movies

At some point or another, our kids have had screentime, right?? What if we could turn that screentime into Bible learning time?!

Yes please!

While there isnt anything wrong with some Little Baby Bums or Super Why every now and then , our number one focus should be putting as much Bible into our kids brains as we can!

Did you know there is a TON of options for Christian TV shows and movies? Here are19 amazing Christian TV shows you can feel comfortable letting your kids watch and learn about God!

Most of these can be found on our absolute favorite Christian kids TV subscription Go Minno.

You can get your first month FREE using this link and the best part? Theres no commitment to keep it going! So if you want to cancel and not get charged, do it! Although I think youll be hooked just like we have been the past 3 years.

Heres our personal watchlist on the app:

You can also find some great Christian TV shows for kids on , Yippee TV, Youtube, and DVD as well.

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Iv Preparing A Lesson From Expository Materialjohn : 1

A. Pick the Passage: John 1:1-18

B. Study the Passage Using Observations and Questions/Answers

We completed this in the previous lesson. Go there now and review the material if you need to. Think through the words, structure , mood, as well as the type of literature youre working with. We gave you a little help above with teaching three different kinds of literature, e.g., expository, narrative, and poetic.

C. State the Subject/Complement:

We said that the subject/complement for John 1:1-18 was something like: The reason that the eternal Word of God became flesh was so that he might reveal God to all men and that they might believe in him and become Gods children.

D. Develop the Textual Outline of the Passage

We prepared the following general outline:

E. Develop the Subject/Complement

In order to develop the subject/complement we ask three questions in light of one primary question. The primary question is: What is the purpose for this lesson? What do I want to accomplish with this lesson? Well, the purpose I choose should be consistent with the purpose for the passage as originally givenas far as we can tell. Now it is clear that John wrote the prologue to his gospel in order to foster genuine and full belief in Jesus. So, his purpose was directly related to the salvation of people as well as their subsequent growth in the Christian life.

F. Develop the Lesson from the Outline

    I. Introduction

      A. Summarize the Big Idea. Say it Again.

      B. Illustrate and Appeal

Always Let Your Child Pray After Reading Gods Word


One of the most, if not the most important thing to remember when teaching your kids about the Bible at home ALWAYS pray before and after reading Gods Word!

When we pray, God hears us and when we ask, we receive. We want our kids to learn more about the Bible!

Help your kids remember to pray and ask God to help them understand His Word, what He is saying, and how it applies to their life too.

Need help teaching your kids how to pray? Here are 7 impactful ways to teach your child how to pray!!

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Object Lessons Sorted By Topic:

Accepting Christ Accountability Bad Influences Balance Bullying Christmas The Cross Cyberbullying Doing What’s Right Foundations Friendship Gifts & Talents Giving Thanks God’s Direction God’s Faithfulness God’s Power God’s Love God’s Plan God’s Protection The Gospel Growing in Christ Heart Change Joy Kingdom of God Light of the World Live Like Christ Love Loving Others Making Mistakes Memorizing Scripture Patience Perseverance Prayer Preparedness Protecting Your Mind Purity Reading the Bible Reflecting Jesus Responsibility Rest Seeking God Servanthood Sharing the Gospel Suffering Stewardship Talents Talking to God Temptation Time Washing Away Sin Way to God Worship

Bible Lesson Plans For Church Or Home

We love the fact that so many free Sunday School lessons are being developed by creative Christians and offered here on the web! Many of us may be working on a “shoe-string” budget, and both Sunday School and home-school material can be expensive!

That’s why we want to locate & collect free Bible lessons for kids in one central location for easy access and also provide other Christian resources to help equip you as a Bible teacher! These resources include easy to use Bible lesson plans, extended Bible activities, games & crafts, as well as bulletin board ideas and other equipping resources for you the teacher.

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How Do I Get My Family To Study The Bible

If you have never spent time as a family reading or studying the Bible before, then getting your family to sit down with Gods Word will take some adjustment and commitment. As youre starting into a new routine for summer, its the perfect time to schedule in family Bible study time. Whether its in the morning or evening or some time in between, it doesnt really matter. What matters is that you find a time that works and make it a priority. Lets discuss some helpful tips so you know how to get your family to study the Bible together.

Teaching Bible Study To Children

5 Things to Remember as You Teach Your Kids to Study the Bible

The Bible is for everyone, even the smallest and youngest among us. Children can usually handle more of the Bible than were ready to give them.

We want all of Gods people to learn to study the Bible, so weve written several posts on helping children to learn to study the Bible. This page links to these articles.

Help Children Learn to Study the Bible


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Object Lessons For Kids You Can Use In Your Children’s Ministry

We love object lessons. Jesus used object lessons to teach others and so should we! When you use a familiar object to illustrate a Biblical truth, the lesson sticks, no matter if you’re an adult or a kid. We’ve included links to 52 Bible object lessons for kids below. Each page includes a script and video you can use to incorporate into your Sunday School lesson in Kids Church. You can also view all of the videos on our 52 Bible Object Lessons for Kids playlist on YouTube.

Start Reading The Bible With Your Kids Everyday

What better way to teach your kids about the Bible than to sit and read it with them?!

A great way to start this is to start reading your Bible in front of your kids. This can have a GREATER impact than you will ever know. Kids are very monkey see, monkey do.

Hey Mom, my friend just jumped off that slide, hmm I think Ill try too! Speaking from personal experience here yikes!

But its true. Kids are watching and very receptive to whats going on around them. Let them see you reading your Bible, and then encourage them to do the same.

Read together every day if you can, and you probably wont be surprised to see them starting to read it on their own too!

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Mistake #: Figurative Language Confuses Concrete Thinkers

A young girl visiting her grandmother, who was recuperating in the hospital after open-heart surgery, anxiously asked, Grandma, did they really open you up and see inside?Yes, said Grandma, trying to reassure her. And the doctor fixed my heart good as new.Grandma, the girl asked with wonder, did they see God inside?

Apparently, when the little girl had recently asked her Sunday school teacher where God lives, the teacher answered, In your heart, my dear, in your heart.


Kids take your explanations literally. Adults are comfortable with symbolic speech, and we frequently use symbols, metaphors, and other figurative wording to convey information and emotions. We do it so often that we do it without realizing it: Whats up?This headache is killing me.God lives in your heart.

Kids are wired to be spiritually curious, and so as a way to help them grasp the importance of our faith and Gods impact on our lives, we resort to detailed, abstract language. But children reason concretely, and this language isnt lost on them. Rather, it sticks like glue. When kids hear figurative speech, they absorb it in a literal and concrete way. When we dont teach with childrens perspectives in mind, they hear a confused and misleading message.

Tell it like it is.

Read God’s Word Regularly

Adult Classes and Bible Study  Rehobeth United Methodist ...

If nothing else, the simplest and most efficient way to help children engage, apply, and love God’s Word is to read it with them regularly. By sitting together as a family and reading and discussing the Bible daily, you will, over time, build a familiarity with the Bible and a growing love for God through His Word.

We must remember that God promises that His Word will accomplish what He has intended for it to do: “Just as the rain and snow fall from heaven and do not return there without saturating the earth so my word that comes from my mouth will not return to me empty, but it will accomplish what I please and will prosper in what I send it to do” . This promise should encourage and motivate us to make sure our children hear, read, and understand the Bible. God’s word is sufficient to save, change, and grow our children to love Him forever!

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How Can I Teach My Child The Bible At Home

  • Make your reading easier by learning a good story bible.
  • Keeping your kids on track to Bible reading is as simple as starting them at an early age.
  • Your kids should be given a key word or phrase to emphasize when they are teaching them the Bible.
  • The Yor Kids Can Learn Fun Bible Songs.
  • You can make Bible-related activities for kids when you read.
  • Start Early And Be Consistent

    They may not understand everything or be able to sit for long periods of time, but beginning this practice early will help your kids understand the importance of daily setting aside time to learn more about God.

    Read these 3 things about devotions for kids that every kid needs to be taught. Youll also find tips for how to work with your kids at every age level!

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    Increase Their Bible Knowledge

  • Who Am I? – Perfect as a get to know you icebreaker, have participants attach a biblical character to their back. While working the room, have the players ask each other questions to try to guess who they are. Once they figure it out, ask them to help others complete the game.
  • Who Said It? – After reviewing a chapter in the Bible or lesson, write down keywords and phrases and collect a list of quotes. Then read the quotes out loud and see if players can guess who the words are attributed to.
  • Beatitudes Match – For a life-sized lesson, start with big pieces of poster board and on one side write the phrase Blessed are the meek and fill another large poster board with the ending of each Beatitude. Have teams put together the sides that match or race one-on-one.
  • Name the Commandment – Find a modern story or movie and discuss which Commandment goes with it. Have members of the group take turns finding examples and reading them aloud.
  • Apostle, King or Prophet? – Pull a name out of the hat and ask players if it is an apostle, king or prophet? To stump players and make sure they are paying attention, mix in names from popular movies, books and TV shows.
  • Roll the Dice – Have kids roll one or two dice. Whatever number comes up is the number of books in the Bible they need to name. If you want to make it more challenging, dont let players repeat books that have already been named.
  • Recruit Sunday School volunteers with a sign up. View an Example

    A Heart Of Obedience Family Bible Study


    A Heart of Obedience helps you teach children obedience. It is a family Bible study that takes you through valuable teaching tips, biblical principles, and sets up a unit study of sorts for you to use to teach children obedience. Heres what it includes:

    • 5-days of lessons on obedience: prayer, devotion, scripture memorization, coloring sheets, copywork, activities, and suggestions for further study.
    • A Heart of Obedience Notebook your child completes that will help reinforce the lessons and serve as a fantastic review of what has been learned.
    • For use with the FREE Trust and Obey hymn study, which also includes devotions, copywork, lyric and sheet music, and more!

    This set of lessons are ones our family has gone through several times and will likely do so several more. Obedience is not easy for adults, let alone children, but we are doing them a great service by teaching them to follow biblical obedience. Be prayerful as you prepare and teach these lessons. God will give you the wisdom and discernment you need!

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    Know Your Purpose In Studying The Bible

    Do you think its possible to read the Bible for the wrong reasons? 100% yes! In fact, sometimes good leaders encourage us in a way that leads to exactly that. We are taught to go to the Bible because we are supposed to. Or we are taught to go there to get our lives straight.

    Of course, the Bible is the perfect place to help you get your life straight, but if thats all you get out of it, youve missed the one BIG thing. The Bible is Gods story. Its about Him, not us. Is it a great rule book for life, as some may say? Yes, but dont minimize it to just that.

    Its the very source of life. Its the ONLY way to truly know God. So instead of going to the Bible to look for what it can do for you, go to learn WHO God is and WHAT He has already done for you!

    I teach my kids to ask this question:

    What does this passage teach me about God?

    How To Teach The Bible Without Boring Kids

    If God is everywhere, is he in the bookshelf? our then-five-year-old asked.

    Um, not exactly I replied, Or maybe yes, since he is everywhere? … But then again, were not pantheists, hes not in a plank of wood … You know, Ill get back to you on that!

    How had I not thought to research how Gods omnipresence intersects with pantheism before our bedtime Bible stories?!

    Family Bible times dont always go where we expect them to. To be honest, sometimes they dont even start how we intend! Someone is shoving their brother, another child only seems capable of being upside down Their attention span is suddenly so short! And yet the Bible is full of gripping true stories, entertaining illustrations, and of course is Gods life-changing word.

    So is Bible time distraction just a spiritual battle, or can we do more to help?

    “When Jesus and the Old Testament prophets communicated God’s Word, they also used engaging communication methods like stories, pictures, questions, and drama.”

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    Bible Games And Activities For Kids

    Posted by Courtney McLaughlin

    Learning the Bible is an important endeavor for the whole family, but keeping kids engaged can be a challenge. Below are 50 fun and creative Bible games and activities for kids. These activities are perfect for Sunday School classes, summer camps, family fun nights or anytime during a busy week. Ready, set, learn!

    Decide On An Approach

    Faithful Teaching

    There are many ways you can approach this study, so choose the one that works best for you and your family. You can study the Bible in its book order, find a chronological study plan, an intentional discipleship plan or pick a topic from the Bible and study various Scriptures that relate to that topic. The best solution is the one that makes you most comfortable and leads to telling your kids about Jesus.

    You can also check out these recommended resources to use as a family and books for kids.

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