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Mother’s Day Gifts For Church

Cmg Has What You Need For Mothers Day

Relentless Church ** NEW ** Mother’s Day Gifts ** WOW

Looking for more inspiration? Check out Church Motion Graphics large collection of Mothers Day backgrounds, countdown videos, slide templates, social media graphics, mini movies, and more. With over 300 visuals to choose from just for this special day, youre sure to find something thats the perfect fit for your church to mark this occasion.

Mother’s Day Bookmark Gifts For Women Who Make Their Mark On The World

A bookmark can be a useful gift that serves many purposes. Not only can it be used to literally mark one’s place in a book, but also it may often touch the heart with a profound saying or memorable quote. With that in mind, Positive Promotions is pleased to offer a collection of Mother’s Day bookmarks for those special women who are devoted to their families and their faith.

From Women: Beautiful, Beloved, Blessed to Mothers Who Kneel In Prayer Can Stand Through Trials, we offer a wide variety of mothers day bookmarks for you to choose from, all created to honor moms with blessings and love. Our die-cut designs make a striking display of your thoughtfulness, and the laminated and foil-stamped finishes help your message make a lasting impression.

These Christian Mother’s Day bookmarks give women of faith a way to keep their places in books or Bibles. The inspirational Biblical verses and exclusive slogans are always popular with our customers and their recipients. Whatever religious Mother’s Day gifts you’re looking for, you’ve come to the one-stop source for all your needs!

Mothers Day Gifts For Church

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Mothers Day Hand Sanitizer

Im on the ball this year and these are the gifts Im giving. Shhh, dont tell the moms at my church.

I found inexpensive hand sanitizer at Bath & Body Works. When I purchased them, they were 5 for $6.00. You cant beat that price. I went with the Adventure Awaits hand sanitizer sets. They include Vanilla Coconut, Pineapple Colada, Honolulu Sun, Hawaiian Pink Hibiscus & Mango Mai Tai perfect for spring and summer. So, I loaded up on these babies.

This is the perfect FREE gift tag for these hand sanitizers. I dont have to make gift tags and these are adorable. The glue dots are available on Amazon. If youve never used glue dots, order them now! They make attaching small gifts to gift tags so much easier. Where have these been all my life?

Last year, I decided to do chapsticks for all the moms. In my opinion, you can never have too many lip balms. Of course, I had no idea I would have to visit five Walmarts to find enough lip balm sets. I bought every lip balm in all five stores. I was looking for a particular one, but I finally settled for whatever flavors they had in stock.

Planner Of Incredible Grace

A Mothers Ramblings: Mother

She is the wellspring of unrestrained joy and love, and she deserves Christian mothers day gifts that truly reflect her significance. This exquisite purple leather planner with its embossed leather cover is a must-have for the organized mother, or perhaps the mother who aspires to be more organized. In order to keep mom motivated to stick to her program and to stick with Jesus, there are daily devotional thoughts, scripture verses, and even a bible reading plan included.

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Run A Mothers Day Social Media Campaign

Life is busier than ever, and Motherâs Day often âsneaks upâ on church members. To create anticipation , create a Motherâs Day social media campaign. That may include a series of social media posts for your accounts, a website banner, and a call to action that calls people to give towards a special campaign, participate in a media project, or volunteer for an event.

Hereâs what to keep in mind to create a special social media campaign.

  • Keep it consistent. Choose one message, font, color palette, and call-to-action for your campaign.
  • Schedule in advance. Create multiple pieces of content that you can schedule in advance across your channels.
  • Run it by different church staff and leaders. Beware of overlooking typos, insensitive language, or missing content. Run your social media assets and website banner by a few different staff members to make sure youâre being clear, sensitive, and effective.
  • Be authentic. Think outside of the box and be authentic. Motherhood is messy, rewarding, challenging, fun, and deeply complex. Donât rely exclusively on a canned version of motherhoodâpastel pink and cursiveâto engage your community.

Finally, use social media to engage with your community on the topic of motherhood. Ask questions, respond to comments, and post videos. Motherâs Day is an opportunity for deeper discussion. Donât miss your chance to engage your church members!

Blessed Theme Gold Metal Key Chain By Wedding Favors

A beautiful key chain is a great gift. These come in balk so that you can buy many of them at the same time. This is a reminder for her as they carpool, circle the drop-off lane at school, and drive to the many locations we have to go to that they are blessed. The children we are caring for our blessings. God has given these blessings to us to care for and to love.

I would suggest having a message reminding mothers they are caring for the blessings God has given them, then handing out this gift as a reminder.

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We Are Blessed Lantern

The symbolism of the light in this lantern not only makes it a fashionable and popular decoration, but it is also meaningful to Christians. This painting is a beautiful reminder of Jesuss role as the light of the world. The flameless led candle may illuminate your outside environment, or you can use it as a beautiful adornment in your house.

Girl Wash Your Face By Rachel Hollis

Gifts for Families this Mother’s Day

Arent you curious how these picture-perfect lifestyle bloggers pull it off? Some of the best mothers day gift ideas Christian are unique and simple, Rachel Hollis, a Christian mother, and businesswoman reveal that her life has been anything but flawless.

She has published a book on the lies that she and other women have been subjected to, and how she has battled back against these lies and hardships in order to achieve her full potential. As she hopes that her readers will be encouraged to take action in their own lives, she also hopes that her story will inspire them to do so.

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Large Pink Heart Shape Seed By Of The Earth Store

The things we are teaching our children today are like seeds we are planting in their hearts. We will not see the tangible outcome of our work until those seeds are birthed into plants of love.

These heart-shaped gifts are Embedded with wildflower seeds. This is an easy gift to hand out to mothers in the church. This is a unique gift. This gift could easily be used in your childrens department as a way for children to create a handmade gift for their moms.

An Opportunity To Hold The Hurting

Mothers Day and Fathers Day are painful days for a lot of people. There are those who have lost their mother or father, those longing to be mothers or fathers, or those who have strained relationships with their mothers or fathers.

But thats no reason to skip acknowledging these days altogether. Instead, its an opportunity to acknowledge their pain and help them in their healing.

As non-religious holidays, Mothers Day and Fathers Day might seem to be irrelevant for churches to mention. But these two days contain these enormous opportunities for church leaders to engage their congregation and community, and it doesnt have to mean spending a lot of money on gifts.

If youre planning to acknowledge Mothers Day and Fathers Day at your church, here are a few ideas to consider.

1. A gift card for coffee or a local restaurant.

2. Chocolate.

Treats such as chocolate bars and Lindor truffles can be ordered in bulk.

3. Give away a getaway.

Giving away a trip for two or an item that promotes relaxation, such as a hammock, is sure to be a hit.

4. A prayer service.

Pray for anyone who finds Mothers Day or Fathers Day painful for any reason and pray for strength and wisdom for all parents in the congregation.

5. Flowers.

You can buy flowers in bulk. Its also common to give carnations in different colors to those whose mothers are living and those who have passed away. Remember to consider certain manners when it comes to giving flowers on Mothers Day.

11. Cupcakes.

18. Camp.

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Buy Mothers Day Gifts

Most churches give a small gift to all moms. Some even give an extra gift for the newest mom or the mom with the most children present at church that day. The gift you give will depend a lot on your budget. Take some time to decide how many mothers you will need to buy for, then divide your budget by that number, and you have the cost per gift. Once you have your price range, shop around for the perfect gift that also fits your budget.

Here are some gift ideas:

  • A Rose, or one rose for every child they have
  • Chocolates
  • Magnet, or magnetic photo frame
  • Tote bag

Acknowledge All Kinds Of Motherhood


Exercise empathy on Motherâs Day. Motherhood looks different for many women, and it can also be a painful topic for many.

Remember that on Motherâs Day, there will be church members who have lost mothers, lost children, and are waiting to become mothers. Whether youâre preparing a sermon or considering who to honor and celebrate, remember to acknowledge a range of experiences and emotions on Motherâs Day. For some, Motherâs Day will bring joy for others, it will bring grief.

Ultimately, motherhood is one reflection and expression of the love and compassion of God . Circle back to that truth, whether youâre handing out a gift or writing your sermon.

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Relax Put On Your Sweater

Anyone who wants to stay calm and pray hard instead of watching Downton abbey, drinking tea, eating cupcakes, or snuggling their pet should do so. Mom will be wrapped in both warmth and hope when she wears this cozy religious mothers day gift. But dont even think about asking. Its going to be hard for her to give it up!

Wholesale Christian & Religious Gifts

If you devote your time and your heart to maintaining an active, vibrant congregation, discover a selection of thoughtful Christian gifts and giveaway items at Positive Promotions that will help you inspire your faithful church members, stay visible in your community, and support the sacred mission of your ministry.

  • Bookmarks make great gifts for people of all ages. They can be used to mark one’s place in a book or Bible while they also touch the heart with a profound saying or memorable scripture.
  • Christian Essentials are everything you need to welcome new members and visitors to your church. From fun, educational tools and stationery to bags with meaningful messages and words of inspiration, you can share your messages of comfort, love, and hope with these gifts.
  • Pens make wonderful gifts to hand out to your community. We carry a wide variety of colorful Christian pens in a vast choice of styles and colors. These inexpensive writing instruments are available in bulk and will always be in demand!
  • T-Shirts and other apparel are always a thoughtful gift. Make each item a custom Chrisitan gift by placing the name of your church on each one to make them even more memorable. With T-shirts, face masks, socks, and hats, your faithful community will arrive in style.
  • Holiday Gifts for Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day add a nice touch to your holiday sermons. Help spread peace, joy, and love through gifts that will make your community happy and feel appreciated.

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I Am With You Always Necklaces By Joycuff

Giving a necklace is an excellent gift for mothers. This gift is extraordinary because it has the message from Jesus, I am with you always. God will be with the mothers in your church in the nighttime crying fits that dont end, or the laundry and dishes that never end, or the slammed doors of the upset teenager.

There are many great times in parenthood. We see those moments on Instagram posts. But parenthood also has hard times, and that is when we need to remember that Jesus is right there with us.

In conclusion

Mothers Day is a time to celebrate the moms in your church. It is also a time to celebrate the moms who are volunteers and staff in your church. Take the time to show her you see her investment in your church is essential.

Dont skip this day. Instead, fully embrace it.

Use Tithely To Plan Execute And Promote

What Will You Say? A must-watch video for Mother’s Day! #whatwillyousay

Special holidays can feel overwhelming to church leaders and church staff, who are already busy with running regular services, pastoring church members, planning mission trips, coordinating meetings, and planning for major annual events like Christmas and Easter.

Planning for Motherâs Day doesnât have to be stressful or overwhelming. Using the right suite of tools and resources can help your church staff plan a wonderful Motherâs Day without spending a ton of time or energy.

First, ChMS can help you plan, manage, and execute a project that involves multiple staff members and/or volunteers. With ChMS, you can create automated workflows to make sure tasks are finished, to communicate with and manage your team members, and even to check in volunteers for Motherâs Day.

Next, you can use Giving for creating a giving campaign tied specifically to Motherâs Day. As mentioned above, Giving makes it easy to help donors give on their phones or computers. can also help you generate in-depth reporting on giving for your campaign, so that you can get a helpful overview of who is giving, how much, and how close you are to reaching your financial goal for Motherâs Day.

If youâre hosting a special event for Motherâs Day , Events can help you plan and register participants. Events also helps you to create helpful follow-up touchpoints for event registrants, helping them to learn details and remember date/time.

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Handmade Glass Cross For Mother With Poem

This thoughtful Christian gift for a mother or stepmother is handmade in the USA. Each pink mother glass cross is unique and comes with an inspirational poem by Teri Harrison.

One Amazon review of this gift said, “Purchased this for my mother and she loved it. Thank you! Perfect small gift–that means so much–especially during this time.”

Canvas Print A Prayer For My Mother

Some of the sweetest Christian mothers day gifts celebrate the endless love a mother has for her children. This type of present is a one-of-a-kind item that conveys a personal message and has a great deal of sentimental value. Gifting her this canvas print is a wonderful way to express your love, as well as a wonderful way to decorate her home.

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Film A Thank You Video

Break out the video camera in the weeks leading up to Mothers Day to have families share their appreciation for their mom. You could set up a booth in your churchs lobby to capture these clips, have people record from their phones at home and email them in, or record messages from kids in your childrens ministry. Or, if video editing isnt an option for you, try using one of these eye-catching Mothers Day mini movies.

Honor Mothers In Your Church Community And Congregation

The 30 Best Ideas for Mother

Here at Positive Promotions, we offer a wide selection of memorable Mother’s Day gifts to thank and celebrate the special women in your life who inspire and spread faith. You’ll find beautiful bookmarks that praise Christian women, as well as quality Mother’s Day pens and stationery gifts to aid her devotion. We also have tote bags that are styled to carry to church, personal home care items, and other essentials, all featuring exclusive themes that express appreciation and inspire spiritual reflection, such as God’s Love Shines Through A Mother’s Heart and Blessed Is The Woman Who Walks With God.

Mothers show unconditional love and faith throughout the year. Mothers Day is the time to show them how much you recognize that love and support. Positive Promotions has a beautiful collection of Mothers Day gifts Christian women will appreciate. Our bulk gifts make it easy to thank all the wonderful mothers in your community.

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Church And For The Community:

  • God’s Love Shines Through A Mother’s Heart Teton Stainless-Steel Tumbler 20-Oz.
  • Lip Balm With Presentation Card – Pack of 10
  • Women: Beautiful, Beloved, Blessed 2-Piece Spa Kit
  • Blessed Is The Woman Who Walks With God Zipper ID Wallet
  • Women Of Faith Make A Difference… Today, Tomorrow, & Always Sonoma Mug 12-Oz. & S’mores Gift Set

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