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Mother’s Day Songs For Church

Top 10 Christian Songs For Mom

More Than Enough – Mother’s Day song by Shawna Edwards

With Mothers Day coming up we want to celebrate Moms everywhere so weve put together a list of our Top 10 Songs for Mom. Stay motivated, encouraged and keep your heads up ladies. Motherhood is a wonderful gift.

1. The Blessing Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Elevation Worship2. Slow Down Nicole Nordeman

3. Counting Every Blessing Rend Collective4. O Love Of God Laura Story5. Confidence Sanctus Real

Oh Mother By Christina Aguilera

Lets face it, with her extraordinary singing voice, Christina Aguilera can bring life and emotion to any song. But the track Oh Mother from her 2008 Back to Basics album is particularly raw and heartfelt. Aguilera penned the tune for her own mother, Shelly Lorraine, who experienced the struggles of single motherhood while raising three children. The song incorporates some great lyrics that make beautiful mother-daughter quotes, too.

The Mother By Brandi Carlile

This mom song is a direct musical hit to the heart. Singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile included The Mother on her 2017 album beautifully and melodically paying homage to everything a mother does for her child from the moment theyre brought into the world. Carlile, who herself became a mother in 2014, pens lyrics that are oh-so-relatable, especially for the new mom whos experiencing a lot of sleepless nights with a newborn.

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The Perfect Fan By The Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys may be best known for creating boy band pandemonium in the late 1990s, but not all their songs were directed at making their legions of female fans swoon. The Perfect Fan, in fact, is a shout-out to their own mothers, the women who raised them and supported them through the chaos and craziness of fame. The song appeared on 1999s Millennium, and its probably safe to say that as BSBs fan base has grown up and started families of their own, The Perfect Fan has even greater meaning.

Top 10 Christian Mother’s Day Songs

Pin by Sue Eppard on Bible/Faith/God
  • This Amazing Love by Emily Laudeman
  • In My Arms by Plumb
  • A Mothers Love by Jim Brickman
  • Find Your Wings by Mark Harris
  • Everything to Me by Mark Schultz
  • Call Her Blessed by Stacey Noll
  • Faith of Our Mothers by A.B. Patten
  • One Heartbeat at a Time by Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Dont Forget to Remember Me by Carrie Underwood
  • When You Come Home by Billy Gilman
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    Two Of Us By Louis Tomlinson

    One Directions Louis Tomlinson decided to use music as a way to help him come to terms with the death of his mother, Johannah Deakin, at the age of 43. It was something I needed to get off my chest, he said in an interview with Radio 1 Newsbeat. I used to lean on my mum for a lot of thingsanytime I needed advice on something, she would be the first call I made. The result is an absolutely beautiful ode to Deakin and a song quite relatable to anyone who has lost their mother.

    You Raise Me Up By Josh Groban

    The beauty of Josh Grobans You Raise Me Up is that it can have different meanings for everyone. If your mom is the person who raises you up and makes you believe you can accomplish anything, dedicate this wonderful ballad to her on Mothers Day. Its sure to pull at her heartstrings in the most beautiful way. These love quotes pull at the heartstrings too!


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    Everything To Me By Mark Schultz

    This is a very powerful song about a woman choosing life over abortion and giving her baby up at birth to a family that could give her child the best life possible. Its a song about a selfless decision that was the right choice. It goes on to discuss how the child, now an adult, is thankful to his birth mother for making that choice.

    Slipping Through My Fingers By Abba

    God Gave Me You – Mother’s Day Song (5/12/13)

    ABBAs given us timeless pop hits like Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia, but theyve also graced us with some sentimental songs, like Slipping Through My Fingers. Listen along as the Swedish pop group sings about a child growing up too fast and time passing way too quicklythings mothers are all too familiar with. And dont forget to bookmark these love songs for when youre in need of a romantic playlist.


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    Songs For Church On Mothers Day

    When we talk about mothers day, one of the most common place to visit is church. But what if you want to sing a happy song for your mother? Well, there are plenty of famous hymns for mothers day. And for your kids church singing in their very own childrens church songbook. There are several hymns to celebrate Mothers Day, one of which is this beautiful song lyrics of Gods Love is a Gift by our very own Joel H. Anderson! The verses to this song rebukes the parents who have over exposed their children to the world, but still continue to teach them the right ways of life. This is one of those songs that everybody loves to listen and sing along with at church services.

    Hymns are special songs for church that are sung for special occasions, celebrations and other religious events. They have evolved over time with the emergence of different cultures and religions, but they continue to be extremely popular. Are you looking for a hymn for mothers day lyrics? Is it a hymn about mothers i.e. mothers day or a hymn for children? Here are 2 suggestions featuring the lyrics of many popular hymns: Oh, Give Thanks to the Lord and Be Still, My Soul.

    In My Daughters Eyes By Martina Mcbride

    Even on a day that might feel like a giant parenting fail, children often look to their mothers and fathers as if they are superhuman, capable of accomplishing anything. Martina McBrides ballad In My Daughters Eyes reminds us of that but also notes that children make parents want to be better people. It was the second single off McBrides 2003 album , and while beloved by mamas everywhere, it only peaked at number 39 on the Billboard Hot 100. Looking to make mom laugh after listening to this song? Try cracking one of these hilarious mom jokes.

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    What Is A Good Song To Dedicate To Your Mom

    A good song to dedicate to your mom is one that perfectly sums up how you feel about your special bond. It can be sentimental, fun, even humorousjust like your unique relationship. Need some inspiration? Check out these Mothers Day songs to share with your mom or any of your favorite mamas this year. Its a sentimental Mothers Day idea they wont forget!

    Christian Worship Songs For Church On Mother’s Day

    Christian Songs for Mothers Day by Various Artists on Spotify

    As we celebrate mothers everywhere, we give thanks to God for them! Truly honoring mothers on this special day means that you can select a handful of worship songs that still focus on God, even as they reflect the heart and character of mothers. Expand your themes to include words like compassion, honor, faithfulness, love, provision, care, healing, sonship, adoption, comfort, and redemption. These are qualities that mothers bring into our lives. With these themes, you can plan a powerful time of worship that will engage mothers deep within their spirit, reflecting their hearts as you lead your whole congregation in worship to God. Get all the sheet music, chord charts and tracks you need today!

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    Mother Like Mine By The Band Perry

    This sweet country tune will have your mom smiling in no time. The Band Perry pays tribute to all the strong mamas in the world and everything they do with Mother Like Mine. Its a wonderful song that perfectly captures how much your mom means to you. If you want to honor your moms strength, share one of these powerful strength quotes with her.


    Somebody Prayed For Me

    Somebody prayed for me, had me on their mind,They took the time and prayed for me.Im so glad they prayedIm so glad they prayed for me.My mother prayed for me, had me on her mind,She took the time and prayed for me.Im so glad she prayedIm so glad she prayed for me.The preacher prayed for me had me on his mind,He took the time and prayed for me.Im so glad he prayedIm so glad he prayed for me.

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    A Song For Mama By Boyz Ii Men

    Written and produced by Babyface and performed by 1990s music icons Boyz II Men, this mom song will let you tell your mama you love her with smooth four-part harmony. A Song for Mama peaked at number seven on Billboards Hot 100 chart on Valentines Day in 1998, making it one of the ten tracks the group has sent to the Top 10 over the course of their career. The song was featured on the soundtrack of the 1997 feature film Soul Food, which is fitting, as the movies message is all about family.

    Godspeed By The Chicks

    Mother’s Day Song: A Mother’s Love- Gena Hill (Lyric Video)

    For the mom who wants to remember the days when her babies were actually babies, songwriter Radney M. Foster encapsulates the cherished moments of tucking in a young child in the lyrics to Godspeed .The rocket racers all tuckered out / Supermans in pajamas on the couch / Goodnight moon, will find the mouse / And I love you, croons lead singer Natalie Maines in this track featured on the bands 2003 album Home. Singer and TV host Nick Lachey also sings his own version of this sweet song. Dont forget to check out the best Mothers Day celebration, based on your moms zodiac sign.

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    Hey Mama By Kanye West

    Hey Mama, written for Kayne Wests mother Donda, appeared on his album Late Registration and will tug at the heartstrings of any hip-hop enthusiast, particularly since Dondas untimely passing in 2007. West has since been known to choke back tears before performing the song live. Bookmark these mother-son quotes to share with mom on Mothers Day.

    The Wish By Bruce Springsteen

    The Boss has never shied away from writing songs that essentially sing like musical poetry, telling descriptive stories about his childhood and life. He wrote The Wish with his own mother, Adele Springsteen, in mind. This mom song may not bring on the tears, though, and thats the way Bruce would want it. Just take a look at the tracks final lyrics: This ones for you, ma, let me come right out and say it / Its overdue, but baby, if youre looking for a sad song, well I aint gonna play it. Play this song while your mom opens her DIY Mothers Day gift this year.

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    While You Were Holding Me

    While you were holding meYou were praying prayers that only mamas doWhile you were holding meYou were fighting battles your babies never knewAnd I never knew til now just how strong you wereDrying all my tears while fighting yours

    All that darkness you lived throughCouldnt dim the light inside of youAll the broken pieces

    I Hope You Dance By Lee Ann Womack

    Victory Songs: For the Church, Sunday School and Evangelistic Services ...

    With lyrics like I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean / Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens, Lee Ann Womacks sweeping inspirational ballad makes mothers everywhere teary-eyed. The track, released in 2000, touches on nearly every wish a parent has for their childs future. Womacks heartfelt lyrics paid off in more ways than simply being one of the most beloved mom songs: They earned her a Best Female Country Vocal Performance nomination at the 43rd Grammy Awards. If youre looking for a last-minute Mothers Day gift, dedicating this song to her can totally be part of the package.

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    Celebrate Mother’s Day With Song

    Playing a Christian Mothers Day song is a great way to make memories and will surely melt her heart .

    Dont be afraid to sing it to her, either! She has probably sung to you many times in your life, and returning this gesture would be music to her ears.

    These songs are all about the importance of motherhood from a Christian perspective.

    The Baby By Blake Shelton

    If youve ever read the childrens bookLove You Forever , Blake Sheltons ballad The Baby is almost like the musical version. In this mom song, Shelton muses about how his mother tells him that even when he turns 80, hell always be her baby. The tune takes the listener through the early days all the way to the mothers passing, hitting all the emotional notes.

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    Best Mothers Day Songs For The Ultimate Soundtrack To A Celebration Of Mom

    Shower Mom with love and appreciation through music.

    Mothers Day is the time to pull out all the stops, and a good soundtrack can add volumes to Mom’s special day! Now, if you’re wondering, “what’s a good song for Mother’s Day?” we’ve got you covered with our playlist of best Mother’s Day songs.

    You know your mom best, so customize your song list based on the genres and artists she likesperhaps mix in a few of her favorite feel-good tunes. Once you have your playlist set, play it throughout the day to accompany all the Mother’s Day activities you have planned, whether it’s a homemade brunch in Mom’s honor, a spring drive, a picnic, or an at-home spa day. From heartfelt lyrics that singer-songwriters have penned about their own mothers to tracks about the universal bonds of love that take on special meaning on Mother’s Day, this lineup will remind her of all the reasons you love and appreciate her.

    Now that you can check off “create the ultimate playlist of Mother’s Day songs” from your to-do list, you’re in the homestretch. Finish planning your Sunday tribute to Mom with the Country Living editors’ handy guides to last-minute Mother’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day restaurant specials, and the best Mother’s Day flowers you can buy online. Just dont forget to save your playlist so you can make a tradition out of itand add to it through the years.

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    Dedicate A Song To Your Mom

    Why do we love our moms so much? Is that even a question? No. The real question is what is there not to love about our moms? The list should be empty. Because if it werent for our moms, we wouldnt be here.

    They were hand-picked by God to be the vessels that brought us to life! Its truly amazing when you stop and think about it.

    Most likely, they labored a long time to bring us to Earth, not to mention the nine long months they carried us in their bodies while we did nothing but cause them sickness, aches, and pains they didnt even know they could experience and made them stretch all over in ways they never imagined.

    Being one of Gods greatest gifts to them, they still wanted us despite everything they had to endure, and that is admirable.

    With all of this being said, its no wonder why so many artists write songs dedicated to their mothers or about the joys of motherhood.

    Moms are a great place to find inspiration to write beautiful music, and they deserve to have many songs written about them and what they do!

    So on this upcoming mom holiday, why not play Christian Mothers Day songs for your mom to touch her heart?

    The Best Day By Taylor Swift

    Try as a mom might to do the best for her children, its rare shes treated with acknowledgment. Taylor Swift penned The Best Day to make sure her own mother knew how much she appreciates her love and support. I had this idea that I wanted to play it for her for Christmas, Swift said in a Big Machine Records press release. So when I got the track I synced up all these home videos from when I was a little kid to go along with the song, like a music video, and played it for her on Christmas Eve, and she was crying her eyes out.

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