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St Anthony Of Padua Catholic Church

Art Works And Treasures

6/26/2022 – 9AM Sunday Mass at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church

The interior of the church contains numerous funerary monuments, some of noteworthy artistic value. The Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament , in the right aisle, houses the tomb of the famous condottiero Gattamelata and of his son Giannantonio. The bronze tabernacle is made by Girolamo Campagna. This chapel, with its broad bands of polychrome and carved Gothic details, has had many stages of decoration, the final stage being the creation of an mosaic in the tall rear niche representing the Holy Spirit with rays of golden light descending against a background of intensely blue sky. This work was created by Lodovico Pogliaghi between 1927 and 1936.

Relics of St Anthony are to be found in the ornate Baroque Treasury Chapel . The body of the saint, which was in the Madonna Mora Chapel, has, from 1350, lain in a separate transept chapel, the Chapel of St Anthony, the interior decoration being attributed to Tullio Lombardo, who also provided the sixth and seventh reliefs depicting the miracles of St Anthony . The third relief Saint bringing back to life a man who had been murdered is a masterpiece by Girolamo Campagna. The late-16th century statues are by Tiziano Aspetti

The Basilica contains several important images of the Madonna. The Madonna Mora is a statue of the Madonna with the Christ Child by the French sculptor Rainaldino di Puy-l’Evéque, dating from 1396. Her name refers to her black hair and olive skin tone, being interpreted as “swarthy”.

Daughters Of St Anthony & Junior Catholic Daughters Need You

DAUGHTERS OF SAINT ANTHONY COURT 2651 NEEDS YOU! We need you, because God needs you! And YOU need CDA! Catholic Daughters of America is a national Catholic organization dedicated to prayer, good works and the helping of others less fortunate. You will make new and dear friends and have fun while enriching your life and Read More

Rite Of Christian Initiation Classes

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults will begin on Monday August 29, 2022 and end with the administration of the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and communion on Saturday April 8, 2023 at the Easter Vigil Mass. This class is open to adults 18 years of age who are not baptized Catholic, or are seeking conversion to the Catholic Faith. If you have a friend, spouse or neighbor who has expressed an interest in learning more about our faith and is interested in conversion, or you are a child of a Catholic family and were not baptized this class is for you. Contact Deacon Steve DiMuzio by emailing or calling the office at 520 836 0601 press 2 then 7 to speak to Deacon. Registration papers will be sent via email and must be returned prior to the start of class in August.

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Saint And Doctor Of The Church

Anthony was canonized by Pope Gregory IX on 30 May 1232, at Spoleto, Italy, less than one year after his death. In the words of Pope Benedict XVI:

The richness of spiritual teaching contained in the Sermons was so great that in 1946 VenerablePope Pius XII proclaimed Anthony a Doctor of the Church, attributing to him the title Doctor evangelicus, since the freshness and beauty of the Gospel emerge from these writings.

St Anthony Of Padua Catholic Church

St. Anthony Of Padua Catholic Church Photograph by Norman Johnson
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St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church is a historic Catholic church in The Village section of Jersey City. It is best known for its former school and its boys’ basketball program coached by Bob Hurley, Sr.

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Our Parish Mission Statement

Baptized in the Body of Christ, bound by faith and love, and strengthened by Word and Sacrament, we are called to center our lives upon our celebrations of the Eucharist and the living of our Christian faith within the Catholic tradition. As a parish community, we will be united and extend our love, strength and purpose to all people through evangelization, teaching and prayer.

Pastoral Planning Task Force January 1993

Basilica Of Saint Anthony Of Padua

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Pontifical Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua
Basilica Pontificia di Sant’Antonio di Padova
The Basilica of Sant’Antonio di Padova.
Basilica of Saint Anthony,

45°2405N11°5251E / 45.4015°N 11.8809°E / 45.4015 11.8809

The Pontifical Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua is a Roman Catholic church and minor basilica in Padua, Veneto, Northern Italy, dedicated to St. Anthony. Although the Basilica is visited as a place of pilgrimage by people from all over the world, it is not the titular cathedral of the city, a title belonging to the Cathedral-Basilica of St. Mary of Padua. The basilica is known locally as “il Santo“. It is one of the international shrines recognized by the Holy See.

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Veneration As Patron Saint

Anthony’s fame spread through Portuguese evangelization, and he has been known as the most celebrated of the followers of Francis of Assisi. He is the patron saint of Lisbon, Padua and many places in Portugal and in the countries of the former Portuguese Empire.

He is especially invoked and venerated all over the world as the patron saint for the recovery of lost items and is credited with many miracles involving lost people, lost things and even lost spiritual goods.

St. Anthony Chaplets help devotees to meditate on the thirteen virtues of the saint. Some of these chaplets were used by members of confraternities which had Anthony as their patron saint.

Other Roman Catholic Churches In Istanbul

6/19/2022 – 9AM Sunday Mass at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church

St. Anthony of Padua may be the most important Roman Catholic church in Istanbul, and with the largest congregation, but there are other Roman Catholic churches in the city too. These include the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Harbiye St. Louis of the French and Santa Maria Draperis in Beyolu Sts. Peter and Paul in Galata the Church of the Assumption in Moda, Kadköy and St. Stephen in Yeilköy.

  • Church of St. Anthony of Padua

  • Church of St. Anthony of Padua front of complex

  • Apartments in front of Church of St. Anthony of Padua

  • Church of St. Anthony of Padua interior

  • Church of St. Anthony of Padua interior

  • Church of St. Anthony of Padua interior

  • West end of Church of St. Anthony of Padua

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Into The Breach Mens Series

Our third session will be Tuesday September 6th at 6:30 in the community center. If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Clegg at [email protected] In the past two decades, more that 14 million Catholics have left the faith. In the face of these losses, Catholic men are called to put aside any hesitation to Read More

Welcome To St Anthony Of Padua

St. Anthony of Padua Parish, located in the Brookland area of Northeast Washington, DC, also called“Little Rome”referring to a deeply diverse Catholic Community. Between 1900 and 1940 more than 50 Catholic institutions rented or owned property in Brookland including St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church and the neighborhood still remains this way. At this parish we celebrate Christs life and presence through vibrant and meaningful worship and a rich community life based on openness, unity and love. We proclaim the Good News through hospitality, education and evangelization. We respond in service to the poor and reach out in justice to those in our community and beyond in order to reach the final goal of happiness in Eternity with Almighty God. We ask all new and unregistered parishoners help us keep in touch, please register here. Also stay connected on , , and flocknotes.

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Welcome To St Anthony Of Padua Catholic Church

Located in San Antonio, Florida, in Pasco County our Parish is the second oldest Catholic parish on Florida’s west coast. Established in 1883, we are a community with a great historyand a great future. We offer the Spirit of welcome and hospitality that comes from St. Benedict with the love of Creation that comes from St. Francis to all who seek the living God.

Whether you’re are a parishioner whose family has worshiped here for generations, new to our community, or a visitor, we are happy you stopped by. We are working on making our website a complete resource of everything about St. Anthony of Padua and our efforts to build the kingdom of God, right here, right now. If there is something we can help you with, please let us know.

– Fr.Garry Welsh, Pastor

Parish Record Update Forms

Capitol Catholic: St. Anthony of Padua Church

We have begun distributing bilingual Record Update forms. Our parish staff and some volunteers may be calling you for this same update. Please do not be overwhelmed by the many avenues this updating will be provided to you. We only request you respond once. We are doing this because of how essential it is as we move forward to creating and implementing programs to better minister to you.

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Welcome To St Anthony Of Padua Parish

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church is a community of faith living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, uniting people of many cultures in loving service to our sisters and brothers. Our Roman Catholic Community is part of the Diocese of Trenton in Mercer County, NJ. Established in 1885, we are a faith-centered family, serving spiritual and temporal needs by proclaiming the Christian Message of Gods love. For over 136 years we have been a vital part of the Hightstown, East Windsor and Cranbury communities, helping our parishioners and the community at large.

Church Of St Anthony Of Padua Istanbul

Church of St. Anthony of Padua
Church of St. Anthony of Padua
Completed 1912

The Church of St. Anthony of Padua , alternatively known as Sant’Antonio di Padova Church orS. Antonio di Padova, is the largest Roman Catholic church in Istanbul, Turkey. It is located on stiklal Avenue in the Beyolu district.

Together with the churches of St. Mary Draperis , and of SS. Peter and Paul in Galata, it was one of three Levantine parishes in Beyoglu. Today it is run by Italian priests. Saturday Mass in Italian begins at 19:00 Sunday Mass in Polish is at 9:30, in English at 10:00 and at 17:00 in Turkish and Tuesday Mass in Turkish begins at 11:00. Weekday Masses are in English at 8:00.

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Get An Early Start On Religious Education Registration

Deadlines for paper registration are August 31st for High School and September 30th for K-8th grade. Get an EARLY START and register your child for the upcoming Religious Education program at St. Anthonys Parish. We will be taking completed paper application drop offs at the Parish office or by email A representative Read More

Welcome To St Anthony Of Padua Roman Catholic Church

4/14/2022 – Holy Thursday Mass at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church

Saint Anthony of Padua Parish is a Roman Catholic community rooted in a tradition of dedicated, loving service to God and to each other, as we experience the presence of Jesus Christ on our journey toward Salvation.

Father Rinaldis Reflection on this weeks readings

Monday through Friday: 6:45 AMSaturday: 6:45 AM & 5:00 PMSunday: 9:00 & 11:00 AM, 5:00 PMSaturday, 4:00-4:45PM

Parish Office Hours

Our parish office is open to the public for in-person business. Hours are 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM, Monday through Thursday, as well as 9:30AM-12:30PM on Sundays. For anyone planning a trip to the office, wearing a mask/face covering is recommended, and we suggest observing social distancing as well. If you do not feel well on the day of your visit, we ask you to re-plan your visit for another time.

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Confession And Adoration Times

  • MonSat8:30 AM after mass 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM confession and adoration
  • Tuesday:6:30 PM to 8:00 PM Part of the 13 Tuesdays Novena to St. Anthony, Mass is celebrated at 6:30 PM, then we say the Novena followed by adoration until 8pm. Confession is available
  • Saturday:6:30 PM to 7:30 PM Adoration In Margot Hall 2nd and 4th Saturday with praise and worship

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